Heather wasnt taking no for an answer

Chapter 1 -- Heather & The Freshman

Heather opened the door to her empty dorm room and walked in. The giggling girl beside her clung to her arm and walked in with her. Heather left the main lights off but turned on the small lamp on her desk. Her roommate Kelly and her had a decent sized room for it merely being a single room. As Seniors, they totally could have requested to live in a suite in another dorm, but they had their reasons for wanting to remain in this dorm of mostly new students.

Heather led the other girl over to her bed on the left side. She sat down and then patted the bed next to her. "Have a seat, Kristen," she said with a smile.

Kristen smiled back and slowly sat down. The nerves were beginning to set in, and while Kristen was trying not to show it, Heather could see them clearly. After all, Kristen was not the first freshman that Heather had brought back to her room.

When she was a freshman herself, Heather's roommate was a gorgeous girl named Lisa. They were friends, but never that close because Heather was careful not to let Lisa know she was a lesbian. Lisa was a typical straight girl, and Heather was pretty sure discovering that her roommate was a lesbian, let alone a lesbian who was a Domme that enjoyed BDSM, would completely freak her out. Heather met Kelly the first week of school. It didn't take long for Heather and Kelly to realize how similar they were. They had never been lovers, due to both of them needing to Domme and be in control, but they became best friends before the first month of school had finished.

About two months into school, Heather and Kelly were at a party that Lisa also was attending. In a night that would change their college lives, Heather and Kelly witnessed in shock as a Senior girl slowly got Lisa drunk and took her up to her room. The process was amazing. It was almost as if something inside Lisa was just looking for the excuse to let this happen one night.

Of course, at first, there was no proof that what Heather and Kelly suspected had happened actually did occur. Lisa would only look flustered and claim she didn't remember. Then, Heather and Kelly had the pleasure of having a conversation with the Senior a few weeks later. After some convincing, the girl shared a few details. The one certain thing was that it had been an amazing night.

From then on, Heather and Kelly plotted to start applying what they learned on the following year's freshmen. Rather than having to try and find the rare lesbian girl that came to the school, hoping she'd be into subbing, they would plan on seducing young freshmen for one-night flings. The Senior had told them both that almost 90% of freshmen girls coming to college were just looking for an excuse to be with a girl once. It was a curiosity that they were desperate to explore, but needed an excuse to say why they did it. Alcohol and being seduced was all the excuse they needed.

During their sophomore year, Heather and Kelly managed to seduce several girls separately. They would love getting together, talking about the details of the past weekend together. Both of the girls grew in their Domme tendencies.

Their Junior year, they made a bet. The bet was to see who would not only seduce the most girls, but have the most girls allow themselves to be tied up when they first made love to them. Heather had won that bet and the $100 that went with it. This year, their bet would require much more skill. The bet was who would be the first to turn a girl into their sex slave. While both Heather and Kelly had some of the girls they seduced come back for repeat visits, they never had been with one girl more than five times. As they had grown as Dommes, they wanted more. What better motivation for them to make it happen then to wager against one another?

This is what brought Kristen to Heather's room that night. Kristen would be the third freshmen Heather had slept with this year so far. The other two had pulled the typical "pretend it never happened" crap. With Kristen, Heather was hoping it'd be different. Kristen was a gorgeous brunette. She had a super thin frame, around 5'6". Her breasts weren't very big, but Heather always found that super cute. Kristen looked exactly how Heather would want her sub to look like.

Heather herself was only 5'3", but she had much more bust about her then Kristen. She had a strong frame, a tad muscular for someone as short as her. Her firm 34c bra size definitely made people turn their heads towards her often.

Since they roomed together, Heather and Kelly were able to work together who had the dorm each night. Luckily it wasn't even an issue this evening as Kelly was gone visiting her family until tomorrow afternoon. Heather had this cute little freshmen girl sitting on her bed with her the entire night, even the next morning if things went well.

Kristen was definitely nervous. As Heather gazed at her eyes, Kristen couldn't even stay staring back, but shyly looked down at the floor. 'She's so cute,' Heather thought. Heather reached out and brushed her hand through Kristen's hair, getting her to look back up. Heather smiled, and Kristen shyly returned the smile.

"Don't be nervous, beautiful," Heather reassuringly said. She then leaned forward, softly kissing Kristen's lips. After the short peck, she pulled back just an inch, before going forward again, this time softly parting their lips apart and slipping her tongue softly inside. She kept her eyes open, watching happily as Kristen closed hers and slowly began kissing her back.

The kiss didn't last long before Heather started using her body to push Kristen back on her bed. As Kristen's head lay against the pillow, Heather broke the kiss. She smiled down at Kristen while her hands began working near the bottom of the shirt. Heather rubbed her stomach a little before she started pulling the shirt up. Kristen began looking nervous again.

"Umm...I'm not so sure about this," came the words slowly spoken by Kristen, even while she let Heather pull off her shirt. Instinctively, Kristen placed her hands over her bra-covered breasts.

Heather swung her legs around Kristen's waist, straddling her. She smiled sweetly at Kristen, brushing her hand through Kristen's hair once more. "This will be amazing, I promise," whispered Heather, as she leaned down for another kiss. As they kissed, Kristen started softening a little again. Heather used the moment to gently move Kristen's hands up away from covering herself. She pushed them up towards the headboard, her eyes looking up from the kiss at what she was doing. Then, breaking the kiss, she expertly locked the cuffs she had around the bedpost around Kristen's wrists in two quick motions.

Kristen had barely recognized what Heather had done. Her reflexes were definitely slower from the alcohol she had consumed that night. Although she wasn't as drunk as Heather had once thought, as Kristen was demonstrating that much of her wits were still fairly clear. "Wha...Wha...What are you doing?" stammered Kristen as she lightly checked the restraints with soft pulling.

Gawd she was hot was all Heather could think, as she softly placed a finger on Kristen's lips, smiling sweetly. "Shh...I'm just making things more exciting for us," Heather softly spoke. "I promise you'll love this. Trust me."

After saying this, she reached around and unhooked Kristen's bra. She could no longer pull it off her arms, so Heather just pushed it up softly towards Kristen's neck. As she started lightly touching and rubbing Kristen's breasts, she purred softly, "Mmm...you are so beautiful, Kristen."

There were definitely still parts of Kristen that was feeling very tense. But Heather could see that she was enjoying the touching. "They're....they're not very big," Kristen shyly said, again much to the enjoyment of Heather.

"They're sexy as hell, and that's all that is important," replied Heather. "Big breasts don't make sexy...but you...mmm...you have it all, girl."

Kristen definitely liked the compliment as she smiled. Then, her face got nervous again as she watched Heather slowly lean down and give one of her nipples a few gentle licks. The moment Heather's tongue touched her, Kristen's whole body tensed up in reaction. Heather smiled, knowing Kristen had enjoyed that.

Heather sat back up, still straddling Kristen. She then grabbed at her own shirt, lifting it up off her head and tossing to the floor. She undid her bra next, tossing it with the shirt. She smiled as she let Kristen check her out a bit.

Kristen looked a mixture of nervous, excited, and real confused. "Err...shouldn't I...like...be able to touch you, too?" asked the inexperienced girl, who was clearly thinking to herself that this was not like anything she had ever imagined before in those dark little fantasies she was sure to have had.

"Well that would require undoing the cuffs silly, and you're looking way too cute to do that right now. But...," Heather began, purposely placing her hands beneath her own breasts, pushing them up slightly, " you can lick and suck on them if you want." She then leaned forward while sliding up on Kristen some, so that her breasts came right up to Kristen's mouth. From the look on Kristen's face, Heather knew this was not what she had expected. But, not ready to totally look lame in this Senior's eyes, Kristen didn't hesitate to much, and soon was giving one of Heather's breasts a few great licks, and even sucked on it a little bit before Heather pulled away.

"Mmm...you're pretty good at that," observed Heather playfully. "You've never done it before?"

Kristen blushed. "No," came the soft reply.

Heather stroked Kristen's cheek, leaned in and kissed her lips once more. She whispered, "Well, don't worry, it's just the first of many firsts tonight."

After this moment, Heather sat back up and swung her leg back around off of Kristen, so she was no longer straddling her but kneeling next to her on the bed. With a smile at Kristen, she began undoing the button and zipper to Kristen's jeans. Kristen bent and unbent her legs a few times nervously.

"What you so nervous about silly girl?" Heather asked playfully as she finished unzipping Kristen's jeans.

"Umm...I...I'm not sure I want to do this anymore," Kristen softly stated amidst her nerves.

It's not that Heather wasn't used to some preliminary objections, but usually not this late in the process. Still, Heather just smiled back at Kristen as she slid to the foot of the bed. "Oh, sure you are. You haven't even felt the best part yet," said Heather playfully, as she grabbed hold of the bottom of Kristen's jeans around both her ankles and began pulling them down and off.

Like a switch, the feeling of her jeans being pulled off set off a whole new level of nerves for Kristen. "No," objected Kristen. "Really....please...I ....I'm sorry. I don't want to make you upset or hate me, but I'm....I'm just not ready for this."

At this point, Heather was still dismissing all of this as Kristen's nervousness that would all melt away once the real pleasure began. So, Heather didn't stop pulling at her jeans and soon had them completely off even while Kristen was making this objection. She then just playfully smiled back at Kristen, wanting to try and ease her nerves. "Not ready?," teased Heather. "Oh....it sure looks like you're ready." As she made this last statement, she pressed a finger against Kristen's panties, pushing against her pussy and feeling the slight moistness that was bound to be there from all the nervous stimulation.

Kristen eyes widened greatly as she felt Heather do this. Her legs instinctively closed as she tried twisting her waist away. "No please," came the shocked little response. Kristen looked like she wanted to say more, but just couldn't form the words with all the different things racing through her head right then.

Heather just kept smiling and started rubbing Kristen's shins reassuringly. "Just relax, Kristen," Heather said. "You're getting yourself worked up, it'll be ok. Just let your mind go." Heather coached the girl, waited for her to stop twitching her legs as much, and then reached up quickly before Kristen could realize it, pulled down her panties all the way off, revealing a neatly trimmed little bush.

Seeing them come off, Kristen instantly tried crossing her legs to cover up as much as she could and gave a hard pull to her cuffs. "No no no..." came the quick little pleas of Kristen. "Please, I mean it, I'm just...I'm not ready to do this tonight. Please, I'm sorry...can you just let me go?"

Heather slid off the bed, standing beside it, staring at Kristen's naked form. She wanted to admire it, but first needed to try and calm the freaked out girl. Heather smiled, nodded her head and put a finger to Kristen's lips, which temporarily calmed her. "Shh...that's it," soothed Heather. "Patience, I'll let you go in a moment if you really want. But first, let me just see if I can make you more comfortable."

After saying this, Heather undid her own jeans, sliding them off of her, followed by her panties. Heather herself was clean-shaven. She let Kristen take in the site of seeing her naked in front of her for a few moments, before softly asking in an innocent tone, "Do you think I'm sexy looking?"

Kristen nodded. Having Heather naked definitely made her feel less threatened as Heather intended. However, she still was definitely looking unsure of wanting to continue, which she voiced after a few moments of looking at Heather's naked body. "You...you are beautiful. It's just...I'm...I'm just not sure about this."

Heather smiled sweetly as she leaned forward, stroking Kristen's face, and then gave her a long, sweet kiss. After breaking it, she spoke softly, "I totally understand. Your first time is going to be real scary. In the end, you just have to answer this one question tonight. Do you trust me?"

Kristen slowly nodded after a few moments, nerves still showing on her face. "Ok then," Heather said with a smile. "Then please just relax for a moment. Here...try this." Heather took Kristen's bra, which was still up around Kristen's neck and flipped it up onto her face so it covered her eyes. With a giggle, she said to Kristen, "Here, just leave this over your eyes for a few moments. Take deep breaths, stare into the darkness, and just try to not think about what you feel me doing, but just let your body respond."

Kristen didn't fight this. Instead, she finally spoke, "Ok, I'll try."

Heather smiled. She figured she had finally won with this girl. Heather moved towards the foot of the bed. She lightly took Kristen's ankles one at a time and spread them apart on the bed. Kristen took a tense breath. Heather knew she was fighting the urge to close them again, but so far Kristen was doing well. Heather used one of her hands to start rubbing on Kristen's thigh, starting to generate some stimulation that wouldn't be too scary. It seemed to be working as Heather watched Kristen's body start to relax.

While doing this, Heather used her other hand to pull out the ropes she had tied to each side of the foot of the bed. Once they were out, she traced her hand back down Kristen's thigh and shin, down to her ankle. Once there she quickly tied the rope around the ankle tight. Kristen's body language became confused as she tried to even look down despite not being able to see anything. Heather was pleasantly surprised though that she didn't speak any objections or fight while Heather did the same thing to her other ankle. When finished, Heather took a moment to admire her work. She now had this girl completely tied spread-eagle on the bed. Kristen was hers for the night, and now it was time to show Kristen just what this meant.

Heather opened her drawer next to the bed, pulling out her 8-inch strapon. She had a 10-inch dildo that could go in the harness as well, but she only had used that on a few girls who she had been with multiple times. Heather wouldn't even masturbate with it as she felt it was too big for her. So not wanting to hurt Kristen, at least not the first time, she put the 8-inch one around her waist, securing it tightly.

Kristen heard Heather moving around and was now completely nervous once again. Her being tied up and helpless was slowly eating at her to where she finally spoke up again, "Umm...Heather..I...what are you doing?"

Heather smiled at the girl. Instead of answering with her voice, she merely reached down and pulled the bra off of Kristen's eyes. She almost laughed when Kristen's eyes widened so much you almost thought her eyelids and disappeared.

"What...what is that thing? Just what...what do you plan on doing with it?" came the stammered words of the shocked Kristen.

"Aww..." Heather cooed while brushing Kristen's hair. "You've never seen a strapon before? Well, it's basically a dildo that is secured around a girl's waist. And of course silly girl, I'm going to fuck you with it." She said this last part with a little evil smile on her face.

Kristen shook her head a little while pulling once again at all her restraints. "Noooo," she whined. "You can't. I don't want you to. Please let me go now. This...this isn't what I want, I'm sorry."

Heather sighed. She had hoped that Kristen was over all these objections. But now, it didn't look like Kristen would ever get over them completely. In fact, Heather now had to face the possibility that Kristen wasn't going to consent to this at all. Still, she tried playing with Kristen when she spoke while brushing her hand against her cheek, "Kristen...silly girl. Do you really think you have a choice here? Besides, it's going to be amazing. I promise you."

"Noooo," came the response from Kristen, this time a lot louder than she had previously been speaking. "Please let me go! I'm telling you I don't want this anymore! Just let me go!" Kristen was near tears at this point.

Shit, Heather thought. The bitch was actually not going to consent to this. Heather was doing some quick thinking. In one hand, she really should let Kristen go and be done with it. But on the other hand, Heather had become very turned on at this point. She wanted to fuck the little bitch so bad! How dare she tell Heather no? With those thoughts in her head, Heather made a quick decision.

"Ok, Kristen, ok," she said while shushing her. "Just let me get the key out for those cuffs." She watched as Kristen's body, which had been so tense and twitchy, started to ease. Heather opened her dresser drawer. Then, moving so quick Kristen could barely even react, Heather pulled out the ball gag she owned and brought it to Kristen's face. Kristen was simply opening her mouth to question, but got greeted by the gag instead, which Heather fastened tightly around her head.

"There," Heather whispered in Kristen's ear once the gag was secured. "Now you won't wake anyone up silly girl." Heather kissed Kristen's cheek, as Kristen tried screaming into the gag several times, which only came out as muffled cries. Soon, tears started flowing down Kristen's cheek. This only turned on Heather more as she started crawling into a kneeling position between Kristen's legs.

Normally, Heather would always put lube on the strappy, or even better would be having the girl suck on it and lubing it with her saliva. Tonight, however, Heather was being overcome with a desire to take this girl. Besides, Kristen was probably going to consider this rape anyways, so Heather thought she might as well make it real rough like rape.

Therefore, without any lube at all, Heather pushed the tip of the strappy against Kristen's pussy lips. Some more muffled cries came from Kristen as she helplessly pulled at her restraints while looking down at what Heather was doing. Heather merely smiled at the now sobbing girl and gave her a wink, the same wink she had given to her when she first convinced Kristen to come back to the room. Then, with a violent thrust, she pushed over half of the strappy into Kristen's pussy.
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