Jims MotherinLaw continues his education


Jim, caught masturbating by his Mother-in-law, is forced to be her sissy slave. Now, with his wife Tammy home early from shopping, he discovers his humiliation is part of a plan hatched between his wife and her mother.


Caught with his Mother-in-law deep in the throes of ecstatic femdom lovemaking, Jim faces his wife and Domme-in-law together.


My wife walked forward, ignoring the presents she'd dropped in her shock at seeing her mother balls-deep in my asshole with a strap-on cock. She bent down towards me as my mother-in-law's sawing, veiny she-dick continued its work on my hole. When her face was level with my own she kissed me, her tongue moving into my mouth and expanding the peck into a short make-out session. I kissed her back, ecstatic at being forgiven my new and ongoing sins by this gorgeous woman.

As cold, hard mommy-cock slid its ribbed and sweat-slicked way into my bowels, I stared into the face of the woman I had sworn to love. I could feel myself drooling as my mother-in-law fucked me like a girl. I was lusting for the cock in my ass, needing to be used and degraded, terrified of the black depths of sexual perversion I could feel opening inside me. Tammy pulled away abruptly and grabbed my throat, her eyes burning into mine. Her mother's cock stopped at its deepest point, and she rubbed the head slowly against my innermost flesh. My wife's eyes softened as she smiled.

"Darling, I...I genuinely can't tell you how happy I am to see you find your dirtiest side. I was afraid I would have to live my life slowly pushing you into kink, never reaching too far at once for fear of you seeing me as some kind of awful freak. But with this ice storm, and the house, and all of it...Jim, I want our new home to be the kind of place where we can try anything we even think might turn us on. A safe place. A place where you can be free to enjoy your new pleasures, and I can enjoy....mine."

Her eyes lit up as she finished the sentence, and I grew a bit frightened of my wife then, wondering what she could be into that was stranger than the present activity. On cue, her mother slapped my ass and pulled the cock out. I was shocked at the sense of emptiness, of 'missing something' I felt with it gone. I knew I was the luckiest man on earth to have such a kinky wife, then, since obviously my very soul wanted this kind of taboo lust.

Tammy went and sat on the chair, which she proceeded to recline back using a small lever hidden on the side. No leg-rest popped out, however, and as Tammy leaned back, her mother pulled up my panties and led me over between my wife's legs. Tammy hiked up her skirt and took off her cotton panties. She pulled my face into her warm snatch, dripping wet from the morning's events. I licked slowly up her lips, my tongue letting her juice gather and run into my mouth. I drank her pussyjuice and dug my tongue deep for more, pushing into her, fucking her. My hips bucked against the floor as I ate her. I licked gently, then faster as she directed me with an occasional word or hair-pull.

My mother in law noticed my hips grinding and gave me a slap on my cheeks. Pulling my panties down, she removed her dildo and harness and slid the fake cock back into me. After pulling my panties back up, she whispered into my ear, "There, my boypet, now you don't feel empty anymore." Cum leaked freely from my little girly-cock at the sound of her words, so eerily close to my own feelings earlier.

Tammy's knee shifted and she changed her weight in the chair. I looked up to see her arms around her mother's thighs. Tammy had her face buried in her own mother's wet cunt, and was drinking that forbidden nectar as I continued to lap at her sex. My mother-in-law turned her head over her shoulder, biting her lip from her daughter's tongue on her clit. She winked at me and I ground the cock in my ass deeper, my wife's cunt juice shiny and thick on my lips.

My mother-in-law, my mommy with a cock, looked me in the eye and said, "Whatever happens from here on, you only listen to me. Are we clear?" Her voice hitched on the last word, I suppose Tammy hit a nice spot. I nodded and mumbled into the glistening mound before me, but was drowned out by my wife's hands pulling me closer, grinding my face against her lips until I couldn't breathe. My grip on her thighs tightened as she stood up. My face was completely smothered into her crotch, and I couldn't see anything. I shuffled backward as she moved forward. Her mother's hands brought my ass back up to a perky position and I tried to survive on snatch alone for a moment.

The dildo slipped out of me, and I could feel the cold air of the room inside my gaping ass. Tammy loosened her grip on my skull, moving her hands to the side of my face. She knelt next to me. "We're going to have such fun during this ice storm, sweetie. If you learn enough, you'll come to the house with me when it's ready. If you still need more training, Mommy and Daddy will treat you like you need to be treated until you can be, well, what I need. She kissed me again. I felt her mother's hands on my ass, pulling me apart, then felt the dildo against my hole.

"Push back against it, you little slut." My mother-in-law spoke with authority and my wife sat back down in the chair, ceding all command to the matriarch. My body acted without my brain, euphoric drugs coursing my veins, veiny cock just teasing at my asshole. All of it was too much and I lunged back, filling myself with her beautiful tool, now strapped back in place at her pelvis. She laughed and dug her nails into my asscheeks, stroking in and out, in and out, in and out. My asshole was hers, her cock was at home inside me like my own organs. I was made up of heart, lungs, and a 10 inch rubber fucktoy attached to a woman who looked for all the world like a retiree Betty Boop.

My wife began to stroke my half-flaccid dick, stopping occasionally to lick her hand clean of my fluids. Sometimes she let her mother have a lick. Eventually, she began feeding it to me. I don't know how long we were like that, her mother's cock inside me, my lips wet with my own semen, her hand rubbing languidly against her pussy as she writhed in the chair. I only know that when I thought about my surroundings again it was dark outside, and I was alone in my own wet spot on my mother-in-law's bedroom floor. Through her open bedroom door, I could hear the family downstairs.

"You did what?" Mr. Jones roared, incredulity in his voice. "He's only barely tolerable at dinners and holidays, for fuck's sake. There's just no way to include him - "

"Daddy. DADDY." My wife's voice silenced the house. I could hear my own breathing as I huddled next to the door. Tammy continued. "I love him. Mother simply did what I asked, which was to open a path for me and Jim to have the kind of sheer pleasure I know you and she enjoy. Her methods are...well, they're her methods, but they were good enough for me in college, and you'll allow us to extend the training to Jim or you'll do without he and I both."

"She's serious, David" her Mother added, quietly. "...besides, you haven't seen the enthusiasm her boy's got."

There was a long silence as I waited for my fate in the family to be decided. Had my radical journey from this morning's bathroom jerk-off to these past hours of sissy cockwhoring destroyed my life, or would the encouragement and lust of Tammy and her mother Catherine win me the perverted life I now craved?

"Fine." her father said. "I just hope you haven't already stretched him out too much." I was frozen with fear at that statement, but the sound of jovial family laughter came from downstairs. Tammy came up the stairs alone.

"Jim," she said as she walked in the bedroom, "I know it's been a crazy day. I know." She led me to the chair and sat on my lap. Her eyes looked into mine for a long moment, as if she were sizing me up. "How are you holding up with all this? I had always hoped, but, well...I guess I've always been the kind of girl who is just turned on by taboo. Whatever we weren't supposed to do, that was the thing that got me wet. My parents, obviously, are the same way, but we didn't get into all this until my 18th birthday. I'll tell you about that sometime. Anyway, you seemed like you liked it all. My mother is going to show you some crazy, crazy stuff. I almost envy you." From downstairs we could hear the distinct sounds of lovemaking. Tammy looked at me.

There hadn't been a question in her words, but she was obviously in need of some reassurance. It was easy to oblige.

"Tammy, I had never imagined such pleasure as I've had today. Sex is taking on a whole new meaning for me, you are a goddess of lust that I feel lucky to be with. I've never been more sure of us as a couple, or of my adoration for you. I suck on your mother's cock thinking how you could spring from it, like Greek gods..." My eyes started to roll back a little, and my cock twitched. "Jesus, what fucking drugs did your mom give me?"

"Oh, baby, I am kind of sorry about that. It's a pretty serious euphoric drug, with really mild hallucinogenic properties. My mom and dad have been into a lot of weird scenes over a lot of years. I don't think she'll dose you every time." She smiled devilishly. We sat like that for a while, content and excited at the same time.

Eventually, I broke the silence.

"What happens now?"

"Now? Well, mother and daddy are having dinner. There's just no way for you to eat right now, trust me...i've...mom's dosed me before, too. You'll be taken care of later. Once they've eaten, I suspect my mother will come up here and fit you into an outfit, then send you down to meet my father. He'll be in his study with a cigar and a glass of scotch. You'll see how a real man lives, and learn how a real woman serves him, as mother would say. Will say, I'd bet. In fact, I'll pay you $5 if she doesn't say that exact phrase to you. Mom loves her poetry."

"Serves? Your dad? He fucking hates me, Tammy." The old me was pushing back in.

"He appreciates work ethic, baby, and you suck cock like it's a religion." We both laughed, her with evil glee, me with nervous embarrassment.

Tammy jumped up and pushed me out of the chair. She bent over the back and pulled her knees into the seat, then turned around. "Ive got an idea...put that tongue of yours up my little rosebud, boyslut. your wife needs her ass cleaned out by a sissy!" I smiled and leaned between her cheeks, licking my tongue down toward the musty center of her butt. Her asshole was indeed pink, the little folds of flesh puckering out. I flicked my tongue against it and she shuddered, so I went further, probing into her ass. My mouth sucked against her asshole as my tongue reached in as far as possible, her musky scent filling my nose and stiffening my cock. When her mother placed a hand on my shoulder and interrupted my reverie, I had been dining on my wife's bottom for at least 30 minutes.

"My turn." said my Mother-in-law. My wife got down and Mrs. Jones stood in front of me, her back arched forward in a stern yet cheesecake pose. She pulled her butt apart and stepped back, pressing my face into her ass. "Lick me clean, boypet. Lick mommy's asshole." As my tongue forced into her hole, a thick, warm fluid ran down onto my lips. It was cum. "Yes, baby boypet, drink Daddy's cum from Mommy's hole. Drink the sweet, warm lust from my dirtiest place, and feel it filling you, taking you over. Tongue all that sweet, hot cum from my ass and feel your tiny girlydick get hard. Just as your cunt begs for my cock, so will your lips beg for cum."

I moaned out something indecipherable as I came in my panties and swallowed another mouthful of spunk. Suddenly Tammy pushed between us, frantic with lust, and kissed me passionately. Semen strung between our lips as she pulled away, furiously fingering her open and dripping pussy. Her mother turned and addressed me.

"Boypet, you are just a dirty little slut, now aren't you? Well, we have got to get you cleaned up now. You need to get ready to meet the man of the house."

I smiled through a frosting of cum and swallowed again. "Yes Mommy. Anything you want."
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