Dr Burnside establishes her dominance over Lisa

Chapter 19 - A hard lesson from Ruth Burnside

The following day was Friday, the final day of the first week of classes and of the pledges' second week with the Four-Beta Sorority. At 5:30 the four young women got off their cots and prepared to go for the morning run. Tracy came downstairs, only to be pleasantly surprised that her charges already were up and getting ready for the morning PT. Still, their readiness did not spare them the usual morning slap on the bare bottom as they went past the Pledge Mistress to go upstairs.

After the morning exercise, clean-up, breakfast, and assignment presentation, Tracy took her pledges to the university. She dropped off Lisa at Burnside's office and took the others to class. That morning Burnside was not in, but had left a note on the door that a key was with the receptionist. Lisa let herself in and locked the door behind her. She took off her clothes, hung them in the closet, and prepared to review the readings she had for class that day.

Lisa managed to pay attention to her coursework for about 15 minutes. However, when the air conditioning came on and she felt the cool air blowing against her bare body, she was reminded of her unusual situation, sitting completely naked in her professor's office. The erotic feeling of being so exposed returned, and she found herself beginning to daydream. She moved to the professor's desk, imagining that she was Burnside. Or better yet, Dr. Lisa Campbell, the first naked professor in the United States of America. Professor Campbell, who never wore clothes in public, and whose trademark was lecturing and speaking in the nude.

Dr. Campbell became the Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences and spoke at numerous commencement ceremonies. She was a well-known and respected economist, in great demand to appear on television and at conferences. She was very approachable, but any public appearance by Dr. Campbell had a condition. She had taken an oath never to wear clothes, so that need had to be accommodated by anyone issuing an invitation to speak. If she appeared at a commencement, she had to have a microphone not attached to a podium so her body could be fully visible to her listeners. If she appeared on television, the camera angle had to show her figure in its entirety, and absolutely no electronic censoring was permitted.

Dr. Campbell's opinions and knowledge became more valued over time. She traveled to various international development summits and was called before Congress to testify in committee. As always, her demand that she appear naked needed to be respected and her exposed body became a familiar sight on Capitol Hill. She frequently spoke on national television, her nakedness contrasting with the dark suits of the politicians standing behind her...

As that fantasy ran through her mind, Lisa's fingers explored her body and finally made their way to her vagina. Soon she was trembling with pleasure and her sweat saturating the smooth leather of her professor's desk chair. The room reeked of orgasm as she took her time pleasuring herself. Precisely as she was about to climax and was totally distracted, Lisa heard a key in the door's lock. Before she even had a chance to jump out of the chair, Ruth Burnside and Jim Halsey entered the back office. She scrambled to her feet and stood at attention, her face white with terror and embarrassment.

Burnside was clearly infuriated. The student noticed the older woman's eyes looking over the sweat-covered leather on her chair.

"Lisa, there is some leather cleaner and cleaning cloths in the cabinet in the outer office. I expect my chair to be cleaned properly. If the surface of that chair is damaged, you will be paying me to have it reupholstered."

Without saying a word, Lisa rushed to the outer room to get the cleaner. Unfortunately, the door from the outer office to the main hallway was open and several passing students saw her before she had a chance to slam it shut. She grabbed the cleaner and cleaning cloth and ran back into the back office to attempt to salvage a piece of fine furniture that probably was worth $ 1,000.

Lisa trembled with fright as she sprayed down the chair and began wiping it. Her body continued to drip sweat and the smell of her interrupted orgasm had not dissipated. After about five minutes of desperately cleaning, she looked up at the two professors, both of whom were standing watching her with crossed arms.

Lisa continued to tremble as she stood at attention. She felt the cool air blowing against her very wet vulva and the exposure of her swollen vagina to the two senior professors. The two professors, meanwhile, moved a pair of chairs directly in front of Burnside's mortified student and sat down. It was Dr. Halsey who addressed her:

"Young lady, that was quite an impressive performance you just gave us. I presume you were fantasizing about something?"

"I...I...yes, sir...I...I mean, Dr. Halsey...I was fantasizing..."

"Please do us the honor of describing your fantasy to us. We are interested. Take your time describing to us in depth your most secretive thoughts and leave out no detail. Please tell us what mental journey overrides the sanctity of Ruth's chair; a chair which, you might be interested to know, I presented to her to celebrate the fifth anniversary of her tenure."

Lisa began trembling more visibly upon hearing Halsey's words. Oh, great! Not only is that chair worth a lot of money, it's a gift from Burnside's lover!

Lisa continued to shake as she described her fantasy about being a famous and well-known economist, but spending her entire professional life completely in the nude. The fantasy's hold over Lisa did not diminish, even as she faced the utter humiliation of having to describe it to her professors while facing them naked with her legs spread and her hands behind her head. The fear she was enduring gave her a tremendous sexual rush, and even as her knees continued to tremble she felt a wave of sexual energy sweep through her crotch. Burnside was the next to speak:

"My...my...my...I see that your fantasy really does have a hold on you. Yes, you certainly would look lovely in Washington, that nice figure of yours on the nightly news. Yes, you'd be the naked economist, the uncovered seeker of the truth, the trustworthy witness with nothing to hide. A lovely idea, Lisa. Very lovely indeed. Perhaps one worth pursuing."

Burnside was not speaking sarcastically. It seemed that she really did like the idea of Lisa standing naked in front the news cameras of the entire nation.

At that point Halsey's cell-phone rang. He glanced at it, kissed his lover goodbye, and left the room. As soon as he left, the mood in Burnside's office took a very strange turn. Burnside glanced at the chair and could see that it was none the worse for Lisa's perspiration. Fortunately the student's bank account would be spared the expense of reupholstering Halsey's gift. However, there remained the issues of her indecent behavior and her on-going state of arousal. Burnside knew Lisa well enough to understand there was no way she could go to her next class as sweaty and aroused as she was. She would have to be brought to orgasm and then shower off before going to class. Fortunately there were two hours before her next lecture so there was plenty of time to attend to the girl's needs.

Burnside announced that Lisa was facing discipline for her indecent behavior in the office and her terrible act of disrespect. The professor gave her student a choice, either she could take discipline from her and nothing would be said to the Four-Beta Pledge Mistress, or she could wait until the evening and personally explain what had happened to Tracy, with the other three pledges present and listening. The choice was easy enough; Lisa would take her discipline from Burnside. The older woman nodded, took off her jacket, and sat down on the sofa. Lisa sighed with relief. So it would just be an over-the-lap hand spanking. Phew! A mere spanking she could handle.

Burnside grabbed Lisa's wrist and pulled her over her lap. Lisa, still grateful that she only was facing a simple hand-spanking, settled across Burnside's thighs. The professor instructed Lisa to move forward a bit and tilt her bottom up. The younger woman obeyed as the professor slipped her hand between her legs. Lisa obediently spread her legs to better expose herself to her boss.

Burnside always had enjoyed the sight of Lisa's bottom, which she found very attractive. Now that lovely bottom was submissively positioned, with her bottom-cheeks slightly bent and spread. Burnside gently massaged Lisa's backside, enjoying the sight and feel of her student's tanned skin and firm flesh. So lovely...

While Lisa had gone over Burnside's lap expecting a simple spanking, the professor had much more in mind. Yes, there would be a spanking, but her intention to exert her authority over her student went way beyond a simple punishment. Burnside hoped to use Lisa's erotic fantasies and the weakness of her body to teach her a hard lesson. If Burnside so desired, she could use the girl's body to control her emotions and force her to completely surrender herself.

Burnside continued to massage Lisa's bottom and thighs, using sensuous touches and light tickling with her fingertips until she noticed a subtle change in the young woman's posture. At first Lisa was very tensed up and nervous, but Burnside's experience in establishing control over other people's bodies allowed her to get the girl to relax, then finally to enjoy what was happening to her.

"I want you to keep your fantasy in the forefront of your mind," noted the professor. "Think about maybe starting as early as today, proctoring my class with nothing on. That would be the very first act of your naked career. Imagine being exposed to an entire auditorium of students, all eyes focused on you as you hand out syllabuses. Doesn't that idea appeal to you?"

It did, and the slight chance that Burnside might not be joking brought Lisa back to the edge of sexual arousal. .

"Now, imagine yourself a couple of years in the future, teaching a seminar in the nude. Maybe by then the laws have changed and you're allowed to leave your clothes at home, or, better yet, you got special permission to always be naked while everyone else has to stay dressed."

Lisa was very wet, and tilted her bottom up, desperately hoping Burnside would slip her fingers between her thighs and touch her...

Burnside smiled. She had Lisa right where she wanted her. She teased Lisa's labia with the tip of her index finger as Lisa involuntarily tilted her hips even more, hoping that Burnside would touch her clitoris.

"I'd bet you'd like a nice orgasm right now..."


"You're going to have to earn that orgasm, Lisa. I'm not just going to give it to you. You've got to earn it."

"Dr. Burnside...please..."

Burnside patted Lisa's bottom.

"You stay in position and behave yourself, and I'll reward you when we're done."


With that Burnside began slapping Lisa's upturned bottom. At the beginning she did not spank very hard, just with enough force to put some pleasant heat and sting in the younger woman's eager bottom. She slapped more quickly than she would have slapped during a real punishment spanking, since her purpose was different from a normal punishment. She wanted Lisa to feel sensation in her bottom that came close to, but was not exactly, painful.

Lisa's sweaty bottom continued to redden under the attention of her professor. The mounting heat and stinging in her backside was just enough to enhance her sexual arousal. Every so often the professor took a break from the spanking to tease Lisa's vulva, by lightly touching her labia or running her fingertip over her vagina, but the touches were just enough to torment Lisa and keep her state of arousal from diminishing. Burnside's goal was to keep her student as close to climax as possible for as long as possible.

As Lisa's bottom reddened, Burnside began slapping much harder. The painful slaps only added to Lisa's feeling of sexual desperation and willingness to do anything to be allowed to climax. Burnside now had Lisa completely under her control as the heat and stinging became much more intense and erotic. Had Burnside started out spanking Lisa as hard as she was spanking her now, the girl's sexual arousal would have vanished because of the pain. However, Burnside knew how to gradually increase both the pain and the girl's sexual desires.


After about 15 minutes the spanking was reaching its climax. Burnside took longer breaks to continue teasing Lisa between her thighs, pleased that her student was desperately spreading her legs and lewdly exposing herself as her posture silently pleaded the professor to satisfy her sexual desires. Lisa's desire for an orgasm filled her thoughts and canceled out any hint of dignity or self-control. She wanted that orgasm, and that was all she wanted.

Burnside's fingertips sensuously explored Lisa's vulva, staying in contact with her labia and gently circling her vagina. Lisa's body trembled and she moaned with pleasure, as she relished the feel of the older woman's invasion of her most intimate area. Finally Burnside's fingertip touched Lisa's clitoris. At first the touch was tentative and light, but gradually Burnside's fingertip began massaging Lisa more seriously, with the intent of finally bringing her to orgasm. The younger woman bit her lip and groaned with delight as Burnside's fingertip worked its magic on her body. As the professor continued to massage Lisa's clitoris with her right hand, she ran her left hand over her back and bottom.

Lisa climaxed, but Burnside was not done with her. She inserted her finger into Lisa's vagina, then again explored her labia and clitoris. The second orgasm was so good that she nearly passed out from the extreme pleasure.

Lisa remained over Burnside's lap after she calmed down, too tired to have any desire to get up. The professor ran her thumb over Lisa's vulva to lubricate it, then touched the girl's bottom-hole several times with her wet thumb to prepare her for the final part of her lesson. Once Burnside was satisfied that both her thumb and Lisa's sphincter were adequately lubricated, she pushed it deep into Lisa's bottom-hole while penetrating her vagina with her index finger. Lisa, who was just starting to come to her senses, gasped at the professor's new intrusion into her body.

Burnside's thumb and fingertip worked their way in deeper and pressed together inside Lisa. The sensation was strange and somewhat sinister. Combined with her sore bottom and exhausted muscles, the firm grip inside Lisa's body gave her the feeling that she had completely lost any control over her existence. Burnside knew what she was thinking, because the sensation her student was experiencing was exactly what she had wanted her to experience.

"Lisa, I have a question for you. Between us, who do you think is in charge?"

"You, Dr. Burnside."

"That's right. I am the one who's in charge. I expect you to remember that. Whenever we are in the same room together, I want you to remember that I am capable of controlling you. I know how to take over your body and use it against you. I've just demonstrated that, haven't I?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

"Now, whenever I tell you to do something, what's going to happen?"

"I'm gonna do it...and not question your authority, Dr. Burnside."

"Very good, Lisa. That's what I want to hear."

With that Burnside pulled her fingers out of Lisa's body and ordered her to stand up. Lisa, her body covered in sweat, her muscles sore from her orgasm, and her bottom sore from the spanking, was unsteady on her feet for the first few seconds she was off her professor's lap. Burnside ordered Lisa to go into the outer room, get some wet wipes, and to "clean your shit off my hand". Lisa complied, getting the wet wipes and returning to the sofa where her professor was sitting. She knelt and cleaned the older woman's hand as best she could. Burnside sat back with satisfaction, pleased at the relative ease with which she had managed to "tame" her new student aide.

As soon as Burnside's hand was as clean as Lisa could get it, the professor handed her a robe and a key to the bathroom used by tenured faculty women. The bathroom had a shower, which would allow the student to wash off the residue of her very strange morning and make herself presentable for class. She handed Lisa a towel and her Four-Beta uniform and escorted her down the hallway of the Economics Department. The bathroom was hidden at the end of a small side entrance next to a conference room. Burnside decided to go into the bathroom with Lisa so she could properly wash her hands. Once the professor was satisfied her hands were clean, she unceremoniously left Lisa to return to her office. She still needed to change her skirt, which was stained with her student's sweat and juices from her recent arousal.

Lisa showered as quickly as she could and put her uniform back on. She discovered to her dismay that the redness from Burnside's spanking extended down the tops of her thighs and was not completely hidden by her shorts. Anyone walking behind her would be able to see enough of the redness to tell that she recently had been spanked. She hoped that the color would fade within an hour or so, but doubted that her skin could recover before she had to go out in public to make her first class.

Lisa looked at herself in the mirror, still badly shaken from her morning's experience from the professor. There was no question that, in theory, what Burnside had just done to her was very illegal. Had Lisa wanted, she could have turned in the professor to the university administration, formally accused her of sexual assault, and had her dismissed from her position. However, Lisa, Burnside, and the Four-Beta sorority all knew there was no way that was going to happen. The professor held the key to Lisa's future, because she had given her student a job that most sophomores could only dream of getting. Any attempt to destroy her professor's career would destroy her own prospects as well. Burnside's association with the Four-Beta Sorority and her leadership in the local S&M scene made her a vital presence in Lisa's social life as well as her academic life.

There was a much more personal reason why Lisa never would turn on Burnside for inflicting discipline on her. Her personality and sexual tastes were too close to those of the professor for her to see anything morally wrong with her mentor's behavior. Burnside chose Lisa to be her assistant precisely because the two women viewed the world in much the same way, preferring to handle problems through private discipline rather than airing them through the legal system. The professor and her student already had a verbal agreement that any problems between them would be settled through physical discipline. Lisa had agreed to accept what had just happened to her when she accepted Burnside's job offer. Anyone who knew Burnside very well knew that any person working under her could expect to endure physical discipline at some point in their employment. An occasional sore butt was simply part of the reality of working for Dr. Ruth Burnside.

Apart from the understanding that physical discipline was simply part of her work expectations, there was another reason why there was no chance Lisa would ever would object to the way she had been treated. There was a very strong erotic component to both women's personalities, which made Lisa willing to accept Burnside's way of handling her and sexually dominating her. There were things about human nature that Burnside knew that Lisa wanted to learn from her, the most important of which was how to use a combination of fear, eagerness to please, pain, and sexual reward to control other people. The fact that Burnside, through the right combination of guilt, fear, pain, and touching, had so completely taken control of Lisa's body for a few minutes frightened her, but at the same time fascinated her. She wanted to learn how to do that, to use her partners' physical and emotional weaknesses to completely control them. Burnside had that knowledge, and if Lisa proved herself worthwhile, the professor would gladly share her knowledge with her student.
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