A teacher is blackmailed by a student

Author's note: This story runs concurrent to my other story, "Teacher's Pet". It would make more sense if you read that story in its entirety first before reading this story.

Over the course of the next week, Tish acted like any student in class, for the most part. Sarah did notice that despite her fashion sense, which diverged from the popular crowd, Tish seemed to be well accepted among the other kids in class. Sarah never noticed the types of things that kids often do, thinking no one will see, to express their derision or lack of acceptance of other students in class. No rolling of the eyes, whispers to another peer or sideways glances when they thought no one but their friend was paying attention. Little do students realize how much teachers do actually see and notice that goes left untouched or dealt with.

Tish's goth-girl look did get some extra glances from some of the boys, and one girl actually, that Sarah noticed. Her tight corsets, and short mini skirts, high heeled boots, thigh high stockings that usually did not extend as far as the end of her skirts, and her striking use of makeup seemed to make her a desired bad girl. Her self-confidence and the way she carried herself, and her take no prisoners way of expressing her thoughts to the class all added up to a confident, powerful personality.

All this seemed to explain a lot of things about how she seemed to be able to move among any social caste in the high school, and at the same time, terrified Sarah knowing that she had her future in her hands. Just the hint of any impropriety was enough to ruin a teacher's career even if no evidence could be found. At least, Sarah had the sense of well-being that she had gotten her thong back.

The weekend came and went, and a week after Tish had made it clear that she intended to use their tryst against her, Sarah was starting to relax. Maybe Tish had decided that it wasn't worth it, or maybe she really wasn't that calculating. Class with Tish was uneventful. The kids had started their drafts of their character sketches, and a few students had emailed her drafts to review. When the bell rang, the normal exodus occurred, but this time, when Sarah looked up from her desk, she found Tish standing in front of her with a wicked smile on her face.

"Hi pet," she purred, "I bet you thought I wasn't going to grace you with my presence. I wanted to let you know that you needn't be disappointed. After school today, I'll be stopping by your home for some extra attention. I think I need to explore more deeply this character. You remember, don't you? She has a secret, and it's enough to drive her to do anything to keep it."

Sarah was speechless, and she had a nauseous feeling sweep through her body. Her shock was clearly evident on her face as Tish gave her a concerned look.

"Oh, my sweet little pet, there's nothing to fear. I won't hurt you. Remember our first time together? That felt good didn't it? You told me you trusted me. I haven't lost that trust already have I?" she asked rather rhetorically.

"Um.....No Tish, I...I still trust you," Sarah managed to respond.

"Oh good. Then I'll see you this afternoon. One more thing. I wouldn't want to betray your trust, so when I said I wouldn't hurt you—"

Sarah gasped at the unfinished statement.

Tish giggled. "Nothing like that silly. It might hurt, but you'll thank me later. I promise you that!" Tish had been inching closer and closer to Sarah who was frozen in her desk chair. By now, Tish was leaning over her desk, her face only inches from Sarah's. Tish leaned forward, and for an instant, Sarah thought Tish was going to kiss her. At the last moment, Tish stopped her motion and whispered.

"You haven't earned these lips yet, my pet. But this afternoon, if you are good, maybe you will..." The suggestion in these words did not have the effect that Sarah's conscious mind said it should. She wanted to feel disgusted, revolted, and even out right angry that Tish would suggest that Sarah would want to continue what never should have begun. However, a tingle between her thighs betrayed a wonton desire. The same self-confidence that seemed to keep the boys in class entranced by her was having the same effect on Sarah.

While she was trying to sort this out in her mind, she realized that Tish had already pushed back, and was walking out of the room, hips swaying back and forth, heels clicking.

"Dear God, what have I gotten myself into?" Sarah asked herself when Tish was out of the room. It was at this moment that she fully realized what Tish had just said. "It might hurt, but you'll thank me later. I promise you that." Did she really mean that? Sarah was no prude, but she had never really considered S&M as something that she would ever want. How could pain be arousing? She hated pain, in fact. Now, Sarah wasn't simply confused by her bodies reaction to Tish, but she was completely stupefied. 

"Hurt me? Thank her?" she muttered to herself. Sarah closed her eyes, and pushed the thoughts from her head. She still had classes to teach, and she needed to eat lunch.

At the end of her last class that day, she felt better as the routine of teaching had grounded her. It wasn't until she pulled into her driveway that she started to realize that something bad was going to happen, and she had no idea what to do.

She sat on her couch and did nothing. She couldn't figure out what to do. Tish said she would be coming to her home. Sarah knew this was not good, but she had no idea what to do about it. Tish had all the power. It was Sarah's professional career on the line, and Tish knew it. She closed her eyes and tried to take a deep breath to calm herself when a light rap on her door startled her.

As she walked to the door, her feet felt like lead. She peeked through the peephole and saw Tish staring back at her. She began to slowly turn the door knob, trying to delay the inevitable. When the door was open, Tish stood waiting at her doorstep, staring intently into her eyes. There was a silence that felt like it lasted forever, but Sarah knew it was only seconds before Tish spoke.

"Pet, are you going to invite me in?" Tish asked, somewhat annoyed. Sarah had a fleeting thought about the myths that said vampires can't enter your home without an invitation, and felt her stomach turning as she responded.

"Um, yes, of course, please Tish, come in."

"Thank you, pet. Now that wasn't so hard was it? We'll have to work on your manners," Tish said as she walked past Sarah and into the living room. Sarah followed her not knowing what else to do. Tish sat on the couch, and looked up at Sarah. Sarah stood before Tish hesitantly. "Now, now pet. Don't be nervous. You may kneel here on the floor before me and relax," Tish said in a reassuring voice.

Sarah was dumbfounded by Tish's statement. Kneel? She stood trying to decide what to do.

"You can stand too if you like, for now, but you will learn to follow my directions sooner or later -- the hard way or the easy way. I know what you are thinking. Let me reassure you, this is really happening, and you will learn your place, pet. I will expose you for the slut that you are if you choose not to cooperate. Trust me, you'll have much more fun doing things my way. Now, please kneel and relax," Tish again looked from Sarah's eyes to the floor before her and back and smiled.

Sarah was numb, and slowly fell to her knees. As she did so, she felt her resolve fading.

"Good. Now, let's get right to business, shall we? Take off your blouse," she commanded. Sarah remained motionless. "Now, pet are you going to be difficult? Take off your blouse!" Sarah did not want to give in to Tish's commands. She was already kneeling.

She looked up at Tish, and tried to speak but nothing came out of her mouth. Her mouth was dry, and she could feel herself paralyzed with a mix of fear and anticipation.

"Well then, if you are not going to do as I say, then I'll do it myself. But, you will be punished for your disobedience later. Is that what you want?" Tish asked.

Sarah didn't know what to say. She could hear the words, but she couldn't make heads or tails of them. She only knew that if she cooperated, she would be complicit in something she knew was wrong. Before, she hadn't known Tish was a student. But now, everything was different.

"I see I will need to teach you more lessons, my pet," Tish said like she was talking to a puppy, then proceeded to unbutton Sarah's blouse. When she had finished unbuttoning it, she pushed the blouse off of her shoulders, and allowed it to fall exposing Sarah's bra.

"Now the bra, please," Tish ordered.

Sarah managed a whispered plea, "No, please Tish."

Tish smiled, and ran a finger lightly from Sarah's belly button up her torso and beneath her chin, lifting it so they could look into each others' eyes. "Are you saying you don't want this? You know how I can make you feel, remember, pet?"

Sarah wanted to protest. Tish ran her nails over Sarah's breasts, teasing her nipples. Sarah felt her nipples grow immediately hard.

"It seems like you are enjoying this, aren't you pet?" Tish unclasped the bra, and it fell away from Sarah's breasts. She caressed her naked nipples, then pushed the bra from Sarah's shoulders. The bra fell to the floor. Sarah stared at Tish's feet, unable to meet her gaze anymore. She felt humiliated and scared, but her nipples were hard. She felt herself beginning to get wet with arousal. She was totally confused by her body's reactions.

"Good. Mmm your nipples look so sexy. Would you like me to kiss your hard little nipples? Hmmm? Lick them? Suck them? I know, you want me to bite them, don't you pet?" Tish purred. Sarah flushed as she listened to her. Her mind was screaming "No" but with each lurid suggestion, Sarah felt her arousal increase. "Answer me, pet," TIsh commanded.

Sarah hesitated. Her body was betraying her. "If it feels good, who cares?" echoed through her head, but she knew that she things were different now.

"I...I...um..." Sarah barely spoke above a whisper. Sarah was trying to build the resolve to refuse Tish, to try and fight her body's arousal when a sudden sharp pain erupted into her thoughts. Sarah cried out in pain, and she reflexively reached for the source of pain, her nipples. Her movement was halted abruptly by Tish's voice.

"Stop! I didn't say you could move your hands, and I asked you a question. I'm still waiting for an answer," she spoke with a calm but authoritative voice.

The pain was dissipating as Sarah realized that Tish had actually pinched her nipples. Tish was still holding her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, but now instead of pinching hard, she was slowly rolling them between her fingers. The pain disappeared, and was quickly replaced by a tingling sensation that made Sarah's arousal increase yet again.

"Answer me, pet," Tish repeated.

"Yes," Sarah whispered before she even thought about her answer.

"Yes? Yes what, pet?" Tish asked with the best teacher-tell-me-more intonation.

"Yes....yes...I...I want you...to kiss my...nipples," Sarah whispered in reply, struggling to get the words out. Once she had, she had a falling feeling. She had stepped off the cliff, and into the abyss. The pain erupted again, and Sarah again cried out in pain and surprise and just as quickly, it was gone replaced by the sensuous caressing.

"I know you are new, but the appropriate answer would have started or ended with Mistress. As in 'Mistress, yes I want you to kiss my nipples' or 'Yes I want you to kiss my nipples, Mistress'. Do you understand?" Tish said without any hint of recognition of the pain she had just inflicted on Sarah.

"Yes...yes, Mistress, I understand, Mistress," Sarah replied. Her eyes were still closed, and she was fighting the urge to moan in delight as Tish's fingers continued to play with her nipples. Her rationale mind was losing the battle and was in full retreat.

"Good, pet. You are a quick learner. Now, please remove the rest of your clothing. You won't be needing them, and I want to see my pet."

Sarah kept her eyes closed as she fumbled with her skirt, but was soon standing in nothing but her panties. She hesitated as she reached for the waistband, as the last vestige of her rationale mind tried to climb out of the abyss, but she had fallen too far. She hooked her thumbs under the waistband, and pushed them to her ankles, and stepped out of her panties. She stood naked and exposed before Tish. Her breathing short and quick as she fought her nervousness and arousal, trying to remain calm.

Tish moved closer to Sarah. Sarah could feel Tish's breath on her lips. Then fingers slowly stroking her pussy lips. She was already wet with arousal.

"Well well, you are enjoying yourself, no denying it," Tish purred feeling the slickness between Sarah's legs. "Do you remember how good it felt to trust me?" she asked, pushing two fingers inside Sarah's wet pussy.

Sarah gasped at the intrusion. Waves of pleasure swept through her. Tish's fingers worked in and out of her pussy in a slow but steady rhythm.

"Yes, Mistress. I remember. I trust you, Mistress," Sarah whispered. Sarah could already feel herself nearing climax. In the back of her mind, she realized she was more aroused then she should be. Was it the fear? The humiliation? The taboo nature of it? Sarah knew that something was driving her arousal more then usual, but she didn't really care what it was--it felt good.

"Good. Now, remember I said I was coming to get some extra attention, and so far, I don't think I've received any attention," Tish stated, and withdrew her fingers. Sarah was so near her climax that the sudden withdrawl was almost painful. She opened her eyes and found herself nose to nose with Tish. "I told you that you might earn these lips," Tish said, her tongue playing across her lips wetting them. "And if you are really good, you might even earn another orgasm. But only if you are really really good," Tish said salaciously.

Tish took Sarah's nipple again and used it to pull her. She led Sarah down the hallway toward her bedroom. Tish peeked into each open doorway as they walked down the hall passing a bathroom and small guest room before they arrived at her bedroom. Tish pulled Sarah to the foot of her bed, then turned to face her, standing so close that Sarah's instincts were to back up. She managed to resist the impulse. As she looked up into Tish's eyes, her second impulse was to wrap her arms around her small waist and pull her into an embrace. She resisted this urge too.

"Good, my pet," Tish said, her lips so close to Sarah's that she could feel Tish's breath on her lips as she spoke. "Now, I'm in need of some attention. It's been too long since I felt the soft touch of a woman. On your knees, my pet," she ordered as she slid herself onto the foot of the bed. Sarah knelt.

"Help me remove these boots. I wouldn't want to soil your bedspread with them, now would I?" Tish raised one leg to Sarah. Her knee length black boot extended toward her. Sarah saw that the boot was criss-crossed from ankle to knee with laces. She started to undo the laces, and loosen the them. When she had enough of the laces loosened, she pulled the boot from her foot. She did the same for the other boot. Tish ran her fishnet covered feet along the underside of Sarah's breasts, then began to touch her nipples. Sarah just looked down and watched her nipples grow harder and more erect.

"Pet, I'm still not the center of your attention. You must learn to focus on me even when your are receiving stimulation. I touch you to please me. You must only worry about pleasing me as well. Now, come here and help me out of the rest of my clothes."

Sarah carefully helped undress Tish. As more and more of her tight young body was revealed to her, Sarah's sense of taboo grew and with it her anticipation and excitement.

"Thank you, my pet. Where shall we start?" she asked with a lurid undertone.

"Um...I don't..." Sarah stammered. She wanted to run away. She also wanted to wrap herself around Tish and press her lips to her lips. To feel her skin touching her skin.

Tish raised one foot and extended it toward Sarah. Sarah looked at her small foot, then to Tish's eyes. Tish met her gaze, then looked back to her foot. She raised it higher, tracing her toes along her neck and to her chin. Sarah understood, and lowered her face, and began to kiss Tish's toes.

"That's a good girl. Let me feel your tongue. Mmmm...yes, suck on my toes. Lick them. Its important that you remember your place, my pet. That's nice. Good. Now show me how much you love Mistress's feet."

Sarah closed her eyes and kissed and licked Tish's foot, working her way from the big toe to the little toe. When she had kissed, licked, and sucked on each toe, she felt Tish's other foot pushing its way into her mouth. She repeated her licking and kissing until she had given each toe its share of attention. She opened her eyes, and looked up between Tish's legs. Her miniskirt had ridden up her thights, exposing her shaved pussy lips. She could see they were beginning to swell with excitement. Sarah thought she could see a sheen of moisture on them.

"Mmm...good girl, my pet. I know what you want," Tish said, spreading her legs wider and allowing her miniskirt to ride up her thighs even more. Sarah looked up at Tish's face. Tish was smiling down at her with a knowing grin. Sarah saw triumph in her eyes, and she knew that she was powerless to rebel. "Come here, pet. Show Mistress how much you want to please her, hmm?"
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