He comes home to a new life as a submissive cuckold

Note: This is a story in the dominant wife & submissive husband genre also known as cuckold genre. If such scenarios bother you or do not interest you, I suggest that you read another story.

Lynn and I are both in our fifties. This is the second marriage for both of us. Lynn keeps herself in good shape by working out regularly. She has short sassy brown hair, lovely brown eyes and ample D cup breasts. I am a tall, large-boned man. I am attracted to take-charge women. I have a lot of responsibility in my professional life and it is nice to have someone call the shots at home. Also, for as long as I can remember I have had fantasies of the woman in my life openly having sex with other men. I have shared this fantasy with Lynn, but she always claimed that it was not something that she would be comfortable doing. I had resigned myself to the probability that this would always be just a fantasy.

It is Friday morning, the last day of the conference. I am looking forward to finishing the work at noon and then flying back to my wife, Lynn. As I am waiting for the morning session to start, I check my e-mail and find a message from Lynn.


I hope you know that I love you. I have been a bad girl, but you keep telling me that is what you want. I hope you meant it!

Last night I didn't want to be home alone, so I went to the Barley Room. I just felt like being a single girl on the make again. It felt strange and exciting to be at a bar by myself. I got a drink and sat at the bar and checked out the guys. There was this one good looking guy, probably early 40's and built just like I like my men. Our eyes met and I smiled at him.

After a few minutes and a couple more glances, he came over and asked me to join him at a table in the corner. My heart was racing as he took my hand and led me to the table. His name was Roy. We had a couple of drinks while we chatted, just the usual getting to know each other stuff. While we talked, he made a point of touching me flirtingly. I enjoyed the attention and touched him, too.

After awhile, he put his hand on my thigh at the edge of my skirt. "What does your husband think about you flirting with other men?"

I told him I have not done this before, but that you tell me that I deserve to enjoy other men. At that he just smiled and slid his hand under my skirt up to my pussy. I was surprised and turned on. Without thinking I spread my legs a little to give him access. He leaned in and kissed me deep while his finger caressed the thin fabric over my pussy...

You will have to wait till you get back to hear the rest!!

I hope you are not mad.

Love, Lynn

I am stunned by this note. I have always fantasized about Lynn having other lovers, but I had given up hope that it would actually happen. There was no doubt about what my cock thought of this. Even though I was in a public place, it was hard as a rock. I just hoped that no one noticed. I didn't have time to write a long reply, so I just wrote a quick note.



I hope you and Roy had a good time. I'm eager to hear more about you two!

See you tonight,

Love, Stephen

The meeting started up, so I tried to get the sexy images out of my mind and focus on the task at hand. It was almost impossible. I kept wondering what Roy looks like. I imagined Lynn kissing him. I imaged her sucking on his cock. I imagined how it felt for Roy if she spread her legs for him. I wondered how far Lynn would go with a stranger. Is she just playing with me? It was hard to focus on work, but eventually the morning ends. Before I headed off to the airport, I checked my e-mail. She had written again.


I hope you were able to focus this morning. I am looking forward to your return. I have a special evening planned!



I couldn't wait to get home, but there was no way to speed things up. I grabbed some lunch and then drove to the airport. The trip back seemed never ending. I tried to read to pass the time, but my mind keeps wondering about you and Roy. I kept wondering what you two did. I imagined all the fun and naughty things the two of you could have done together. It turned me on to think of you doing these things with another man. It is hard to explain, but it feels right for you to take a lover. You deserve so much pleasure and I know I do not satisfy all your needs.

My flight finally touched down. I was eager to get home. Every little delay drove me mad. I was so anxious to see you. I wanted to hold you and hear about your lover. Finally, I pulled into the garage and saw that there was a note on the door into the house.


I am glad you made it home safely. Roy and I are having dinner and we will be back at 8. You have two choices.

Leave now and spend the night in a cheap motel. If that is what you choose, expect to be thrown out from time to time while I entertain lovers. You will know you have a naughty wife like you want, but I will never share the details that I know you are dying to hear.

Go up to our room. There is a chair there and a bunch of bondage gear. When we get back, you will be naked, blindfolded, gagged and bound to the chair the best you can. Don't worry if you can't completely restrain yourself, Roy will finish the job.

Well, there really was no choice, but I had to hurry. They were due home in about 15 minutes. I rushed upstairs to the bedroom. One of the kitchen chairs was by the window. On the seat are our handcuffs, wrist and ankle cuff, blindfolds and a ball gag. I strip off my clothes and quickly clean myself up as best I can in a couple minutes. I go over to the chair, move the equipment and sit down. I tie two of the cuffs to the legs of the chair and fasten the cuffs to my ankles. Next I put on the ball gag as I wonder whether Lynn or Roy bought that. I take the handcuffs and run them through the poles in the back of the chair. Next I put on the blindfold. I put my hands behind the chair and use the left hand to close the handcuffs on the right wrist. As I am struggling to get the cuffs to lock over the left wrist, I hear the garage door open. I take a deep breath and figure that Lynn will lock the last cuff.

I hear Lynn and Roy laughing as they come in through the garage and up the stairs.

"There's your husband obediently waiting for us just like you said he would."

I feel a strong hand shove me against the back of the chair as he closes the other handcuff around my wrist. "Get the rope."

"Yes, Master." Master? Lynn is calling him Master?

"Help me finish tying him to the chair." I feel ropes being wrapped around my torso and the back of the chair so that I completely immobile. Lynn pinches my nipple and says "I hope you enjoy listening to us tonight." When Roy is done with the ropes, he whispers in my ear, "Your wife likes to be controlled sometimes, but you are not man enough to do it. Tonight you get to listen as I use her as my slut and have her do things for me that she won't do for you!"

I feel a moment of panic. What have I done? Do I really want to be here? Do I really want Lynn to give herself to another man? My cock, though, has no doubt as it gets rock hard.

"Lighting candles? That's a nice touch, slut. Now slowly strip for me!"

I hear the light switch and then the sound of a shoe hitting the floor. For the next few minutes, I hear various sounds of clothes slowly coming off and appreciative sounds from Roy. I am taken aback that Lynn is okay with being called a slut and ordered around. I wonder what she is wearing. Which bra will she be taking off for Roy, which panties will she shove down her legs as she gets ready to give herself to him.

"Lovely, now get down and undo my shoes." I hear the sound of a shirt coming off along with the sounds to shoes hitting the floor. "No, don't get up. Stay down on your knees and take off my pants." I hear the sounds of belt buckles and such being undone. It is hard for me to believe that Lynn would behave so meekly, but she clearly is. "I want your cock, Master." I hear the pants hit the floor and get shoved away.

"No, first you will kiss my balls! .... Hmm, gently take them in your mouth one at a time. ... Caress my ass while you do that! .... Lick your finger and shove it in my asshole while you suck my balls!"

What?!? Lynn is not complaining. From Roy's moans it sounds like she is doing just as he told her to do. She has never played with my ass. I would never expect her to. It is a part of my submission to her that I pleasure her ass, but she does not reciprocate. I feel more submissive to Lynn than ever knowing that she will please Roy that way, but not me. I feel very jealous and yet feel that this is the way that it should be.

"Lick and kiss my cock! ... Yes, it feels good when you run your tongue along the shaft."

"Tell me how you like it. I want to be a good slut!"

"Do you want my cock?"


"Why? You have a husband."

"Your cock is so much more ... uh ... powerful!"

I feel shame at hearing Lynn say this, but I know that it is true. I feel glad that she is getting a strong virile cock.

"Open your mouth and take it deep!"

"No, I will gag on it!"

"I don't care! I am going to fuck your mouth!"

I hear Lynn's struggling to suppress her gag. I hear rhythmic groans from Roy. He must be forcing his dick down Lynn's throat. I want to come to her rescue, but I can't. As this goes on, it seems like Lynn is not struggling with it so much. This is torture. I feel so helpless. Roy groans are getting more insistent and then he yells, "Aargh! Swallow it, bitch!" I can't imagine Lynn swallowing his cum. "Yeah, that's a good slut." "Oh, Roy! I love the taste of your cum!"

What?!? That can't be my wife! She has made it clear that she would never taste my cum.

I hear them collapse on the bed. I imagine the sight of Lynn cuddling with another man. I am filled with envy. I love to cuddle with Lynn after I have come. It is such a time a comfort and rest. Now Roy is getting that joy. After a few minutes, I hear the sounds of kissing and gentle moans of pleasure from Roy.

"I love touching your body, Master. It is so strong and manly."

I can imagine Lynn gently caressing Roy. It is a very sensual image. Strangely, the jealousy has passed. I am now just very turned on. My helpless cock is bursting with desire, but can get no relief.

"I love to play with your cock, feel it grow in my hands."

"That's a good slut."

A few more minutes pass. There are sounds of pleasure from both Roy and Lynn. My cock wishes desperately that Lynn was playing with it.

"Fuck me, Roy! I need this big cock in me!"

There is a sudden change in Roy's tone from loving to aggressive.

"When I wanted to fuck your mouth, you tried to resist me, bitch! You need to be punished. Get across my knees, now!"

"I'm sorry, master! I'll be good. I want to please you!"

Smack! I have spanked Lynn a few times, but it was more play spanking – never anything that sounded like that. Smack! Smack!

"Yes, Master! I deserve this."

Smack! Smack! I hear a whimper of pain from Lynn, but then I hear Lynn moan with pleasure for a couple of minutes. Then a few more smacks and then more moans of pleasure. Roy must be alternating between spanking her and doing something nice to her.

"Who's in charge, bitch!"

"You are, Master!"

Smack! Smack! The pattern of spanking and pleasing goes on. I can't believe that Lynn is submitting to this.

"Master, please fuck me! I need your cock!"

Smack! "I don't care what you want, bitch! You are just my fuck toy!" Smack! Smack!

"Use me! "

"Get on your knees, slut"

I hear them shuffling around on the bed. I can imagine Lynn's ass in the air. I wish that I was the one that was going to take her doggy style, but am also glad that Lynn's pussy will get a better pounding than I can do.

"Ugh! Yes, take my pussy!"

I wish I could see Roy's cock sliding into Lynn's pussy. I hear them get into a rhythm. Lynn is moaning with pleasure in time to Roy's masculine groans. I hear their bodies slapping against each other. This goes on and on. I can't believe Roy's stamina.

After what seems like forever, Lynn's lets out a surprised yell, "Oh, yes! Finger my ass! "

"No, I am going to fuck your ass!"

"Yes, Yes! Fuck my ass!"

I can hear that they are stopping for a moment. He must be getting his cock in position to take Lynn's ass. I feel a pang of loss. Till now, I am the only person to have fucked her ass. Now Roy will have the pleasure of her tight rear hole.

"Oh! Fill me! Your cock feels so good back there!"

With that, I hear them start to slowly fuck. I can hear that they are both enjoying it. I remember the wonderful feel of her asshole. It is hard to describe my feelings: jealousy, pride in my wife, humiliation, yearning, and most of all arousal. It all feels right, though. I have yearned to be totally submissive to Lynn.

The sounds and smells of sex fill the air. Moans and groans of pleasure come from both Roy and Lynn. It keeps on for what seems like forever.

"Play with your pussy, slut!"

I can imagine Lynn reaching back to rub her clit. I can hear Lynn's breathing slowly change. She is getting near. Smack! Smack!

"Not yet! Don't cum till I tell you to!"

They keep at it for a few more minutes. It sounds like they are both getting close.

"Cum for me, bitch!"

"Yes! Yes! Fill me ass! "


They have come together. I hear them collapse on the bed as their breathing slowly comes back to normal. I hear the sounds of gentle cuddling and kissing that seems to go on forever.

"That was wonderful, Roy. I need to be taken and used sometimes."

I can hear them kiss some more.

"I want a part of you that I don't have to share with your husband."

"My ass is yours. He can't fuck that anymore."

"Hear that, hubby? Her ass is off-limits. Understand?"

I reluctantly nod. This is a hard pill to swallow. Her ass was the one part of Lynn that only I had enjoyed and now it was off limits. Yet it felt right that Lynn took that away from me since I am not the man that Roy is.

"I want to be alone with you now, Roy. Let's get Stephen into the guest room."

They come over and free me from the chair. They lead me still blindfolded, handcuffed and gagged into the guest room and Roy shoves onto the bed. My feet are tied to the handcuffs so that I am hogtied and helpless. Lynn puts a pillow under my head and kisses my cheek. She grabs my rock hard cock. "I knew you would like this, not that you have a choice anymore." As they leave the room, Roy sarcastically says, "Sweet dreams while I enjoy your wife for the rest of the night."

I am left alone with my thoughts. I am scared. Will Lynn leave me for Roy? I am aroused at the thought of Lynn giving herself to another man. I want Lynn. She has put me in my place and that makes her even more desirable. My cock is so hard that it hurts. I want to serve her. I wish my face was buried in her pussy while I gently lick her well-used cunt and tell her how much I love her. I am sad that I will no longer be able to fuck her ass. I fall asleep wishing that I was spooning Lynn.

I wake in the morning as I feel Lynn untying my ankles and slip off my blindfold but she leaves me gagged and handcuffed. She is still naked and has the look of a woman who has been well fucked.

"I hope you know that I still love you. Do you still love me?"

I nod yes.

"Good. I love our marriage. I love that you are a gentle, selfless lover. I love taking charge in bed with you. I love that you are so kind and generous."

As I hear these words, I begin to relax. My cock comes to life. Lynn sees that and gently takes it in her hand and lightly strokes it. I moan in response as my cock becomes rock hard.

"I love teasing you, seeing you desperate for it, like you are now, and being able to say, No!" She takes her hand away from my horny cock.

"There is a part of me, though, that sometimes wants to be submissive and roughly taken by a dominant man. You are too kind and thoughtful to take me the way I want to be taken. That's why I love you and that's why I want a man like Roy in my life. Do you understand?"

I nod yes.

"I'm so glad. Now let's free you so that you can gently soothe my sore pussy with your tongue."

Once free, I bury my face between Lynn's legs and gently kiss her pussy. After a few minutes, Lynn gently runs her fingers through my hair.

"I love being spoiled by you, Stephen."

"I love spoiling you, Lynn."

"That's good. After we clean up, you are going to take me shopping for sexy things for me to wear for Roy."
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