A confessionPart II Her Mistress comes clean

As your mistress I owe you no explanation. I owe you no confession. I am, however, so very proud of you and how far you have come, I feel as though you have earned a bit of relief.

I read your confession over repeatedly. I was so very pleased. You truly have given yourself to me. You have come to understand that giving me your complete trust and compliance has allowed you to express a side of your personality that you might not have discovered otherwise. I am proud to have been able to give you that freedom. I am so very pleased that you have discovered that your complete obedience has allowed you to find that your boundaries are not quite where you thought they were.

Last night after your service I lied beside you. I heard your tears in the dark. I know precisely how you are feeling today. You had set a firm boundary in your mind and your heart and I pressed you across it. I feared all evening you would end this with a simple word and yet you took all I had to give you. This morning you are feeling regret and sadness. You are feeling these things only because I am allowing you. Because I am taking you further.

Everything last night had a purpose. I had to break you loose. I had to drive you past where you thought you would ever go. First with instructions you felt you could not cross, then by rewarding you, you came to accept.

Last weekend, after you read me your confession and then serviced me too splendidly, I instructed you I needed a weekend. You expressed the difficulty it would be arranging it but you complied. You did everything that needed to be done in the face of so many obstacles, real and imaginary. You gave me yourself for the weekend. You arrived last night as instructed. Clean, shaved, prepared, and naked beneath the coat I had sent you home in that first night. You entered the room without a word and did as you were told.

You gave me your pussy. I love to eat your pussy and hear your cries as you come. My slave deserves her rewards. You took my fingers and came for me again. Finally, bent over, you took my strap on dick. You took it in your pussy and then spread wide and gave me your ass. Do you remember how difficult that had been at first? You have come so very far.

You had been so compliant I considered foregoing the restraints. I thought they might not be necessary. I also thought about how much you love them. How you love to be subjected to my every whim when you have no escape. I restrained you for your own pleasure. Your mistress is always thinking of you.

I felt in your confession your trust. I believe you do trust that I am always thinking of you. I believe you try to trust me completely. I know you lay beside me questioning that trust. My sweet, sweet slut, I will prove myself to you shortly and your trust will be total.

You had experienced the table only once. I had only let you experience it once. I wanted you to be comfortable in it but not completely aware of it. I did not blindfold you while I bound you. I wanted you to be able to see the cuffs locked in place. I wanted to watch your face and that is why I had my slave do it for me.

I know when you are excited. I watched the anticipation in your eyes. You try to do as you are told and hide it from me but I know. I am your mistress; I am supposed to know these things. You rested your knees on the supports and laid your belly upon the table. Your breasts hang deliciously through the cutouts. My slave strapped your ankles in place. He strapped your wrists in place and then adjusted the braces so that your arms were extended just where they should be. I wanted you restrained but comfortable. He pulled the lever and you lurched forward as the table laid flat. He adjusted the leg rests and stirrups until your legs were spread wide for me.

You love to be spread wide for me. You love to be my slut. I love to see it open like that for me and I will admit it was hard even for me to resist your delicious lips and clitty. I contented myself with your tits. I teased and pinched your tits until I knew you wanted it. I love the way you get excited when I tease your nipples. I love to put you on the edge. It was time.

I kneeled in front of you. I kissed your red lips. "Do you trust me?"

"Yes, Mistress." Your eyes expressed the truth of those words.


"Yes, Mistress."

"You have been such a good slut. You have been so completely obedient."

"Thank you, mistress." You knew you had spoken unnecessarily and the crop fell on your ass with a delicious slap. I nearly licked my lips looking at you bent over, strapped down, spread open. It was time.

"So you like it when I teach you new things?"

"Yes Mistress."

"You eat a good pussy. Do you like to eat my pussy, slut?"

"Yes Mistress." My pussy was dripping just thinking about it.

"You like my tongue in your cunt, too, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress."

"You are such a good little dyke. Are you a dyke now slut?"

"Yes, mistress. I am a good dyke." I delighted at getting to spank your beautiful round ass. I let the crop fall twice.


"No mistress. I am your dyke."

Again, I slapped your ass. "You lie. I know it. You want dick."

"No mistress. I want your pussy."

"Don't lie to your mistress." Slap! "I know you leave me and run home and suck cock. I know you let him fuck that pussy of yours."

"Yes mistress. I let him fuck me. You tell me to fuck him. I fuck him like you say. I suck him like you say." Oh, the confusion in your voice. You were questioning me. I was pressing your last boundary. You make me so hot, you sweet little slut.

"So you still want dick?"

"Yes mistress. I still want my husband's dick." Sadness in your confession. The last boundary. You didn't want to take a dick. You confessed to cheating on him but it wasn't cheating, was it? You had never taken a dick.

"Are you my slut?"

"Yes mistress, I am your slut."

"Do you trust your mistress?"

"Yes mistress, I trust you." Your neck was tired and your head hung loose from your shoulders. Your arms were stretched above your head and you gripped the leather straps that held you in place. Your pussy was spread wide open. You had to trust me, and yet I was about to betray you.

"I really didn't expect to have to take another slave on so soon. I had planned to take things slowly with you. You have come so far so quickly though." I walked around you, stroking your arms and back. You are such a beautiful slut. I am lucky. I pulled on the blindfold. "Let me introduce you to, Cock." You heard and felt him standing beside me. I could tell because you turned your head.

"I really have no need for a male slave. They are a bit of a bore." I kept walking around you. You couldn't tell because you were blind but I had Cock on a lead. He was naked except the cock ring I used to keep his dick ready, the ball gag I used to keep him quiet, and the collar I used to attach the leash. I was reasonably pleased at how he looked and how he behaved, but like I said, I had no use for him. Cock is for you. "I don't even really think of him as a slave. He is more of a tool, like my strap on, something to be used. Grunt for the lady, will you please, Cock?" I slapped his ass and he grunted. Your body tightened. You knew it was for real.

"Do you want to try my Cock, Slut?"

"No mistress." I expected that. You were spanked anyway.


"Mistress, please." Another slap.

"You said you trusted your mistress." I slapped your ass again, just for fun.

"I do trust you."

This time the crop swung from my ankle upwards, under the table, and fell upon your lusciously large and natural tit. You jumped a little, it was unexpected.

"But you don't want my cock?"

"No mistress." And you knew it was coming. Again the crop sung up and struck your tit. Balls out now. I had to break you. I took a fistful of your hair and pulled your face up. You felt my breath on your ear.

"Do you trust me?" I whispered.

"Yes, Mistress." I thought you were crying.

"Do you want my cock?"

"No mistress." The crop fell again on your hard nipple. I slapped it again for good measure.

It went on longer. Three times, maybe four. I looked under the table to see the light pink stripes across your tits.

"My sweet little slut, I guess it is time that I release you. I will be sad but I will find another slut. She probably won't have these sweet tits though." I paused.

"No Mistress..." Yes! "I will be your slut."

"And you will take my Cock?"

"Yes Mistress, I will take your cock."

"Go ahead Cock." He was hard as a fucking rock. I have to admit, I was impressed. "Fuck the shit out of my little slut."

You took it so well. He fucked you forever. I barked orders and pinched your nipples. I wanted to unbind your eyes so you could watch how I fingered myself but that can be next time. You were quiet far too long and I had to coax you out of your little pout. "Come for me Slut! Take that cock and come hard for your mistress." I was so pleased when you complied.

I have to admit I have my kinks. Some are a little too hard for me to resist. When Cock pulled out of you I ate the cum out of your sweet little pussy. Your mistress has her weaknesses too, and this is just such a dirty little slut thing to do. My Mistress made me do it. It was my boundary. I still eat a cream pie any time I can. You, my sweet little slut, are going to give me a cream pie a lot.

You just walked in and told me we have to talk. I expected this all day. I told you I need 30 minutes. You are going to tell me I went too far and that you have to go home and you have to admit everything to your little husband and that it is over. You had your boundary and it was too much for you to cross.

Change of plan. I am going to let you read this while I go get Cock. He's been waiting for us locked naked in the other room. He is just too easy a mark. Men are such boring submissives. They will do anything to get laid.

I'm not going to let you go. You will insist and I resist. You will insist further and I will let you go. You gave yourself to me. I have dressed in my full on uniform. I have pulled my hair back. I am going to lie here in bed while you try to leave. I will touch myself casually. In the end you will want me. In the end you will give yourself to me.

Later I will show you your trust was not misplaced. Later though. You will have to be punished first for trying to leave me. You will have to take Cock again just for good measure.

Fuck, I am horny again. Are you going to be a good slut for me?

All my love,

Your Mistress.
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