Adam gets sent to Mistress Katie for interrogation


Adam quickly checked his email. He used to jokingly refer to his phone as his electronic leash. Until his wife had transformed into Mistress Kristen, he never knew how accurate that term was. The email was not from Kristen however. This was from her new friend, Mistress Katie.

"Pig, it is time for me to collect on My bet. Tonight you are my prisoner. Leave work immediately. Ring the doorbell twice, and then enter. You will see a hood and a pair of handcuffs, put them both on and kneel on the floor." She followed with her address.

Adam felt a little guilty leaving work early, but he did as ordered. On the way over there, he thought of his last encounter with Mistress Katie. He had cost his wife a bet with Mistress Katie, now Mistress Katie had him for the night. His wife was relatively new to D/s, but it seemed that Mistress Katie had been doing it a lot longer.

He arrived at Mistress Katie's house, rang the doorbell twice and entered. He saw the black leather hood and handcuffs laid out on a small table. He put them on and knelt in the foyer. He waited for what seemed like an eternity. He frequently thought of Mistress Katie. She was a bit older and had long, luxurious, wavy red hair and crimson lips. She was a bit shorter than his wife, probably around 5'5, but had considerably more curves.

He finally heard her enter. The distinctive click of heels on hardwood seemed threatening rather than arousing this time. He heard her circle him two or three times before a hand jerked upwardly on his cuffs. "Up!" She barked.

Adam quickly rose and was led by the wrists into Mistress Katie's basement. Again, she circled him a few times, doing nothing, but letting him hear her heels click on the floor. Adam didn't know what would be worse torture, his evening or this anticipation.

"Hands behind your head prisoner" Mistress Katie commanded. He brought his hands behind his hooded head. "Welcome to My prison," she started. "I make all the rules. You will obey or be severely punished. Ever been to prison pig?"

"No Ma'am"

"Well, the first thing that happens in prison is a search." Mistress Katie began roughly patting him down police style. She immediately grabbed his belt. "What the fuck is this? You are not allowed belts in prison."

"Yes Ma'am." With that she unbuckled his belt and quickly jerked it out, the tip slapping against each belt loop. She unbuttoned his khakis and dropped his pants and boxers. He felt the cool air tickling his buttocks.

WHACK! Mistress Katie brought the doubled leather belt across Adam's ass. He instinctively tried to bring his cuffed hands down to protect himself. Before he could catch himself, Mistress Katie noticed. "Ah, Ah, Ah," she scolded. "Has Mistress Kristen taught you nothing? Pigs like you can't protect themselves. Now keep your hands behind your head prisoner!"

"Yes Ma'am"

Adam flinched as Mistress Katie brought the belt across his ass cheeks again. "Be still prisoner", she sternly warned as she strapped him three more times. Adam felt his ass heating up after these belt strokes. "We can move on after you take a couple of strokes without flinching." Mistress Katie taunted. Adam tensed his body, determined not to flinch. After flinching for six more strokes, Adam was finally able to remain still.

"Normally, I'd let you acclimate a little more, get used to what it's like being my prisoner, but since I only have you for the evening, we'll move on to the interrogation." Adam swallowed hard at the word "interrogation".

Mistress Katie removed Adam's shoes, pants and boxers. She unbuttoned his shirt, but left it on."Lie down, on your back." Mistress Katie ordered. As Adam lay down, the chill from the cold cement floor spread through his body. Then he felt his handcuffs secured to the floor and his ankles locked in place.

The hood was quickly jerked off and Adam squinted at the harsh overhead lights bearing down on his face. As his eyes began to readjust to the glare of the light, Mistress Katie came into view towering over him. She wore a white blouse, skin tight leather leggings and black leather stiletto boots that came just below the knee. She stared down at him, waiting for his eyes to focus.

"There are things that I want to know about you pig, and being the worthless piece of shit that you are, I don't trust a word that comes out of your little piggy mouth." She stood with her hands on her hips and prodded Adam's mouth with her spiked heel. Adam tasted the dust on her heel as the 4 inch heel was pressed into his mouth. Adam wrapped his lips around the heel as she withdrew it.

Mistress Katie scoffed at this. "Looks like you're used to having things in your mouth. Have you ever sucked a cock?"

"No Mistress." Adam quickly replied.

Mistress Katie then moved astride Adam, and stood facing his feet. Her heels scraped Adam's ribcage on the way there. Adam recoiled at the pain. Adam's eyes locked on to Mistress Katie's ass. It was so full and beautiful and her leather leggings made it look amazing. She squatted and lowered her ass until it was but inches from Adam's face.

She turned her head to face him, looking over her shoulder. "Last chance." She asked, "Have you ever sucked on a cock?"

"No Mistress." Was again the reply.

Mistress Katie dropped her ass onto Adam's face, grinding it into his face. He bucked, but each time Mistress Katie applied more of her weight onto his face. After crushing Adam's face for about fifteen seconds, she raised herself off.

"This doesn't have to be difficult." Mistress Katie softly grabbed Adam's semi erect penis. "Just tell me the truth and I can be very friendly." She added seductively. She ran a fingernail slowly up the length of Adam's shaft. She again turned to look at Adam's face. "Now, have you ever had a penis in your mouth?"

"No Mistress" Adam answered again. And again this was met with Mistress Katie's ass being forced onto the supine slave's face. He struggled for what seemed like longer this time, the odor of her leather leggings becoming heavy in the air.

She again relented and started stroking his cock. With a sweet voice she taunted, "Come on Adam, just tell the truth..."

"Please Mistress, that is the truth!" Adam pleaded with his cock stiffening in her hand.

With that Katie again drove her ass down onto Adam's face. Adam fought it, his pleas of innocence muffled by the Mistress Katie's full, firm butt stretching her leather outfit. Mistress Katie gave Adam a brief respite, then again lowered herself onto his face. Again, she raised up, met with Adam's panting denials.

"Hmmm," Katie pondered, "Maybe you're telling the truth after all." Adam breathed a deep sigh of relief. "Oh, we're not done. I still have more questions for you." Mistress Katie again looked over her shoulder at Adam's sweat covered face. "Since our first night together, have you touched yourself?"

Adam hesitated, telling Mistress Katie everything she needed to know. She again drove her leather-clad ass onto Adam's face, grinding her asshole onto his face. She held it there twice as long as any of the previous face-sittings, squirming as he wriggled underneath her. "I'm starting to enjoy this," she mused. Her voice then turned threatening, "Adam!" She barked, "Have you touched yourself."

"Y-Yes" he stammered.

"Too bad," she replied, "your wife will be very disappointed in you."

"But I was never forbidd-" He was cut off by Mistress Katie's ass on his face again.

As she ground her ass against his nose, Mistress Katie grabbed his cock and reminded him "This belongs to your wife now; she decides what you can and can't do with it. It is NOT better to ask for forgiveness!" Mistress Katie rose up again and began firmly stroking his erect penis. Her voice softened again. "This cock is so beautiful, if this was My property, I would cherish it, and nurture it." She lowered her mouth over his cock, giving it a single long, wet stroke. Adam's whole body clenched at how good that felt.

"Now," she started, "what were you thinking about when you touched yourself?" She again pressed her ass to his face. She wiggled a bit as he tried to answer against the leather. "What was that?" Katie teased. "I can't hear you when your mouth is full." Katie rose up and Adam gasped for breath. He tried to find the words but couldn't before Katie reapplied her ass to his face. He struggled for breath. He had no idea how long her ass was pressed onto him. She again rose and began stroking him. She repeated her question "What were you thinking about when you touched yourself?"

"You." Adam gasped.

Mistress Katie glanced over her shoulder and shot Adam a seductive glance. "Oh, really? Your Mistress won't be happy to hear that!" With that she lowered her leather covered ass onto his face again...

To be continued...
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