The party starts with Candi as the maid

I did my best to make it over to the door, but the combination of the lightheadedness I was experiencing and the stability issues I had with the 5" heels I was wearing made it extremely difficult to concentrate. Apparently I was taking too long as I felt another burst of electricity flow through my "SLUT" collar, which was enough motivation to clear my mind and speed up my learning curve on the steep heels.

Just before I reached out for the door, my Master realized he had forgotten something. He ordered me to wait and rushed up the stairs, then quickly came back down. He threw something black at me and told me to put them on, quickly. I looked at them and saw that they were elbow length black gloves with pink lace bows scattered around them. Just the thing I needed to complete my outfit and my humiliation, apparently.

With the gloves on I again reached out for the door. I opened it to see not just the one person that I was dreading to see, but four people. Two couples, to be exact. The expressions on their faces were some combination of lust and shock, I'd say, once they caught site of their "entertainment" for the night. The men were both dressed in expensive looking suits while the eye candy on their arms were wearing their little black dresses and were sporting plenty of expensive looking jewelry. My Master obviously had some connections with the higher classes of the city - and apparently the higher classes of the city were perverts.

I brought the door wide open and repeated the curtsy that was now engrained in my brain, which delighted the women who nearly doubled over laughing. In my best girl voice (which was also becoming quite convincing, sadly), I welcomed the group to the party.

"Hello and welcome to my Master's party. My name is Candi and I will be at your service for tonight. Please allow me to take your coats and don't hesitate to ask me if there is anything that I may do to make your time more enjoyable tonight."

With wide smiles on their faces, the couples passed by me and made their way inside. I felt them staring at me as I closed the door and took their coats, then made my way up the stairs. As I was going up the stairs a glove fell out of one of the coats and I cursed under my breath. Hoping no one had noticed I tried to quickly kneel and pick it up, but I heard my Master clear his throat to get my attention and then felt a zap come through my collar. I straightened myself back up and slowly bent over at my waist to pick up the glove, then paused while completely bent over and exposed. I heard one of the women below snicker and comment.

"Oh my, look at that! She has a juicy looking pussy! And look at those crotchless panties... Kelly, don't you have some similar to those?"

The other woman, apparently named Kelly, giggled and responded, "Oh yes, and my Kevin certainly loves to keep them on me while he fucks me. He goes crazy over things like that, just turns into an animal... I usually can't even walk the next day!"

I looked down through the railing and saw the man they were referring to as Kevin and noticed a significant bulge showing through his suit pants. Just from that massive bulge alone I shuttered as I thought of the size of the monster he was harnessing inside. I shook my head to clear those thoughts, picked up the glove that had fallen and hurried up the stairs to the guest room.

I placed the coats on the guest room bed, then turned and caught another glimpse of myself in the mirror. Once again I couldn't believe that it was really me hiding under that ridiculously sexy maid's uniform. If I were a girl in a club I wouldn't have to worry about paying for a drink, I'd just have to worry about how I was going to get all of these guys to stop talking to me. I once again lifted up the front of my skirt and examined my new pussy, which was still amazing at how perfect and realistic it appeared. I put down my skirt and let my hands caress my breasts, giving the nipples and small pinch through the corset and feeling the metal again grip my real nipple underneath. That snapped me back into reality and I told myself to quit being so stupid, that I needed to realize that I was a captive here and that I was being forced into all of this. As I thought about everything I again came to the realization that I was supposed to be the "entertainment" for the night and that the men would be looking at me with hard cocks that they'd want me to "entertain" with my holes. I had to get out of here.

As I was bringing the coats up the stairs I had heard the keys of the Lexus out in the parking lot jingling in one of the pockets. I stuck my gloved hand in one of the pockets, but it was the wrong one. Suddenly I found myself on the floor, electricity coursing through my body from the source of the collar. My Master walked in and finally turned off the collar punishment.

"What the fuck are you doing? Are you stealing from my guests?! To save me the embarrassment, I'm not going to let them know about this little incident directly, but let it be known to you that you will be punished for that later on tonight. Kevin is a good friend of mine and has been coming to my parties for years, and I know he gets off on punishing cunts like you. Now get the fuck back downstairs and always know that I'm watching you, Candi."

I choked back a few tears, both from the zapping of the collar and the realization that I was stuck here for the night in a house that would soon be full of perverts looking at me like some kind of sex toy. I slowly walked back downstairs and, as I made it to the bottom step, once again heard the doorbell ring. I walked to the door and opened it to find a hulk of a black man on the other side. My jaw dropped a bit just from the sheer size of him, his muscles straining to bust out of his suit just as my breasts were straining to bust out of my corset. He looked me up and down and smiled... not one of those heart warming smiles that make you feel at home, but more of an evil smile that made me feel uncomfortable and abused, like he was raping me just with his eyes alone.

I did my curtsy as instructed, introduced myself and led him inside. He took off his coat and intentionally threw it on the ground. I looked to my Master with pleading eyes, but he simply looked down at the coat and shrugged his shoulders with a smirk on his face. I hated him.

I bent over at the waist and grabbed the coat with my hands, but before I could stand back up I felt some firm hands grasp me around the waist and hold me tightly. I tried to remove the hands but he was far, far too strong for me. He simply pulled me back into him and ground his soft, but obviously massive, cock against me. He was moaning and calling me his slut, his whore as his hands explored my body, keeping me bend over and feeling the stiffness starting to mount in his cock. It couldn't have been fully hard yet but it already felt bigger than any of the dildos my Master had made me take in my pussy and mouth down in his dungeon. My heart was racing as I begged for him to let me go, squirming in his massive hands but to no avail. Finally his hands were at my breasts and he squeezed them with what felt like all of his might, the teeth of the metal at my real nipples feeling like it was going to rip them off as I screamed out. At long last my Master came forward.

"Now Jerome, don't get her too excited, you know how these go. We can't have you breaking her in before she's ready like the last time you were at one of my parties - that girl couldn't walk for a good week and was never the same, which is why I had to go and find Candi here. She loves cock, but I don't know if she's ready for the kind of pipe you're packing away in there."

In the deepest voice I'd ever heard, Jerome responded,

"Oh I was just havin some fun, man. No need to get upset - besides, I think she liked it."

With that he let me go, but then he gave me a firm smack on my ass to send me up the stairs.

"When you get back down here, make me a fuckin drink, slut."

And that's how the night went for the next three hours or so. Periodically the doorbell would ring and everyone would go silent to watch me and hear me greet the newest attendees to the party, then laugh as they would watch me curtsy and speak in my girly voice. I retrieved what seemed like hundreds of drinks and cleaned up a mess here and there, which I swore people were making on purpose just to make me get down on my knees to clean them.

Every once in a while, I'd be walking to get a drink or put a coat away and someone would molest me with their hands. I was walking back to the kitchen at one point and suddenly someone grabbed me around the waist and pulled me down on his lap. With the heels I was wearing I couldn't keep my footing or regain any kind of control once I was down, and once I was on the couch it felt like the wolves were descending on me. Underneath me I felt a bare cock against my ass, grinding against my pussy, aching to find its way inside. Above me was a man and a woman, her pulling his cock out and stroking it inches from my face as I struggled to get up while everyone around me laughed and cheered them on. Finally I was able to get my footing, stood up and stormed off, angrier than I've ever been that I was being put through this embarrassment. Something similar to that event happened a few more times throughout the night, each time making me more angry than the last, but any time I would speak out or try to lash out at someone I would be put to my knees from the shock collar around my neck - a constant reminder to be polite and courteous to my Master's guests.

As the night went on I noticed that more and more people were making their way over to those mysterious papers with my name at the top of each, and each time I tried making my way over to read what they were, I would be pulled away by something. Finally the party seemed to hit a bit of a lull and I was able to see what the papers were all about, and when I got the chance to read them, my heart sunk. I couldn't believe my eyes... this was some kind of sick joke. It had to be.

At the top of the desk was a piece of paper that read: "CANDI'S FIRST AUCTION -- BID BELOW"

Then, across the desk were what looked to be about ten papers, each paper an auction for a different act. I leafed through the papers rapidly, not believing that this could really be happening. To be the entertainment and to be humiliated in front of these people was one thing, but for my Master to take things to this level? I looked at paper after paper, the acts that I would be made to perform were burned in my mind as I saw multiple bids written down for each one. People were actually in bidding wars to make me perform sexual acts for them. This was ludicrous. I was stuck in a nightmare that was only going to get worse.

"Candi's First Handjob" - the leading bid was currently at $300.

"Candi's First Facial" - the leading bid was currently at $750.

"Candi's First Swallow" - the leading bid was currently at $1,450.

"Candi's First Spanking" - the leading bid was currently at $400.

"Candi's Virginity" - the leading bid was currently at a whopping $5,300.

"Candi's First Pussy to Mouth" - the leading bid was currently at $2,300.

"Candi's First Mouth and Pussy Fucking" - the leading bid was currently from a combo of people at $6,000.

"One Half Hour With Candi, Anything Goes" - the leading bid was currently at $9,000.

"One Hour With Candi, Anything Goes" - the leading bid was currently at $12,000.

"One Night With Candi, Anything Goes" - the leading bid was a ridiculous $26,000.

My head was spinning. These people obviously had money to blow and they were going to blow it on me.

I stumbled blindly through the living room, not being able to focus on practically anything. Not paying attention I bumped into a small group of women, making one spill her drink. She turned and slapped me hard across the face. Tears welled in my eyes, but she didn't care as she berated me in front of everyone.

"You stupid bitch, watch where you're fucking walking! I just spilled my drink on these shoes, which are worth more than your fucking life, and so help you if they are ruined. Get down there and lick them clean, slut!"

She pointed down at the ground as I slowly eased down to my hands and knees. I put my face down to her heels and stuck my tongue out and slowly started to lick the alcohol off of her shoes. I could hear the women laughing from above me and felt a crowd forming around us. The women fed off of the attention and decided to go further. The woman I had bumped into started taking control and barking orders to the other three.

"Amanda, grab her hands. Erin, get her left leg. Melissa, get her right leg."

Suddenly I felt hands all over me, restraining all of my movements and keeping me down on the ground with my legs spread and my hands behind my back. On the ground in front of me I suddenly saw a black piece of cloth fall and recognized it as the dress that the woman I had severely pissed off had been wearing. Quickly after that a smaller piece of cloth fell, which appeared to be her black thong... It was dropped so close to my face that I could smell her pussy juices on them. She was obviously getting horny from being at this party and now from having all of the attention.

"Damn, Britney - you've been working out!" Came a shout from the back. Britney... the bitch's name was Britney. Figures, I had an ex once that was named Britney and she was a bitch too.

In front of me I saw something that I normally would be ecstatic to see. Britney was now on all fours in front of me, her ass and pussy on full display for me to see and her breasts now free and hanging down from her chest. Amanda, who had my hands, picked me up and led me towards Britney's holes. Once I was close enough I reached my tongue out and tried to lick Britney's pussy lips, but she pulled away.

"Ah, ah, ah, Candi. Wrong hole!"

I tried to resist and to pull back, but there were hands all over me. Eventually another woman came into view - it was Kelly, one of the first that I had let in to the party, as she straddled my back and shoved my face into Britney's glorious and firm ass. The crowd cheered as they watched my face disappear into her cheeks, then cheered more as they watched the expression on Britney's satisfied face, signaling that I had started licking her asshole.

Once I had been licking her ass for a solid five minutes, she finally pulled away and the women flipped me over on my back. Before I could catch my breath Britney was back on top of me, her ass and pussy once again in my face. She was turned around with her front facing towards my body as she used her legs to pin down my arms, then she lowered her pussy down on my face. I started to panic as it became impossible to breath and began to scream into her pussy. Finally she lifted off of me and just said one word before sinking back down.


As she lowered back down, panic set in once again. Not having anything to do, I began to furiously lick at her pussy. As I did I noticed that she started to grind along my face and, as she was grinding, I was periodically able to get a short breath. Anytime I stopped licking, she stopped grinding and I was again stuck suffocating underneath her. It was such an evil game that she was playing but I could tell from the massive amount of juices flowing from her pussy that she was obviously enjoying it immensely.

While all of this was going on I felt the other women lifting up my legs and spreading them apart. Britney was nearing orgasm and momentarily lifted off of me, and I was terrified by the glimpse of what I saw. There was Kelly, now stripped down to just her black panties, with what looked to be about a 7" dildo strapped on to her and a huge smile across her face. Before I could take in what I was seeing, Britney's pussy was back across my face demanding for more attention from my tongue, which I had no choice but to give.

Suddenly I felt something cold at the entrance to my pussy, wiggling and squirming around. I had felt this enough before already to know that there were some lubed fingers trying to make their way inside of me. I resisted for a short amount of time, but Britney noticed and firmly gripped my nipples and began to twist them, causing the teeth of the metal on my nipples to twist and make me scream. During this time I was distracted, allowing the slippery fingers deep inside of me, exploring my pussy as the crowd applauded and the women giggled.

The fingers were rapidly removed, only to feel something much, much larger at my opening. Resisting was just causing me pain, I deduced, so I offered none this time. Britney had her third orgasm, by my count, and apparently was finished with me for the time being so she lifted off of me. I looked in front of me and saw Erin and Melissa still holding my legs wide while Britney and Amanda now cheered on Kelly, who was slowly inching all 7 inches of her strap-on deep inside me.

I groaned to the delight of the crowd and Amanda quickly disrobed and took the place that Britney had left vacant. Her pussy was shaven, but not as finely as Britney's as I felt the tiny hairs rub against me, feeling like tiny needles as she started to grind against my tongue and nose to her first orgasm.

Kelly finally had the entire dildo shoved inside of me and slowly started to bring it out, then repeated the painfully slow process a few more times. Satisfied with her progress, I felt her grip my waist and start to increase the pace. At the same time, Amanda must have been turned on by the sight as she grabbed my breasts to stabilize herself and allow her to grind faster on me, which caused me incredible pain.

Now Kelly was at a furious pace of fucking my pussy and Amanda was a blur on top of my face. Four women all naked, all around me... two weeks ago I would have thought I was in heaven, but now I felt like I was in the depths of hell and sinking deeper. The crowd was chanting for them each to go faster, harder, deeper and they were more than happy to oblige as I could hear the balls of the strap-on smacking against my legs and the sloshing of Amanda's wet pussy sliding along my mouth.

They finally began to taper down, then Amanda and Kelly both released from me at the same time, laying down as they were spent. The crowd allowed me to lie there, everyone taking in the sights. I looked around and saw at least a dozen video cameras and countless camera phones snapping pictures of me, cum covering my face mixed in with my running makeup, my pussy gaping underneath the crotchless panties.

My Master picked me up and led me to the bathroom, then placed my purse down on the sink.

"Fix your makeup and get back out here. The real fun is going to start soon."

He closed the door behind him and I looked at myself in the mirror. I was a mess, pussy juices were mixing with my blush and eye shadow, my makeup was smeared across my face. I took a few wet wipes from the container in my purse and wiped everything away, then took out a tube of the hot pink lipstick. I slowly applied the lipstick to my lips as I had seen my Master do earlier in the day, wondering what this lipstick would be smeared on next...
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