A warrior woman and her slave

Using her sword like a cane for support, Leika managed to slump down against a venerable oak, exhausted. Her wounds, although not mortal, were oozing blood and stinging something fierce. She closed her eyes for a moment, breathing in deeply and then releasing the breath slowly. When Leika reopened her lids, she glanced out the corner of her eye at the naked man kneeling on the grass a few steps to her right. She saw that her slave's hands were clasped behind his back, his cock hanging limply before him. His head was bent low, his chin resting on the leather collar which was wrapped around his neck. His eyes were downcast, but just as she turned her gaze fully upon him he risked a glance at his mistress, quickly averting his eyes once again as he noted that her regard was upon him.

"Joreg!" she said her pet's name sharply.

She might as well have stabbed him with a hot poker, the way he reacted, his posture stiffening instantly. She grinned wickedly. Now that she was sure that she had his attention, Leika gestured for her pet to tend to her.

Standing, Joreg came over to his mistress and began the process of removing the armor she wore over her muscular -- but entirely feminine – frame. Leika set her huge broadsword aside, leaning it against the tree on her left side where it would easily be within reach, should the need arise.

Not that any of the enemies she had just faced would have been capable of tracking her...had she left any of them alive. But it paid to be careful when combat was one's profession, she had learned early on. As her slave disrobed her, Leika thought about the battle from which they had just emerged.

The more she thought about it, the more angry she got. "You know you could have gotten us both killed, right?" she asked her pet as he removed the last of her armor. Joreg nodded in response.

Leika noticed that her slave's cock was beginning to harden as he looked at his mistress in the nude. She laughed softly. "Start licking," she commanded.

Obediently, Joreg began to run his tongue over Leika's wounds, starting with her legs and working upwards. The warrior woman hissed slightly as her pet lapped at a particularly deep cut on her inner thigh, and then gasped in pleasure at the feeling of his rasping tongue on her tender flesh and the tingle she felt as Joreg's innate magic did its work, closing the wound almost instantaneously.

Joreg was a member of an ancient pack of timber wolves which had been imbued by some long dead elven cult with preternatural intelligence and abilities in order to protect their forest home. It seemed like only yesterday that Leika had managed to separate him from his pack and capture him, using a specially made collar to trap him in his human form. Years had passed as she shaped him into her perfect little pet.

Joreg had continued his ministrations while Leika mused on the past, and was now nearly finished tending to her wounds. He licked at a minor scrape on her left breast, causing her nipples to harden. She could bear it no longer; His tongue had been all over her body at this point, except for the one place that she truly needed it.

Grabbing hold of Joreg's hair, the warrior woman guided his mouth to the wound that would never heal. She kept her hold on the back of his head, forcing his face against her mound as he began to lick at her soft gash expertly. The tongue bath he had just given her had gotten her very hot, and she felt a quick orgasm rising. Leika's hips jerked as she crushed her pet's nose against her clit, shock waves of pleasure shooting through her battered body as her mouth opened in a silent exclamation.

Leika released Joreg's hair, reaching up with both hands to tweak her own nipples as she came down from her climax. Her pet didn't pull his head away when she released her grip, but kept licking her gently, perhaps trying a bit too hard to please her. And then she remembered why.

The warrior woman grabbed hold of her slave's hair once again, dragging him up to her eye level. "Why were you out of position?" she demanded.

"I saw you fall, mistress! I thought you needed me."

"It's called a feint, you fucking moron! I was baiting those idiots into attacking recklessly." Leika shook Joreg roughly. She wanted to beat him senseless, but she took a deep breath to calm herself before speaking again.

"Because you were out of position to intercept the package, I may very well have lost this contract," Leika told him. "You know that you must be punished."

Joreg looked scared as her meaning sunk in.

"That's right, bring me my items," Leika commanded.

The slave frowned, but went over to the rucksack which he always carried for his mistress and returned shortly with a leather harness and a large dildo carved from obsidian and inscribed with various runes. Attaching the dildo to the harness, he held the contraption for his mistress as she slipped her legs through. Then Joreg slid the harness up to Leika's waist and buckled it firmly in place.

After completing the task, her pet began to stand, but the warrior woman stopped him. "You'd best suck it, bitch. That's all the lube you'll be getting tonight." Leika grinned evilly and Joreg whimpered as he bent to take her cock into his mouth.

Leika groaned in pleasure as her pet's hot little lips closed around her enchanted dildo. The magical device sent tiny shocks through her pussy and deep down into her core as her humiliated slave gave her an unwilling blow job.

His lack of enthusiasm was understandable; He hated it when she used him in this way, and so she generally reserved the strap-on for when Joreg needed to be punished or to be reminded of who was in charge. At the moment though, Leika was not satisfied with her pet's performance as he bobbed his head, hardly taking more than the tip of her cock into his mouth.

Suddenly, the warrior woman grabbed her slave's ears and yanked down while thrusting her hips up into his face, forcing her cock to the back of his throat and making him gag and try to pull away from her.

"No, you're gonna fucking take it all, bitch! I've let you have your own way too much lately, I see that now. You'd better get used to being fucked like this, 'cause this is how it's gonna be from now on."

With that, Leika thrust her hips up again, forcing the rest of her cock into Joreg's throat. She held him down as he struggled and felt an orgasm rip through her as she watched his eyes fill with tears, his mouth stretched wide over her girth. The warrior woman made her slave gag on her dildo for a few more moments before pulling him free and pushing him away from her.

Her anger had unleashed a reserve of energy within her, and Leika was not done yet. Standing, she towered over her pet as he lay on the grass at her feet, coughing and sputtering.

"Lie on your belly," she demanded. "Now!" she added, when he did not immediately comply.

Once he had assumed the desired position, Leika kicked her slave's legs apart and then knelt between them, her dildo jutting out in front of her, still glistening with Joreg's saliva. She placed one of her fingers in her mouth, wetting it, before reaching down to poke it against her pet's tightly puckered anus. Joreg tensed and wiggled away.

Grabbing his balls with her other hand, Leika squeezed them roughly as she again pressed her finger against her slave's rosebud. Considerable pressure was required before her digit penetrated him. Joreg yelped, and his mistress tightened her grip on his balls to keep him in place as she forced her finger all the way in.

"Mmm, so tight," she said. "It's been too long since I've fucked you the way a bitch should be fucked." Leika pulled her finger free and traded her grip on Joreg's balls for one on his collar, using her right hand to guide her cock to her pet's little hole.

Joreg whimpered. He knew what was coming, now that his mistress had everything lined up.

Leika twisted her slave's collar hard, choking him and yanking his head back as she rammed her dick into his ass roughly. He tried to scream as his mistress ripped into him, but he couldn't breathe. The warrior woman moaned as she sunk fully into Joreg's tight ass, her dildo's enchantment sending her pussy into spasms. She didn't let him have any time to adjust, releasing his collar to allow him to breathe, but forcing his face down into the ground as she began to thrust in and out.

Each time that Leika slammed home into her slave's abused asshole, he let out a sharp yelp of pain. It only made her use him harder as she got off on his suffering.

"This is what happens when you fucking disobey me, bitch!" she snarled in his ear as she continued to brutally jam her cock into him over and over. "The next time you pull some stupid shit like that, I'll put your cock in an ant hill while I fuck you, instead of this nice soft grass!"

As she said that, Leika had a thought. She stopped thrusting for a moment and reached down under Joreg to feel his cock. It was rock hard, throbbing in her hand as she gripped it.

"Oh, so you like having your little cock rub against the grass while I fuck you, huh bitch?" Leika laughed at him as she pulled her hand out from under him and started fucking him again. She heard Joreg begin to sob as she used his ass. Her pleasure began to peak as she soaked in her slave's pain and humiliation. Her hips became a blur as her dildo sent electric waves through her. Burying her cock in Joreg as far as it would go, she jerked his head to the side to see his reddened face soaked with tears. Leika felt the sharp jolts of her climax racing through her core as she bit down on her slut's neck as hard as she could, jerking against him as she gave him a few final thrusts.

The warrior tasted blood on her tongue as she pulled her mouth from Joreg's neck, and she saw the mark she had left on him. Her slave had gone silent now that she had finished with him, except for some quiet sobbing. He didn't even react when she pulled her cock free from his ass and stood over him.

Leika kicked Joreg over onto his back and looked at the ground where he'd been laying. She laughed and bent down to run her hand through a patch of grass. Her hand came back covered in white goo.

"Such a good little bitch," Leika taunted her slave. "You came without anyone even touching your cock."

She knelt beside Joreg and put her hand in front of his face.

"Clean up your mess!"

He knew what his mistress wanted, but he hesitated. Then Leika reached for his balls and Joreg quickly sat up and submissively began to clean her hand with his tongue, a disgusted look on his face. His humiliation was now complete.

Leika smiled cruelly at him. "Don't ever forget," she warned him. "In this pack, I am the alpha."
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