A couple opens up to each other and wife takes charge

Our sex life was boring. Unexpected really because it began with such excitement.

Married for 6 years, expecting our second child, most couples might just chalk it up to a drought. We're not most couples. My husband is quite sexual. He is a pervert. Self admitted. His constant sexual attention is quite a self-esteem booster.

We needed to figure out was going wrong between us. Those first few years were filled with orgasms, ropes, and vibrators.

Once we confronted the problem, the truth began to slip out. I kept many of my sexual fantasies hidden. Catholic school girl guilt kept me ashamed of my innermost desires. One night I admitted I fantasized about girls touching other girls. Sucking each others nipples, licking each others cunts.

"Yes?" my husband excitedly asked me to continue.

"Well, maybe tying each other up, maybe a group of girls forcing another girl to have repeated orgasms."

My husband touched my clit. I was dripping wet. I flushed with embarrassment.

"I don't want you to think I'm gay," I said.

"I don't think that. Everyone has fantasies. It's okay. You're turning me on."

He grasped one of my over-sized breasts in his hands, gently massaging my half-dollar sized nipples. He began rubbing my clit in a circular motion. Then, he sucked on 2 of his fingers. Once adequately wet, he inserted them. I groaned with pleasure. He got between my legs, and his tongue began to flick my clit. He knows exactly how to finger fuck me. I felt his fingers rubbing the nub at the back of my pussy. He whispered, "It makes me so hot to imagine I'm a woman eating your pussy."

I yelped out. I heard lips smacking as he sucked my clit. My body lost control as I climaxed. My limbs were flailing, but he did not release me. I thought if he doesn't stop I'm not going to be able to take it. My hips were bucking on their own accord. The release was so intense I couldn't see.

After that night, we opened up to each other. With the fear aside that I wasn't as vanilla as he thought, my husband began sharing his desires. He opened up more about the kind of porn he enjoyed. We started reading erotic stories and watching online porn together. What were once his private masturbation sessions, became shared experiences. We enjoyed latex, BDSM, anal, lesbian, and many other stories together.

On a date night we discussed how admitting to each other our sexual fantasies opened new doors to us. Our sex life had returned with a fervor, better than ever. Revealing ourselves was erotic in itself. Sitting in the passenger seat at a gas station parking lot, I said, "There's something I always wanted to do."


"I feel shy," I whimpered.

"Come on," he smiled, "After all this, what could embarrass you?"



"It's just....I've kind of always wondered what it would be like to use a strap-on."

I braced myself for his reaction.

"Are you kidding me?" he asked. "I've always wanted to try a strap-on. I mean I think it would feel really good."

I laughed nervously. I still felt unsure whether I wanted this to come from my mind into reality. I was scared.

"I mean I don't know," I said, "I think I'd like it. It would be so different."

He replied, "Ass play feels good. It just does. You like it when I lick your ass, right?"

"I've always wanted you to play with my ass more," he admitted, "it's hard for a guy to say that, but I've done it to myself so I know I'd like it."

I grew excited. I could feel the dampness in my panties from his words. The prospect of an adventure made me want to touch myself.

"Do you want to go to the sex store?" I asked.

Off we went to store number one. Staring at a row of strap-ons completely titillated me. Thoughts of bending a man over and giving it to him flooded my head. However, I had no idea how to choose. Types, size, belts. This looked like it required research. We asked the salesgirl for help. She was completely bewildered about what we wanted to use it for. "I feel sorry for her boyfriend," my husband whispered in my ear.

I giggled and we kept looking. Over in a corner, we found a feeldoe. This looked interesting. I inserted it in myself, no straps to worry about, and like a cherry on top, there was a vibrator in the bit that would be inside me.

My husband looked afraid. This particular feeldoe happened to be the large version. We both wanted this to be just right. Off to store number two. We immediately found the feeldoe we wanted. Now time to pick lubrication. With a shelf to choose from, we giddily chose a popular brand. With purchases in hand, we proudly made our way home.

We set up the bedroom, which is our ritual before sex. Lighting, stripping the bed, beverages on the end table. During this process, my husband confessed.

"It's not just the sex act I desire. It's more. I want to be yours. I want you to possess me. Dominate me."

This took me by surprise. I knew he had dom/sub fantasies, but I thought he was always the dom. I wasn't sure.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I want you to decide that."

I had to think about this. I took the new feeldoe in the bathroom to prepare it. I switched on the vibrator, got it in place, and inserted the feeldoe.

I looked down at my hard, blue cock. It stuck out under my hard, pregnant belly. It stood out perfectly between the valley of my large tits. There I was. Pregnant with a cock that will never be soft. I was more than woman and more than man. I felt empowered.

I entered the bedroom. "Take off your clothes," I demanded.

He complied.

"Turn in a slow circle. Now, bend over the bed. Spread your ass cheeks."

"Tsk, Tsk," I said, "This won't due at all. I don't want to deal with all that unsightly pubic hair. To the bath. Shave it all off."

My husband spun around and stood up. His face was red. He sheepishly dropped his eyes. "Okay," he whispered.

"Call me Mistress," I said.

"Yes, Mistress."

Even though my pussy was throbbing I held back an orgasm while waiting. I wanted it to be just right. When he returned, I demanded he get on his knees. I bent down and slapped his cheek with one of my heavy breasts. I brought my nipple to his mouth. Obediently, he sucked. I pulled away and stood up. Then, I brought my cock close to his face. I bent it slightly to the side and said, "Suck my clit."

He eagerly did as told. "Mmmmm," I purred. "Now put your Mistress' cock in your mouth."

He looked surprised. I slapped my cock across his face. Red with humiliation, he took my cock in my mouth. He eyes looked into mine unsure, but he started sucking. I fucked his mouth slowly. "Okay, you've been very good," I said.

"Climb up on the bed. All fours, your ass facing me in the air."

"Yes, Mistress," he said.

I massaged his ass cheeks. Then I teased my finger down the crack of his ass. He sighed deeply. I opened him up until his asshole was puckering at me. I lightly touched it. Then I bent down and flicked my tongue around his hole. Satisfied with his cleanliness, I slowly tongue fucked his asshole. He was deeply moaning.

I stopped and said, "You like that, don't you dirty boy?"

"Yes, Mistress," he breathed heavily.

"Say it."

"I like it, Mistress."

"Like what?"

"I like you to lick my ass. I'm your dirty boy, Mistress."

I pressed my cock against him.

My husband nervously said, "Remember, I'm a virgin. Please take it easy with me."

I slapped my hand across his bare ass cheek. I saw my hand print there immediately. "I'm the one in charge here," I reminded him, "I say how it's going to be."

"Yes, Mistress."

Massaging his red ass, my tone turned loving. "Don't worry. I want this to feel good for you." And I did. I wanted to make him feel like he had made me feel in the past. Also, I desired his worship of my womanhood.

I rubbed lube on his tight asshole and the feeldoe. Standing behind him, I put the tip of my cock at his entrance. "Relax," I said. I pushed slowly.

He groaned. A little further. He tensed. After waiting a few seconds, I fully entered him. "Ahhh, uhhhh," he moaned. My hips moved slowly in a fucking motion. His moaning grew loader. I knew he enjoyed it. I began fucking him doggie style with intensity. I felt the muscles in my back and legs used in ways never before used in a sex act. I looked down at myself in the dim light fucking him like I'd been fucked so many times. I felt powerful and proud. My clit rubbed against the feeldoe. Every time I pushed in I moaned. The deeper I thrust my cock in his ass the deeper my vibrator went in me. My pussy clenched the vibrator. It was pulsating from the vibration.

"You like me to fuck your tight pussy, don't you?" I said.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Beg for it," I commanded.

"Please, Mistress, please fuck my tight pussy," he demured.

I was sweating and moaning. I could feel an intense climax building. I spit on my hand. Then I reached around and grabbed his cock. It was rock hard like mine. I began stroking him. I yanked and pulled it harder than I ever had. I squeezed it tightly. I wanted him to cum for me.

"Cum with me," I yelled.

My climax burst from me. My hip bucked wildly out of control. I could barely keep my hands on his cock. He groaned loudly and his fluids burst out of him. I waited for him to calm. After slowly removing my cock, he collapsed on the bed.

"Sit up," I demanded.

He obeyed. "Now lick this pussy." He buried his face between my legs. He licked and sucked greedily. I began fucking his face. He groaned. I gyrated my pelvis against his nose and mouth. Rubbing my clit against his nose, his mouth sucked my juices. Finally, I exploded with another orgasm.

Afterward, we glowed with satisfaction. My husband explained what a turn on it was to relinquish control and have his lover take charge. The gender exchange was like losing our virginity all over again. The next day at work I had to attend a meeting with the CEO. As he pranced around the stage over confidently, I wondered if his wife had ever bent him over and taken his ass. I could sense that my new found power was going to open up many possibilities for me and my sex life.

I'm so glad my husband and I had that talk.
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