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The City is bathed in the dark clothes of the evening as we finally finish shopping, carry all my bags to Victoria's car, and drive to my parked car.

"Stay out of trouble; I've got plenty lined up for tomorrow! See you after the dinner hour." Victoria says with wicked glee as she waves good-bye.

I park my car in my garage and haul my booty into the elevator. I look at my reflection in the walls of the elevator. I'm dressed in my black platform heels, black leather mini skirt, black nylons, my red lace panties and matching bra, and the navy blue bolero jacket over my blue cotton blouse. I look hot and I blew myself a kiss with my red lips.

I get into my apartment and strip out of my clothes leaving on the shoes. I dial up my local pizza parlor and order a small pie for delivery. I'm engrossed in all the packages for my entire new wardrobe and carefully hanging it up when the delivery boy buzzes my apartment from downstairs. I buzz him into the building, then set my wallet on a small table in the front hallway area, and return to admiring my shoes. I try on a pair of black strap sandals with thick 5-inch heels, when I hear my doorbell.

"Coming," I call out as I finish with putting on the other sandal. I open the door wearing nothing but my sexy new high heel sandals. "How much do I owe you," I ask as I lean against the doorway.

My delivery guy is a twenty something white guy, sneakers, jeans a tee shirt and denim jacket. He is a new guy to my area and so has the deer in the headlight look as they always do when they are first confronted by my naked body. As usual, he stares at my semi-hard dick as I ask again, how much I owe for the pizza. He tells me, without stopping to stare at me. I turn around and bend over for effect to show off my bare ass as I theatrically retrieve my wallet on the table and take my time as I get his money.

"Here is what I owe you," I tell him, "Now I can give you a conventional tip or an unconventional tip, which are you interested in?" I wickedly tease.

This guy is clueless and just mutters "Huh? What?"

I shrug and had him his tip in dollars.

"Ta da," I wave as I close my door laughing at his reaction to my nudity.

I settle in to pizza and a DVD. Then seeing it is 9:30-ish at the movies end, I take the pizza box, open the door to my apartment, and make my way to the garbage shoot. I do like the way I feel as I prance down the hall on my high heels.

I get to the garbage shoot when I in front of me a door opens up. Before I can react a twenty something cute Hispanic lady in a tee shirt, cotton spandex tights and slippers enters the hallway, she's carrying a garbage bag. I guess I'm not the only one who steps out in the eve to dump their garbage.

At first she doesn't spot me, she is too busy talking to herself. The cotton spandex tights show off her attributes. She has a soft plump ass, a bit of a tummy and nice shapely legs. The way her round tits are bouncing, I'm certain she's not wearing a bra. We almost bump into each other and that's when she notices me. At first, she just is focusing on my bare chest, and then she does a double take as she realizes that I'm bare all the way down.

"Hi," I say as I keep walking past her.

"Oh my God," she says in surprise at my nudity. "You won't believe what I'm seeing," she says. That is when I realize she has a Bluetooth. She stops and turns around to watch me walk down the hall.

"Nice shoes," she calls out with a giggle, "Where did you get them?"

"Nordstrom," I reply.

"I'll have to pick up a pair. You look good in them,"


She opens her apartment door and then says "I'll tell you everything in a minute," She must be addressing that comment to her friend on her Bluetooth, "Nice meeting you, have a good night," she says to me.

"Yeah," I say, "You too."

She closes the door and I think I hear her giggle and start talking rapidly.

I round the corner of the hall with the garbage chute and just lean against the wall to my hallway. I can't believe I just did that. She definitely liked what she saw! What a rush, a great way to top off a great fucking day. I wonder who she was talking to?

Another door opens up in this hallway between my apartment and me.

Another Hispanic woman enters the hallway. She's a foxy gray haired older woman wearing a sweatshirt, and cotton gym shorts that spread nicely over her motherly hips and bubble butt. She has great shapely legs. She is wearing a pair of killer backless platform clear acrylic mules with thick six-inch heels, I have a moment of shoe envy at those amazing shoes, I want them!

"He's still out here, I will talk to you in a later," She says as she turns off her Bluetooth. "Hey you, come here." She calls out to me.


"Yeah you, you're the only unclothed male in the hallway, who else am I talking to?"

I shrug and walk toward her.

"I should report you to the managers." She says in a domineering voice that she seems very practiced in using.

Oh shit. I reply in my most contrite voice, "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to offend anyone. Nobody is ever out at this hour and I wasn't thinking, please, please don't report me," I plead.

"You could have frightened someone walking around like that," She scolds. "In the old days if you were one of my students I would give that bottom of yours a good whipping to beat some sense into you."

"I know. I deserve a good spanking. That is exactly what my dear departed Mother would say."


"She died a few years ago. I miss her so," trying to bring a tear to my eyes.

"You do need a good spanking for such blatant misbehavior. That's what happens when parents are lax. If you report to me sharply at noon after Church, I will not report you to the management. Don't be late."

"I promise, I will rush home directly from Church and be on time."

She tells me her apartment number and then departs. I walk as fast as I can in these heels to get to my apartment. I don't want anyone else to see me. Whew, that was a close call. Hopefully I can convince her not to report me.

I need some cooling down. I open the sliding glass patio doors and step out into the exceptionally warm evening air. I look out across the way to the other apartments and I think I spot someone looking at me! I think he has some binoculars.

I go back in grab paper from the printer, a thick marking pen and tape. I write my IM address down and tape it to the banister of my patio. I wave and point to the paper. In a few minutes, my iPad dings and I go over to look and I have 3 new emails. It seems there is more than one voyeur out tonight who can see me. I take the iPad to the patio and replied to their messages.

Do you want a show? I type.

>yes, are their replies.

I put down the IPad go back in to get some lotion, return to the patio and start to stroke my hard on. I masturbate for my audience enjoying the rush of knowing that I'm being watched.

I can hear the ding from my iPad telling me I have messages. I imagine them typing one handed as they stroke their own dicks. What a day! I keep working on my hard hot cock as I ponder what will happen tomorrow. How can I convince that foxy old broad not to report me? I'm getting tired standing up, but I'm so horny now.

I go and get one of my butt plugs and the Aloe gel. I squirt out a string of the gel along the silicon shaft and insert it into my ass.

I hold it in as I set my ass down on my patio chair. I bounce my ass up and down on the chair seat, allowing my ass to slide up and down the slick shaft of the butt plug as I return to my jacking off. I quickly bounce up and down on the chair as I keep pace with stroking my hard cock. Then finally in a hot rush my cum starts to gush out of the top of my prick and splatter onto the concrete of my patio. I continue to pound my cock even more frantically as I gutturally cry out my pleasure.

I slump back in my chair, fully spent. My eyes close and I sit there feeling my hot penis slowly go flaccid in my hand and feel the solidity of the shaft of my butt plug in my ass.

I reach over to my iPad and do the one handed type to my audience.

Hope u enjoyed the show. Nite, I type.

I slowly get up, let the butt plug slide out of my ass, fall to the patio, and wander over to the bathroom to floss and brush and then off to bed. It's almost noon and I dressed in a white shirt, thin black tie, black dress slacks, black socks and shoes. I'm hoping I this will pass for my Sunday Church going best. I walk down the hall to Ms. Foxy church lady's apartment and tap on her door as I imagine the Church bells chiming noon.

She opens the door dressed in a white dress with a demure neckline that fits her well, showing off her hourglass shape. The dress comes down below her knees and she's wearing white 4-inch heel pumps.

"Excellent, a prompt young man," She greets me as she motions me to come in. She offers me a cup of tea and asks how the Church services were. I had looked up on the net a local Catholic church and the topic of today's sermon so I told her what I thought of the sermon. I hope she buys my line.

"You seem like a nice young man," she says. "You just still needs a mother's touch to keep you from wandering off into trouble. I am very upset about finding you out naked in public. You need to be properly admonished for this truly bad behavior."

"I agree. I don't know what came over me. I am truly sorry and I present myself to you for forgiveness and punishment."

"You do need punishing to properly instill in you the right behavior."

"Yes. I agree."

"Go get me my ruler off the dinning room table." She directs me.

I get up and hand it to her.

"Now, undo your zipper and belt."

I do so.

"Now, drop your pants and come here and bend over my knees," She directs me. "This is how I instilled discipline in my students when I taught years ago. I don't care what those foolish people say; the old methods work the best. Undo your belt and come here. If you take your punishment properly and willingly I will not report your foolish behavior of last night."

"I agree," It's kind of kinky lying against her warm legs. I can feel a stirring in my prick.

With a practiced hand she pulls down my underwear, exposing my slightly tanned ass. My prick nestles into the valley between her two thighs that rest tightly up against each other. I then feel the flat of the ruler smack into my bare ass.

Ow! That hurts! With quick practiced effectiveness and economy of motion, she whacks my ass as she delivers my punishment.

My cock gets hard and slides along her legs as a result. She doesn't acknowledge it as she continues to spank my now throbbing ass. With each slap of the ruler, my cock throbs and rubs against her warm thighs, a little pre cum forms and leaks onto dress.

"Now this will remind you not to do such foolish and naught things like that again." She punctuates her sentence with another slap on my ass.

"Yes!" I exclaim as I delight in the pain. "I will behave myself! Ow!" I cry out.

She continues striking my bare ass and with each slap causes my cock to twitch and rub against her thighs.

"I think he's been properly punished, Ms. Garcia," A young ladies voice interrupts us.

My ass is burning and throbbing; I can feel the blows though she has stopped.

"Why don't you let me take this young man back to his apartment," she says.

"One moment, Maria," Ms. Garcia my mistress of pain says, "Well young man, has my lesson sunk in? Will you behave yourself in the future?"

"Yes, I truly promise." I say.

"Excellent. You may get off me and leave with Maria."

I rise off Ms. Garcia's knees very slowly and stand up. My pants and underwear are hanging around my ankles as I turn to face Maria.

I recognize her as the young lady I bumped into last night in the hall. She smiles at seeing my erect penis. It was painful getting my ass spanked but quite an unexpected turn on.

"Give me a moment," I say to Maria, "Let me get properly dressed and then we can leave."

I pull my underwear up, pull up my black dress slacks and do my belt closed. I thank Ms. Garcia for setting me straight and then leave with Maria.

We walk in silence down the hall for a few minutes and then Maria breaks out giggling.

"I see you liked your punishment all too much," she says.

"I guess I did. But thanks for the rescue."

"Your troubles are not over, mister." She says.

"What do you mean?"

"I've been talking to the other ladies on this floor and we all agree that you need to apologize to us all for your stunt last night."

"Oh. Everyone knows about it?" Yikes.

"Yes, and they are all waiting for us at my place. Our husbands are all off watching some game so it's just us."

She directs me to her apartment and inside is a dozen or more ladies sipping wine and waiting for us. They are of all ages and races.

"Now, if you know what's good for you, you will just not ask questions and do what as you are told." Maria says.

"Yes ma'am," I reply. "You realize that we could all report you." Maria remarks.

"Yes." Oh Shit.

"Good. Now," a wicked grin comes over face. "Strip," she commands.

I'm stunned.

"What?" I burst out.

"She said strip," An Asian lady in the room calls out.

"Yea, lets see that ass of yours," Another lady calls out.

"Okay, okay. This will not get me into further trouble?" I ask.

"If you do what you are told then it will not," Maria replies.

"Okay, just checking," I respond.

I bend over to get out of my shoes, undo my belt, unzip my pants and let them fall to floor as I step out of them.

The ladies burst out in applause and whistles.

I pull down my underwear to show off my penis and my still red and burning ass from the spanking. I step out of the underwear as I undo my tie and remove it and my shirt. I'm now naked in a room of a dozen clothed women.

"Here's the deal," Maria announces. "On top of catching you butt naked last night, we've been doing some searching on the Net and found your postings on the List. We know that you have been exposing yourself on the rooftop and we figure you've been parading round naked on our floor at night. We all agree that if you are willing to show off for us and work hard when we call and need it, we won't report you."

"What do you mean by work hard?" I ask.

"Well to begin with let's see you jack that dick of yours for us," Maria blurts out with a wicked grin.

The ladies of the room all chime in with lewd encouragements.

"We want you to be a on call nude worker to give us a helping hand with cleaning tasks as well," Maria explains, "So you would be on call to come over strip naked and get to work cleaning for us."

"And what choice do I have?" I ask.

"None," Maria replies quickly and bluntly. "So get to work on that prick of yours."

This is hot! Being at their beck and call, is a fair trade for getting to stay in my apartment. Besides showing off is what I love doing.

"Okay ladies, you got your self a naked boy toy."

The room is filled with cheers.

"Where do you want my spunk?" I ask.

Maria hands me a plate with a piece of buttered toast on a white plate.

"On that," As she puts it on the coffee table in front of the couch. "Then you'll eat it all. Here's a pump bottle of lotion for your use. Now no more words, just action!"

And so I comply. I pump out a good size glob of white creamy lotion and wrap my hand around my hard on and begin to stroke off for my appreciative audience. Wow! First the spanking and now jacking off for a roomful of women; could this day get any better?

I take my time as I stroke my dick, doing it slowly and thrusting with my hips like I'm fucking my hand at the same time. They love it. They hoot and holler, clap and goad me on. I keep on jacking my hard member, adding lotion to my hands as I work on it. I moan and buck as I jack my stiff warm lotion coated member. I try and keep the head of my dick pointing at the toast, which rests on a white plate on the coffee table.

Maria walks up to me and fondles my ass as I continue to stroke.

"You seem to like the attention that Ms. Garcia was giving you, weren't you?"

I reply with a guttural yes.

"I thought so," she replies and then swiftly slaps my bare ass.

"Anyone else want to smack this pretty ass of his?" Maria calls out.

In a few minutes they line up to spank my bare butt as I continue to stroke my dick. My dick begins to throb and pulse.

"I'm going to cum....soon..."

They stop spanking my ass and all focus in on my final strokes.

"Uggh! Fuuuuuuccckkkk!" I roar as I spurt out a hot load onto the toast. I groan out a second load of spunk and now the toast is thoroughly soaked in my hot cum.

I let go of my dick and sort of slump standing up.

"Lunch time!" Maria gleeful remarks. "Eat it all down," and she hands me the plate.

I don't think about what I'm doing I just pick it up and start to bite into the toast. It tastes crunchy, sort of fishy and salty. I just gobble it down the soaked toast as quickly as I can.

"Lick the plate clean," Maria commands.

I lick my slightly warm cum off the plate and then when it's clean I hand it back to her.

"Good boy toy. Now write down your email and then go gather up all the dishes and clean them up."

I do so as all the ladies begin to leave. But before they do they fondle, pinch, or slap my bare ass as I work on the dishes before they leave.

"Hurry up boy," Maria admonishes me as she slaps my ass, "I want you out of here long before my husband gets home."

I concentrate on my work and soon I get everything clean. I then clean the kitchen counter, and pick up any napkins or other clutter left behind.

"You do good work boy," Maria says as she softly rubs my ass and squeezes my flaccid dick. "Now just pick up your clothes off the floor and go to your place. Someone will email you when they need you."
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