A submissive husbands story

1 The Reveal

I arrived home early from work and an envelope addressed to "My Submissive Slut" greeted me at the door mat. I was shocked. Who was it from? Who was it for? I picked it up, it smelt of my wife's favourite perfume. The adrenaline started pumping through my body. Who has Laura been submissive for? More to the point, who has she been a SLUT for!? I had to open the envelope. It was a letter which read:

"Dear Steve" Steve! That's me! Was this some kind of joke? It continued,

"I have been monitoring your online activities and I am shocked, appalled and most importantly very excited by what you have been doing." I began to realise what this must mean. For the last two years or so I had been addicted to Internet porn. I had seen every genre possible but only a few still excited me as if it was the first time I'd seen them. One of these was "Femdom" porn. I had many videos and pictures of wives controlling their husbands, fucking other men and generally doing whatever they felt like in the bedroom. I'm not into the 24/7 total slave stuff where guys do household chores etc. My main turn-on has always been giving pleasure to my gorgeous wife. Contrary to most guys, my physical pleasure during sex is not top of my priority list. From this basis, my sexual fantasies have evolved and I'd love Laura to take advantage of my submissive sexuality and to take it as far as possible. I've always been too afraid of what Laura might think of me if I suggested to her that I wanted her to be my Mistress. That is why I have kept my fantasies a secret from her until now. The letter continued,

"I have decided to become your sexual Mistress. Our "normal" sex life is now over. The main reason for this is that I have lost patience with your disobedient cock." My "disobedient cock" began to come alive as I was reading my new Mistress's words. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from my own wife! I'd heard this sort of thing in porn videos etc but this was real and so much more horny. I was eager to know what else she had written.

"From now on, you will only be touching my soft pussy with your mouth or tongue. No more fingering or fucking for you Steve (unless I'm in the mood for an average cock which lasts less than ten seconds)." I read and re-read this part a couple of times. No more sex. I wasn't bothered by that so much but it occurred to me that Laura loves fucking, so was she going to be depriving herself of fucking too? Something told me no.

It was true that my cock was "average" size. It was also true that my cock only lasted about ten seconds in my wife's beautiful wet pussy, but Laura had told me that these issues never really bothered her because I could give her the most wonderful orgasms with my mouth. This letter, however, gave the impression that now she wanted more than my cock.

"I will expect you to buy me certain gifts when I want them and I have already bought a few things to start with. You will see these when I arrive home at 8:30. This should give you about two hours to get ready for your first session as my submissive slut. Don't be scared, I'm not going to do anything too extreme tonight. I just would like to set a few rules and discuss my plans for us in our future Femdom marriage. I would like you to shower and be lying naked on our bed. If you are not doing this when I arrive home I will assume that you do not want to make your fantasies a reality and we will continue with our normal lives and talk no more about it. All my love, Mistress Laura"

This was a dream come true for me. Being at the mercy of Laura's sexual pleasure. There was no way that I would not be naked on that bed at 8:30! I showered and imagined what laura was going to say to me when she arrived. I suddenly became very nervous. Was this a joke? Was she really up for this?

We have been together for a decade since we were both 18 years old. She has always been a dominant lover and it seemed we were destined to be together but we never chatted about being dominant or submissive we just did what came naturally. I would love to lick her to orgasm and then fuck her so that she wouldn't be disappointed with the length of time it took me to cum. We'd both be satisfied with this arrangement. Now maybe things were going to become much more "Dom/sub" in our sexlife. I lay on the bed, naked, and hoped.

2 Introductions

"Hello slut" Laura said.

"Hiya" I replied.

We both smirked. I was lying on our bed naked, she had just come back from the gym. It was only the second time she had been so I asked how it went.

"Very well, thanks. Lots of fit men." she replied.

I laughed, and expected her to do the same. She didn't, she really was looking at the fit men. This is not like Laura, I thought. She would never be so open and candid about looking at guys. I really liked this change. What else had changed overnight?

"I think we need a chat Steve." she said as she sat on the side of the bed next to me.

"O.K." I had a feeling that this is when she'd say she had been joking about the letter and that she was very angry about me looking at all those kinky sites.

"I love you very much." She continued. "The stuff that you have been wanking to online has really made me think about our sexual relationship and I can see that we have evolved into having mild Femdom sex and I would love to explore this with you and see where it goes. By you being here naked I take it that you are happy with this. So, I want to tell you what it going to happen from now on. I'm not going to be a sadist who will hurt or humiliate you for the sake if it. Anything I do to you or make you do will be for MY pleasure. You're pleasure comes very low on the list. I have been planning this for many months and I would love you to embrace all of my ideas and kinks. If you become a good sub slut it will turn me on more than anything you have anything you have ever done before. I know what you enjoy and don't enjoy from what you've been looking at online and I promise to try and stay within you're desires but there may be times when you will regret my becoming your Mistress but I promise at every stage you will be adding to my excitment and pleasure by cooperating. That's all I wanted to say before we begin this journey. Is there anything you would like to ask?"

I was so hard at this speech but Laura couldn't see my cock so I just pointed down towards my erection and said

"He is ready to serve Mistress." we both laughed.

"Good slut." she said as she carressed my hard cock.

"Stand up slut, I want to give you something for allowing me to use you as I wish for the rest of our marriage. Enjoy it."

I stood up as Laura slid off the bed onto her knees. She looked up at me and placed the head of my cock into her mouth. She licked underneath from the base to the tip which sent shivers down my spine. Then in one movement attempted to deep throat my eager cock. I felt she was acting like she was sucking my cock for the last time. She was bobbing her head on it quickly and I could see her touching her pussy. She took my hand and made me feel her cunt. Wow I love the feeling of warm, wet pussy. I wanted to pleasure her right then but she had said I should enjoy my own pleasure. Laura was now using her hand to smooth my full balls. Her saliva was making my cock slide in and out of her throat with ease and it was becoming the best blow job I could ever remember. She didn't stop the rhythm for about five minutes, in out in out, more spit, dribble lubing her throat I was on the verge of cumming and I told her so, she didn't change a thing except her own masturbation became quicker. I wanted to make her cum but I don't think I had a choice. She began to moan which sent a vibration through my cock. I came there and then. Laura continued the rhythym and she swallowed the whole load and licked the cum from my cock so that i didn't need to clean myself up.

Laura hadn't taken her eyes off me during the whole thing and she said

"I really hope you enjoyed that. I know i did, but tomorrow will be quite different and more pleasurable for us both."

She had cum during my orgasm which I totally missed. The blowjob became the greatest send-off to our past sex life and now was the dawn of our new Mistress led sex lives.

It was lunchtime at work and I saw my mobile phone light up. It was a message from Laura:

"Just to let you know slut i feel like using you tonight. Be prepare. X Mistress X"

As I was reading the message I could feel my trousers tightening under my desk. I thought someone had better not ask me to get up as it would be very embarrassing.

I couldn't stop thinking about what might happen all day and I didn't get much work done at all. I arrived at home to find Laura, my Mistress, dressed in a black PVC mini dress, black thigh-high boots, and dark sexy makeup with black lipstick. I never realised how much I found this look sexy until I saw her standing there. She was holding a bag full of stuff which I assumed is what she bought to use me.

Mistress called me over with a wave of her finger. As I approached her I could see her cleavage up close and was dying to get her tits out and start sucking them, but I knew now wasn't the time. She put her hands on my shoulders, I noticed her black nail polish and black rings which really set the outfit off. She pushed me down to my knees. As she looked down at me she gave me a wicked smile, looked down at her crotch as if to show me where to look. She hitched up her short dress so that i could see her black pvc panties. I waited for her to show me her wonderful pussy but she wasn't showing me. Should I move them to the side? Should I wait for her to do it? I looked up at her. She didn't say or do anything, just stared back at me. She had a look in her eye of lust, her eyes were telling me that behind those panties was a smooth, wet, horny pussy. But should I try and take a look? What if this was a test? I decided to do the submissive thing and wait for orders. A minute went by, my knees were beginning to ache on the tiled flooring. Then Laura turned away from me, bent over slighty, hitched her dress and moved her panties to the side to reveal her pert smooth anus. After the waiting, seeing her asshole really made me hard. I wanted to lick it so much, but I waited. The anticipation was becoming unbearable. My mouth was watering I had to swallow my saliva several times. Laura took her ass away from me again and lead me upstairs, I was so horny just from being close to her pussy and ass.

"Strip off." Laura said as we walked into our bedroom. She started talking her kinky clothes off just as I did. She lay on the bed face down totally naked, her legs slightly apart and i could see that her pussy was glistening and more importantly for me - totally bald. My excitement became heightened.

"Get the baby oil and give me a massage, slut."

I did as I was told. I climbed on top of her so that my hard, leaking cock gently rested between her buttocks. I started with her shoulders and gradually worked my way down her body making sure to avoid any contact with my Mistress's asshole and pussy. I got very close to them but I didn't want to go against her wishes. I worked my way down to the end of her toes and she then turned over for me to continue the relaxing massage. I could then see her ample breasts and smooth cunt in all their glory. My cock was leaking so much precum at this point that there wasn't any need for the baby oil, I could have just used my own lubrication. I worked my way back up her body and made sure I didn't touch Mistress's clit. Over her flat tummy and onto her breasts. For the first time she gave me a sign of pleasure as I kneeded her boobs with my open palms for as long as I was allowed, each motion was met with a moan of pleasure from my Mistress. It had been so long since I had given her a good sensual massage and I knew she would be as horny as I was after it.

Laura opened her eyes and pointed to the door.

"Stand there please, slut. That was a very nice massage. I can't believe you have been home for two hours and you haven't attempted to touch my pussy. You have listened to my rules and I'm impressed."

Two hours down and I was being a good sub, I felt so happy to have pleased my Mistress.

"Your cocklet has been so hard for a while now, would you like me to touch it for you?" asked Laura. I knew this was a trick question. She had already said the night before that she wouldn't be playing with my "cocklet" for a while. I replied:

"If that is what you want Mistress."

"No, not at all." She said. "My pleasure only. On your knees, you're training is about to start." She took out a set of handcuffs from her bag of goodies/baddies and lock my hands behind my back. She laid back onto the bed with her pussy and ass on show at the edge of the bed waiting to be worked on. I could see the wetness from the tip of her clit to the end of her anus. It looked so tempting. I needed to lick and suck her to orgasm now. She sat up, put a blindfold on me and said:

"You don't yet deserve to see me cum. I don't want you to rush this. If I cum or my clit gets too sensitive before the end of this album then you will be severely punished. Now worship at my cunt, slut."

She pressed play on the iPod and I started licking, it was the wettest pussy I had ever licked. Amazingly warm and superbly scented with her musky smell. I made sure I licked her whole area very gently for about two songs. I could here her moaning as I occasionally sucked her pussy lips slightly. I really wanted to suck her clit deep in my mouth and take her flying over the edge but that was against the rules. I used the flat of my tongue to cover her anus then move slowly upwards and then suck the clit gently. This gave the loudest moan so far and I continued doing this for three further songs. My jaw was really starting to ache now. I wanted to take a breather but I didnt want to dissappoint Mistress. I started to increase the speed of my licking and I also started poking my tongue in and out of both her pussy and ass. By this point she was starting to writhe in pleasure I knew it wouldn't be too long until my job was done. With three songs to go she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her cunt and my mouth forcively onto her clit. She wanted to cum NOW but I knew there were two and a half songs left. I tried to pull away but she used her other hand and pulled my hair even harder.

"Don't stop! Make me cum NOW slut!" I had no choice, I sucked and licked her clit as hard as and fast as I could. She screamed in extasy for thirty seconds. I knew it was one of her best orgasms ever but was I in trouble for not allowing the album to finish? You bet I was.

She lay there absolutely still and quiet for what seemed twenty minutes. I was still hard and sneakily trying to rub myself off against the side of the bed.

"Tut, tut, tut." She finally broke the long silence. "Your first punishable offence. A simple punishment: No cumming for at least a month. Get into bed and go to sleep. Keep the handcuffs on, I don't want you touching my pussy of your cock all night."

My heart sank, if only hardon could too! This, I then realised, was my new reality.

4 The Pleasurer

Denial of cumming is not the worst punishement she could have handed to me. I enjoy being teased and deprived. I think a worse punishment would be to cum everyday before playing our Dom/sub stuff. This would take me out of the submissive mood and I wouldn't enjoy as much.

This is what I thought after about two day of deprivation from cumming or even touch my cock. After a month, the punishment was beginning to take it toll. Let me tell you about the last month or so.

The night after I made Mistress cum too early, she sat me down and explained a few things about what was about to happen.

"I'm not going to divulge every detail about the next six months, but I will build up your knowledge and training slowly. I don't want you to know what is going to happen next and what I'm actually capable of. This will increase your fear and excitement. For the next month however, you will know exactly where you stand with me. There will be no suprises, no tests, just you pleasuring me whenever I want it. I need to get my mind and body in tune with my pussy to really know what I want from this experience. I think a month of cumming and fantasising will bring out my inner most desires."

It was reassuring to know that I could give pleasure to my Mistress for the next month. At least I wasn't being deprived of that.

"I want you clean-shaven always. If I get any stubble rashes then an extra week will be added to your denial period. When I call you "slut" you will stop what you are doing and prepare yourself to give me pleasure. I will instruct you as to what this will entail. Usually having your head between my legs for a long period of time. It may also include a massage, a kiss, or a footrub. Is this clear?" I nodded. "Any questions?"

"No, Mistress." I replied.

"Good slut."

I now had a new rule to add to my others. Shave twice a day to prevent stubble, no touching my cock, no touching my beautiful wife's wet pussy, no searching the internet for kinky stuff. It seemed very reasonable and I was looking forward to the month ahead. That night, Mistress was in the bath while I was watching TV downstairs and I heard my mobile phone ringing. It was Mistress, so I answered immediately.

"Come and wash my hair slut." She said

"Yes Mistress, will be right up."

She looked so good in her birthday suit. I started to wash her hair when she put her hand over the edge of the bath to feel my cock. As she expected, it was already hard.

"You're easily pleased! I can't wait to see what you will be like after 30 days and nights! Strip off slut."

I did as I was told. I was stood there at the side of the bath and was just about to finish washing Mistress's hair when she said

"Stay standing, slut."

She got onto her knees and started sucking on my erect cock.

"Mmm, I love sucking cock slut. I'm not going to deprive myself just because you're not allowed to squirt your pathetic juice everywhere. You will just have to learn to control your little dick."

She then took the whole lot into her throat and held it there. I thought I was about to cum, but i somehow stopped myself. Luckily for me she took it out of her mouth and gave it a slap. It shocked me and had the effect of losing my erection.

"Oh, you didn't like a little slap. I think you will need to be trained there. Finish off my hair and go and assume the oral position in the bedroom."

I did as I was told and got on my knees, blindfolded myself and handcuffed my wrists behind my back and waited kneeling on the floor at the edge of the bed. Every night for a fortnight I was in that position doing what I do best, pleasuring my wife's pussy and ass. Every night she gave me a time limit so that she could relax and re-live her fantasies. Every night I teased her trying to take her slowly over the edge. And every night she would take control, grab my hair, ears or whatever she wanted to, and force me to go harder and faster over the edge. We would go straight to bed and she would carress my cock until it was hard and then fall asleep. I couldn't touch it so every night for a fortnight I fell asleep with a hard-on. This was the ultimate in pleasure and pain.

The weekend arrived and Mistress summoned me to the bedroom. She said

"Thank you for a wonderful fortnight so far, I know you're enjoying it every much as I am. As you can probably tell by my bag of goodies, I've been doing a lot of online shopping. You will be able to see a couple of things I have bought tonight. I think you will enjoy them. I will be home at 6:00. I want you to assume the position as normal but downstairs in front of the sofa. See you later slut"
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