Dominant wife controls willing husbands orgasms

Chapter 01: the Beginning

This is my first attempt at writing. While this story and subsequent ones come from a slightly warped and perverted mind you should know that it is a work of fiction. That being said it does not negate the fact that it does accurately reflect some of my deepest and most secret fantasies. Would I like for this to become a reality? I honestly don't know. Sometimes fantasies should be left as just that but being an adventurous soul, I think I'd like to live out the fantasies documented here if only for a short period of time. . I am not a professional writer and don't profess to be. I am a successful professional in the medical field and am living the so called "good life". At any rate, please let me know what you think I'd be interested in your comments both good and bad. Enjoy.

I quickly follow the order to strip and attach the wrist and ankle cuffs then meet my Mistress/wife in the playroom. I entered the room and saw her waiting for me. She pointed to the bondage frame and I moved to it and lay back on the frame moving up into position. I then put my arms over my head and my beautiful wife secured my wrists to the post at the top of the frame. She then moved to my feet. Pulling my left leg outward and positioning it over a slight bend in the frame she secured my ankle then attached a strap around my leg just above my knee to secure my leg tightly in position. The procedure was repeated on my right leg.

This left me with my arms above my head and my legs spread with knees bent which gave her total access to my cock, balls, and ass. She then places a strap across my waist which secures me even tighter to the frame. Moving to the top of the frame again and using a lever bar she moves the post that my wrists are attached to which stretches me even tighter. When finished, I can barely move. Then and only then does she lean over and using the key on her necklace unlocks my chastity tube. I have been wearing a chastity device 24/7 for the past 6 or so years and have not touched my own cock in that time. The only time I am free of the cock prison is when I am tightly restrained.

Let me give you a little history of how I came to be in this position which is 100% voluntary on my part. Sometimes I wonder if I really like it and there are times when I would like to change it, but the excitement of my cock, balls, ass, erections, and orgasms, being totally under my wife's control is unbelievably erotic and I have no intention of changing things now. In addition to this fact, I did promise her that this is what I wanted and wouldn't back out when things got tough. And oh boy have things gotten tough a few times. Anyway, here's my story.

I have always had an interest in BDSM. Both the dominant side as well as the submissive side excites me. I realized early on that what excited me most was being dominated by a beautiful woman who would control my erections and orgasms. I was also turned on by the thought of my Mistress punishing me for things I did or just because she enjoyed the act. I didn't want to be permanently damaged of course, but did want to be taken to my limits and even beyond what I considered my limits. The thought of my beautiful wife torturing my cock and balls causes an instant erection even today. Of course being encased in my cock prison prevents a full erection.

Early on I would urge my wife to tease me but not let me orgasm. I told her that I would like it if she would bring me to the edge of orgasm over and over but deny me release. On a few occasions she would tie me to the bed and tease me. I also informed her that I really enjoyed her squeezing my balls until they ached. When she was stroking me and was ready for me to orgasm, all she had to do was grip my balls tightly and squeeze. I usually came within seconds.

These episodes would happen from time to time, but I usually had to instigate the proceedings. There were times when she would tease me nightly for several days and even a couple of weeks on a few occasions but if the pressure got too great I could relieve myself without her knowledge. Something that I am ashamed to say happened just about every time the teasing went on for more than a few days. But as I said these episodes were sporadic at best and always instigated by me. What I really wanted was for her to take control and make all of my sexual decisions for me. When I orgasm, if I orgasm, how long between orgasms, how I achieve orgasm, etc. You get the idea. In addition to the teasing and denial I really wanted her to subject me to some cock and ball torture.

I finally decided that I had to at least attempt to satisfy my fantasies. I told her that we needed to have a very serious discussion. I rented a hotel room and took her there. I wanted this to be on neutral ground. We sat down and I started by telling her that I loved her very much and that I would never leave her voluntarily. She seemed to let out a sigh of relief. I found out later that she was afraid that I was going to leave her and had brought her there to tell her that. It seems she could sense that I was not satisfied with our sex life. I then lay out my desires.

I told her all my dirty little secrets. I covered everything I could think of. Detailing how I would love to be teased, denied, and tortured. I wanted her to punish me for infractions that I might commit or just because it turned her on to do so. I told her I wanted to be required to service her and bring her to orgasm whenever she desired. I wanted my mouth and tongue to be at her disposal any time day and night. I pretty much bared my soul to her giving her insight into my most private fantasies. When I was done I was actually relieved to have "come clean" so to speak. I added that if she refused for whatever reason, I would never broach the subject again and be the best husband I could. At this point, I was done and the ball was in her court.

She sat silently for a good ten minutes processing everything that I had said. When she finally spoke, I let out a sigh of relief. She didn't call me a pervert or sick or anything like that. She said that she understood and that the idea of owning my cock and balls was intriguing. At least she hadn't said no. She told me that she had a few questions. I told her to fire away and that I would answer honestly.

Her first question had to do with me going without an orgasm for extended periods of time. When I told her that I wanted to, she asked me point blank how many times a week I masturbated. I had told her I'd be honest and I was. I admitted that I usually masturbated daily or every other day at worst.

She then asked if I relieved myself during the times she had been teasing and denying me. I had to be honest and told her that I had. She just shook her head and said that she didn't think that I could refrain from pleasuring myself. I felt my stomach sink thinking that she would then tell me it was a "no go". She surprised me by saying that we would have to utilize some type of chastity device to prevent that if she agreed. I realized then that my fantasy had a real possibility of coming true. I told her that if she agreed to this change in lifestyle, my cock and balls, along with my erections and orgasms would belong to her. If she chose to lock up her cock, it was her choice.

She smiled at that. She went on to tell me that she really didn't know much about being a Dom and expressed concern that if I told her what to do, I would still be in control of the situation. I told her that I had bookmarked numerous websites and forums dealing with the subject and would gladly send them to her. She nodded while she was still thinking this over.

After a few more questions, she agreed to look over the websites and do a little research. This was a Monday evening and I was told that I would have my answer on Friday night. I told her that I would not bring up the subject again and that if she wanted to do this it would be her decision to bring the subject up on Friday. We left the hotel room and headed home.

After dinner and showers, we went to bed. She whispered that she would really like me to eat her to orgasm and I immediately buried my face in her pussy. She was wetter than I had ever seen and her orgasm was more intense than any I could remember. I moved up beside her and wrapped her in my arms. She lightly teased the tip of my very hard dick until drifting off to sleep.

The rest of the week, I couldn't keep my mind on anything but Friday. I was masturbating two and three times a day even though I knew I shouldn't. My imagination was running wild. A few times when my wife was out, I slipped to her computer and checked her history. She had not only been to the sites I had given her, but also several others. At least she was giving it some thought.

Friday finally arrived and that evening after eating as we were watching television, she took the remote and turned it off. She looked into my eyes and asked me if I was serious. I assured her I was. She then told me to strip. I immediately followed her instructions. Raising her skirt and baring her pussy she spread her legs and told me to eat her. I immediately dropped to my knees and began licking and sucking her pussy which again was literally dripping with her juices.

While I pleasured her she told me that she had been extremely horny the last few days thinking about having me as a sex slave. She said the websites and forums had really excited her. She had actually made friends with a couple of women who had been controlling their husbands' orgasms for several years. They both told her that she would love it. They had been giving her hints and ideas. Just talking about it caused her to grow more and more excited until an explosive orgasm racked her body. Her juices flowed out of her and I eagerly licked and suck them up.

After she calmed down, she giggle and grinned at me and said that she bet I could guess what her answer was. I couldn't believe that my fantasy was actually going to come true. She told me to move back up and sit beside her.

As I sat beside her, she moved her hand over and began to stroke my cock which was extremely hard. When I moaned, I was quickly told not to get too excited because she had no intention of allowing me an orgasm any time soon. I responded that I understood.

She then left the room for a moment and returned with a box and a bag full of ice. She sat back down and placed the ice on my cock. I sucked in my breath but didn't move. Opening the box she removed a plastic device. I knew what it was, a chastity device. She said that she knew I couldn't be trusted and would have to lock up HER cock. The ice had done its job and she quickly slipped the device over my cock and looped the ring around my balls. She finished the job by locking it in place with a small padlock. Pulling a necklace from inside her blouse and showing me the key that was attached to it, I was told that it was the only key and that she alone decided when and if I received pleasure. I nodded.

Sitting back down beside me we talked about limits and possible safe-words. I told her that I trusted her and that I didn't want a safe-word as that would put me in control again. We talked about pain limits. I merely said that I would prefer that she do no permanent damage, but that since my cock and balls were her property, she could do what she wanted with them. As to the subject of how often I would receive pleasure, she said that she would devise some games of chance to decide that. She said there were plenty of suggestions online and that she had some ideas of her own. I readily agreed. After some discussion, we agreed to give this new lifestyle a trial period of one year. If at the end of that time, one or the other didn't like where the situation was going, we would end it. We felt that one year was short enough to not lock us into something and long enough to work out the details of our new relationship.

My wife was true to her word and educated herself on the finer points of female domination. Very quickly she began to relish teasing me until I was begging for orgasm only to deny my release. The only time my cock was free of its prison was when I was tightly restrained. She enjoyed having me helplessly secured to the bed and later the bondage frame while she tortured my cock and balls.

She especially liked to wrap a shoestring tightly around my scrotum winding it tighter and tighter until my balls were forced tightly to the bottom of the sac. We later changed to a rigid ball stretcher that forced my balls tightly to the bottom of the sac. She would then spend hours scratching them or worse yet for me lightly paddling them with a wooden spoon. She didn't hit hard, but the prolonged beating they took would have me groaning in pain while my hard cock gave away the fact that I was extremely turned on. She enjoyed mounting my mouth with her pussy and beating my balls while I ate her to orgasm. She said that my moans of pain vibrated her clit just right.

Neither of us had any interesting scat but she did make me lick her pussy dry after she urinated. She actually started saving a little and when she had mounted my mouth for her cleaning would release what was left in her bladder for me to drink. It was never more that an ounce or so but it seemed to turn her on and always caused her to explode in orgasm a few seconds after peeing in my mouth. I must say that it turned me on just as much. One more of my deep, dark, secrets that had never been verbalized.

The trial year came to an end, she unlocked me, told me to dress and join her on the couch. I sat down and she began by saying that the trial period would end at midnight and that we needed to decide if we would make it permanent or not. I was asked if I had touched her cock while getting dressed and I assured her that I hadn't because I had not been given permission. Nodding with satisfaction she added that the period was not quite up and that until midnight, it still belonged to her.

She asked me how the year had gone and what my thoughts were about continuing. I was honest and told her that for the most part I had thoroughly enjoyed her control and that as far as I was concerned I would like to make it permanent but that it had to be a mutual agreement. I again told her if she decided to end it, I would never broach the subject again. She nodded and I could tell she was collecting her thoughts.

She began by telling me that at first she was not sure this was something she wanted to do. She was hesitant to get involved in the whole BDSM thing. I was sure that she was going to end it. She continued by saying "but" and I looked up. She told me that although she didn't know why, she had become more sexually alive in the past year than ever before. Teasing and denying me really hit a spot with her and made her extremely horny. What surprised her most was how excited torturing my cock and balls until I begged her to stop got her. She said that she was dripping wet right now just thinking about riding my mouth while whipping my balls. The moans of pain vibrating her clit sent her over the edge every time.

She then looked at me and told me that she really did want to make this a permanent situation. I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately causing her to moan. She pushed my head down and lifted her skirt and hoarsely said "eat me now"! I dove in and brought her to an explosive orgasm in seconds. I then moved back up and held her tightly as she recovered.

When she spoke again, she asked what I hadn't liked about our arrangement. I told her nothing major but that in some of the denial games, I knew when I would be allowed to come as to how many days between orgasms and that the stimulation and excitement was greater when there was an unknown factor. She quickly said that she could remedy that situation in that she could adjust some of her games so that I wouldn't know the outcome. I told her that would be great.

I also told her that I enjoyed licking her pussy after she urinated and would like her to require that of me more often. She just grinned and said that she would be glad to do it because peeing in my mouth really got her excited.

She asked me about the torture she was inflicting on my cock and balls. I honestly told her that at times it was very intense but that nothing she had done so far would cause me to want it to stop. I still did not want nor would I use a safe-word.

She smiled at that then told me that she had been reading some on male prostate health and that prolonged denial could cause problems. For that reason I would have my prostate milked once a week on Sunday night. By doing this she could deny me an orgasm for much longer periods of time without worrying about my health. I nodded in agreement.

She then told me that there was one thing she wanted to start requiring me to do and that was to eat any come that I produced. If I was stroked to orgasm, she would collect it and feed it to me. When I was milked, she would collect the semen on a saucer and I would be required to lick it up. If she allowed me to orgasm while she rode my cock, she would move up and have me lick and suck here pussy clean. Again I nodded in agreement. Yet another of my deep, dark, fantasies that I had never told her about.

She then asked if I had any other thoughts or requests, and when I said "no" she said that the subject was now closed. She added that the lifestyle was now permanent. I smiled with pleasure. Standing up and taking my hand, I was led to the bedroom where she had me strip. I was then tied securely to the bed and she lowered her hot, wet, pussy down onto my extremely hard cock. Rocking back and forth, I was on the edge in just a few minutes. I told her I was about to come and she replied "Come on baby, fill my pussy with your hot come". I exploded deep inside her and damned near black out from the pleasure as I pumped load after load deep into her vagina.

A few seconds later I felt her lifting herself off of me and noticed that she was holding her pussy lips together as she move towards my head. I then remembered that I would have to eat what I produced. The thought was not nearly as exciting after an orgasm as it was before. Before I had time to object her come filled pussy was planted on my mouth and I was ordered to "clean it up". Tentatively I started to lick and taste the mixture. It wasn't too bad. Kind of salty but ok. I ran my tongue deeper into her folds and was rewarded with more of the mix. I felt her squeeze her abdominal muscles and a huge glob of come plopped into my mouth. I licked and sucked for about 5 minutes until I felt her thrusting on my mouth and in a few seconds more, she exploded in another orgasm squeezing what was left of my come into my waiting mouth.

After recovering, she told me that just thinking about me eating my own come out of her pussy sent her over the edge. I realize that I had better get used to the taste as I was going to be eating it whenever I was allowed to orgasm or more often than that, after my weekly milking. An ice bag was then applied to my cock and when it was sufficiently small, the chastity device was locked in place and I was untied, she then crawled into my arms and fell asleep. As I drifted off to sleep, I couldn't help but smile. My fantasy had come true and would continue.

In the ensuing chapters, I will relate the many different teases and games my wife has used to excite and deny me. I will also detail the different torture methods she uses on my (or rather I should say HER) cock and balls. That's enough history for now. I hope it wasn't too long and drawn out but I felt you as the reader needed a little background information to better understand my situation. Now back to the present.

I lay there, totally helpless and barely able to move at all. My extremely hard cock giving away the excitement I felt. It was throbbing and bouncing with every beat of my heart. My wife move between my spread legs and started massaging my aching balls with her hands. Being tightly forced to the end of the sac by the ball stretcher, they were always tender and sensitive. She would grasp them and roll them around in her hand squeezing tighter and tighter until I groaned. She would stop for a moment then start again. If possible my cock got even harder. Once again she grasped my balls and started the kneading torture again. I groaned and she just giggled. This went on for some time. She wasn't squeezing hard, but for the past 27 days I had suffered this torture and my balls were extremely tender.
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