Ashley is invited to the weekly milking

Sunday morning arrived and I couldn't help but think back to what Miss Ashley had said about seeing me Sunday. I finally decided to ask my wife about it. When I did so, she responded with a very large and sexy grin. I was then told that she had promised Ashley that she could observe and possibly take part in my weekly milking. I blanched at the thought. I would now have an audience to one of the most humiliating things that happened to me. Not only would she see my come dripping from my cock, but she would watch me eat it too. In addition to that, she might even take part.

I was mortified, but I also noticed that my cock was trying to get hard in its prison. Damn, I was actually turned on by this. I would be humiliated beyond belief, but it was damned exciting too. I briefly thought about trying to talk my Mistress out of the additional company but decided against it. For one thing, I had learned that she would not readily change her mind, and I had to admit I was starting to like the idea of maybe getting to taste Ashley's pussy. She was after all a very attractive young lady.

The day progressed as our Sunday's normally do until mid afternoon when the door bell rang. My wife told me to answer it and as I opened the door, Ashley stepped inside looking extremely hot in a low-cut halter top and mini-skirt with 5 inch heels. My cock stirred and she reached down to give my balls a squeeze which caused me to moan in pleasure. She then headed into the den and said hello to my wife.

I was told that they were going out to lay by the pool and get some sun. I was to fix them some drinks and bring them and some suntan lotion out to the pool. As I came out of the house onto the pool deck, I was met by the sight of two beautiful women lying on their backs completely nude. My wife then told me to hurry up with the drinks. I brought them over and she told me to rub lotion on Ashley first then her. My cock was aching by the time I finished running my oil covered hands on both beautiful bodies.

I was then told to check back in about half an hour to refill their drinks and put the lotion on their backsides. With that I went back in the house to start getting stuff ready for the evening meal. Half an hour later I applied the oil to the backs, hips, and thighs of the two naked women in my back yard. With an aching cock, I returned to the kitchen to prepare dinner. In a little while I was summoned to the shower and instructed to bathe first my wife then our guest for the evening. None of this did anything to reduce my excitement or attempted erection. On top of all this, all I could think about was that later that night, both of these women would watch as I licked my own come from a saucer while strapped to an oversized sawhorse. Damn the thought was humiliating and exciting at the same time and down deep I had to admit, I could hardly wait.

After dinner, I cleaned up while the ladies watched some television and talked. I came into the den and was told to go get ready for the evening's events. It was early, but I had yet to draw a marble for the day. I took care of my pre-milking preparations and headed up to the playroom. I found both ladies waiting for me there. I quickly attached the wrist and ankle cuffs and my wife led me to the rack first. After my ankles and legs were attached she had me draw a marble. Damn, a white one. I had drawn 5 blues before but now that was all for nothing. While I was nowhere near my longest stint without an orgasm, the days were starting to add up. A month while I healed and then the 5 blue marble draws. Now they went back in the bag and I had to start over after 36 days of denial.

My arms were attached and I was stretched tightly. My chastity tube was removed and lube was liberally applied to my cock. One hand grasped my balls and the other started slow stroking my cock on the way to an "almost orgasm". Ashley pulled up a stool and watched with rapt attention. My wife, Lori, told her that she could feel my cock start swelling and twitching when I got close to orgasm and that is how she knew when to stop. She also told her that if she got me a little too close, she could still stop my orgasm by squeezing my balls really hard. To demonstrate her point she tightly squeezed them until I begged her to stop. Lori then told Ashley that causing slight pain would send me over the edge, but that really hurting me, shut down my orgasm. Ashley nodded. She was like a student learning from the teacher.

After five or six edges, she asked Ashley if she wanted to try it. The look in her eyes was unbelievable. She couldn't say yes fast enough. As she grasped my cock in her hand, my wife continued in teacher mode. She instructed her on how fast to go, hard to squeeze, and was basically teaching her how to tease a cock to the edge and as luck would have it, I was the lab rat. My Mistress then told her to grasp my balls firmly which she did causing a moan to escape my lips. My wife looked at me and menacingly told me not to come under any circumstances. Oh boy was this going to be hard. Here I was strapped to a bondage frame with a beautiful young woman stroking my cock to the edge of orgasm while my lovely wife of 25 years gave her instructions on how to make my torment worse. Even worse was the fact that I didn't even have an orgasm at the end of the evening to look forward to.

As I got close, Ashley didn't let up. I started breathing hard then began telling my wife that I was very close and about to come. Ashley immediately removed her hand but I was still about to go over the edge when I heard my wife tell her to crush my balls hard. She didn't hesitate and a loud grunt emerged from my lips as she squeezed down unbelievably hard for a small girl. It did the trick and I lost my orgasm. It also made me a little nauseous for a few seconds too.

I heard my wife ask Ashley if she felt my cock swell and twitch right before I told them I was about to come and she replied that she had but didn't recognize it as the sign of an impending orgasm. Lori nodded and told her that I was calmed down enough and for her to start again. Once again she started stroking my cock ever so slowly up and down. Being so close to an orgasm earlier, caused me to get to the edge quicker this time and just before I was going to warn them again, Ashley removed her hand leaving me humping thin air. She had stopped at just the right time to leave me extremely frustrated but not quite close enough to orgasm. Both ladies laughed and clapped. Ashley was excited and told my wife that she felt me swell and twitch and knew it was time to stop.

They took turns bringing me to the edge of orgasm only to be left denied over and over again until I reached my 20th plateau. My wife then asked if I could be trusted to move to the horse without her replacing the chastity tube and I told her I could. She released me and I moved over to the bondage horse and draped myself across it. I was quickly secured. The table was place beneath my downward pointing cock and the saucer put in place.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as both women pulled on rubber gloves. My Mistress then took the tube of KY and liberally lubricated my asshole. She began gently probing until I relaxed then inserted first one then two fingers. Working them deeper and deeper into my ass she kept up a constant dialogue explaining to Ashley what she was doing. Very soon I felt the familiar sensation of her digitally manipulating my prostate and I heard Ashley say, "Oh my God, his come is running out of him."

I then heard my wife ask if she wanted to try. She jumped off the stool in response. Lori instructed her to probe deep in my ass and feel for the lump on the brim of my pelvis. I felt her slightly smaller fingers enter me and start probing deeply. In a few seconds I felt her bump my prostate. I decided to just accept my situation and told her she needed to go a little deeper. She did and immediately hit the right spot. I told her she had it. Over the next 20 or so minutes she pressed and massaged my prostate until my wife told her that I was empty. She withdrew her fingers and both ladies removed their gloves.

Lori then handed her the saucer and told her to feed it to me while she cleaned me up and put my tube back on. The saucer was placed in front of my mouth and I immediately started licking my spunk up. Ashley watched with rapt attention telling my wife how hot this whole scene had made her. My wife then shocked me once again by telling her that I would be glad to eat her to orgasm. With that she clicked the lock shut and started releasing me. I followed them downstairs to the den and was told to fix them both a drink.

When I returned, Lori was sitting with her legs spread wide fucking herself with a large vibrator while Ashley was gently stroking the lips of her hairless pussy. My Mistress pointed to Ashley and told me that she needed some attention and to get busy. I dropped to my knees and eagerly started licking and sucking the younger woman's sweet pussy. In just a very short time she was humping my face and exploded in orgasm. She literally flooded my mouth and face with her thick, creamy, secretions. Her come was thicker and more copious than my wife's and had a different taste. Not that it was bad, just different.

As I finished licking her clean, my wife ordered me between her legs and I licked and sucked her clit as she worked the vibe in and out of her pussy until she too exploded in orgasm. After licking her clean, I sat back on the floor only to have Ashley lay me all the way down on my back and plant her hot pussy back on my mouth for more attention.

I ended up bringing both ladies to orgasm four times each before they were both spent. Ashley retired to our guest room and Lori and I to the Master Suite. After taking a quick shower and getting ready for bed, I took her in my arms and held her very close. In a few minutes she asked what I thought of the evening.

I told her that it was different to say the least. I continued by telling her that it was also extremely exciting and that it had made me so damned horny I didn't think I could stand it. I asked her what made her invite Ashley to join us. Over the next few minutes I was told that while she had no lesbian tendencies whatsoever, she had gotten turned on the first time Ashley had shown up to pierce me. She said that the thought of watching me pleasure another woman with my tongue really turned her own and that when Ashley had expressed an interest in learning how to dominate a man, she put her plan in motion.

I told her that the humiliation of having someone other than her milk me and feed me my semen was an extreme turn on. Lori then asked if I would like for Ashley to come back another time. I told her it was fine with me, but that it was her decision. She seemed to like this and drifted off to sleep. I lay there a few minutes, my imagination running wild. Who knew where this would go. All I knew was that I was definitely going along for the ride.

To be continued...
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