Kidnapped by 4 older women on vacation

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I struggled to come to. For some reason I was groggy. My brain wasn't working and my mouth felt like cotton. From what I could tell in my incapacitated state, the bed--or whatever I was lying on--was moving. And something heavy was on the side of my face and also on my chest. When I was finally able to focus my eyes, the thing against my face was a thigh--a big, meaty thigh. Looking further down I saw that the thing on my chest was a woman--a big, meaty, older woman. I tried to get up, to no avail.

"Goody, you're awake," the woman who was laying on me said. "Now we can have our fun."

She shifted around. I felt her legs move between mine and her scratchy pubic hair rubbing my cock.

"Wha-a-a?" I stammered.

"Oh, just lie back, darling," she soothed. "I've been waiting all morning for you to come around so we could screw."

Although my head was still in the fog and my mouth felt dusty and dry, my eyes finally came around. It was morning. The sun was shining through the sheer curtains. The woman looked to be in her late 50's, at least. She was blonde with green eyes and a mole on her upper cheek. She was heavy, too.

None of which stopped my cock from hardening. In the condition | was in, it was too much trouble to try to stop it.

"Mmm, good!" the big woman cooed. "That feels like a nice one. It is going to feel so good fucking my pussy this morning."

With that she reached between her legs to guide it into her hole. As an older woman, she wasn't very wet but that didn't seem to slow her down any. She got my cock in there and pushed back into it until I was all the way in. I didn't have all my faculties but it kind of hurt going in that dry box. But like I said, I was in no condition to do anything but lay back and let her do what she was going to do.

And she proceeded to do just that. She rocked back and forth on me, her pillowy breasts bumping against my bare chest. She kept at it, clearly enjoying herself as she rocked and twisted on my hard member until she was wet with sweat and breathing hard enough to blow up a Zeppelin. Finally she stretched out on top of me. She wrapped her ankles around mine for leverage and extended herself. When I felt her pelvic bone press into mine it sent me over the edge. My hot sperm just came gushing out. Feeling it, she screamed with pleasure and had a shivering orgasm of her own.

We lay there for a long time. Finally she got up, put on her robe which had been laying across a nearby chair and introduced herself.

"I'm BJ, by the way," she said with a smile. "There's a robe for you on the closet door here. When you're ready put it on and come downstairs for breakfast and meet the other girls."

"What other girls?" I stammered. "What's going on?"

"Just come downstairs, sweetie."

It was about 15 minutes before my desire for food coupled with my desire for answers overcame my irritation and I went downstairs.

There were three other women at the table besides BJ. She stood up to greet me.

"Here's our 'guest,'" she beamed. "Allow me to introduce Lynette, Athena and Delilah."

Lynette was surely in her 60's; short blonde hair, clear blue eyes, not too bad looking in a no-nonsense kind of way. Athena was maybe early 50's; short-cropped blonde hair with wide eyes. Delilah had brown hair, mid-50's and with a slightly lascivious look on her face. None of them were really all that bad-looking. And from what I could tell they all were fairly well endowed in the tits department. All four were dressed casually--t-shirts or blouses with slacks.

Without acknowledging the introductions I started to stammer out a request for answers: "What the heck is going on here? And what happened to me? I feel like I've been drugged."

"You were drugged," answered BJ, who appeared to be the leader of this 'gang.' "I don't know if you remember much about last night..."

I remembered being in a bar, somewhere in Wisconsin, but that's about all.

"well we were the ladies in the corner who bought you drinks all night," she continued. "Lynette here" and she nodded at her blonde friend "overheard you telling the bartender that you were here playing golf on vacation by yourself. That's when we got the idea to drug your drinks and bring you out here to our little nest. You see, we're all vacationing, too."

"So you kidnapped me?" I said accusingly.

"Oh, kidnapping is such a strong word. Let's just say we 'borrowed' you for a little while. You can actually leave any time you want."

"Borrowed me? What do you mean 'borrowed me?'"

"Like I said, we are all here on vacation. We got together and rented this farmhouse out in the country for a month. But it gets kind of lonely out here and we all like to have a good time and we particularly like to have a good time with men. So we had this idea to find some good-looking man who was alone, get him out to our little hideaway here, and have a party with him. And guess what? You are that man."

She smiled as if I should be pleased. I wasn't.

"Well, good for you then," I said snottily. "But I believe I'll just be going. I've got a room in town and they charge by the night."

"Don't worry about that, dear," Lynette said. "Delilah took care of that. She went to your hotel and used the video checkout to check you out. She left the key in the room. As far as the hotel knows, you checked out yourself. She also packed up your stuff and put it in your car. Oh, we have your car, by the way. Only it's not here." And she giggled.

"What?" I asked.

"Yes," BJ answered. "Your car with your stuff in it is safely stashed in town. So if you want to leave, we'll give you your keys and tell you where it is, but I'm afraid you'll have to walk. It's almost 15 miles, honey."

"Like BJ said," this time it was Delilah, "you can leave right now if you want. But good luck claiming you were kidnapped. The sheriff isn't going to believe that four respectable older ladies like ourselves would do such a thing. And plenty of people saw you stumble out of the bar last night--including our friend the bartender, thanks to the $50 we gave him."

My head was swimming. This was just bizarre. I needed food. Maybe with a full stomach I could think how to get out of this. These ladies were crazy.

Without another word I sat down.

"Have some breakfast, sweetie. You look like you could use it," Delilah laughed.

While I ate, Lynette and Athena pulled their chairs closer to me on either side. They were both very hospitable in filling my plate and asking if I needed anything. During the course of the meal each seemed to find an opportunity to brush a breast against my arm, or put their hand on my shoulder, arm or leg.

While the two of them were giving me physical contact, BJ and Delilah gave me the biggest snow job I've had in my life.

"Just think about your choices, honey," BJ said. "You can walk all the way back to town and continue your golfing vacation or you can stay here, with us, four horny lusty women."

"There are plenty of ways to relax out here," Delilah added. "It is quiet, there is a hot tub out back, you can go for walks, we'll feed you. We've even got liquor."

This time Athena spoke up, leaning in to whisper in my ear: "And you can have all the sex you want, any way you want. All week. You can have us one at a time, or all at once or whatever combination you want. We're not exactly shy around each other. We've had orgies before, back home."

It began to dawn on me that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity--staying in a house of sex with four mature, experienced, uninhibited women. This might be better than golf after all.

When I finally finished eating I looked at BJ and said: "All right. I'm staying."

All the girls burst into smiles and one of them started clapping.

"I want my stuff, though," I added.

"You won't need your stuff, pet," BJ answered. "There is a supply of robes upstairs for you. That's all you need to wear. No one will see you way out here. And besides, it will be more convenient for sex if you don't have a lot of clothes to remove. Right, girls?"

"That's right," they all laughed.

"Not even underwear?" I asked.

"Not even underwear."

And that's how I became a sex slave to four lusty women in Wisconsin. One thing about those robes--they were all, each one of them, short. There wasn't a single one that didn't barely cover my ass or my balls. But I learned to live with it.


It was agreed that, since there were four of them and only one of me, I would not be expected to have sex more than twice a day--except BJ wanted to count that first one as part of last night. Which meant that I still had my two for that first day left.

The women all left to do some shopping and sightseeing so I took the opportunity to look around. The house was pretty nice for a farmhouse. It was certainly a lot newer than many farmhouses I had been in. There were five bedrooms, several baths, a big family room with fireplace and big screen TV, fully-stocked kitchen, fully-stocked liquor cabinet, and that hot tub on the back porch. The grounds were big with lots of trees.

I was upstairs reading a magazine and looking out over the backyard when I heard the front door. It only sounded like one was back, but I didn't know which one. I continued looking at the magazine. After fifteen or twenty minutes I heard someone coming down the hall. It was Athena. She had on a long t-shirt, no shoes and no pants. She came into the room and I noticed she had a bottle of body oil in her hand.

"We had a drawing and I won. I get you first--or next," and she laughed. "Come with me. I'd like you to give me a massage." Then in a pout-y voice: "I'm all tense from my shopping trip. I need some...relief....Well, come on, hun."

I followed her out the door and down the hall to her room. Once inside, she lit some incense then handed me the oil. Next she draped a sheet over a chaise lounge in the corner, then reached up under her t-shirt to remove her panties. Finally she pulled off the t-shirt and lay face down on the lounge chair.

I have to admit she did have nice legs for an older woman. And while she wasn't as trim as Lynette, she was nowhere near as flabby as BJ with just a little bit of extra weight on her hips. Plus I've always been a sucker for a woman with short, short hair and Athena had short, short hair.

Sitting on the lounge I poured some oil on her bare back and started to rub it in. She made "ooh" and "aah" sounds as I kneaded her shoulders and back. Moving down her back I quickly went across her ass cheeks to her legs. I oiled and rubbed the back of her thighs and her lower legs.

"Rub my feet, will you hun?" she asked.

I got up and stood at the end of the lounge to rub her toes and the soles of her feet.

"That's a good boy."

As I was bent over rubbing back up her legs, she placed one foot in my crotch and ran her toes up and down my cock and balls. It felt good. My dick hardened a little.

Next I got up on the chaise and straddled her legs. Pouring oil right on her ass crack to see what her reaction would be, I then began to rub her spongy cheeks. I slipped one hand down between her legs every once in a while, teasing her. Every time I did she let out a low moan.

Having finished with her back, I raised one leg so she could turn over. Her nice tits flattened out a little when she got turned. I noticed that her snatch was shaved.

"You know, honey, I don't think it's fair that I'm naked but you have that robe on. Let's just get rid of that, shall we?" she said. Then she reached up, untied my skimpy robe, and pushed it off my shoulders. When she saw my cock she commented: "Well, hello baby."

Getting back to the massage, I poured some oil on her chest and began to work it in. I went across her upper chest, then down the sides, careful not to touch her breasts (for now) to her belly. Finished with her belly, I poured a little oil on each nipple, then rubbed it around each tit. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth when I did that. She clearly enjoyed it.

Looking at her shiny, oiled tits gave me an idea. I moved up on her body and placed my cock between them. Athena said: "Oooh!"

She squeezed them together for me while I worked my hardening cock back and forth. The oil made it super smooth. The fleshiness of her tits made it cozy and soft. After a few minutes of this my cock was hard as a rock. Athena began to stick her tongue out, begging me to let her have a taste. I obliged. Her tongue went around and under the head. At one point she lightly nipped at it, holding it in her teeth.

"You want more?" I asked her, daringly.

Her eyes said yes so I moved up to let her take all my cock in. She didn't so much suck it as lavish it with kisses and licks. Her tongue was all over it as she held it in her mouth. Right then and there I fell in love with her talented tongue.

Finally she took it out.

"I want you to fuck me," she said lustily. "Grab me a pillow off my bed, honey."

I did so and she placed it under the sheet so it wouldn't get oil on it and under her midsection. Then she lay face down, her ass propped up in the air.

"Do me from behind, lover," she commanded.

I got between her legs and guided my cock to her waiting pussy. Unlike BJ's, Athena's pussy was wet so I was able to get the head in. I worked it around, softly pushing as her pussy got wetter. After a minute or so it sunk in with almost a slurping sound.

It felt so good in there. She was warm and wet inside. I leaned over her back with my arms on either side of her and began to pump in and out. I was really putting my hips into it. I wanted her to feel it ramming in. And she did. She was moaning and breathing hard in no time.

As I fucked this desirable older woman from behind I leaned down to kiss and nibble on her neck.

"Oh, yes," she moaned. "Keep doing that, lover. Oh, shit, that feels good."

Now I moved my mouth to her back. I kissed and licked the back of her neck and between her shoulder blades.

"That's it, honey. Keep fucking me with the hard cock of yours. Fuck I love the feel of it in my pussy. Come on, lover. Harder. Fuck me harder."

I stuck my face in her hair and really started to pound into her. The room was filled with the sound of my body slapping her ass as I thrust and drove into her hot, wet love hole.

"Give it to me! Come on, faster, harder! Oh, shit, I'm going to cum!"

With that she arched her back and orgasmed with a loud "ooooooh!" Her pussy juices flooded over my engorged cock. It was an incredible orgasm.

Almost immediately after she was done she pulled away from my cock, flipped over and started stroking it.

"Cum in my mouth, lover. I want to taste your delicious cum."

Within a dozen or so strokes I started to shoot cum straight into her waiting mouth. She took almost all of it, with just a little dribbling down her chin which she wiped up with her hand, then cleaned her hand off with her tongue. Then she lay back, eyes closed, chest heaving, to recover from out fuck session.

After a minute or so I got up. Slipping my robe on I gave her a light kiss on her cheek and went back to my room to shower and then rest.

I had one more woman to pleasure before the day ended.
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