Mrs Eggleston frees him but only when her friends are done

Chapter Three - A Kept Man

Mrs. Eggleston's basement was nice enough, but as a permanent home I wasn't too thrilled with it. There was a washroom, a small kitchen with a fridge, microwave, sink and bar, a bedroom with a large queen-sized bed and a walk-in closet, all bordering the main sitting room with its leather furniture and large screen TV. In my investigations I poked my head into the walk-in closet and was amazed at the amount of leather, chains, and shackles I saw. It looked like the underworld of Mr. Dressup's tickle trunk.

No windows, no cracks, not even a peephole to the outside world. My phone was somewhere outside, and Candy was definitely not hiding a phone under her skimpy bikini.

Candy was sitting wedged into one far corner of the big leather cough, her legs drawn up beneath her, staring at the TV which oddly wasn't on.

"Candy?" I asked. "You okay?" She looked at me - sort of through me - and then went back to her silent meditation.

I don't know how long it was, hours at least, but finally the basement door opened. I turned and looked as the long stiletto-heeled legs of Mrs. Eggleston descended the stairs. Each step was a steady, ominous click like the unstoppable pendulum of a death row clock. She was dressed in the same sheer white dress I remembered but my eyes stayed fixed on hers except to quickly glance past her and up the stairs to the door, which she had left open.

"Don't even think about it," Mrs. Eggleston said in a husky voice as a knowing smile curled one side of her mouth. She strode right up to me, stopping just inches from my face, filling my vision with her unending cleavage, her pale, creamy skin, and the burgeoning round edges of her chest which dramatically swept back into her narrow waist. Apple and peach perfume filled my nostrils and my heart started to thud faster.

She was imposing, especially so close to me, but panic was rising inside me and I knew there was no way I was going to stay still and meek while that door remained open at the top of the stairs. I had a sudden idea and quickly grabbed her in a bear hug, locking my left wrist into my right hand and pinning her arms at her sides.

"Candy!" I yelled, "Go for it! Run! Get help!"

Candy didn't move. What the fuck was wrong with her?

A stiletto heel pressed against the top of my foot. Mrs. Eggleston didn't stomp my bare foot, but she steadily increased the pressure until I felt the fragile bones on the top of my foot grind against her heel and bend alarmingly. My hands released automatically as the agony tore through my foot. I didn't see how she did it, but suddenly I was spinning - everything except my wrist which stayed firmly gripped in her hand. Then I was bending forward, my hand high up behind me, and excruciating pain was shooting down my arm.

Candy still didn't move. Mrs. Eggleston shoved me forward and I sprawled face-first onto the floor.

"You aren't leaving until I let you, Donovan, so stay the fuck put. Be a good boy and I'll let you go sooner."

I turned over and glared back at her as I rubbed my wrist. "How fucking long do you think you can keep me here? People ask questions, you know! I have friends who will come looking for me. The police will have to investigate when no one can find me."

She cocked her head sideways as she looked at me. "You don't understand yet, Donovan. I will let you go, but I won't be done with you. Neither will my friends." She turned her head to the stairs. "Girls! Come on down and see your present!"

Shadows blocked that little rectanglar beacon of freedom at the top of the stairs and then I heard several feet clambering down.

The first woman was commandingly sexy. Heavy leather boots covered her ankles and skin tight faded blue jeans slicked up over her calves and taut thighs. Several ragged splits showed tantalizing glimpses of the smooth skin of her legs. The jeans stopped at an enormous skull-shaped belt buckle that rested several inches below her bellybutton. Her tanned, wide hips, flat belly, and narrow waist were all completely uncovered. A thin black t-shirt coated her ribs and stretched taughtly over her D-cup tits. Long, wavy black hair cascaded down her shoulders and framed an oval-shaped face with deeply-defined cheekbones and startling pale grey eyes. She strode directly to me, fierceness in all her movements, and stopped suddenly right in front of me.

She reached up and grabbed my chin, turning my head side to side as she inspected me with her peircing eyes. I smelled her then, a wonderful scent of leather and gasoline that made my pants tight.

"I'm Beth," she said simply and then released my face, turned, and sauntered over to the couch.

The second woman was an absolute bombshell. Gleaming red high heels cradled her small and delicate feet. Sculpted calves and smooth, toned thighs were topped by a candy red miniskirt so short it served to invite more than to cover. The one-piece skirt sleeved over her body, as thin and revealing as paint as it burst out over her huge breasts, straining at the two hard nipples pointing through the cloth. Her platinum curls bobbed as she bounced over to me to kiss me on the cheek, her blue eyes glittering with the effervescence of the innately cheerful person. I smelled lavender.

"I'm Tiffani! I'm very pleased to meet you." Tiffani turned to Mrs. Eggleston.

"He's cute, Monica. A real good catch!" Tiffani wiggled over to the couch to sit beside Beth.

The last woman, who closed the door behind her, was a sculpted beauty. She wore slippers and as she padded down the stairs I saw that she wore a thin film of tight black yoga pants pressed over every dip and ridge of her muscular calves and quads. Her groin was perfectly displayed by the photographic material clinging to her nethers. Above her yoga pants I saw every abdominal muscle pressed between her ribs until her sports bra rudely covered her up. Her bra desperately tried to sedate the prodigous swelling of her chest but her cleavage still found an opening at the top. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a severe ponytail but she carried a genuine smile on her round face, a smile that also reflected in her huge brown eyes. She gave me a quick hug that included an experimental squeeze of my butt. As she leaned in close I smelled the sharp scent of her deodorant.

"Take a seat, Jen," Mrs. Eggleston commanded, "no sampling the goods until later!"

Jen pulled away, releasing my ass. She sucked her lower lip into a pout and then flitted her eyes up to meet mine, transforming the pout into a seductive invitation as she let the soft flesh of her juicy lip pop out from between her teeth. Giggling, she turned to walk to the couch and my eyes were glued to her ass. The tight fabric hugged her perfect ass as surely as if she were naked and I was fascinated by the swell of muscle clearly defined in each cheek as she moved.

Mrs. Eggleston walked over to the bar and settled on a bar stool, turning away from the bar, crossing her legs and stretching her arms out to either side as she leaned back against the bar.

"Now, girls, this is Donovan, your meat. Donovan, these girls are my directors and they handle day-to-day operations in our organization, which, well, you might someday come to see what we do. Consider this an interview!" Tiffani and Jen giggled. Beth just stared at me, her eyes filled with intent.

Mrs. Eggleston continued. "You will perform for these ladies, Donovan. If you arouse them, they may take off a little clothing to encourage you. How far it all goes depends on your abilities."

I looked at the couch with the four gorgeous ladies looking back at me. That didn't actually sound that bad, I thought.

A frown crossed Mrs. Eggleston's face. "Candy! What do you think you're doing on the couch?"

Candy curled her legs up even closer to herself. "Mistress, I thought I could - "

"Of course not!" Mrs. Eggleston growled. She stood up. "Get over here."

Candy slowly unfolded her legs and slinked over to Mrs. Eggleston, casting quick apologetic glances at the impassive women on the couch. There was a coldness in the room from all four women as they stared at Candy as she self conciously hiked up her tiny bikini bottom and stood before Mrs. Eggleston, avoiding her eyes.

Mrs. Eggleston leaned close. I was nearest and could here the menacing whisper.

"Candy, I told you to bring him down here. Who said you could fuck him? What made you think your rotten little pussy deserved such a wonderful cock? You wasted all his cum, you greedy little whore, and now my guests have to settle for seconds! Bend over!"

I expected Candy to hesitate but she quickly turned around and bent over, her bikini bottom stretching taught over her ass. Mrs. Eggleston drew her hand high and then brought it down hard on Candy's ass. Candy yelped and closed her eyes. Mrs. Eggleston spanked her again and again - I lost count - maybe ten times. Candy wasn't yelping anymore, rather she was licking her lips. The women on the couch were watching with rapt attention.

"Now," Mrs. Eggleston commanded, "I want you to turn on the music for our dear performer, and bring us some drinks. When you have done that, you may sit on the couch. That is your reward for doing such a wonderful job in bringing our meat down into the trap."

"Thank you mistress!" Candy literally bounded to her tasks, her livid red ass jiggling as she moved behind the bar. The music started playing. Deep, pulsating rythym and drums with electronic riffs floating over top. I realized it was my turn.

The ladies' eyes swivelled in unison to me.

Actually, I'm good at dancing. Strangely enough it was one of my escapes when I found myself at parties and the girls were teasing a little too much. If I just stayed on the dance floor, letting the music penetrate my bones and urge my body to its own unthinking rythym, the tormentors would drift away to more responsive prey and my treacherous cock would subside.

Also, I had a certain dance that I practiced on my own, in deep, secret, Cold War level privacy. I'd never dreamed it would be used. At the time I practiced it I did it for myself, but always imagining just this scenario. Show time.

I let the deep bass soak into me and let my hips punctuate along with it. My shoulders twisted and my arms floated as if the notes of the melody were a wheat field and I was trailing over the tips of grass waving in the wind.

"My-oh-my! We've got ourselves a real performer!" I heard one of the ladies exclaim. I don't know who. My eyes were closed. When I opened them I saw all four women on the couch riveted to me - rather, to my swim trunks. Beth hadn't moved, still staring at me with those pale eyes. Jen's legs were tightly crossed and her arms were crossed under her breasts, forcing the mounds of flesh to new heights beneath her chin.

Tiffani nearly made me fall over, though, as I saw her run one hand over her breast and then slowly circle her ardent nipple with one forefinger as she stared fixedly at my crotch. Her finger flicked the prominent nipple and I saw her body twitch as she bit the corner of her lower lip.

That was encouragement enough for me and I hooked my thumbs under the waistband of my swim trunks. Still swaying with the music, I pulled the swim trunks down, exposing my short pubic hair and then just the first two inches of my cock. I stopped there, returning my focus to the music.

"Woa! That's thick!" I heard Jen exclaim. My cock was hardening with the knowledge that these gorgeous women were enraptured with my cock but the waistband of my swim trunks kept it pointing down.

When I opened my eyes again Jen had uncrossed her legs and was brazenly trailing her fingers up and down the distinct cameltoe of her pussylips tightly wrapped in her thin yoga pants. Encouraged, I pulled my suit down two more inches.

When I had eight inches of my cock exposed and still held in place by the swim trunks waistband it was hard to dance as my thighs were restricted by the swim trunks strapped across them. I decided to move within range of the girls to make up for the lack of dancing. I moved to the couch and stood in front of Jen. She had peeled her yoga pants down by now and was openly swirling her shaven pussylips with her fingers as she gazed at my tool. She reached up with her free hand and laid it flat on my chest. Slowly she let her had trail down my abs and then over my pubic hair. Her warm hand rested on my cock and she moved it down, stroking the exposed eight inches of my cock. As she passed the waistband and sought to stroke lower I pulled away.

Seeing Jen's fingers dripping in her pussy juices made me pull the swimsuit down to ten inches. Just the very tip was hidden now, straining mightily against the waistband. From groin to almost my knees the area between my thighs was filled with thick, pulsing cock meat and the swim trunks wrapped around me still hid the end so it tantalized the ladies' imagination to dream that it might continue on to the floor. I moved over to Tiffani.

Tiffani's miniskirt had disappeared up over her waist. Her clean white thighs were spread as wide as possible, baring her neatly trimmed pussy with very fat lips. Like Jen, her fingers were working her pussy. She reached out to my waist and pulled me a little closer. I forgot the music. I forgot the room, the house, and Mrs. Eggleston as her little hand trailed over my hip and then down behind me, swooping over my buttocks and then cupping it solidly. As she squeezed me she leaned forward, planting a loving kiss on my shaft. Her tongue darted out to lick the sides of my cock.

I stumbled backwards to break free of Tiffani. I was determined to make it to Beth. I saw her and nearly choked. She had taken off her pants but rather than masterbate she had commended Candy to lie down on the couch with her head in Beth's lap. Candy worked diligently at the mistress' pussy, slurping and sucking loudly at the wet hole given her.

"Enough teasing, stud," Beth said and reached out. She yanked on the swim trunks and my entire cock popped free, swinging like a diving board in front of her beautiful oval face. In one more moment Beth had the tip of my cock in her mouth and I gasped at the delicious sensation of her velvet tongue lapping my fat cock head.

Tiffani and Jen squawked and hurridly lifted themsleves off the couch to join Beth in sucking my member. Beth commanded the tip of my cock, trying to fit her whole mouth over it. Tiffani and Jen licked the side of my cock, leaving glistening saliva from their hot mouths all over my cock. I hungrily looked down Tiffani's red top, mentally fondling her creamy breasts. I looked over to Jen and groaned at the sight of her taut ass as she bent low to suck on the side of my cock.

Tiffani finally grabbed Candy's hair and cruelly pulled her away from Beth's pussy. Candy yelped but stayed where she had fallen after Tiffani had shoved her. Beth looked annoyed but stopped when Tiffani grabbed my thick cock and pulled me right to the entrance of Beth's pussy.

"Oh yes," Beth said eagerly, her pale eyes focused on the sight of my long rod poised at her pussy entrance, "fuck me big boy". I pushed my fat cockhead into her pussy and watched it push her lips aside like the blunt bow of an icebreaker forcing a new cleft in arctic ice. I pushed forward and the first six inches of my thick cock slid in with little resistance. Beth gasped, her hands reaching out to grab my waist to slow my intrusion. Her normally plump pussy lips were stretched taut against the long circumference of my shaft. I pushed again and fed another four inches into her, almost completely rooting myself in her hot and excruciatingly tight pussy.

I felt Beth's pussy begin to quake around my cock as I reached the far depths of her pussy. It defended itself from my huge tool with floods of juice that ran back along my cock and down my balls where Tiffani promptly licked it up.

I began to stroke in and out of Beth steadily. Tiffani switched to sucking Beth's clit, causing Beth to throw her head back and moan almost angrily. I saw Tiffani's hand snake down between her own thighs and she moaned into Beth's pussy as she played with herself. Her blond curls tickled my stomach with each stroke of my cock.

Jen laid back on the couch, watching me closely as I steadily stretched her friend's pussy. Jen motioned to Candy, who immediately crawled over to Jen and planted her face between the woman's legs. Jen's eyes closed and her head went back as she grabbed Candy's hair and forced the girl's face harder against her pussy.

I looked up from the couch and noticed a mirror on the opposite wall. In the mirror I could see Mrs. Eggleston sitting at the bar. She had not moved. Despite the sweating, groaning, twisting pile of naked flesh on the couch before her she was not touching herself. She was completely expressionless, though she paid close attention to the scene. So close that she noticed me looking at her in the mirror.

Mrs. Eggleston locked eyes with me as I sank into her friend again and again. I was annoyed by her aloofness. With four steamy female bodies humping and licking all around me I found myself willing Mrs. Eggleston to move, to stand up and walk her perfectly proportioned ass, hips, and tits over to me and clamour for a taste of my cock just as the other women were. I wanted her hands to run over my body wonderingly, just as Beth's were. I wanted her eyes to ask me to enter her with my huge meat and send her into wild orgasms. I wanted to give her that, and feel her gratefulness as I took her pussy.

When I finished off her friends, I decided, I would take her.

Just then Jen started screaming, twisting Candy's hair cruelly as she came hard on the girl's face. She stuck her thickly muscled legs out straight over Candy's shoulders and they quivered in the rolling thunder of orgasm shooting through her body.

Jen's orgasm seemed to inspire Tiffani, who burst a muffled yell straight into Beth's crotch. A sudden spurt of wetness rolled from Beth's pussy, spilling down her asscrack and onto the couch. Beth went still and I kept moving despite the painful feeling of Beth's fingernails digging into my hips. Beth didn't breathe for six whole strokes of my cock and then she finally broke. Her breath burst out of her and her tummy heaved as she came. Her pussy fired erratically around my cock, sucking my tool with a wave after wave of her orgasm and her breathing came in short, shallow wheezes synchronized with the pulses of her pussy.

Beth fell limp around me and I slowly reeled my eleven inches out of her. I turned around and sat down on the couch between Jen and the cum-dazed remains of Beth. Once again Candy was pushed aside as Jen hopped up and then straddled me, facing away from me. I had turned around so that I could stare directly at Mrs. Eggleston but I couldn't help but stare at Jen's exquisite ass and the lines of her toned muscles on her back and shoulders as she reached between her legs to grab my cock and aim me at her lowering pussy.

"Oh, fucking hell," Jen gasped as her pussy struggled to stretch over my cockhead.

She twisted her hips, working herself around me to fit it inside. I felt a gush of hotness on the tip of my cock and then Jen was sliding down my meat. She stopped halfway down my cock, her flanks heaving as she bore the painful few moments it took for her pussy to fit me.

I slid my hands over the flare of her ass and up to her trim waist. I grabbed her and cruelly pulled her down all the way onto my cock.

"Shit!" She cried out, her fingers clenching on my thighs. I twisted a little bit beneath her so I could watch Mrs. Eggleston, who was still sitting at the bar. She hadn't moved. Her expression hadn't changed from that calculating poker face.

Jen heaved herself up and down my cock twice before she suddenly froze midway and started trembling. Her head fell forward and her hands tightened on my thighs again as she screamed. A flood of juice pulsed around my cock, leaking down my balls. Jen shook from head to toe, every muscle in her body quivering and rattling with each wave of her orgasm. I looked at Mrs. Eggleston as I pulled Jen back and rolled her to the side on the couch, her pussy making a wet sucking noise as my cock popped free.
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