He gets more than he bargained for

I walked up to the lingerie store at the mall first thing in the morning hoping that it would be fairly empty. I thought of the task I had been set upon to perform. I was to buy a pair of panties and report back to my online Mistress.

Looking inside the store was completely empty except for a young lady fixing up a display. I nervously walked into the store and began browsing the isles. I stopped at a bin full of panties and began to run my fingers across the fabric. I imagined myself kneeling in front of my Mistress, wearing them. She's smiling down at me, telling me how much it pleases her to humiliate myself for her in such a way.

My balls were still aching from all the edgings I had done and only a ruined orgasm to show for any relief. I felt her cock stir.

"Can I help you?" said the voice that snapped me back to reality. I looked up to see the woman standing in front of me. She had a petite frame, yet she had a stunning figure. I was staring at her blouse buttons that were straining to keep her breasts confined. I hadn't noticed I was still fondling the panties.

"Sir, hello? I'm up here!" she waved her hand in front of her face.

Totally embarrassed I began to stammer out a response. "Do you have these in my size?" I asked.

She took them from me without a word and leaned forward exposing her cleavage. She picked out about five or six pair and handed them over to me. "Do you like any of these? They all should fit."

I stood there fumbling the panties in my hands as she walked around the bin and stood next to me. "How about we try them on to make sure." she said with a barely noticeable gleam in her eye.

I wasn't sure if she was serious or not until she took me by the arm to the changing area. I went into the booth. "My name is Melissa if you need anything." she said as she pulled the curtain closed. I wanted to just buy them and leave, but now for some reason I felt obligated, almost as if this was now part of my task.

I stripped down and pulled up the first pair. The lavender boy cut fit rather well and my Mistress' cock began to stiffen. I changed them out for a thong and then ruffled black and white pair. By now her cock was fully erect and I began to stroke it. This would be a great addition in my report to my Mistress. A nice edging in the changing booth at the lingerie store. How naughty.

Facing the mirror, slowing teasing and stroking in a lime green pair of cheekies I watched myself. I felt the cum beginning to boil in my swollen balls. I was still allowed to cum once more time this month and I just knew that wasn't going to be able to stop.

In no time I was at the point of no return and massive load shot from her cock and sprayed the mirror. I fell to my knees, panting. Obediently; I began to lick the mirror clean.

I gathered everything up and got dressed. Peeking out of the booth to make sure nobody was there I darted back into the store and seen Melissa waving me over to the register. I put everything on the counter and said I'd take it. She rang me up and I gave her my credit card. She then asked for my drivers license, which I sheepishly handed over.

"That will be $368.96, please." Stunned and confused I tried to ask why so much. "Well, I gave you a few extra things and some gift cards for me, silly!" she said coyly.

I began to protest but she cut me off. "Perhaps I should just post the security disc of you masturbating and licking up your cum in the booth on the internet, saying Mr. John Smith of 114 Pine St. likes to do this.

Maybe we should call security and perhaps they would like to see this and know that you tried to leave with merchandise stuffed in your coat pockets." My heart was pounding, my head spinning. I reach in my pocket and found stockings in them.

How? Why? What should I do? "Please, no." I blurted out, not wanting any more attention than needed. "I'll pay for it. Just let me have the disc." She agreed and told me to wait here while she got it.

She returned with a jewel case and put in in the bag. "You know we get guys like you all the time" she said using air quotes as she said guys. "Your either too dumb to know we video tape everything in there to stop shoplifters or you wanted to get caught. I must say you put on quite a show, perhaps you can come by again sometime."

I nodded politely and quickly left the store and raced home. My heart was still pounding as I poured a drink and started up my computer. Time for pictures and report back to my Mistress. After I took the pics of myself in my panties I, for some reason, realized I hadn't even looked at the disc. I pulled it out of the bag and opened it.

My jaw dropped when I looked inside and all there was was a note:

Hey Kinky Customer,

If you really want this meet me at 123 Main St at 8 o'clock tonight.


PS Wear the stuff I gift wrapped for you.

My eyes turned towards the package at the bottom of the bag.
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