The Next Two Months

Part Fifteen: The Next Two Months

The next Monday, Meryn was called into Mr. Martin's office at work and was informed that she was being made project manager with Michael as her assistant. With this came a substantial pay raise and her own office. When she expressed her very great surprise at the promotion to Jeremy during her foot massage that night, he replied that it was no surprise at all. She thanked him for his confidence, and told him truthfully that she believed that a great deal of the credit for her achievement belonged to him. He would accept none of it.

The relationship between them continued to develop and grow. With her new responsibilities she began to actively seek his advice on a wide variety of issues, and always found his input immensely helpful, particularly in the area of managing interpersonal relationships in her new role as an executive. All domestic duties continued to be his responsibility, and this became even more important to her as she now began working longer hours, and often brought work home to do on her home computer. Frequently he would finish his nighttime chores while she was still hunched over working at her desk. Unasked, he would begin to massage her neck and shoulders. It wasn't very long before these brief massages evolved into a weekly, hour long total body massage, usually administered on Friday nights to help work out a week's worth of tension.

Another service that he began to regularly perform came after she treated herself one Saturday to a long delayed pedicure. That night, during her foot massage, Jeremy asked her if she would teach him how to do one. After one lesson he already gave a better pedicure than she had ever received in a salon, and this became one of his regular weekend duties. He, of course, as he would softly blow over the nail polish he had just applied to her toes, considered it a reward.

His evening devotional continued to be a central and special part of their day. Frequently however, it would now be followed by other types of enjoyment. This would always be initiated by Meryn, usually occurring four to five times a week. Although it never quite approached the level of that first time, she always found it to be fabulous. She marveled at how he could find such new and different ways to bring her to such fantastic climaxes. Early on she had asked him how he knew how to do this all so well after claiming such limited experience. He sheepishly replied that he read and learned a lot from the internet. She had laughed and told him that he could always continue to experiment with his research on her.

On each of these occasions, after she had her orgasmic fill, she always made it a point to satisfy him. She, herself, enjoyed seeking new and creative ways, without involving intercourse or oral sex, to do so. As was the case from the beginning he would never allow himself to cum without her permission, and it became a recurring thrill for her to tease him to a point of seeming agony before granting him exquisite release. She always found his sincere and heartfelt gratitude made her efforts all the more worthwhile.

The only unhappiness Jeremy voiced during this time was with the diminishing amounts of weight he was losing. He had lost another eleven pounds to 247 after the second month, and another nine pounds to 238 by the end of the third. He was bitterly disappointed in these results, but Meryn continued to be extremely pleased. As he was beginning to look ridiculous in his now baggy old clothes, she took him out to buy a new and better fitting wardrobe. Overruling his protests, she also insisted on paying for half of the expense, arguing that she was as responsible as he for the need of these new items. She also made sure that the selections were more fashionable than those he had previously worn. Although still overweight, she had to admit that he was starting to cut a very presentable figure.

Meryn had not spoken to or seen Natasha for over a month and a half. Part of this was because of her newly increased work load, but an equal part was due to feelings of guilt. She had clearly become angry with Natasha both times the four of them had been together, but she had to admit that her present situation with Jeremy was almost entirely due to those events. Natasha had introduced her to Jeremy, and in a sense had manipulated her into following up with him. She had also been the catalyst for the breakthrough in intimacy that now existed between them. Swallowing her pride she called her one afternoon.

"Meri, it's so good to hear from you." Natasha exclaimed upon receiving the call. "I've really been meaning to call you to congratulate you on your promotion. I was so glad to hear that you got it over that turd Michael."

"Thanks Tash, I appreciate that. But the main reason for my call is that I owe you an apology."

"For what?"

"You've been absolutely right every step of the way Tash, first in introducing me to Jeremy, and then encouraging me to take it the next step." She paused. "The sex is fantastic Tash, just as you said it would be, and I can't thank you enough."

Natasha laughed. "That's great to hear Meri. I'm so happy for you. And as much as I might not like to admit it, I'm pleased for Jeremy as well. I always had a soft spot for him, particularly now that you've caused there to be a lot less of him to like."

Meryn bit off a sharp response to that. It was a complement after all, and she was very proud of his accomplishment.

"He's lost almost sixty pounds, Tash. In less than three months. For me. And that really means something to me."

"I guess he's become something more than a starter slave then." Natasha surmised.

"Without a doubt." Meryn agreed.

"Then seriously Meri, if you really mean that, then there are things we need to talk about, things you need to do if you want this relationship to grow in the proper way."

"What do you mean? Like what?"

"I think that again this the type of thing that would be much better for you to see and learn to do, rather than to just talk about." Natasha answered. "I've got an idea. Why don't you and Jeremy come over to my place after dinner on Saturday, and I can show you what I mean."

Meryn was somewhat alarmed. "I'm not interested in any kind of group sex thing Tash."

Natasha laughed again. "I know you a lot better than that Meri. Of course not. Believe me, there's absolutely no sex involved." More serious again. "Really Meri. I think this is very important. I know that all this hasn't come as naturally for you as it did for me. Like I've said before, I was born to it. But you need guidance Meri, if you want all this to continue to work. Have I led you wrong yet?"

"No I guess not." Meryn was intrigued. As she had had to admit to herself before, Natasha had been the precipitant force for everything that had developed between Jeremy and herself. If Natasha really thought there was something more she needed to learn and do, well she really hadn't been led astray yet. She might not like Natasha's methods, but she certainly couldn't argue with the results. "Okay Tash. If you think it's that important, we'll come."

"Great. Saturday at eight then. See you then."
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