Man marries the military foot goddess of his dreams

"Your late slave boy," yelled Marcie to her cowering husband Ronald. "Strip idiot and get your slave face in my feet, NOW!"

No words were spoken Ronald quickly stripped and neatly folded his clothes. He crawled to the end of the sofa to where her ankles hung her feet over the end. As her dedicated foot slave he kissed the tops of her ankles and then licked the tops of her shiny black leather marching boots. Yes marching boots.

Marcie was in the Army Reserves and had just got back from a weekend drill. That meant she'd have worn the same wool socks during drill. She had been marching and romping in the back woods of the state. Ronald knew she'd find reasons to keep her feet hot, moist, and smelly during her drills. She always did.

The thing Marcie liked best was the fact that she was still in her mid-twenties and married a man much older than her. She'd met Ronald on the base. He's an office worker in the supply building. She was putting boxes in a jeep and he'd offered to help her.

"Do I look like I need help civilian," Marcie chided him.

Caught by complete surprise Ronald replied,

"Excuse me, no Ma'am. I was just offering to help is all."

"Listen Mr." she said shortly, while lifting the heavy boxes and tossing them in the jeep, "If I wanted your help I'd ask but I didn't did I idiot?"

Ronald was stunned. He was not used to being talked to that way but somehow he liked it. This young, tough Army woman was treating him the same as his mother used to do when he was young. He liked it then and he liked it now.

Ronald grew up being belittled by his mother. She made him stay inside after school just to gripe about her horrible life, and his no good father. All the while, Ronald sat at the end of the sofa near her foul smelling feet. He was too scared he'd wanted to be bossed around for so long. He knew he wasn't cover girl material. At 46, single, living alone and submissive, this might just be something good. At least he hoped it would be. As if in a trance he found himself on his knees before her. Those dark eyes of hers glared her approval as his fingers worked on her long laces. He took his time carefully opening her boot. As he loosened them enough he gently lifted one and cradled it in his arm. Then grasping the heel he tugged. At first it didn't budge. She laughed at the fool beneath her. Marcie thought to herself that if he ever got the damn thing off, he'd get a face full of funk from her foot. She'd worn those socks three days running. They were sure to stink. Hell, if she'd known she'd run into such a freak, she'd have worn them all week.

Suddenly she pulled her leg back and her foot came free. She laughed as his eyes began to water from the stench.

"Something wrong Ronald?" she hissed.

"No Miss Marcie, I'm fine."

"I hope my feet don't smell too bad for you down there," she chuckled.

"No Miss, not at all," he lied. The stink coming off that sock would choke a horse. Never had he imagined a foot as small and delicate looking as this could create such an odor. Yet, Ronald endured the smell just to be with her.

"Well then, you won't mind if I do this," she sneered. Then Marcie lifted her leg and placed her nasty stinky socked foot on his forehead. Then, she slowly dragged it down his face. Ronald held his ground and kept his head still. A film of musty sweat smeared his nose. Being that close to the sock made his head spin. When her toes slid to his lips, she forced them to part. As she continued washing his face with her foot, Ronald soon learned what stink tasted like. After, to her, a short five minutes, but to him a lifetime, she said, "There is another boot to remove foot boy."

As soon as he'd taken the second boot off, that foot too coated his face with its moistness. Ronald got the idea this time. He extended his tongue and held her ankle gently. He licked the foot from the heel to the bottom of her toes. Marcie sighed at how quickly he learned. His mouth was dry. He was swallowing sock lint, dirt, grime and sweat. It was hard to swallow at times. Soon her other foot joined in the fun. Ronald was sniffing and licking both sweaty feet until the socks were soaked with her sweat, and his saliva. Next he began to suck the moisture from between the toes through the soiled socks. His mouth was coated with her stench. They both were in the height of glory.

After nearly an hour she told him she was going to take her uniform off. She also said she expected him naked and kneeling upon her return.

Marcie returned shortly finding Ronald as she ordered. She had on a flimsy short nighty. Her pert breasts were firm with already hard nipples. How she loved standing above her kneeling foot slut. She still had her socks on. He had to be the one to remove them she grinned to herself.

Beads of sweat formed on Ronald's head. His neck ached from being bowed so long. It didn't matter. He would have remained in that position all weekend if she commanded him to. His eyes were fixed on her feet. He saw new strands of lint and carpet on the moist bottoms. His mouth watered for the taste. No amount of time would be wasted sucking and licking them again, if only she'd sit down.

Standing behind him, Marcie bent and ran her hands over his chest. Her touch had him swooning. She scratched her nails over his nipples. He flinched. Again she scratched them. Despite his whimpering, his tiny nipples began to harden. A thought came to her then. She left the room and returned with two alligator nipple clamps. As she snuggly snapped the first one on Ronald nearly jumped with pain. He hissed and tears welled up in his eyes.

"Relax slave," she soothed in his ear. "You must learn to accept pain for the pleasure of serving at my feet. I know you enjoy them so. I promise you there will be ample time left, in you pathetic life, to worship them." Then she kissed his ear while attaching the second nipple clamp.

The pain was immense. Ronald never had this done to him before. He knew he could remove them, stop the pain and leave. However that thought would be even more painful. He hadn't even seen her bare feet yet. So he suffered in silence. Once he seemed settled enough, Marcie took her seat. Crossing her legs she placed her right foot near his face. A pained smile appeared across his lips as he felt the warmth of her. She next softly slid her toes down the side of his face slowly. She whispered, "Stick out your tongue." He obeyed and she teased the tip of it with her toes. His begging expression amused her. "Remove my sock bitch boy," she spoke. Trembling, loving hands rolled the dirty sock to the base of her toes. His teeth then grasped and finished exposing her foot.

The stink was worse, or better in his view, than before. She showed him her sole. Streaks of dried sweat and dirt stained it. At this point his cock stood fully at attention. It pointed directly at her. She smiled her approval and commanded him to orally worship her foot. Like the perfect puppet his mouth lovingly kissed the top of it. His nostrils flared, sucking hard to fill his lungs with her essence. He held her ankle as if it were glass. He kissed her instep, her toe nails, the tips of her toes. Spreading her toes, he spied the moist specks of lint and sweat. He smiled to himself and slowly licked between them. As he'd collect a morsel of toe jam, he'd back off and extend his tongue to her. Only after showing her what his devoted tongue discovered would he chew the tiny stink ball, savoring the taste before swallowing it.

After ensuring each valley of her toes was pristinely white again, he began to use his talented mouth to bathe her sole. Marcie was using one hand to toy with her breast as the other hand found her moist pussy. She was lost in her power and lust as he labored intensely at her foot. After he'd expertly licked and cleaned that foot to perfection she pulled it away. Planting it on the floor, she offered him the other. Again he removed the sock and orally cleansed that lovely foot. As he greedily fed on her toe jam and foot filth, Marcie reached two hard, gut wrenching orgasms.

She leaned back, sexually sedated and relaxed. She told him to lie on his back. When he did his cock was bloated and his ball sack tight. She loved what she did to make it that way, nothing. Using one foot she toyed with his nipple clamps. Ronald was too far gone with desire to react to the pain this caused. Her other foot lazily roamed his face. Each time it crossed his lips she felt his tongue.

"You've earned a reward foot slut," she said, "Now honor them by pulling that useless cock of yours for my amusement."

His hand flew to his blood filled penis. A blur of movement soon had him moaning and groaning. Sensing his closeness to completion, Marcie lowered a foot just behind his hand. His warm slave seed shot straight up in the air, then fell in splashes over her instep and toes. After it stopped she whispered, "On your knees fool, lick and swallow every drop off my foot." Without hesitation Ronald complied.

Within a month Ronald moved in. He slept at the foot of Marcie's bed each night. His mouth never left her feet until she'd awake each day. Soon she stopped working, save for her drill times. Ronald sold his house giving Marcie the proceeds. She married him with the condition he'd never have intercourse with her to which he readily agreed. His pay checks were hers. He sold his car, gave the cash to her and rode the bus to work. His foot slave duties continued as they started, only, the times he'd be permitted to jack off lessened. Marcie told him it was to make him more attentive to her feet. Ronald never knew when she may allow him relief.

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lesbians in stockings
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