Black woman puts him in his place

The first thing I became aware of when I awoke was a bright light dazzling my eyes then a gloved hand clamping firmly over my mouth. Then I heard a voice, deep but definitely female whisper in my ear, 'Make one sound and you're dead, Mister!'

As the flash-light was turned away from my eyes I began to focus on the intruder in my bedroom, although her nose and face was covered with a green bandana I could see she was a black woman, very tall with a slim but muscular build, she was dressed in a black T shirt, tight black jeans and black trainers.

She removed her hand from my mouth and from the back of her jeans removed a gun and pointed it at me, 'I didn't expect anyone to be at home but if you do exactly as you are told you wont get hurt, do you understand me!'

I nodded my head, I wasn't going to argue with that gun.

'Okay, I don't want you trying to make a run for it so I'm going to tie you up, do have any rope or duct tape in the house?'

'No,' I said.

What about some scarves or neck ties?'

'There are some in the drawer there.' I replied.

She removed a couple of ties and two of my large handkerchiefs from the drawer.

'Turn over!'

She took one of the ties and bound my wrists painfully tight behind my back then bound my ankles with the other.

'I want all the money in the house, where is it?' she turned me face up on the bed, staring at my naked body.

'The only money I have is in my wallet with my credit cards, you can take it.'

She sat on the bed, 'You can't really stop me can you sugar.' She ran the barrel of the gun up and down my thighs.

'You know I think you're lying to me, looks like I'm going to have to get rough'

She forced one of the large handkerchiefs into my mouth, packing it in so the cloth filled my entire mouth, I began to gag as the cloth pressed against my tongue and the back of my throat.

She brought her hand forward and squeezed my balls hard, I screamed through the choking gag, she grabbed my throat and squeezed again, the pain was unbelievable but she continued in a calm and professional way, it was as if she had done this before.

She leant forward and removed the sodden handkerchief from my mouth.

'Now where is the rest of the money? Or do you want some more pain?'

It was difficult to speak after the excruciating pain and the gag clogging my throat, 'Please, there's no more, believe me!'

She forced the handkerchief back roughly into my mouth, 'I don't believe you!'

She took the other handkerchief and rolled it into a band then pulled it hard between my teeth, knotting it tightly at the back of my head forcing the gag even deeper into my mouth, I thought I was going to choke to death, she had tied it so tight the gag was pushed right against the back of my throat but I managed to push with my tongue to ease the pressure but could not push the gag right out. This was obviously not the first time she had subdued someone, I was helpless unable to move or shout for help and she hadn't finished with me yet!

She turned me over onto my stomach and picked up the long, thick flash-light, 'This is going to hurt!'

She parted my cheeks with one hand then roughly shoved the flash-light deep into my ass hole, I screamed in agony through the gag at the burning stabbing pain, it felt like the torch had penetrated deep inside me up to my chest, my whole body was filled with pain! Again and again she thrust into me, I thought I was going to pass out then suddenly she stopped!

She removed the flash-light from ass then turned me face up. She held my shoulders and looked deep into my eyes, I could smell her perfume and feel her body heat. Her eyes were beautiful, they didn't look cruel, almond shaped and dark brown in colour they glistened and sparkled in the light, 'You know something honey, I believe you.'

I tried to speak through the gag but just choked mumbles came from my mouth.

She took the money and credit cards from my wallet, she looked at me and said, 'Looks like I'm going to have take something else from you besides money.'

She sat on the bed and began stroking my cock with her leather gloved hand, it stiffened immediately, after all the pain this felt like heaven.

She rubbed my stiff prick faster and faster, I groaned through my gag then she leant forward and slid my aching cock beneath the green bandana around her face and began to suck me. I could feel her soft lips all around my throbbing dick, I felt her tongue lick up and down my shaft, it felt beautiful. She sucked hard on my knob and I thought I was going to cum, then she stopped.

She pushed up her T shirt to reveal perfect breasts, brown and beautiful with the darkest nipples I have ever seen, an Ebony Goddess!

She pulled down her jeans to reveal her shaven pussy, swollen with delicious hints of pink showing, I could see her juices twinkle in the light. She gasped as she slid my stiff prick deep inside her warm, wet cunt. She leant forward and whispered in my ear, 'You had better not cum before I do honey, or the pain you've experienced so far will be nothing to what you will get next!'

She began to move her hips slowly up and down on me, almost gently, occasionally squeezing my cock with her muscles, letting me know who was in control.

She began to speed up moving faster and faster, rougher and harder! Pounding her hips against mine, she began moaning louder and louder, pumping me till she began screaming in ecstatic orgasm, I couldn't hold back any longer and let my self explode inside her, she collapsed on top of me, gasping and moaning in my ear.

She stood up and straightened her attire, she turned me face down and pushed the flash-light back up my ass, gently this time, then walked towards the door, 'That should be an amusing sight for the police to find when they arrive in the morning.'

She laughed a Goddess laugh and then was was gone.

I lay on the bed helpless, my wrists and ankles numb from the tightness of my bonds, the choking gag still filling my mouth, my ass and balls were still sore from their torture but even though I had never seen her face, I prayed that she would return.
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