Wife deals out severe punishment

Although this story could stand alone, it will make much more sense if you read the first part. That story is called "Teased and Denied, the Beginning" and was posted recently. This chapter commences the morning after we had decided to make our new lifestyle a permanent arrangement.


The next morning after showers and normal morning things, my Mistress/wife told me that when we were alone at home, I was to be nude at all times. I nodded in agreement and removed my clothing which left me wearing nothing but my chastity device and a smile.

My wife was also wearing a smile as she parted her robe, spread her legs, and ordered me to lick her to orgasm. I immediately knelt between her legs and buried my tongue in her hot pussy. I gently licked her cunt lips, sucked her clit, and tongue fucked her pussy over and over. Her juices were literally flowing out of her hot hole and very soon I could feel her tense up and explode in orgasm flooding my mouth with her creamy secretions. I lapped them up like a kitten after milk smacking my lips as I finished. Her breathing returned to normal and she patted the couch beside her.

I took my seat and watched as she took a deck of card. She told me that we would now figure out when my next O-day (what she called my release day) would be. She instructed me to pick two cards from the deck but not look at them. I did so and she looked at them and returned them to the deck. She told me that the cards would have different values. Number cards would be face value. Face cards would be worth 10, Aces worth 11, and a Joker worth 20. She told me she had added my two cards together but that I would not be told the value. She then sorted through the cards and pulled out 5 cards, a 2,3,4,5, and a 10, and quickly shuffled them together. I was to draw one of them and again not look which I did. She took it and looked at the card with a gasp. I was then told that that card was the multiplier and that the sum from my two previous cards would be multiplied by that value to see how long I would be denied.

She reminded me that I wanted more of the unknown in my denial period so I would not be given the value of any of the cards but that my fate had been decided and I was in trouble. She quickly re-shuffled the cards and had me draw one more which she told me to look at. It was a 9. I was then informed that I would be teased to the edge of orgasm 9 times each day until my O-day arrived and since I had no idea how long that would be I would probably be almost insane with desire in no time. She just grinned and told me to clean up the kitchen and meet her by the pool when I finished.

As I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, my mind kept wandering to the cards I had drawn. My wife had truly come up with a very simple yet devious game to calculate my days of denial. What were my numbers, the possibilities were really endless. Let's see, worst case scenario would be if I drew an Ace and a Joker then a 10 for the multiplier. Oh Hell that would mean I would be in denial for 310 days, almost a year. No, surely she wouldn't do that would she? Hell yes she would.

I suddenly felt sick. The most she had denied me in the previous year had been a stretch of 37 days and I was truly a basket case when she finally gave me relief. No way could I go 310 or even 110. All of a sudden, I realized this was no longer a game, it was real. (I would find out later that I had drawn a 3 and a 7 and had drawn the 5 for the multiplier for a total of 50 days. More than I had ever done but at least it wasn't in the hundreds. Of course I had no way of knowing this and for the next fifty days, I was really wondering how I would cope.)

I went out to the pool as my wife was climbing up the ladder. She looked so sexy with the water glistening on her nude body that I immediately tried to get an erection, but of course I couldn't. I held out a towel and dried the water from her. She handed me a bottle of suntan oil and lay down on her back and told me to oil her up. Rubbing oil into her naked body was absolute torture. God I wanted to rip the chastity device off and plunge my cock into her pussy so bad, but that wasn't allowed. She told me to make sure I got her breasts and pussy area covered well because they were not as tanned as the rest of her body and she didn't want to burn. Finally I finished and took a swim myself.

The cool water help tame my raging "not hard" hard-on. In a little while I heard her tell me to come and do her back and again I was running my hands over her naked body which again caused the familiar feeling in my groin. Boy, she was pulling out all stops and making me miserable. As she lay there she asked if I was having fun and I just grunted.

I decided to try and coerce some info out of her and told her that since we were just starting out on this new game that maybe she should give me a hint as to my fate. She rolled over with a grin and just shook her head. I knew then that I was in trouble. She rolled back over and said nothing else.

We had lunch and I cleaned up while my wife dressed and sat down at her computer. Being nude while your partner is fully dressed may not seem like much, but it does amplify the feeling of being submissive and is slightly humiliating.

Anyway she came into the kitchen and handed me a couple of printed pages. Both had pictures and I noticed that one was a type of frame or rack and the other looked like a large sawhorse. They were labeled bondage frame and bondage horse respectfully. My wife asked if I thought I could build them and I told her no problem. I was informed that she didn't like securing me to the bed because access to my cock, balls, and ass, was hindered by the softness of the mattress. She also said that the horse would come in handy for my weekly prostate milking.

I told her I could do it, but where would we store them. She then said that she had been thinking that we could turn one of the upstairs bedrooms into a "playroom" where we could have all our toys available for easy access. I was then told to have both finished by tomorrow afternoon.

My wife left for the store to get some padding and vinyl upholstery to cover the two devices. I quickly dressed and headed for the hardware store to buy the materials I needed. When I returned home, I started on the bondage frame first. It was shaped like a "Y". A post at the bottom of the "Y" would be used to secure my wrists. It was adjustable so that I could be stretched tightly once secured to the bench. The arms of the "Y" were to be used to secure my ankles and legs. They had a bend at the level of the knee so that my legs would be bent upward causing more exposure and access to my genital area. A large strap would also secure me to the bench. My ass would hang out into open space with the support starting at the small of my back. On each side up by the head of the frame I place a step so that my wife could climb up and support herself while straddling my face receiving oral service to her pussy and clit.

The work went quickly and I was finished in a few hours. I went downstairs to the den to tell my wife to check my work. When she saw me she was angry and sternly asked, "What the Hell are you doing?" I stammered that I was finished and wanted her to check my work. She told me that I had on clothing and that was now forbidden. Damn, in my excitement to get the job done I had forgotten to strip when I got home. I apologized and quickly disrobed.

Softening a little, she told me that I had now committed two infractions (the first was trying to coerce info about my period of denial from her and now wearing clothing) and that I would be severely punished later tonight. I told her I understood as I took the padding and coverings and headed back upstairs to the bedroom/playroom. She was extremely happy about the frame and quickly started covering it.

I began work on the horse and had it finished by the time she was done with the frame. She was happy with it also and covered it quickly. It had attachments on all four legs for securing my wrists and ankles. At the business end, the top platform stuck out about 2 feet so that when laying on it, my cock, balls, and ass were totally accessible. My legs would be spread out and pulled forward to attach to the legs. This would cause my cock to actually point in a downward angle.

I was told I had done well and received a good kiss. I was told to get something together for supper while she took a shower. After eating, I cleaned up and then was ordered to take a shower of my own then meet her in the playroom.

I felt butterflies in my stomach, I had 9 edges without orgasm to look forward to not to mention the promised punishment for my earlier infractions.

When I entered the playroom, I noticed that my lovely wife had moved the frame to one wall and the horse to another. They were both arranged so that when I was secured to them, my genital area would be pointed to the center of the room. I also notice a small chest of drawers in one corner. On top were ankle and wrist cuffs, some shoestrings, lube, and the dreaded wooden spoon. I was handed the cuffs and quickly attached them to my ankles and wrists. My lovely Mistress led me to the bondage frame and I climbed aboard.

Lying back I stretched my arms over my head and they were secured. My ankles were secured and then a strap was wrapped around my legs just above the knee. The larger strap was placed across my stomach pinning me to the bench. By using the tensioning lever, my arms were stretched tightly upward. I could barely move. The necklace and key were used and my cock sprang free of its prison jumping almost immediately to attention. My wife just laughed. Her soft hand gripped me and gave me a few strokes causing me to try and thrust which was greeted with a cruel laugh.

I watched as she picked up a shoestring then moved between my legs. The slipknot was looped around my balls and pulled tight. She began winding it tightly around my balls until they were forced to the bottom of the sac. Almost immediately an old familiar ache started up in them. I don't thing my balls had ever been bound this tightly before.

My Mistress then began lightly bouncing them back and forth, not hard but causing enough pain to make me grunt. Again that cruel laugh greeted me. She told me that from now own any infractions would result in punishment. Said punishment would be severe enough to make me think twice before committing them again. Since we had limited equipment at this time (something that we would remedy very soon) she would just punish me by whipping my balls. That didn't sound too bad; after all she had regularly used the wooden spoon on my balls while riding my mouth to orgasm. That fantasy was destroyed when she told me that the whipping would be somewhat more intense than any in the past. I swallowed hard but steeled myself when she picked up the spoon and told me I would receive 10 swats per infraction for a total of 20.

The first lick caused me to let out a loud groan and actually took my breath away. After the 5th I was in agony and moaning uncontrollably while frantically trying to get loose. The pain continued until mercifully I heard her say 20 and the beating stopped. I was still moaning in pain and could hardly catch my breath when she moved to my head and gave me a very deep kiss then mounted the frame and lowered her dripping pussy to my mouth.

I immediately started licking and sucking her as never before. In the recesses of my mind I felt that I had to make amends for my transgressions and the punishment I had just received only amplified that. I think I loved her more at that moment than I ever had. I soon had her moaning in pleasure and very quickly she tensed up and flooded my mouth with her sweet cream as she exploded in orgasm. I felt her slump down and collapse on my chest until she recovered.

When she got off of me I couldn't control myself and started telling her how sorry I was and how I really appreciated her punishing me. I babbled on and on about how much I loved her and who knows what else. My reward was a huge smile on her face. She later told me she was afraid she had gone too far. I assured her that the punishment was indeed severe and I hoped that I never experienced it again but that she had not gone too far.

My very tender and aching balls were unwound and I was allowed to recover before I felt her coat my hard (yes it was very hard) cock with lube and start slow stroking me towards orgasm. True to her word, just before I went over the edge, her hand was removed and I was allowed to calm down only to have her start up again. By the time I reach my 9th plateau, I was a basket case, but at least it was over for that day. One down and who knows how many to go.

My cock was iced and returned to its prison and I was released. We made our way to the bedroom where I gave my Mistress another orgasm with my tongue. I held her in my arms and told her how much I loved her as she drifted off to sleep. I lay there with aching balls promising myself to not break any more rules. I don't think my poor balls could stand another beating like that anytime soon. I drifted off to sleep a very happy, teased, denied, and tortured, husband.

To be continued...
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