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I am sure that you have to be a little surprised that a man would knock on your door, completely nude, and ask to borrow a towel, or a t-shirt, or anything that you might consider lending me to cover myself, but there is a story to all of this. So, if you want to know why I have only my hands to cover my front, and my bare ass is bright pink, I'll just go ahead and tell you.

I surf the net occasionally, and look at girlie pics and what not, as most people do. I can't say that I ever felt the need to hide this either. When my friend Linda, who lives three doors down from me would come over to hang out and have a drink, sometimes I would even tell her or show her when I found a particularly hot pic.

One night, as we drank G&Ts, watched "Family Guy", and surfed the web, I found a great video clip. A model on a runway had on a long loincloth type of bottom, and a bikini top. The top was fairly standard, but the bottom was a long strip that hung down from her waist, and another in the back. They were simply held on by a string around her waist, covering her buns and her crotch, but making it clear that she could not be wearing anything underneath.

The strips of fabric hung all the way from her waist down to the floor, and as she walked along the catwalk, she stepped on one of the two pieces of cloth, which caused the string to come untied, and she lost her bottom altogether. She ran, completely bottomless, to the backstage area. She covered her front with her hands, and her butt was completely bare.

Naturally, I thought that this was the best thing ever to happen in the history of the planet, and I told Linda so. She came over and watched it, and her jaw dropped. She told me that the woman had been totally humiliated, and that I should be sympathetic instead of cheering and aroused. I explained to her that it was not the end of the world, the woman should just "grin and bare it". After all, she is not the first woman ever to be naked in public. Strippers do it all the time, and show even more. Nobody ever died because they were "totally humiliated".

Linda started to get a little bit irritated with me and told me that I was being sexist, and that I would never be able to deal with it if it happened to me, so I should just shut up and stop playing the stupid video. I told her to take it easy, that it was no big deal, and we should just have another drink. "Yeah, I'll take it easy," she said, and we made more drinks, and went back to watching tv.

A couple of nights later, Linda stopped back by. We mixed up G&Ts, and let bygones be bygones. In fact, Linda was being totally playful that night. She told me to turn around and close my eyes. When I asked her why, she said she had a surprise gift for me. Never one to turn down a gift from a friend, I happily obliged. She took my hands in hers, and put them behind my back. Then, I heard a click, and I felt a bracelet lock around each wrist. Linda's surprise present for me was handcuffs!

I tried to move my hands around a little bit to see if they were even real handcuffs, or just the novelty type that they sell in the toy store. They felt as real as can be. I just laughed a little bit, and asked her what was the occasion. She smiled, and said softly, "Birthday party. You do like parties, don't you?"

I told her, "I do like a good party, but my birthday isn't for a while now. You know that."

She just gave a quiet laugh and said, "Who said anything about YOUR birthday?" I think that was the first time that I realized that she might have something further in store for me.

I think I was already blushing as I tried to laugh her off, be cool, and in a calm voice said, "Well, I do love to party with you, although I guess it is a fairly small party, just the two of us."

Without even blinking, she replied, "Oh, this party isn't just the two of us. Not even close."

Still trying to play it cool, I said, "Well, unless you've got a mouse in your pocket, it may have to be."

With a self-assured smile, she said, "No, no mouse. What fun would a mouse be, anyway? But since the other party-goers are all at my place, I think it is time to depart this bachelor's paradise for the glamour and sociability of my own little slice of heaven."

With this, she stood up and made a beckoning motion with her hand, motioning me to the door. I wasn't really sure what to do, and then she clapped twice, and in an impatient voice said, "Come on - move it. People are waiting, and this birthday isn't going to celebrate itself now."

As I stood up, I smiled at her and said, "Um, Linda, your birthday isn't for a month after mine. Isn't this a little premature?"

Linda returned a bland smile and softly replied, "Who said anything about my birthday?"

"Well, I don't know, I just figured and all," was all I could come up with. With that, Linda gently took me by one of my handcuffed arms, locked my door, and gently led me down the steps. Playing along with her seemed like the way to go. She probably would have drinks or something for us at her house.

We walked down the sidewalk, and the air felt pretty nice. The weather was getting good, and I wasn't too cold in just shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops (our little drinking sessions were pretty darn casual). As we walked up to Linda's house, I could see that the lights were on, and somebody was inside. Now I was starting to get a little panicky. Wearing handcuffs at home, in front of your friend is one thing, but being handcuffed in front of strangers was not a real comfortable idea for me.

At this point, I just stopped in my tracks and asked Linda, "Ok, what's going on with this? There's other people in there."

Sensing my nervousness, she gave me a big, sickly sweet smile, and said, "It's a birthday party. I already told you that. You didn't forget already, did you?"

"No, I didn't forget already, but I didn't think you were serious, or I wouldn't have come over here like this," was all I could muster.

"Well now, whose fault is that," she politely responded, "Now, let's get in. People are waiting."

By now, I wasn't very comfortable, but she had me by the arm, and I didn't want to be seen by her guests being dragged in or anything. After all, with my hands cuffed behind my back, she could probably get the better of me and make me look pretty foolish if I tried anything. I tried to muster up a smile, and told her, "After you, my hostess."

She gave me that sweet smile again, and simply cooed, "Well, aren't you the sweetest." Then she led me up her steps with exaggerated care, as a woman opened the door to let us in.

As soon as the door shut and we entered Linda's living room, a group of six women with some kind of frozen drinks in their hand let out a cheer, "All right, Linda, finally!"

"We thought you had gotten lost!"

"You invite us to a party and then ditch us?"

"Ooh, now that's what I want for my birthday present! A handcuffed man!"

As I looked around, I realized that I knew some of them, somewhat. Linda's neighbors on either side of her were there. It was a peculiar time to realize that we had some pretty attractive women on our street. Also there was a cashier from the convenience store down the street. Half my age or not, she was amazingly hot, and I always hoped for a little cleavage shot when she leaned over to give me my change. It looked like the girl next to her was probably her girlfriend, as they were of the same age group and were exchanging glances and giggles constantly.

I looked further, and this is when things got a little odd for me. Sitting on Linda's sofa, like they had been there all their lives, were the last two people that I ever would have expected to see. Comfortable lounging, drinks in hand, were my secretary, Elise, and my immediate supervisor from work, Tammy. I must have looked shocked because my boss coolly looked me in the eye, and simply asked, "What's the matter, cat got your tongue?"

"I've told you some of what Mr. Sensitive here has to say, haven't I?" said Linda. "But now, shouldn't we be celebrating Valeria's birthday?" At this, everyone gave a cheer, and bustled about, refilling drinks, and assembling birthday presents. Although I was handcuffed, the next few minutes of the party were surprisingly normal. It turned out that Valeria was the cashier from the convenience store. The other women had gifts, which she opened, and everyone chatted and drank up.

After the presents were cleared, Linda brought out a cake, and Valeria blew out the candles. As Valeria cut slices of cake, Linda's face became thoughtful, and she casually spoke, "Oop, one last birthday tradition, girls."

Valeria inquired, "And what would that be, Miss Linda?"

"Why, birthday spanks of course, silly," Linda replied, "One per year!"

Valeria blushed, and stammered, "I think we can skip that one, Linda"!

Linda waved her hand, and firmly informed her, "No, Valeria, tradition is tradition. There must be birthday spanks. But I think we just may have a substitute sit and take the spanks for you!" The girls all looked at me and cheered, and I knew what Linda had planned for me now.

I must have looked like I was about to try to run, and it's true, I was thinking about it. At that point Linda reminded me that not only was I handcuffed, but she had the keys to my house. It would be pretty difficult for me to pull some kind of escape. I might just be stuck here.

"Now, let's just see here," said Linda, "I think that the birthday girl can sit on the couch, nice and comfy, and Spanky here will just have to go over her knee."

My boss sat straight up and exclaimed, "Spanky - I think someone has a new nickname!"

At this point, my secretary asked sweetly, "do I have to call him Mr. Spanky?"

Linda just waved her hand, and motioned at me to climb onto Valeria's knee. I hesitated, but she snapped, "Get on her knee now, Spanky! You are handcuffed and this could get much worse in a hurry!" All the women looked surprised but egged her on, and told me to get going. Valeria slapped her knee, and I climbed onto her lap, ass in the air, directly facing the two neighborhood women, trying to avoid eye contact. As I settled in, they all murmured in approval, but Linda snapped her fingers and shook her head. "There's something wrong here", she said. "Oh yes, that's it. Now I remember, spankings have to be given bare bottom!" Before I could even say a word, she strode over with authority, and yanked my shorts and boxers down to my knees. All the women howled and cheered.

"Nice buns!" yelled Elise.

At this, Tammy chimed in, "I knew there was a reason we kept him around!"

I tried to grab my shorts to pull them back up, but I was bent over Valeria's knee with my hands cuffed behind me, and there was not much I could do. As soon as I made the grab for the shorts, Linda pulled them all the way down to my ankles, which drew more cheers. She sternly addressed me, "I tried to be nice and let you keep your shorts, but you had to go and try to disobey me and ruin Valeria's spanking by pulling them up. What do you have to say about that?"

I simply stuttered, "I don't know. I mean, um, I'm sorry. Please put them back up where they were."

Linda just laughed. She pulled the shorts and boxers completely off, and thoughtfully said, "We'll just have to see how you behave, won't we? Maybe if you are good, you can have them back later."

I had no idea what to do. I just tried to keep pressed against Valeria's leg, so that only my ass was on display, and nothing even more "personal". "Don't you want to thank us for being so nice, Spanky?" she inquired.

After I said, "Thank you all very much," the girls all laughed again.

"I think he's getting it now," said Barbara, one of the two neighbors.

"Isn't there something you want to ask us, Spanky?" asked Linda, "Don't you want your spanking to begin? I'm starting to think you just want to lie on Valeria's lap all night."

I knew what I had to do, and trying to do so with dignity, I asked Valeria, "Would you please spank me now?"

The women absolutely howled with this. Valeria just smiled and said, "I think that I can do that."

Everyone sat forward on her seat expectantly, and Valeria drew her hand back. I looked up to see Linda intently adjusting a large digital camera upon us. I looked in the other direction to see Elise with her video camera. She just shrugged and said, "fFor all the other secretaries that couldn't make it her tonight," and gave me a sweet smile. I must have had that panicked look again, because Linda flatly snapped, "If you want to go running down the street bareassed, hands cuffed behind your back, and no way to get inside, go ahead, but I'm not sure how good an idea that is." I just lowered my head, and tried to avoid eye contact. Valeria readied herself, and the other women all gave her a countdown from ten. When they reached "one", she gave me the first spank, a firm swat, right smack in the middle of my ass. This got the loudest cheer yet. She pulled back, and kept going, again and again. The women all were laughing and giving each other happy glances, egging on Valeria.

After ten swats, Valeria asked, "Do you even know why I am here? You always try to look down my shirt, you jerk. Linda was nice enough to help me even the score. How do you like me now?" The women whooped, and even gave each other a few high fives. Valeria started spanking again, but harder. Much harder. I tried to move my ass a little so that she would not hit the same sore spots, but she landed swat after swat anyway, and Linda shouted a warning to me about trying to avoid my spanking. Finally, after nineteen strokes, presumably for her nineteenth birthday, she stopped.

All of the other women clapped and congratulated her on a job well done. I just lie there as my ass burned. The women came over, one at a time, to check out her handiwork. My buns must have been pink, as everyone seemed to approve. Each of them felt free to comment on my ass, or give it a pinch as she walked by.

Linda, now the group leader, sat up and looked at her glass. "Spanky," she said, "My glass is empty. Be a dear and get me a refill." All action in the room froze. She still had not returned my shorts, and I was still across Valeria's lap, trying to keep covered. "Did you not hear me?" she snapped, "Or is there some kind of a problem?"

"Well," I said, "Could I have my shorts back first?"

Without hesitating, she replied, "No, you may not. I told you that would depend on your behavior. You repeatedly tried to avoid your spanking. You won't be getting your shorts back soon. Now stand up immediately." There was no way around it. She had me and she knew it. Fully bottomless, I stood up, hands behind my back, penis on display to all of the women.

I was maybe two feet away from my pretty, young secretary, but I was trying not to look at her. As I stood there, the women gave Linda a little round of applause for taking charge. She grew even more confident with this, and ordered me to stand before her. As I did so, she took a pair of scissors and cut away my t-shirt, so that I stood completely nude before the women. "That," she said, "Was for taking so long to stand. When you get an order, you follow it, you don't think about it. Now, I think the girls would like to take their picture with you."

That seemed just fine with the women, each of whom came over, one at a time, and took her picture with me, posing with her hand on my pink ass, handling my penis, or whatever seemed to be a fun picture to her at the time.

The one who I thought would be the easiest on me, Elise, was far from that. She walked over, grabbed my testicles firmly and told me in a stern voice, "Bend over the chair. NOW!" Knowing better than to disobey again, I did so. As all the women watched closely with intrigue, and Linda readied her camera, Elise put one of her hands on each buttock, and spread them wide apart, displaying my anus to the room, and to Linda's camera, which whirred away. As the other women's jaws were dropping, Elise chirped, "Thanks, boss. It's been real fun working with you. Be sure to hit on me again real soon."

A visibly amused Linda strolled over. "Well," she declared, "I think we can take the cuffs off now. Given our video and photo collection, and his lack of clothes, I think he'll be most obedient, no matter what we tell him to do, cuffs or no cuffs." She removed the cuffs from me, and I did not even think of trying to cover my penis with my hands or running, or anything of the like.

Donna and Barbara, the neighbors, were conferring. "Shouldn't we test him then?" Donna asked.

Linda nodded, "Help yourself. Go ahead."

Donna took a minute to contemplate, and then announced, "I'm sure that being inside is getting stifling to him. And since he likes to look at Barbara and I when we sunbathe, I'm sure he does that to all the women on the block. I think it's time for him to take a nice jog around the block."

The others seemed to approve, and Linda gave two quick claps and motioned to the door, "You were given an order. Not when you feel like it, go now!" As I ran out the door fully nude, I wondered what my limits were. As I got a few feet away, I realized I could try to escape, but I was stark naked with a pink ass, and no way to get inside. It was probably two in the morning, but you never know when someone will come outside to take out the trash. Also, they had the pictures and video of me. I had to return and I knew it.

When I got back, they had been thinking. Before I could end my exercise session and rejoin them inside, I had to do naked jumping jacks on the lawn, both facing front and facing back. These seemed to be a favorite with the women, who kept the video camera running and kept laughing and pointing as my penis flopped around.

A surprising side effect of my penis flopping and bouncing was that it was getting a little bit erect, a fact that was not lost on the women.

"Look at this, I think he likes it!"

"Maybe we are being too easy on him!"

"We are definitely going to have to show him off more."

Linda deliberated over this for a while before asking, "Ok, girls, who's ready for a little ride?" Since they all knew she had something planned, they all agreed that they were ready for a ride. We got in two cars, and Linda led us to the university part of town, three miles away. We stopped near a section that I knew to be the Sorority Row. Linda had everyone get out of the cars, and we stood underneath a tree on an average looking residential street.

Linda looked at me standing there naked, and motioned Valeria's friend Gina to start the video camera. "All right," she said, "If you want to get your clothes and go home, here's the deal. You have to stand here and masturbate for everyone to see."

"If someone walks up, they see it. That's your problem."

"You have five minutes to come. If you do so, we drive you home and give you your clothes and keys. If you don't, we leave you here naked, three miles from home. You get to walk through Sorority Row and the university butt naked if you want to get back."

I swallowed hard. The women all seemed a little startled, but nobody doubted that she would do it, and nobody wanted her to stop, and Donna readied her watch. "Ok," she said, "The clock starts in thirty seconds." After all that these women had seen, and made me do so far, I had no hesitation. In full view of my close friend, my two co-workers, my two neighbors, a teen cashier and her friend, and under the watchful eye of the video camera, I stood naked on the street and masturbated in front of all of them.

I got hard surprisingly quickly, considering the circumstances, and I stroked furiously, despite the audience. I think that some of the women wanted me to have to walk home naked, but others might have been rooting for me after all they had seen me do and endure. I tried to put good pressure on my erect penis. It wasn't comfortable doing this standing up, but it was not like lying down on the pavement would have been more comfortable.
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