He gets up the nerve to ask her to fulfill his fantasy

Authors Notes: I would like to thank Literotica author Robert_Anthony (a.k.a. MALIBUMAN666)and his submission 'Once a Month? as the inspiration for this story.


She lay there gently tracing her fingers up and down his shaft. "OK, now explain to me again what it is you want?"

He swallowed hard. She listened as he told her about his desire to have her tease him and control his orgasms.

"So you want to have sex but don't want to cum?"

"No, I do I just want you to decide when I do." He was nervous about how receptive she would be to, for them was, a very kinky request. "I want you in charge of me; sexually." He paused waiting for her to reply. "I want for you to make me as horny as you can and then decide if I am allowed to cum."

Silence. She stopped stroking him. "How long have you thought about this?"

"A quite some time. If this is to weird for you I understand. Forget I mentioned it." He waited in the darkness for a response. Almost dreading her next words.

But there were none. She instead leaned in and began kissing him and started to stroke his throbbing cock again. Before he knew it she had planted he pussy right on his face. He skillfully worked her up to an explosive orgasm. She slowly slide off his face and down his chest stopping right as his cock was outside her pussy.

Rarely she could come more than once. It was only when she was super horny and he hoped that this was the case. Since it would mean that she was somewhat receptive to his request.

Slowly she moved herself onto his shaft. She gyrated slowly and softly as she allowed herself to be penetrated by him. Moving at a snails pace she fucked his cock for some time.

He couldn't see her eyes in the darkness, but he felt them on him.

Suddenly she stopped and began rubbing her clit on his pelvis. He knew that she was ready to cum. However, this time there was little friction from her pussy on him. She writhed and moaned as she neared climax. He, however, was just along for the ride. "Oh, yes. Fuck yes. Oh, fuck yes. Fuck me, yes."

He was taken aback by her. She never before spoke, let alone cursed during sex.

She tensed and convulsed as another orgasm ripped through her. She collapsed on top of him and lay there for a minute. He waited patiently for her to roll over and, as customary, he would mount her and he could cum. This time though, she rolled off of him and rolled over. He waited a minute and then when he went to move next to her she spoke. "That was great...Goodnight."

But it wasn't for him. He lay there most of the night. Horny. What just happened? Now there were more questions than answers. He decided he would let her bring up the topic again, if she wanted to.

The next morning went by without mention of the night before. As did the rest of the day. And the next weeks, right up to Christmas.

They exchanged gifts by the tree next to the fire. He was still plagued by the last time they had sex, but didn't let it show. She broke his concentration by giving him one last gift that she had hidden.

He took it, but she held onto it. "If you want this, then you have ten seconds to decide once you open the box. Ten seconds. Yes or No." She let go and he nervously opened the box. His eyes went wide at the sight of a chastity device sitting in the box.

"Honey I...." She cut him off with a wave of her hand.

"Ten seconds, yes or no or we never talk about this again."

"Yes". He felt his cock stirring. Fumbling with the pieces he assembled the cage around his cock and locked the lock. He looked up at her and held out the key. "Thank you."

She took the key. "Good. Lets get some ground rules out of the way. I am in control of your sex life. I determine when, how and if you can come. Your sole purpose for the next year is to please me sexually. Understand."

He nodded yes.

"Also, at the end of the year I, not you, decide if I want to continue. Lastly, If I decide that I want to continue this for another year, then the amount of orgasms you get that year will depend on how well you please me this year. Clear?"

Did she say year? "Crystal."

She got up and opened up his dart board on the wall. A blank piece of white paper was in the center where the board was. She handed him twenty four darts. "Each one of these darts represents an orgasm you'll be allowed to have next year. Don't miss."

He let the first fly. Hit. The next and the next as well. He missed only two darts. Not bad he thought. Not as many as he would have liked, but twenty two was about two a month. That's certainly less than what he's used to, but he's getting his wish. He's read stories where guys go months or more without release.

She got up and took the darts off the paper and took the paper down. On the other side of the paper was a grid with numbers running left to right ranging from 1 to 365. 1 starting at the top right and 365 at the bottom left. She circled the dart holes that hit the paper, but missed the grid. Eleven. She plotted the dates from the Julian calendar onto a monthly calendar and gave him the paper.

"OK, You get to cum 11 times this year. As you can see there are some large gaps in there." He looked at the dates. January 21st was first. The next was March 7th, followed by the 11th and then only two weeks to the 26th.

April and May were blank.

June 14th and 24th were next. July was blank. August was a shocker with back to back orgasms on the 3rd and 4th. September was empty, as were the first two weeks of October.

The 20th and 23rd of October were next and November 1st was the last of the year. He swallowed hard and tried to comprehend what had just happened to him. He looked up at her and a wicked grin spread across her face.

"I've done a little research as you can see. Funny to see how your precious few orgasms are clustered together, especially in August. At first I wasn't sure about doing this, but the more I looked into it the more excited I got. I've been so very horny these past two weeks waiting to give you your gift. I can't even imagine how you're going to make it going nine or ten weeks not only being denied an orgasm, but day after frustrating day of me teasing your, excuse me I mean my cock. Just think of all the times you'll be fucking my brains out. Giving me orgasm after mind blowing orgasm, only to be locked back up when I'm done with it."

She moved over to the couch and sat down. "Let's not leave out all the times I'm going to want to unlock it and play with it just to see how desperate and frustrated you're going to get."

She opened her robe and he saw she was naked underneath. "Now, come over here and see how wet and hot my pussy has gotten explaining our arrangement."

His cock was already straining in its confines. She was normally reserved, never cursing or swearing. Now she sat before him, her fingers exploring her freshly trimmed bush, talking like a porn star. As he lowered himself into her crotch she pushed his head into her steaming womanhood. "Lick it good and make me cum, honey. If you do a really good job I'll promise not to ruin any of your orgasms."

He was already so horny. However, she was going to ensure he would be a completely different man by this time next year.
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