Rick discovers the fetish inside him and becomes a footslave

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Rick looked at the big mansion one last time before going in. It was the biggest one he had ever seen in his life. This magnificent piece of architecture stood atop a hill, offering a beautiful view of the lush green countryside.

It had three floors and was built of stone. Surrounding it was a vast garden with cobbled pathways and a grand fountain on the front. It was raining heavily now and the water bounced off the slanting stone tiled roof.

Rick stood there admiring the beauty of the house and the richness that radiated from it. He had come here as a last resort. His life was in ruins and filled with debt. Everyday he would have to hide and run away from the goons sent to take back his money. He couldn't leave his house at all on some days and so could not make both ends meet on many occasions. He frequently robbed for food. More complications began as he was now on the Police Wanted List for robbery.

This was when he met an old friend Albert. Albert was ashamed to see Rick like this and offered to help. He told Rick about a place where he could hide till the heat was off. But he did warn that the owner of the house was not a very kind woman.

"House? Looks like a palace to me," Rick said aloud.

He carried his rain drenched body to the front door. He had not taken any extra clothes or luggage to avoid suspicion. Water was dripping off his hair onto his wet face. He wiped it off with his hand and adjusted his looks as he approached the door. He was pretty handsome for his young age but was not a person who took any care in those things.

He knocked the door and waited. He could hear a distant sound of footsteps and it grew louder. The door opened and Rick almost fell backwards. He rubbed his eyes and stared without saying a word. Standing before him was a perfectly naked woman with long, very straight jet-black hair. She had small breasts and a shaved pussy. She looked very cute.

"Madam will be here in a moment. Please wait outside till she comes," the woman walked towards the interior after saying this.

Rick just stood there open mouthed. He could not believe his eyes.

"You must be dreaming!" he told himself.

He waited there for about fifteen minutes, observing the interior of the house. The floor was completely of polished wood and the rooms were spacious. It was filled with plush furniture and beautiful other things.

Rick was waiting for some person to come from the inside. But he wheeled around when he heard a car pulling up the drive way. He watched patiently and waited. The car pulled up and the chauffer came around and opened the door.

The first thing that Rick saw was a pair of stiletto heels placed on the driveway followed by the legs. They were the most beautiful ones that he had ever seen. They were toned, properly tanned and absolutely perfect. The smooth texture glowed dimly in the moonlight. Rick was still staring at the legs when the woman stepped out from the car.

She was wearing a rich black party dress. It was really tight and showed her perfect body with a prominent bulge where her breasts would be. She was extremely beautiful. Her brown hair sexily covered one side of her face. Beyond it Rick could see expertly put make up that made her look even better.

The Chauffer handed her the keys after locking the car and took leave. Rick felt his adrenaline pumped when he saw her turn towards him. She walked slowly with short steps towards him, placing the high heels gently as she walked calmly.

Rick cleared his throat as she came nearer.

"Good evening ma'am. My name is Rick and my friend Albert told me that I would be allowed to stay here for a while," he stammered.

The woman walked coolly past him. Rick turned around to see that the naked woman that he had seen earlier was holding the door open. She turned around and closely examined Rick.

"Yeah, he telephoned. Come in," she said.

"Thank you so much for you help," Rick added.

Then he began to follow both women inside. He had just put a foot inside when he was startled by the woman's voice.

"I don't want you to dirty the floor with that," she said.

"Sorry," Rick said and he took off his shoes.

"Take off all of it! " she ordered.

Rick slowly took off his shirt and then confidently proceeded to enter the house. Both women were still looking at him.

"What did I mean when I said all of it?" she asked.

Rick gasped in amazement.

"What do you mean? No, I cannot do that!" Rick argued.

"Perhaps you should talk to Albert," the woman handed over her cell phone.

Rick hurriedly dialed the number and desperately waited for him to pick up.

"Hey Albert it is me," Rick said.

"Rick, I want you to listen carefully. You have to face this. You are on the police wanted list for god's sake! You are left with no other option. Either you spend years in jail or a few days here. Rick, do not waste your only chance," Albert trailed off.

"Jail would be better," Rick shot back.

"Rick you will stay indoors all the time. No one is going to see you and the world would never know. Look at the riches around you. I leave the final decision with you. Choose well," Albert hung up.

Rick looked at the phone for a few seconds. His eyes wandered all around him.

"It is dark, no one will see you. It will only be a few days," he tried to convince himself.

Finally he looked back at the two women standing at the door. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and yanked his clothes off in one go.

"You are a mess. Marsha, take care of him will you?" the clothed woman said and walked away.

"Follow me please," the naked girl said.

Rick's face was now red with embarrassment. He took deep breaths and tried to forget about the situation he was in. He slowly followed the girl into the house. He was greeted by the warm floor.

"My name is Marsha and I work as a servant here for my mistress," the cute girl said.

"I am Rick," he said, trying to make a conversation to forget his surroundings.

Marsha led him to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and motioned for Rick to take a bath. She picked up a razor and a bottle of shaving cream.

"Mistress does not like body hair," Marsha said.

She took a brush and helped him foam his entire body. Rick found it really hard to take the embarrassment and shame. He really could not believe this was happening. He tried to comfort himself.

"How long have you been here?" Rick asked.

"About a year," she said.

"Why do you stay here?" he asked.

"I am from Scotland and came here a few years ago in search of work. Mistress promised to help me and send money back home. At least I have a job now," she said as she slowly began shaving Rick's body hair.

"What do you do here?" he questioned.

"I do all the house work here. If I keep my mistress happy, she takes me out and treats me well. She sometimes has a bad temper and whips me till she blows off the steam," Marsha narrated.

"What? Why does she do that? Why don't you protest?" Rick asked.

"Slaves are not supposed to complain," she said in a cold tone.

"A slave? Slavery is abolished. This is illegal!" Rick raised his voice.

"Unless you want everything to be legal and go to jail, I would recommend you to stay here," Marsha said.

Rick just stared back at her in utter disbelief. He could not understand everything. He felt Marsha move on to his pubic hair after completely taking off his chest hair. He winced as he felt the cold razor touch so close to his sac. No one had ever touched him like that.

"Don't worry. You will not feel that bad once you get used to this," she comforted.

"I won't be here for long!" Rick laughed.

He laid back and felt really strange when Marsha began to shave even the small hairs on his legs. But he did not complain. He just wanted to get over with all this and go back to lead a normal life. Finally when she was finished with him, he felt very naked as every single hair from below his neck had been removed. His body felt smooth and slippery.

Marsha dried him up and gestured him to follow her. She led him to the living room where her mistress was sitting on the couch and leaning back with crossed legs. She was still wearing the dress and the high heels. Marsha walked over gave a deep bow and left.

"Feeling strange?" mistress asked.

"Yes," Rick replied.

"My name is Amanda. But you must call me mistress from now on. Understood?"

"Yes," Rick said again.

"Now, I told you that you must address me as your mistress. Every single sentence that you say must be followed by the word mistress," she explained.

"Yes mistress," he said.

"Good boy, learning fast! " Amanda chuckled. "I hope Marsha has dropped you a few hints about your life here from now on," she continued.

"Yes mistress," he said.

"I practice slavery here. From now on you will be my slave here. It is very simple. Just do what you are told. By that I mean every single thing under the sun that I might tell you without any hesitation," she explained.

"Yes mistress," Rick said.

"You can kneel down on the floor now," she said.

Rick adjusted his body and slowly lowered himself to his knees. He felt utterly humiliated and had never kneeled to anyone in his life. He tried to clear his mind and think of the life he would live after leaving this horrid place. He felt the underside of his thighs touch the lower leg. It felt smooth and strange.

"Marsha, bring over the bag," Amanda called.

Marsha arrived with a black duffel bag and placed it in front of her mistress's feet and went back to her duty of preparing food in the kitchen.

Amanda first drew out a metal device. Rick was totally unfamiliar with it. Amanda threw it over to Rick. The device was shaped like a small penis and Rick imagined it to be some kind of dildo.

"That is a chastity device. Put your prick in there and lock it in place," she commanded.

Rick did what he was told. He slowly slid his already flaccid cock into the metal tube. Then he found a metal clamp which was of the right size to be put around the ball sac. He pulled his ball sac into place and locked it tightly. It was not heavy, but it felt tight and secure.

"Good. Now put your hands behind your back," Amanda ordered.

Rick immediately did what he was told. Amanda took out something else from the bag. It looked like a square piece of plastic she appeared to be pressing.

Then Rick almost jumped up from his kneeling position and tumbled over to the floor as he felt a sharp pain starting from the base of his ball sac which then traveled painfully to the tip of his cock. His cock trembled with the electricity.

"That will be the punishment for disobedience," Amanda laughed.

"Ouch!" Rick groaned in pain and tears filled his eyes. His cock felt as if it was on fire.

"Better not disobey darling. And this thing also goes off if you go too far away from this remote, so don't think of escaping," she said with a grin on her beautiful face.

"You tricked me!" Rick growled and tried to get hold of her neck.

Amanda gave him another dose of the electricity. Rick fell forward and grabbed his genitals.

"Don't make me do this," she said with a tone of warning in her voice.

"Sorry mistress," Rick groaned.

"That is much better. This bag contains your belongings from now on. Put them on," she ordered.

Rick opened the bag and found four leathers straps. Two leather cuffs for his wrists and the other for his ankles. All of them had shiny O rings attached to them. Rick slowly pulled the cuffs on and buckled them in place. Amanda pulled out the next item from the bag into her soft hands.

It was a beautiful leather collar. It was studded with small metallic projections and had three D-rings to attach leashes. She drew out a small thin chain and attached it to the ring. The other end of the chain had a leather loop for his mistress to hold.

Rick's mind was filled with a million thoughts and emotions. He felt anger, hatred, fear and total submission. He now gave up all hope and tried slowly to let it sink into him.

"It is not your fault!" he tried to convince himself.

The only option that now remained before him was to completely obey her and somehow please her to let her take the terrible device off. He concentrated very hard to place himself correctly in that situation.

"I am your slave mistress," he said slowly.

Amanda had a very sweet smile on her face. She slowly ran her soft hand through his hair and patted him.

"Good boy!" she cooed.

"Thank you mistress," he replied.

"I noticed that you were staring at my feet. You like them slave?" Amanda asked.

"They are absolutely gorgeous," Rick said truthfully.

"Have you ever licked one?" she asked.

"No mistress," he answered.

"Now lick my feet slowly. Like you lick a sweet ice cream. I want you to savor the taste and worship them," she commanded.

Rick hesitated when he thought again about it. He would never do anything like this under normal circumstances. But he did not want the pain again. He slowly bent forward on all fours and moved his face forward.

"Kiss them honey," Amanda said.

Rick slowly brought his face close to her high heels. He had never been so close to any feet before. He began to feel very uneasy. He slowly closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. His nostrils were filled with the rich smell of a moisturizer that she had used on her feet.

Then, very gently he placed his lips softly on the part of the feet exposed from the high heels. He took back his face by an inch and again placed a kiss on her foot. He heard his mistress moan softly and tug on his leash to bring him closer to her. Rick moved closer and kissed her warm feet on the ankle.

"Now I want you to lick my feet," Amanda said.

Rick slowly brought out his tongue and broadened it. Then he placed it just above her toes and licked upwards. He retraced to the toes again and lapped up her feet upwards again to her ankle. Amanda lifted her feet slightly off the ground and presented it to her slave.

Rick cupped the high heels in his palms. He couldn't access the entire feet because they were in the heels but he tried to lick at the exposed part of the toes. He licked sideways and moved his tongue rhythmically over each toe. Then he concentrated on each toe and licked forwards and backwards.

After he was done with the toes, they were dripping with his saliva and he began to suck it off. He didn't know that feet tasted so well. He readjusted the position of her foot in his hands and lapped his tongue at her ankle. Occasionally he let his tongue slide under the ankle strap of her heels. He felt his mistress moan and push her foot more into his face.

Then Rick began to move his tongue in circles from the ankle and moved downward towards the toe. Amanda wriggled the toes in the high heels and Rick synchronized his licking to it. Then he moved to the sides of her feet and licked lengthwise.

Amanda placed back her foot back on the floor. She tugged at the leash to bring Rick's lips closer. Rick licked at the ankles. Then according to the tugging leash, he moved his tongue and circled the ankles all the way around to the back of the heel. As this happened he had moved his head between her two legs and was licking at the back of her heel.

Amanda gently placed her other foot on his head and guided his lips to the right places. She felt good to have a person very close to her pussy. She leaned back on the couch and enjoyed the pleasure. When she felt Rick was done with one foot, she presented him with the other.

"You can take off my shoes now," Amanda ordered.

Rick brought his hands forward to take them off but he was stopped.

"I didn't say with your hands slave. I want them off with those sexy lips and teeth," she said.

Rick brought his mouth closer to the ankle strap but had no idea how to take them off. He was not that familiar with female feet until now. He looked up to his mistress. She gave him a sympathetic look and bent forward to slide her fingers through his hair. Then she slowly guided his tongue to the buckle.

Rick felt really good and cozy when he felt her so close to his body and her soft hair fell onto his back. He wanted to jump up and fuck the brains out of her in one go but resisted himself. He was powerless and had to do whatever she wished yet he felt strangely aroused by all this.

"Open your mouth slave boy and gently bite on this," she said pointing at the ankle strap's end.

Rick struggled to get the buckle loosened with his teeth and missed it numerous times. Amanda gave a short giggle and moved her feet sideways adding to his struggle. She liked the look of her slave moving along with her feet. Finally when he was done with both the high heels, she presented him with her bare feet.

Rick once again took them in his hands and was amazed by how soft and supple it was. Firstly he took the big toe into his mouth and gently sucked on it. He let his tongue play around the toe inside his mouth. He moved the toe in and out, occasionally taking it out to lick the sides. He took care and patiently sucked each of her ten toes.

Then Amanda shoved all five toes of one foot into his mouth at one go and let his tongue lick them vigorously inside his warm mouth. She wriggled her toes inside his mouth and pulled at his chain to shove them deeper inside. Finally she pulled out her feet and moved the underside of her foot back and forth his lips.

Rick struggled to keep up with the pace and licked hard at the passing under part of her foot. He paid special attention to the arch at the bottom of her feet. Then he enveloped his lips around her heel when she tilted her foot. He sucked at her feet and felt the sweet taste melt into his mouth. Finally he moved to the other foot and made sure each foot was clean and wet.

Marsha emerged from the kitchen and bowed before her mistress.

"Dinner is ready mistress," she said humbly.

"Bring mine here. Maybe I could feed this pathetic slave at my feet," Amanda said.

Marsha returned immediately with a tray of food and knelt down on the floor beside Rick. She held up the tray so that Amanda could take its contents. Her mistress took one plate and placed it on the floor. She slid her feet into the food and held them up for Rick.

Rick began to lick and eat off her feet. He felt it taste good because he had not eaten for a day. He lapped up the food like an obedient dog. When he was finished, his mistress would dip her feet in again and present it to him.

Amanda had already finished her dinner when Rick had completed his share from her feet. She gave a long yawn and walked to the bathroom. Rick was instructed to hold the tray up for Marsha as she sat on the couch. Even a female slave was considered to be superior to a male.

Rick looked down helplessly to his dick which was encased in the metallic jail. He couldn't feel worse with two hot girls with him. He couldn't do anything about it and felt desperate.

The clock struck eleven in the night. Amanda came back and took Rick's leash in her hands. She led him past many big and dark rooms of the vast house. Finally she took him to a dimly lit stone room. It had two small cages placed in the corner of the room. Marsha quickly crawled forward and kissed Amanda's feet. Then she crawled into the cage and turned around. Her mistress locked the cage behind her and turned to Rick.

Rick assumed that he was supposed to do the same. He too crawled over and placed a soft kiss on her feet and moved into the next cage. It wasn't that big and he would have to sleep in a crouched position like Marsha had got herself into.

"Rick, I guess you have no other option but to stay. Be a good little slave and I shall treat you equally well. OK honey?" Amanda asked.

Rick nodded and stared back at the beautiful woman. Somehow he felt lucky to be with her.
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