Patricia does not take kindly to being told no

It had been a surprisingly pleasant evening. Why surprisingly? Well, I must admit that the prospect of spending 'leisure' time in the company of my boss, Patricia, was something that I had found a little daunting. Not that Patricia wasn't good company, far from it. She was educated, intelligent, knowledgable and, it has to be said, attractive. Perhaps it was that attractiveness that made me uncomfortable, or was it just that I felt a little intimidated by the power that she seemed to exude. Either way, there was definitely something about her that made me feel a little awkward.

We were travelling together on business for a few days and were staying at a nice hotel near the airport. After our meetings with the client had been concluded in the late afternoon, we had both returned to the hotel, freshened up and gone down to the restaurant for a light meal. The conversation had, for the most part, stayed away from the subject of work. For that I was thankful, and had been feeling more relaxed as the evening had progressed.

I was seated in the hotel bar awaiting Patricia's return from 'powdering her nose'. It had been her suggestion that we have a quick drink before returning to our rooms. I glanced up as Patricia walked back towards the table. Several men in the bar also watched as she walked across the room, hardly surprising that she drew their attention. Patricia was in her mid thirties, but her figure and general appearance would have been the pride of a much younger woman, her thick, dark red hair encased a face with a stunning peaches'n'cream complexion. She was wearing her usual business attire of white blouse and black high heels, though I noticed that she had changed her black pencil skirt before dinner and was now wearing a black leather skirt that accentuated her figure and shapely legs. As she sat opposite me, I tried to change my train of thought, aware that I blush easily.

"What are you so lost in thought about?" She inquired with a raised eyebrow as she settled in to the chair. I smiled nervously and averted my eyes knowing that I must be wreaking of guilt.

"Oh, just thinking about tomorrow's meeting." I lied.

"For heaven's sake! You can take your mind off work for a few hours you know, I do permit it." She smiled before leaning across the table and gently patting my hand. I immediately felt the blood rush to my face as I smiled back, raising my glass to my lips more to hide my blushing cheeks than to take a sip. Patricia sat back in her chair as I attempted to regain control of my blood pressure. She looked directly into my eyes for a few seconds as if sizing me up. "Right come on, if it's worrying you that much then let's take these drinks back to my room and we can review the figures a final time." She immediately stood up, picked up her hand bag, and headed off in the direction of the lifts. Evidently, there was to be no discussion on the matter but that was Patricia all over. She wasn't a woman who was used to having to debate her decisions. I quickly picked up both of our drinks.

By the time I had caught up with her, she was already entering the lift. I followed her in, and she pressed the button for the 4th floor. As the lift doors closed I took in a deep breath. Her Gucci perfume was absolutely sublime, not too strong, but I found it deliciously decadent. We remained silent as the lift bell rang. The doors opened and Patricia strode out and turned down the corridor, I followed. A few steps behind Patricia, I couldn't help but take in her figure as she walked. Those high heels, the stocking clad legs, and her hips swaying in that leather skirt. "Steady" I told myself, "Those thoughts will not do your career one ounce of good!". Patricia stopped at the door to room 407 and took out her pass key from her bag. She swiped it, and the lock clicked open. "The papers are next to my case on the table" she said as the door closed behind me with a solid clunk of the lock. "I'll be with you in a minute" she added as she went into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

I knew the figures for tomorrow's sales meeting almost by heart and as I sat down in the chair and picked up the papers, I regretted having earlier made up the lie to cover my embarrassment. I glanced around the room. It was a lot bigger than mine, that wasn't a surprise. The heavy burgundy curtains were closed across the windows, the large king size bed had it's patchwork cover still in place to keep the linen clean, and everything was tidy. The thought only then crossed my mind that in my room my clothes had been flung all over the bed during my frantic attempts to find a clean tie for dinner. Thank God that Patricia was the complete opposite when it came to tidiness, how terribly embarrassing that would have been to find her lingerie strewn across the room! At that moment, the bathroom door opened on the far side of the room and Patricia came out. I glanced down at the papers in front me, pretending to be engrossed in them. She walked over to the table, picked up her drink and her briefcase and went over to the bed where she sat down, opening the briefcase beside her. She took out a folder and closed the case again, placing it on the floor. After a brief silence as we each studied our respective documents, Patricia looked up and enquired "I've got next month's forecasts here, do you think that you'll be able to meet them?".

"I'm not sure, actually I haven't had an opportunity to see them yet." I replied.

"Well, why don't you come over here and take your opportunity now?" She glanced up, to look directly at me. For a very brief moment my mind raced as I wondered if I'd heard her correctly. I quickly drew the conclusion that the innuendo was entirely accidental, and that my mind must be on paranoia overload. I was being simply ridiculous. I put the papers down and walked over to Patricia. I stood in front of her and put my hand out to receive the forecast documents but instead Patricia tapped her hand on the bed beside her without even looking up at me. In a hotel room, sitting beside my female boss on a bed, every fibre in my body was telling me that this was very wrong. Despite my concern, I sat down making sure that I left a good amount of personal space between us.

"What do you make of the second quarter estimates?" Patricia turned towards me and offered me a document. I took it and placed it in my lap, although I was being optimistic if I really thought that it was going to effectively hide the growing discomfort of my fast growing erection. It would have been difficult enough to make any sense of the figures without the fact that Patricia was leaning across to study them as they sat in my lap. I could feel her left arm behind my back, her hand planted on the bed right behind my backside, steadying herself as she leant against me, her breasts lightly pushed against my right arm. I tried to concentrate on the matter at hand but that perfume, the warmth of her leg against mine. Patricia broke the uncomfortable silence, pointing at the second column on the document, "These look a little... aggressive, don't you agree?". Her finger traced down the column on the paper, pressing against my thigh underneath.

"Um, well, I don't... I mean, that is, I'm not sure if... err". This was hopeless. I turned my head towards her. She returned the look as her finger continued it's inevitable course, the pressure being exerted was increasing all the time. I finally built up the courage to open my mouth to protest, but Patricia suddenly wrapped her right hand around the back of my head, pulled me towards her and kissed me deeply. I was caught between a sense of intense passionate relief and a terrible feeling of guilt, of throwing my career away. Patricia's warm tongue toyed with mine as I felt her hand move round to the front of my shoulder. Suddenly she pushed me backwards down onto the bed and in one quick movement, she was on top of me. It was at that point that the feelings of worry and guilt got the better of me and I gently pushed her shoulders upwards until she could no longer sustain her kissing.

"Patricia! I'm sorry but this really shouldn't be happening!".

She gave me a steely look, her tongue circling her lips to catch the saliva left from our intense kissing. "I see". She pulled her legs up so that she was sitting astride my waist, her skirt riding up her hips, displaying the tops of her stockings.

"This really isn't a good idea, please don't get the wrong idea, I mean I do find you very attractive but... it's just...", I realised that I was just digging a deeper hole for myself. Patricia continued her steely look, raising an eyebrow at my feeble attempts to excuse myself, her arms crossed and her body still pinning me down as she sat astride me. Finally, she uncrossed her arms and stood up, smoothing down her skirt.

"Very well, if you're sure that's the way that you want it". The look in her eyes had changed, it wasn't really anger, more determination, or... I couldn't put my finger on it. At last, she uncrossed her arms and stood up, smoothing down her skirt.

Sitting up, I said weakly "I'll just go."

"No" Patricia stated firmly.

"I'm sorry?"

"We need to have a little chat first." She went over to the wardrobe and took out a sports bag, before heading into the bathroom with it. "Wait there a moment". The bathroom door closed behind her. My mind was racing. I still couldn't believe what had happened, and now 'a little chat'. So, this was it. The end of my career because of a reckless moment of lust. It hadn't been my idea to come back to her room, and I hadn't instigated the kiss. But of course that wouldn't matter. What was that saying about a woman scorned? I'd had it.

The door opened and Patricia came out again, though there was something different about her. What was it? Whatever it was, it didn't really matter under the circumstances. Of that I was sure.

"Your behaviour has been totally unacceptable" she said sternly as she strode past me. She was holding a handkerchief, surely she hadn't been crying? She wasn't exactly the sentimental type. "You have been flirting with me all day, giving me.. signals". Not for the first time this evening, I was genuinely shocked.

"Me?" I spluttered as Patricia continued to pace round to the opposite side of the bed. I stared down at my feet, trying to find the right words to defend myself without getting into an argument.

"I don't know what gave you that impression but I can assure you that..." but my words were cut short. Patricia grabbed me from behind and clamped the handkerchief that she had been carrying over my mouth and nose. For a moment, I failed to react. What on earth was she doing? My right arm was being held firmly behind my back. My left hand was free and I tried to prise her hand from my mouth. The handkerchief felt damp and there was a pungent sweet smell invading my nostrils. My God, was that chloroform? What on earth was she doing with that? I tried to pull her hand away. It felt soft to the touch and try as I might, I just couldn't budge it. My head was starting to pound, and my fingers were tingling. With all my remaining strength I tried to stand, but Patricia was having none of it. One of her stocking clad legs wrapped itself round my waist and I was pulled backwards on to the bed. She was surprisingly strong. My eyes were closing now, and my free arm felt heavy, so very heavy. I attempted one last try to pull her hand away from my mouth, but it was futile now. Her hand felt so soft and smooth. As my eyes closed and the rhythmic thumping in my head finally took over all my senses, I realised what it was that had been different about her when she had come back from the bathroom. Gloves. She had been wearing tight, black leather gloves. Strange that I had not..... and then blackness.

I woke slowly, as if from a deep sleep. My mouth felt dry, my head was foggy. I stretched my arms, but something tugged at my wrists. Very suddenly the memories came flooding back to me. My eyes opened, and tried to adjust to the light in the room, Patricia's room. I cocked my head to one side and saw my arm outstretched, tied to the bedpost with what appeared to be tights or stockings, I looked the other way and could see that my other arm was the same. Being hardly able to move, I couldn't see my legs very easily, but it felt as if my legs were tied together at the ankles and at the knees. I was completely naked and there was no sign of Patricia.

"Mmmmmffpthhh!" was all I could manage to say. There was something soft in my mouth, and wide tape had been wrapped around my head at least five times. I looked around as much as I physically could. My clothes were neatly folded on the chair next to the table. The sports bag that Patricia had been carrying earlier was sitting on the table, with a roll of duck tape, a pair of scissors and several pairs of tights. Well, that explained the soft material stuffing my mouth. Next to them was a pair of black leather gloves. I continued to look around. On the bedside table was a handkerchief and a small brown bottle next to what appeared to be a box of condoms.

"Mmmmmmmffpthh mmmff" I tried again, but the gag was very effective. I heard the bathroom door open. Patricia walked in.

"Comfortable?" she asked nonchalently. "No? well we both know who's fault that is." She walked over to the table and picked up the gloves before coming over to the bed and sitting beside me. She was still wearing the clothes that she had on earlier. She pulled on the gloves, smoothing them down before looking me over and inspecting my bonds thoroughly.

"Mmmmffff" was all I managed as her gloved hands pressed down on the tape over my mouth ensuring that I wasn't going to be in a position to protest. My eyes were my only form of communication and I stared at her, terrified. Patricia pulled herself up on to the bed to lie beside me, wiggling her skirt up to her waist, she wrapped her leg over mine, her stocking tops tickling my thighs as she stroked her high heels over my shins, lightly but still painfully. Her gloved finger circled around my chest, teasing as she spoke.

"Right, here's the deal. You had your chance to do this your way. You blew it. But, as I'm sure you'll know by now, I'm not the sort of woman to take no for an answer. So now we're going to do things...." she reached down and took a firm grip of my balls "... my way". She smiled wickedly as she released her grip.

"Mmmmfff!" My eyes bulged at the pain. Patricia reinforced the gag by planting her soft, gloved hand very firmly over the tape across my mouth.

"Sssshhh," Her red hair fell across my chest as she leant across and gently kissed my nipple. "Just as well I brought my bag of toys with me. Still, I had a suspicion you might be naughty and need some persuading." She moved up to the side of my face and, holding my chin firmly, kissed me on the cheek.

"I'm not going to fire you." She whispered into my ear. "But everything that has happened," she paused to nibble my ear lobe, " and everything that is about to happen in this room," her gloved hand let go of my chin and moved down my chest to finally stop at my cock, which was quickly wrapped in the soft leather as she began to wank me gently, " stays in this room. Not a word to anyone, or losing your job will be the leass of your worries, do you understand?". Her hand began to slowly increase it's rhythm. I nodded. "Good boy" she whispered as the warmth of her damp tongue invaded my ear.

She stopped suddenly, and knelt beside me. "Right, that's enough of that. Now let's get down to business." The look of terror quickly returned to my eyes as I wondered what she was up to now. "For what I have in mind for the first course, we're going to have to remove that gag for a little while." She saw the look of relief in my eyes, and wagged a gloved index finger at me. "Only a little while mind," The gloved finger stopped wagging at me and disappeared between my legs. My eyes widened as I felt Patricia gently probing my arsehole. Oh yes, I can see that we'll definitely need to keep you quiet later. But right now I need that mouth and tongue of yours in full working order." To my temporary relief, she removed her finger and then pulled her skirt right up to reveal that she was wearing no knickers. "Are you going to be a good boy and keep very quiet?" Though my eyes must have been giving away my terror, I nodded. "Good, in that case you can have a drink of water, and if you keep quiet and behave.... a very special treat." She winked and licked her lips as she looked at my now very, very erect cock. Her gloved fingers started to rub at her clitoris.

I closed my eyes and wondered how on earth this night could get any more bizarre. If only I knew....

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