Fm Where will his punishment take him

"I set forth a very simple list of tasks for you, stupid whore. Why is it you cannot even manage to get these accomplished in the allotted time? I think you must enjoy being punished, I think today we are going to have to dissuade you of any such notions." You can feel the anger emanating off of me as I press your face into the floor. The tightness of my grip, and my ireful tone guarantee this will not be an easy afternoon. Trepidation and mild fear make your cock surge into hardness and I laugh cruelly at your reaction, delivering a stinging slap to your dangling scrotum.

"What a little fucking slave bitch you are. Taking cock up your ass like the best of whores, sucking down gobbets of cum, I allow you all your disgusting perversions and how do you repay me? By lazing about all day, wasting my time!" Again, several short punctuating slaps to your balls, these bringing tears to your eyes.

"Yet here you are, bent over; face in the ground like a worthless, useless cum-dump enjoying the shit out of having your balls slapped by a women. In fact, I spoke out of turn. Who's balls are these Simon?" Here, I roughly grab your sac into my hand my grip just tight enough to begin hurting. My tone is imperious as I continue. " Answer, you fucking worthless slut."

"Yours, Mistress."

"At least you got something right. Now, precisely why wasn't the list completed by the time I returned?" The list had actually been quite impossible to finish in the allotted time, but you dared not imply that I was being unfair. Shame and trepidation vie for the lead in your twisting stomach.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I tried really I did." I make a derisive sound and pull a slotted paddle from a ring on my belt. Three hard blows fall onto your exposed ass, leaving splotchy red marks in their wake and your chest heaving.

"Not good enough fag-bitch. Why didn't you finish your chores?" You pause for a moment, your mind spinning, trying to come up with the proper response. "To long."

More burning wallops follow this pronouncement, until you are choking down quiet sobs; your ass on fire. My hand reaches down to caress your welts, adoring the shuddering breaths you draw in. I lay the paddle across your heated skin, watching you twitch in apprehension at the touch of the wood.

"Shall we try this again? You are a stupid worthless slut useful only as far as my humor extends, I gave you a list of chores this morning with the admonition that they would be completed by the time I returned. They were not, explain this to me, cock."

"Mistress, please.. I..I spent the whole..." Your stuttering, pathetic explanation is cut short as I resume punishing your ass, making sure some of the paddles strike your exposed scrotum. You dance beautifully beneath my chastisement and my cunt fills with liquid fire at your whorish reaction- hard cock bouncing up and down to your gyrations.

"Pathetic slut." The paddle lights fires across your skin every time it descends.

"Stupid whore." With every burning imprint the litany of your worthlessness continues.

"Useless pencil-dicked pervert." Your face feels as hot as your cherry-red ass with your continued humiliation; perfect shame, only fanning your fierce erection.

"Cock-sucking bitch." Again and again the paddle falls, each swat punctuated by a litany of your failings.

"Incapable of pleasing me... Fails the simplest of directives... Worthless fucktoy... Unable to answer... a simple question." I pause in my diatribe; chest heaving, my face flushed with desire. The flagging pain finally catches up with your senses and you are barely able to catch your breath, as you moan piteously. "Such a wonderful sound, perhaps now you find yourself capable of answering?"

"Yes Mistress, please. I am fucking worthless. Use me, punish me. I am nothing more than a cock-sucking slut. I didn't work hard enough to please you. I am a useless lazy cum-dump and I deserve your punishment. Please." I tangle my hand through your hair; painfully, proprietorially.

"Finally you understand, pet. Now that we have that cleared, I believe your punishment can begin in earnest." You shiver as I begin to fondle your welted ass, my fingers finding your wincing hole with little difficulty. I continue to hold your head, as I explore your body with the ease of familiarity. Causing pain and pleasure in equal doses; until your unsure whether the noises you're making are a whimpering plea for me to stop or to continue.

"Since, you so obviously enjoyed your own inability to come up with a suitable response, I have come up with a wonderfully fitting way for you to spend the time, while I prepare for our evening." I lead you over to the stairs, motioning for you to precede me along the banister-wall. Gauging the railing rising above your head, I indicate you should stop. "Hands above your head, naughty boy and you had better keep them there."

Your eyes are curious but you say nothing, as I turn and start up the stairs. Some where above your head I stop, and you feel leather cuffs being secured over your wrists. Your arms are pulled somewhat painfully, as I affix the straps to the post; forcing your to rise up on your tiptoes. You hear me make my way up the remaining stairs and into the bedroom.

Your wait of a few moments seems a great deal longer when strapped naked to a wall in the living room, almost dangling from a stair railing. Your already punished ass, at first welcoming the cool wall, now was beginning to sweat and itch because of it. You hear me descend the steps and I enter your vision as I approach, a tangle of black leather and metal in my hands.

"I expect you shall do better obeying this directive, then the last. It's fairly simple, I so thoroughly enjoyed hearing you debase yourself earlier I would like it to continue while I get ready." I gesture to the straps and glinting metal, in my hand. "This wonderful contraption will ensure your weak little cock maintains a pleasing aspect for my amusement."

You feel me begin to stroke your cock, your head falling back against the wall. It doesn't take long before it is fully erect. I slide a metal ring over your cock, then three more follow in rapid succession all connected by a thin leather strap with a small ring at the end. The cage fits snugly over your hard cock and isn't in the least torturous. I produce a small clip with a weight attached to the end and a little bell. These go onto the end of the cage and pulls your cock down slightly.

"Now if your cock softens that weight will pull it down, the bell will sound, and you will have failed. Which I would make you regret immensely. Try to be creative now, while voicing your humiliation." I take myself back up the stairs.

Careful to follow my instructions implicitly, you pitch your voice loud enough that it carries up to my waiting ears. I adore listening to you humiliate yourself for my amusement knowing that your cock is raging hard from the twisting shame in your gut.

"I am your fucking useless slut, Mistress."

Your mind tracks the beads of sweat as they trail down your skin, you feel your cock begin to soften at the lack of attention you're paying it. The weight on the tip begins to slip dangerously low and you feel your heart begin thundering. Quickly you scrabble to regain the strength of your erection, your mind tearing through the most recent humiliations inflicted on you.

"Please Mistress, please punish me! I don't deserve to lick the cum from your holy cunt."

Your sagging cock begins to return to it's former glory as you relive sucking cum from a juicy cock. Adoring every second of your own remembered debasement; the added weight of the silver cage gripping your dick mercilessly, almost feels like a hand.

With a mind of their own, your hips jerk forward into the air; the salty sting of sweat against your welts, adds the needed fire to your waning desires. You pull against your bonds uselessly, only reenforcing your state of helplessness- driving home your much needed subservience. Hopefully for your sake, not to belatedly, you remember your charge.

"I beg you Mistress, use me; make me your whore. I beg to serve you, properly."

You hear the sound of shower spray from the bathroom upstairs and allow yourself the luxury of picturing my grace. Your abused cock fills the confines of metal and leather encasing it, mentally tracking the fall of water from my breasts; down the flat of my stomach. You ache to wash me, soap my soft skin- adoringly caress every inch of my body, worshiping me with your fingertips. The actuality of your punishment descends, denied the very service that defines you. Shuddering, you continue your verbals abuse.

"I will do anything you ask, let me please you Mistress. I am your cunt-sucking slut."

I take my time, continuing to shower. The minutes stretch by broken only by the sound of your occasional humiliating outburst, seemingly lost into the emptiness of the house. A feeling of repetitious ineffectuality grips you at around the hour mark, and your last self-deprecation falters and falls almost soundlessly.

Suddenly, hanging suspended from the stair rail, you feel silly. No passersby, noticing your subservience. I, deaf to your continued humiliation, proving your presence unnecessary to my daily rituals. Nothing, save your imagination, maintains your erection. Your devotion to me lagging once again, your cock sinks weakly it's reaction only hastened by the spreading numbness in your bound hands.

You feel the cage slipping from the head of your half-flaccid cock, and you almost let if fall; toying with the idea of your mysterious punishment. Attention is attention after all, and you are a pathetic slutty cock. The pervading silence acts as a warning system to my arrival, recalling your drifting attention and the words pour from your dry lips; the reality of my ire waking your shrinking prick.

"Mistress, please.. I'm sorry... I need you Mistress... I'll be your good boy. Please..."

Your head falls to your chest, with the answering silence. Your much-needed response not forthcoming, your tiny cock continues it's withdrawal. The sounds of my heeled tread down the stairs revives you in no time flat, your voice when it sounds is as full of humiliation and dejection as you can manage to make it.

"I'm nothing more than your cum-tasting bitch, teach me my place, Mistress. I beg to learn to please you."

I come to a stop before you, and you're careful to keep your gaze locked on my heeled pumps. You caress them hungrily with your eyes, wishing you could kiss their strapped-feminine perfection. Delicate chrome 6in heels angle my foot impossibly, but only add to the beauty of my line; every toe lovingly painted with perfect tiny patterns, the lustre of my skin reflected in the high-shine of my patent shoes.

"That will be quite enough, Simon." You feel my hand grasp the base of your cock, my nails biting into the skin of your scrotum as I cup your pride fiercely. "I noticed you managed to somehow, not ring the bell; despite your flagging attitude and lack of exuberance. You may regard me now, whore"

"Thank you, Mistress."

You raise your eyes slowing drinking, in my attention like a thirsty slut. The play of light across my skin warms it's hue slightly, softening my ivory complexion; though still stark against it's black leather covering. A single line of sandy hair graces my otherwise shaven, tight cunt. As is my preference to wear, the black corset accentuates my curves, hugging my body like skin. Tiny red laces accent the boning, each ending in small rose; you drink in the smell and sight of my leather clad form, a mixture of shiny patent and natural.

My dusky nipples are easily visible through the thin fabric of my white shirt, and already hardened to small peaks. You follow the lines of my collar bones, easily distinguishable, to the hollow of my throat, where you can see my pulse fluttering. The angles of my chin cocked just so, to regard you with lazy irritation evident. My full lips, the lower one always almost on the edge of a pout, colored a delicious shiny red; reflecting the light. The curve of my cheek, small straight nose up to my smokey green eyes, framed by slightly arched brows. My waist-length blonde hair is piled on top of my head in a nest of curls, seeming almost haphazard for the time it took to accomplish.

To busy trying to pour every ounce of chastised submission into your own gaze, you fail to notice my palm approaching your face. As a result the hard slap catches you unawares, snapping your head to the side and leaving a burning hand print across your cheek.

"What is it exactly you crave cock-sucker? Is it the attention? Do you need an audience for your humiliation and abuse, you pussy bitch? I believe I have the perfect idea of how we might find exactly the kind of attention you so desire."

The black permanent marker against your skin feels strange as I mark the words onto you. From the mirror behind me your are able to make out what I am writing, albeit backwards. In stark letters against your skin is the following message.

My name is Simon.

I am a SLUTTY attention WHORE.

Please PUNISH me.

I have been a bad little CUM-SUCKER.

Heat stains your skin, the blush crawling from your groin and flushing the background of your message, adding an adorable humiliated highlight to the black script.

"Turn around and face the wall." My voice almost purrs at you, satisfaction deepening my alto pitch further. You step forward and pivot on your toes, before pressing your cock into the wall. I resume my writing on your back, starting between your shoulder blades and ending at the crack of your ass.

"Perhaps one of your tormenters will take pity on you and tell you what the back says, however you might find asking them a bit of a hardship. Face me again."

I kiss you deeply, capturing you tongue with mine, teasing your soul up form the tips of your toes to coil in the base of your, once again rock hard, cock. You whimper into my mouth, trying to mold yourself against me; pleading my favor.

A cruel smile curls mischievously across my lips as I release you and step back, placing an O-gag firmly in your mouth. I reach up and loose the cord tying your hands above you, allowing them to fall limply to your sides.

On your wrists and ankles I affix leather cuffs with clips attached to the rings, and fit you with a studded cross piece for your chest, featuring a single inch diameter O-ring, as well. You watch in dismay as I pull out a pair of chaps and indicate that I expect you to don them, while I look on in delighted amusement.

You glance up from buckling the chaps to see me pulling on a red, black and white plaid skirt, I retrieve a riding crop from somewhere on my person and poke it at your chest in emphasis.

"I should let you know I will be very angry if you lose your cage before we arrive at our destination and I free your cock to your tormenter's discretion. You may nod your understanding." You nod slowly your eyes beginning to widen at the understanding I intended to parade you about in public dressed as such.

"Don't worry dear, I do plan to preserve some of your prized illustrious identity. The piece de resistance."

I slide the gimp hood over your head almost lovingly, considering it's implications and what the evening still held in store for you. Though you can still see, most of your peripheral vision has been cut off; making you feel as if you had blinders on. The darkness heightens your sense of claustrophobia, making your heart palpitate and your skin feel clammy within the stifling hood.

"Now turn back around and present your more interesting parts to me." You turn around and bend over at the waist, spreading your ass open for my view. Initially the lube is cold, but quickly warms to your skin. You grunt so adorably at the first feel of something shoved into your ass, just like a little piggy; this time was no exception, as the large plug penetrates and stretches your hole.

"Stand and turn."

"I motion for you to follow me out the front door and into the waiting night.

You are too nervous and intelligent to contemplate trying to question me about our destination and for the time, I seem to be concentrating on driving. At the first light we come to however, I turn my attention on you; my focus making your cock twitch re-actively.

"You're lucky I allowed you to sit in the front on the ride there, you perverted cunt-licker! I can guarantee I didn't do it for the titillating conversation, the least you can do is entertain me and perhaps some other curious on-lookers. Why don't you take off the toy and stroke that useless prick of yours for awhile." I return my attention to the road while you follow my directive and begin fondling yourself in full view of the passing traffic.

Your already swollen cock doesn't take long to flush a deep purple and start oozing precum from it's tip. I wait until I can hear you panting beside me like a bitch in heat before I address you again.

"Feed me some of your pre-cum from your fingertip." You slide your finger up your cock, collecting some of the salty moisture gently on your digit; before depositing it gently on my waiting tongue.

"Mmmm, good boy. More." We go on like this for a time, slowly milking your cock and depositing the nectar into my mouth.

"Enough, you filthy slut. Let go of your little cock, it's had enough fun; pleasure my cunt." You slide your hand across my thigh as I let my legs fall open, granting you access to my soft pussy. You hand delves into the folds of my skin with ease, separating out my clit and dipping into my slick hole smoothly.

You work your middle finger into me like a thin cock, utilizing your dexterity to caress the inner wall of my channel, while the pad of your thumb stimulates my full clit.

I feel you begin parting and teasing at my cunt lips lightly rubbing and pulling on them. In the brief illumination of the occasional vehicle's headlights, you can tell my skin is starting to flush with building pleasure.

You let your other hand rise to my chest to engulf one of my breasts. My hard nipple is unmistakable beneath my shirt and your grip finds it with ease, giving it a deft twist as a hiss of pleasure escapes my mouth.

As you work to bring me to an orgasm, I focus again on the road in front of me. Something catches my attention off to the right and I turn; meeting the gaze of a very interested looking party. The car has two men in it, probably hung far better than you, my pathetic little fuck. I say as much to you drawing your attention to the car beside us.

"Button down my shirt and take out one of my breasts to worship for these gentlemen, bitch" You free my C-cup tit to the night and and place your gagged fuck hole over my hard nipple; flicking it with your tongue.

"I didn't say stop playing with my cunt whore, can't you multitask? I'm the one that's driving for fuck's sake" Your hand resumes it play with my sopping cunt, building up the pressure with your skilled hands. "Let them see my breast now pet, you wouldn't want to disappoint."

You sit back up, and begin tweaking my wet, pebble hard nipple;much to the delight of the two men in the car next to us. I let my mind overflow in the moment, the dirty Mistress being fondled by her perverted, little bitch, slave boy for a couple of strangers on the road. Your fingers, continuing to drive into my cunt and flick my clit pushing me further to the brink.

You see my hands flex on the steering wheel right before my orgasm strikes in full. Normally one to soak up every second of pleasure sexual gratification brings, when I am driving such isn't the case. I keep my eyes open and transferring from the road to the roads other occupants, loving that they can tell I'm cumming for them.
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