Submissive husband is pierced

Over the next several weeks, my wife, Lori, took me to the edge my required nine times a day and left me frustrated. How could I complain? I had asked for this. As the days turned to weeks, a strange thing happened. I slowly began to accept my situation. I still had a great desire to orgasm, but it began to be less important than making sure my wife was satisfied. Interesting.

While I lay holding her in my arms one Sunday night after my weekly milking I brought the subject up. She seemed interested in my "change of heart" but said that she had noticed a change in my attitude. A change that she liked very much. We discussed the situation some more and she ended with saying that she would be very interested in how I would act after my next orgasm. She wondered if my attitude would remain as it was now or if it would revert back. I did too.

A few days later I found myself on the bondage frame with my wife slowly stroking my hard cock. My balls were tied tightly and she was using one hand to squeeze them between strokes. As I neared my 9th plateau, I steeled myself for the frustration I knew was coming. I was right on the edge when my wife squeezed hard on my aching balls and hoarsely said, "Come for me baby". I saw stars and had probably the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. I just kept on thrusting and contracting and my wife kept on stroking until she was satisfied I was finished. I slumped back in total exhaustion.

I looked up as Lori picked up a turkey baster and began to suck up my semen. I knew what was coming, but over the past few weeks of licking the saucer clean from my milking it really didn't bother me. She moved the tip to my lips and squeezed the bulb depositing the gooey fluid into my mouth. I quickly swallowed and sucked the baster clean receiving a smile from her.

When I could talk coherently, I told her how intense my orgasm had been. She nodded in agreement. She then asked if it increased the intensity when she squeezed my balls and I had to agree that it had. She then grasped my balls again and began squeezing and kneading them until I began groaning. Before I knew it, her pussy was planted to my mouth and my tongue was busy pleasuring her. I had her moaning in no time and was rewarded with a mouth full of her cream to compliment mine. My Mistress then stepped down and retrieved the ice pack so that I could be returned to my prison.

Later that day, she motioned me over to have a seat at her computer. I noticed she was looking at bondage toys and accessories. Lori clicked on the ball stretchers. They were made of metal and hinged to open. They were then closed around the scrotum above the balls and secured with Allen head screws. They came in a set of 7 starting at just 1 inch in length then increasing by ½ inch up to 4. She asked what I thought about getting them, and I just shrugged. Click, they were on their way.

She then navigated to a site that specialized in chastity devices. My lovely Mistress told me that she really didn't like the locking ring around my balls and wanted to see if we could get just a tube. She also stated that she really planned on me wearing the ball stretchers permanently and that she felt that the locking ring would interfere with them.

We looked at several, but I noticed that they all secured to the penis by way of a piercing. That made me a little uncomfortable. The worst of which was one that had a pin that went through the head of the penis horizontally. That really worried me. She clicked on one that used a frenulum piercing. A ring was placed in the loose skin beneath the head of the penis and the tube was slipped over the shaft. The ring was pulled through a slot in the lower part of the device and a small lock was attached. There was no way the penis could be pulled from the device with the lock in place. Lori then asked me what I thought of that.

I told her that the whole thing was a little unsettling. I wasn't really sure about being pierced down there. We talked about it a little more and she reminded me that I had told her that it was her cock and that she was free to do what she wanted to it, I nodded and held my hands up in surrender. She really seemed to like that.

She went to the fitting page and getting a slip of paper from her purse she began to enter my measurements. It was obvious this was not the first time she had thought about piercing me down there. When she was finished, she clicked the submit button then the buy button. My new chastity tube was on the way.

She then told me that she had been in contact with someone who would do the work in our home the day after tomorrow. Her research had revealed that you needed to let the piercing heal for at least a month before putting any kind of stress on it. She then ordered a large cage-like structure that would enclose my entire cock and balls, telling me that we would use it until my piercing healed.

I was told that I would be teased tomorrow and early on the day of my piercing, but that she would not do so again until I had healed. Weekly milking would be my only sexual contact other than my oral service to her pussy. Lori said that we would come up with another denial game during my healing period and start it when the new tube was installed on my cock but that we would begin using the ball stretchers as soon as they arrived. She told me that she hoped to have me wearing a 4 inch stretcher within 5-6 months. After that she would decide if she wanted to go larger and that it was a turn on to think about my balls hanging 6-8 inches between my legs.

She then got up and headed into the bedroom. In a few minutes I was called to join her. She was standing beside the bed and motioned for me to lie down. When I did she straddled my face and I could see droplets of urine clinging to her pussy. I immediately began to lick them clean then affixed my mouth tightly to her hole. I was rewarded with a mouth full of urine and quickly drank it down then turned my attention to her swollen clit bringing her to orgasm in a few seconds. I eagerly licked her gooey secretions from her pussy as she came down from her orgasmic high. Getting off she exclaimed, "Damn, peeing in your mouth really turns me on for some reason". I assured her I liked it too.

That night as we lay in bed holding each other, Lori broke the silence and told me that she wanted an absolutely honest answer from me without the whole femdom thing being a factor. I told her to fire away. She wanted to know if I was really ok with the whole piercing thing. I held her tighter and proceeded to tell her that at first I was a little wary, but that lots of people got pierced with no ill effects. I continued by stating that I was serious about it being "her cock" and was ok with anything she wanted to do. I further told her that if she wanted, I would get the more secure piercing horizontally through the head of my cock so that the device would be even more secure. She told me that some of the people who had had the frenulum piercing claimed that at times the device combined with the piercing would pinch the skin causing significant pain. I kissed her gently and told her that I felt like we should go with the more secure type even though it was a more entailed piercing. I then thanked her for being concerned.

She then pushed my head down between her legs where I found her pussy literally drenched in her juices. I immediately dove in and began licking and sucking her until she exploded in pleasure. When I moved back up beside her she confessed that having my cock pierced was really turning her on and that she really did want the more intense piercing even if it meant longer recovery time. After all, it would not be her who went without pleasure. With that she gave me that cruel laugh then got up and changed her order to the more secure device before returning to bed and drifting off to sleep.

I was strapped to the frame the next day and my wife began to tease my cock. I was informed that since we had no current game in effect that she would just tease me until she got tired. After being taken to the edge at least 15 times she finally stopped. The ice bag was applied to my cock and my cock was once again locked away. Stepping up on the frame she lowered her pussy to my mouth and told me to eat her. I began to tongue her pussy and clit quickly bringing her to another orgasm.

The next day around noon, she led me to the playroom and placed me in position on the frame. After removing my chastity device she started teasing the tip of my cock. As I let out a moan of pleasure she quickly pinched the tip very hard between her thumb and forefinger causing my emanations to change from moans of pleasure to groans of pain. She did this over and over again taking me from pleasure to pain and back again. I don't know how long she would have continued had the doorbell not rung. That caused mixed emotions in me. Thankfully the torment would stop, but it also meant that soon, very soon, my cock head would be pierced. Again the butterflies started in my stomach and my doubts began to creep back in. Lori quickly left to answer the door and returned a few minutes later with a young woman. She was very attractive and the whole situation of someone other than my wife seeing me nude and bound was both humiliating and exciting at the same time and my raging hard-on proved this fact.

My wife then introduced her as Miss Ashley. She would be doing the piercing. I nodded and mumbled something about being glad to meet her, but damn this was awkward. At least it was for me but she seemed to not notice. I later found out that I was not the first "slave" she had been called out to pierce.

My wife began to clean my cock thoroughly which did nothing to quell my erection. Miss Ashley told her it didn't matter and that I really should be at my largest when she chose the temporary pin but that we would ice my cock to reduce blood and pain before the actual piercing took place. Reducing the pain; I liked that. She told us both that there would be some bleeding but that she used a silver nitrate paste which she injected into the piercing to cauterize the inside of the hole, She said that it would burn but that it would staunch the bleeding quickly.

My wife told me to calm down and breathe deeply. I hadn't realized it but I was literally panting with nervousness. Miss Ashley then opened a sterilized pack and a pair of gloves. She picked up a very, very, large needle. I was told later it was a 6 gauge. As I said, it was very large and menacing. Lori held the ice pack to my cock head for about 5 minutes until it was numb. She looked me in the eyes and in a low voice asked me if I was sure. I nodded and she removed the ice pack and nodded at Miss Ashley. She grasped my cock and lined up the needle. In one swift motion, she drove it through my cock head from one side to the other.

I jumped a little but the pain was truly minimal. The blood however was not. Ashley then picked up a syringe and placed the tip in the hole on one side and depressed the plunger. Immediately I felt a burning sensation inside my cock which only got worse. My breathing was getting faster and faster, but the pain started to fade as the nerve endings were cauterized along with the blood vessels.

After a few more minutes, Ashley picked up a large rod and ran it through my penis. It had a bead on one end and when the other end emerged from the other side of my cock head I noticed that it was threaded. She screwed a similar sized bead on that end and that was that. I was officially pierced.

She gave us aftercare instructions about keeping it clean. She also said that the rod needed to be rotated and pulled back and forth several times each day so that it would not adhere to the inside of my cock while it was healing. She did say that doing so would probably be painful and that we might want to ice my cock before doing it.

As my wife walked her out of the room and down the stairs, I heard her say that she would return weekly to check on the progress.

When my wife returned she wasted no time and mounted my mouth immediately saying she was so damn horny she couldn't stand it. I licked and sucked her to not one but two intense orgasms and licked her clean after each one.

Dismounting, she retrieved the new cock and ball cage and slipped it on then secured it with a lock. I was then released and stood up but immediately felt light headed. My lovely Mistress helped steady me then led me downstairs to the den. She then had me sit down on the sofa and got me a glass of tea. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking and watching television.

Before going to bed, I took several ibuprofen on the advice of my Mistress and we turned in for the night. I awakened several times with pain and took some more ibuprofen around midnight.

The next morning I was in some serious pain. My cock head was somewhat swollen and the shaft was very painful. When I told my wife, she was also concerned and quickly helped me to the shower and cleaned me up with an antibacterial soap. After drying, I retired to the den and the sofa. I was really not doing well and my cock was aching.

My wife brought me some more ibuprofen and told me that she had contacted one of her friends from the femdom boards who was a doctor and that she lived fairly close and would drop by and take a look at me. I was glad and touched by my wife's concern.

A little later the Doctor arrived. She was about my wife's age and very attractive. Even with the pain I was feeling, I started to stir when I saw her. My wife motioned me upstairs and I dutifully attached the cuffs then lay back on the frame. I was secured and the Doctor began her exam.

She told us that it was not serious but that I was experiencing some inflammation. You think? She prescribed antibiotics and told us that the swelling and most of the pain should be gone in a few days. Until then manipulation should be kept to a minimum. My wife walked her out then returned to the playroom.

We talked about the situation and she asked if I wanted her to remove the piercing. She was really concerned and was afraid she had gone too far. I assured her that I was ok, well not really ok, but that I didn't want anything to change. I told her that she should just let me heal and that everything would be ok. She smiled, but was still a little worried.

She then untied me and I noticed she was still upset. I held her close and told her it was ok, not to worry. She looked at me with sad eyes and I couldn't help but kiss her deeply. I again told her that everything was fine and that I wanted us to continue what we were doing. She finally smiled a genuine smile and helped me to the sofa. Bringing me another cold drink, she told me she was going out to the pharmacy for my antibiotics and would be right back and closed the door behind her. With that I settled back on the sofa and drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...
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