He is gently persuaded to give in to his desires

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"Take off your clothes Millhouse, and follow me," Mistress Goodies ordered with a sly smile.

I could feel an energy from Mistress and her eyes sparkled mischievously. Mistress loved teasing me, but she also loved pushing my boundaries, so I was more than a little nervous as I undressed. She stood watching as I pulled off my shirt and unbuttoned my pants. Mistress was dressed in her Dominatrix leather corset, black leather boots and leather hot pants, finishing off the outfit with a jacket that teased with glimpses of her breasts exposed above her corset. The outfit beautifully emphasized her full voluptuous figure and she knew how much I loved that look on her, but also it was an outfit she reserved for very special times, so I knew I was in for an experience!

As I pulled off my pants, my cock sprung up, and Mistress giggled as it wagged at her.

"Oh look how cute, the little guy is so happy to see me!" Mistress loved that I had no control in her presence and she never let me forget what delight she took in my humiliation.

"Now please don't embarrass yourself, because I have someone special for you to meet," Mistress said as she turned to open the door to her playroom.

Oh fuck, I thought, and blurted out, "But I'm naked!"

"Of course you are dear, I ordered you to undress, remember?" She laughed at my discomfort; I am sure I was blushing with embarrassment.

"But I am sure he won't mind at all."

"He?" I sputtered, "What do you mean HE?"

Mistress often teased about having me play with other men, but it was just a fantasy that intensified our play, making both of us very excited by pretending to include another man in our fantasies. But she seemed serious now; could she have really invited another man? And I was naked!

Mistress sensed my distress and scorned me, "Don't even think about disobeying me now, you are my slut and I will not tolerate disobedience!" With that she opened the door and pushed me in ahead of her.

He was against the opposite wall, tied to some kind of a frame that had him spread eagle. He was wearing a blindfold, a ball gag and earmuffs but was otherwise naked. He appeared to be in his mid-twenties, reasonably fit, but my eyes were drawn to his cock. He was limp, and exposed, he looked so exposed and then I realized that he was shaved, no pubic hair, just pale flesh. He was also circumcised, the head of his cock exposed.

"Millhouse, this is Jack. He is a young man I met recently who is so taken by my charms that he agreed to my little game here. He can't see or hear us and is expecting that I will be ravishing him soon. I promised him a great blow-job. Unfortunately for him, I didn't promise that I would be the one sucking his cock. Tsk Tsk, the dangers of making assumptions!

Mistress was obviously delighted with this game she had set up.

"Come along now, I think we have kept Jack waiting long enough." Mistress grabbed my limp cock and led me over to the naked man tied to the wall.

"Isn't this cute, both my guys have such cute soft little penises!" She pulled me right up to Jack and took his cock in her other hand; he started swelling.

"See how nicely Jack responds! Come now Mill, you certainly don't want to be out-sized by Jack, do you?"

Her hands puled our cocks together, rubbing them together, while I held my body as far from Jack as I could. I had not been this close to another naked man since high school gym showers. To my embarrassment, my cock began responding. Mistress was pressing them together and stroking them with her hand now, while she reached over and gave Jack a kiss on the cheek. She then leaned over and slipped the heads of both cocks into her mouth. We were both fully erect now!

"That is so much better, doesn't that feel good? Now drop to your knees, I think Jack is due a nice blow-job!"

Mistress knew that when I am excited I really can't refuse her, and in this state it seems I have no inhibitions! But still I hesitated, I don't know if from the social conditioning against this, or from a fear of letting myself taste this forbidden fruit. I was ashamed of the feelings I was having; excitement looking at this cock, so hard and powerful, yet the flesh looked soft and silky. I wanted to touch it, and since he was blindfolded, I felt less threatened, so I reached for him.

Mistress was still holding our cocks together so my hand wrapped around both as well. My fingers could not tell a difference, both cocks were warm; soft silky skin wrapping the hard throbbing shafts. Stroking my own cock was such a comfortable familiar feeling, but stroking his was thrilling in new ways. I could feel him thrusting against my hand, the power in each thrust, the skin siding through my hand and along his shaft. I was mesmerized watching our cocks thrusting together, until a glistening drop of clear fluid squeezed out the tip of his cock.

"Taste it!" Mistress urged, watching me looking at Jack's pre-cum. She knew I had tasted my own; she had ordered me to many times, and now she was ordering me to taste Jack's. I lifted my hand to squeeze his pre-cum onto my hand, as I had done with myself, but Mistress stopped me, "No, lick it from his cock!"

Again the battle, I knew I wanted to, but the revulsion of a lifetime of conditioning caused hesitation.

"Now slut, taste him!" Mistress knew I wanted it but needed her urging. I let go of my control and yielded to her, giving in to her wishes, slipping deeper under her control, becoming her slut.

I slipped to my knees, reluctantly pulling my cock from Mistress's grasp and leaned in toward Jack's cock. Mistress' hand on Jack's cock pulled it toward me, offering it to my mouth, the glistening pre-cum pulling me in. I opened my mouth and reached with my tongue, thinking I could lick off the droplet with minimum contact with his actual cock, but Mistress' other hand went to the back of my head and held me as she rubbed Jack's cock over my lips and tongue. This was all exciting Mistress Goodies, she dropped to her knees and pulled my face around so she could lick my lips, tasting Jack too on my lips, and then kissing me deeply, her tongue taking possession of my mouth, demonstrating her ownership of me.

Pulling away, she looked me in the eyes and asked, "You do want this, don't you? You know I would never ask you to do something you really don't want. And it does excite me too; here give me your hand.

Taking my hand, she pulled it between her legs, slipping my fingers under the crotch of her hot pants pressing them into her pussy. She was so wet! She knew that above all else I loved knowing I was exciting her. Pulling my hand out, she placed it on Jack's cock.

"Now, let's see if we can satisfy poor Jack, he really has been so patient!" Mistress smiled at me, her eyes dancing with excitement, as her other hand again urged my face forward.

Now leaning closer, I could smell Mistress on my hand; her scent excited me as my lips reached the head of Jack's cock. Closing my eyes, I remembered sucking on Mistress's clit, my lips sliding over her and sucking her between my lips and I did the same with Jack. My lips parted, slipping around his head, feeling the soft, firm rubbery flesh I knew so well, but never with my lips, or my mouth. It was like sucking my own cock; I knew the feel of the head, the rim just under the head. I let my lips settle into the groove and pulled back slightly, pulling on the head as I sucked. My hand squeezing his shaft, sliding up and down, pulling against my lips as I let my tongue slip over the head, exploring around and then the end, the tip of my tongue making circles around the urethra and even pushing in a bit. I could feel Jack thrusting against me, but I held him firmly, taking him at my own pace, making him wait, and teasing him.

While focused on Jack's cock, I could still feel Mistress close to me, her hand now on my cock, stroking me as she watched me sucking on Jack's cock. Her mouth on my neck, sucking my earlobe, teasing me too!

I don't know what Jack was thinking, maybe he knew more than one person was here with him, maybe he sensed two bodies. And I don't know if he was bi-sexual. Did he think maybe Mistress Goodies had another woman here to play? Could he tell the mouth on his cock was a man's?

My exploration of his cock continued. I had wondered how a cock felt as it slipped deeper into a woman's mouth, and I let my lips slide down his shaft, taking him deeper into my mouth. My tongue pressed along the shaft as it slid in, trying to keep my teeth off the tender shaft. I took him deeper, wanting to feel the head against my throat, imagining it was pressed to my tonsils, and then feeling pressure there, I bobbed my head up and down, driving it against the back of my throat in short jabs. My hands were now on Jack's thighs, holding him as I pushed down on his shaft.

Then I heard Mistress's voice in my ear, "Oh sweetie, you are such a good cock slut! Keep sucking, no matter what, I am going to remove Jack's blindfold so he can see who is giving him such a wonderful blow-job!"

I felt her stand but continued sucking on Jack, not sure what to expect when he saw me there sucking his cock. Then I felt his body tense and begin thrusting harder, he must have seen it was a man on his cock. I kept sucking, holding his thighs as I pressed deeper onto his cock, and I began sliding my mouth up and down on his cock, my lips squeezing as they slid along his shaft.

I think he was too far along to hold back long, but I felt Mistress moving around and her hand in my hair, pulling my mouth off Jack's cock and pulling me to her. She had removed her hot pants and slipped on a harness holding a large, shiny black strap-on dildo. Pushing my face toward her "cock" I knew what she wanted and I started sucking on it.

We were in front of Jack now and Mistress teased Jack, "See what a good cock sucker Millhouse is? I bet he was the best you ever had!

Mistress was holding Jack's cock now, pulling it up again, keeping it hard. "Now Jack, I know that was a shock to you, so to make up for it would you like to fuck me?"

He was still gagged so he could just nod, and I could see him looking at Mistress with lustful eyes.

She then turned her back to Jack and pressed her ass back against him. Bending over, she slipped her hand between her legs, grabbed his shaft and guided the head to the lips of her pussy.

"Come here Mill, I want you sucking my cock as Jack fucks me."

Sliding between her legs I could smell the funk from her pussy, she was so wet her hair glistened with her dew. Grabbing my head, she pushed back onto jack and pulled me onto her cock. She then started thrusting her hips, pushing back so Jack's cock slid deep into her and then pushing forward into my mouth, back and forth she went, pulling jack and me along, building her pace as her moans increased.

I could tell she was close to cumming when she told me to finger Jack's ass. I slid a finger between his ass cheeks and found his ass wet with sweat, so I pressed my finger there, sliding it in up to the first digit. This pushed Jack over the edge, I could feel his body tensing, his thrusts harder and grunting louder, building until Mistress pressed hard back against him, grinding him deep into her pussy as he came. The feeling of his hot cum filling her pussy pushed Mistress over as well, pulling my face hard against her cock as she came; she drove it down my throat fucking my mouth relentlessly as her orgasm swept through her, wave after wave. Finally she sank to her knees, pushing me down under her, pulling away from Jack's cock, leaving it so slick and slimy from their combined cum.

I lay there stroking my cock as I looked from Mistress to Jack, both panting and flushed from the exertion. Mistress is at her sexiest between orgasms, her skin flushes and eyes sparkle, like a fire has been ignited in her. And Jack hung limp from his wrist restraints, his cock limp now and dripping cum.

"Well Millhouse, I see you have a little cleaning up to do," Mistress was also looking at Jack's cock and her intent was clear.

I found I needed little urging, I always loved licking cum from Mistress's pussy and this seemed just the natural thing to do. So I crawled over and knelt in front of Jack. I looked up at him now, and he shook his head yes, as my hand lifted his cock to my lips. He tasted so much of Mistress, but with a salty note added into her earthy flavor. This was also something new, his cock was soft now, and felt so nice against my lips as I sucked on it and rolled it around in my mouth, savoring the flavors.

Mistress knelt next to me, her face next to mine, kissing my cheek and then her lips were next to mine, pulling Jack's cock and we kissed, our tongues rolling over Jack's cock and each other, passing his cock back and forth. My hands were on Jack's thighs for support, but I found them sliding up, until I was cupping his balls, my fingers gently exploring. With all the attention, Jack's cock started swelling.

Mistress kissed my cheek, my neck, my ear and then whispered to me, "Keep sucking dear Millhouse, I will be right behind you!"

Standing she pulled me up so I was bending over with my mouth still on Jack's cock. She moved behind me and I could feel her hands on my waist, my ass, massaging and spreading my ass. Then a cold wetness there, I knew it was lube and widened my stance, knowing what was coming next. I felt her press that shiny black strap-on dildo against my ass, sliding it up and down, pausing at my tight asshole, teasing me.

And then I felt her pushing, the pressure there increased as the tip began spreading my ass, I knew I could take this, but it still hurt as I tried to relax. Mistress moved slowly, letting me feel every inch as it slipped in, her hand was on my cock, pulling it as if to pull her own cock in deeper. I must have been distracted, but then Jack's thrusting cock in my mouth reminded me of my job and I started sucking again, working his shaft with my hand as I slid my lips up and down on his cock. Finally I felt Mistress's hips pressed to my ass and I knew she was all the way in and would start fucking me in earnest. Bracing against Jack, I felt her pulling back, and then thrusting. Mistress is not gentle! Each thrust drove me harder onto Jack's cock, pushing my mouth down so his cock filled my throat. As her excitement built Mistress increased her pace, I knew the strap-on was designed to stimulate her clit with every thrust, so she soon was only concerned with her building orgasm. Her pace increased, driving me onto Jack's cock, harder and harder, she thrust deep to stimulate her clit as she ground into my ass. I was soon gagging and gasping for air, but she was now beyond noticing, as she now drove to her own orgasm, until screaming, she thrust once more and held her cock deep in me grinding her hips against my ass as she came.


My dear readers, I don't know whether to be flattered or offended if you have made it this far in my little story. Haven't you cum yet? For Heaven's sake, what are you waiting for? But in any case, I am afraid I have bad news, this is as far as my energy has carried me for my Muse has taken a nap. And I had big plans too! We were going to watch as Millhouse fucked his first male ass! And Mistress would have joined in, taking Jack in her ass and thus making Jack into the real meat that he is in this story. But then Mistress has threatened to walk out if I don't give her the big finale, double penetration, cocks in both orifices! But can poor Jack come a third time? Maybe that is asking just too much!

Well, I do hope you have gotten some enjoyment here, and not, as those two brothers from Boston say, wasted another perfectly good hour (well, 10 minutes?). I do enjoy exploring here and appreciate your taking the time to read this. And please, comments are always welcome.
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