Another visit from Ashley and she brings a surprise

As my fingers stirred the marbles in the bottom of the bag, my eyes fell on the bowl containing nine blue marbles. I had now been denied for 46 days and was starting to really need an orgasm. I grasped one marble and started withdrawing my hand. Green please be green. My second choice would be for another blue. As my fingers cleared the top of the bag my heart sank. White. Not again. My wife/Mistress, Lori just gave me an evil grin and handed me the bowl. Reluctantly I poured the nine blues along with the white back in the bag and replaced it on the shelf.

My wife walked into the den, sat down on the sofa, opened her robe, spread her legs, and said, "Eat me". I quickly dropped to my knees between her legs and buried my face in her hot, wet pussy. I gently licked the creamy secretions from her pussy lips then ever so slowly worked my way up to her engorged clit, sucking the little button into my mouth then moving back to her pussy lips. After a few minutes of this her juices were really flowing and her pussy was opening up. I probed deeply into her hole with my tongue coaxing more pussy cream out then returned to her clit. I continued to alternate between tongue fucking her to sucking her clit until she exploded in orgasm and flooded my mouth with sweet tasting pussy cream. I gently licked her clean as she recovered.

Lori told me to bring the tool box to the playroom and meet her there. When I entered she handed me the wrist and ankle cuffs and I dutifully put them on then climbed up into position on the rack. She quickly secured me then opened the tool box. Taking and Allen wrench she removed my 1 inch ball stretcher. I must say that having it off for the first time in over a month felt really good. She massaged my balls a minute then picked up the inch and a half size and held it up to my sac. She then picked up the two inch and told me she thought that I could wear it with no problem. Lori then pulled my balls downward and with some difficulty closed the stretcher around my scrotum. She finished by inserting and tightening the Allen screws. Looking up she asked how that felt and I had to tell her it was a little uncomfortable. My balls were really trapped tightly in the bottom of my scrotum. My Mistress said that we would watch them closely and if they started swelling or turning blue or something, we would drop back to the smaller size.

She spent a few minutes bouncing them back and forth causing me to moan in pleasure and pain both. I then saw her remove the key from her neck and unlock my tube. My cock sprang immediately to erection. Lori then lube me up and began what would turn out to be over an hour of teasing and torment. She stroked slowly up and down until I was right on the edge then she would slap my balls until I calmed down followed by pinching the tip of my poor dick very hard between her thumb and forefinger. Over and over again she brought me to the edge then cruelly ruined the pleasure by torturing my cock and balls. After four or five cycles she would mount my face and have me lick and suck her beautiful pussy. Mercifully she finally tired of the game and I was actually thankful when the ice pack was applied to my tortured cock. I was soon locked away again.

Four days later I was pulling yet another blue marble from the bag. It was now fifty days since my last orgasm. This matched my longest period of denial and the bad news was that I wasn't going to come today. At least it was Sunday and I would get some small amount of relief when I was milked later tonight. Lori smiled as I dropped the blue marble into the bowl to join the three already there. My balls were very sore from the larger ball stretcher but hadn't swelled so the two incher was still in place and wasn't going anywhere until time to increase the size again. As my Mistress turned to go into the kitchen, she informed me that Ashley would be by later to help with my milking.

Hearing this caused mixed emotions in me. Ashley was a very attractive woman and I had enjoyed eating her to numerous orgasms a few weeks ago while my wife watched. Her pussy secretions had been thicker and more copious than my wife's. She also tasted a little different. Not bad, just different. I would relish the opportunity to pleasure her again. On the other hand when she had been here before the two ladies seemed to feed off of each other and I was really put through the ringer so to speak. My wife enjoyed the role of teacher and Ashley was an eager student. My fears were confirmed when Lori told me that Ashley had asked her about how she punished me and if she only did it when I was bad or if she did it just because it turned her on. I always thought that Ashley had a sadistic streak. I mean she pierced men's and women's genitals for a living. That should tell you something. I suddenly had a sick feeling in my stomach and my wife didn't help when she told me that I was in for a long, long evening.

I fixed some lunch and cleaned up after we ate. About 2 or so Ashley showed up. She immediately told Lori that thinking about torturing me had her so hot and wanted to know if I could eat her to orgasm right then. Lori grinned and told her that she needed to run some errands and would be gone for 2-3 hours. She handed her the key to my tube and told her to have fun as she was going out the door. Ashley stripped off her shorts, sat back on the sofa, spread her legs, and told me to eat her out. I dropped to my knees and began pleasuring her dripping pussy. Her juices were literally running down her legs and when her pussy lips opened up, there was also a large amount of creamy, off-white, mucous pooled inside. I ran my tongue inside and scooped some of the goo out. It had a slightly different taste than from what I remembered from before, but it wasn't bad, just different. I continued to alternate between licking her juices and eating her cream until she flooded my mouth with even more pussy cream mixed with thinner juice. I gently licked her until she regained her composure.

She stood up and removed her top then told me to meet her in the playroom. I knew then she was far from through with me and I was slightly shocked that my wife had left me with her.

After I was secured to the frame, she removed my tube and began slowly stroking my hard cock. The whole time she was bringing me closer and closer she was asking me if I liked the way she tasted. I assured her that I truly loved eating her cream. As I neared orgasm, she stopped stroking leaving me thrusting in thin air. After all it had been fifty days and to say that I was horny was an understatement.

After I recovered, she started again with both the stroking and the dirty talk. After the fifth or sixth cycle, she mounted my mouth and had me eat her to another very wet orgasm. She recovered and resumed my torment. As she stroked me she asked me again how she tasted and again I told her very good. She asked if it was different than when she first arrived and although I hadn't thought about it, I had to admit that the first creamy secretions I had eaten from her pussy did taste a little stronger and saltier. Just as I was about to come she removed her hand and squeezed my balls telling me that she had let her boyfriend fuck her right before she came over. Continuing she laughingly told me that I had eaten his come out of her pussy.

The reality hit me and made me a little mad. I was also humiliated. I looked at her and she not to worry, she wouldn't tell anyone else. She then informed me that Lori knew all about it and was in on the plan. With that she again started bringing me to the edge of orgasm only to be denied again. My mind was reeling. I didn't know what I thought about the situation. My wife knew and approved. Worst of all I wasn't nearly as disgusted as I felt I should be.

I had absolutely no desire to have a homosexual experience but eating another man's creampie had not been the total turn-off I thought it would be. In fact my cock was still just as hard as it had been before I was told. I didn't know what to think. I also didn't know what to expect when Lori returned. Would she bring it up? Should I? Would Ashley? Would I be forced to do this again? Would I be told she had another man's load in her pussy or would she just mount my mouth and force me to eat it? What if I was not restrained and she told me to eat her creampie? Would I do it? If I didn't would my Mistress punish me? So many questions and I couldn't come up with a single answer. I guess time would tell.

I was brought back to reality by a burning desire to blow my wad but once again the pleasure giving hand was removed just in time. Lori was right. I was truly in for a long, long, evening.

A few minutes later my wife appeared, quickly stripped off her clothes, and mounted my mouth while Ashley continued to tease and torment my cock and balls. From time to time, Lori would ask me if I enjoyed eating Ashley's cum filled pussy earlier which only added to my humiliation. Much to my displeasure my cock would, if anything, get harder. I was truly turned on by humiliation and both of the ladies had figured that out.

Over the next several hours, I was teased, tortured, and humiliated. They started calling me their little cum eater. God I was embarrassed and excited at the same time. My only respite was when I was released to fix dinner and clean up. I was then told to prepare myself for my milking. Ashley handled the milking as my lovely wife watched, giggling in delight as I started dripping come from my cock before Ashley ever touched my prostate. Just her fingers penetrating my ass started my stream. Again I was humiliated and turned on at the same time.

At last the long evening was over and Ashley left but as she left she said that she might bring me another creampie tomorrow. I felt myself blush as the words rolled off her tongue.

Lori and I retired to the master suite where we cleaned up and crawled into bed. My wife guided my head down between her legs and had me lick her to another orgasm as she told me how hot it made her to think about me eating another man's come from Ashley's pussy. With that she exploded in orgasm and fell fast asleep as I gently licked her clean. I crawled up, took her in my arms and thought about the events of the evening. I realized that being totally controlled by a strong, beautiful, woman or in this case two of them is what was turning me on. Tricking me into eating her boyfriend's semen was only the result. I drifted off to sleep wondering if she was truly coming back tomorrow and if I really wanted her too.

To be continued...
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