Mum tries a controversial new therapy for her son

"Well, what's the verdict, Doctor?"

Diane Maven sat on the black leather couch of Dr Carmen Monroe's office in Hampstead and fixed her eyes on the psychologist. Dr Monroe slid her glasses off her nose and looked at her client with a smile.

"Well I think I can certainly help here, Diane."

Diane gave a slight smile back. She had come to Dr Monroe as a last resort. She sincerely hoped she could help. Smoothing the black skirt of her business suit against her thigh she sat back in anticipation of Dr Monroe's findings.

The problem was her son, Josh. For almost four years now the boy had struggled with depression. While many teenagers suffered from and dealt with the illness from time-to-time it had gripped Josh badly. His social life was non-existent, his grades had suffered badly. She had tried all kinds of therapy, but refused to expose her son to anti-depressants despite the advice of other doctors.

Then she had received a call from the enigmatic Dr Monroe. Describing herself as a 'behavioural therapist' Dr Monroe told Diane that her case had been referred to her by a colleague. They had talked on the telephone and Dr Monroe had assured her that she could be of assistance. Diane was skeptical. She had run a successful PR business for ten years now and sunk hundreds of pounds into therapy for her son, mostly with little effect. Diane clung to the belief now that he would just 'grow out of it' so she wasn't about to be impressed by the woman opposite her.

Carmen Monroe was around ten years older than Diane. She too had been a successful businesswoman, but for far different reasons. She had discovered an entirely new way of combating depression, especially in teenage boys. Josh was no different, she knew this from the introductory interview. It was time to see if Diane could be challenged.

"Diane, it's clear that Josh has been suffering with his illness for quite some time, during the interview he mentioned something about secondary school. Was that where it all started?"

Diane thought back. It was about the time he had changed schools that his regular dips into melancholy had begun. She had thought it was nervousness at starting in the new school and being around other kids from other schools, but he hadn't changed in years. He was now eighteen and she worried about him going to university.

The mother found herself nodding towards Dr Monroe. The therapist nodded and smiled reassuringly once more, the look emphasised by her high cheek bones.

"You see the thing is, Diane. With such long deep-rooted anxiety such as that Josh experiences, it usually has trigger, a focus that lies deep in his past."

"You mean, like his sub-conscious?"

"If you like, Diane, yes." Dr Monroe tapped her index finger on the pad in front of her. "Diane... what I have to say next isn't going to be easy to hear..."

Diane coughed. This so-called therapist wasn't about to blame her for all Josh's problems? "During the session yesterday, Diane, Josh looked at your legs about thirty times over the course of the hour."

The mother's face took on a look a shocked disbelief. Stuttering she asked Dr Monroe to explain herself.

"During the session, I often study the body language of the patient. Yes, obviously Josh's head was down a lot of the time, but the most surprising thing was that his eyes flicked down to your legs on average once every two minutes."

Diane thought back to what she had been wearing during the session. A charcoal grey business suit, complete with flesh coloured tights and her black two-inch pumps. Basically her work outfit. She then thought about Dr Monroe who had dressed in a white blouse with a knee-length red skirt. Was he looking at her too? Was he obsessed with his Mother?

"What are you saying, Doctor? That Josh is suffering from some, I don't know, Oedipus complex, because I didn't come to you to have some half-baked Freudian nonsense-"

Carmen held her hands up to try and defuse Diane's comments. "Look he looked at my legs too, we were both in skirts, remember, but the fact was he didn't differentiate between me and you, his thoughts - for all the monosyllabic answers he was giving about hating school and being bored with life - his thoughts were clearly somewhere else."

Diane thought about this for a moment. Stared down at her lap, her legs, her fingers nervously intertwined. "So, what does this mean? He's a leg man? Should I start wearing trousers around the house?"

"Quite the opposite."


The doctor settled back into her leather chair and smiled at Diane. "You're his mother, you want to help him, don't you?"

"Of course."

"Then indulge him."

"Excuse me?"

"Young men develop sexually in all sorts of ways, however they can derive great pleasure from the unique ways that development takes place. Josh isn't joined to you at the hip, he hasn't got a 'Mummy's boy' condition, it's fair to say it that respect he is progressing as per other boys. However you might find that his behaviour can be improved by a little promise and reward."

"How- how would I start?"

Dr Monroe smiled she had Diane now warmed to her subject. "Take three basic chores spread out over the course of the week, let's say tidying his room, vacuuming the house and getting the weekly shopping. If he performs well he gets a good look at your legs. If he doesn't, well, you cover up. The point is, you have to take control and be in charge."

Diane breathed out slowly. "Okay, I see..."

"Diane, by modifying your behaviour you could change your Son's too. Do you want him to be happy?"

"Of course... Of course I do. It just seems so... unusual!"

"Trust me, Diane, it's a therapeutic technique I've seen time and again. Especially for behaviour modification in young men."

"You've encouraged other mothers to do this?"

"Obviously patient confidentiality doesn't allow me to tell you about any specific cases... but yes, I've had very, very positive results and seen happier mums and sons as a consequence. Trust me, Diane, once you begin to walk down this path, you won't be disappointed."

Diane nodded at the doctor and then stood up. "I'm doing this for my son."

The doctor stood up from her desk and walked around, extending her hand towards Diane. They shook. "Of course you are, Diane. Of course you are."

In Josh Maven's mind the conversation between his mother and his therapist had gone rather differently. He imagined his mother laid back on the couch of the therapists office, hair undone, her legs spread wide, skirt bunched up around her waist. Her jacket was wide open as her fingers played with and pinched her own nipples through the black satin fabric of her bra. Below her knelt Dr Monroe, who was busy lapping at his mother's exposed and shaven pussy. Dr Monroe's nails clawed into the nylon fabric of her lover's stockings as her tongued worked back and forth over his mum's clit.

He imagined her back arching under the assault of Dr Monroe's lips and tongue, she was begging to be made to cum and Dr Monroe kept her on the edge, grinning up at Diane from time to time until his mother reached down and with a tight grip on her hair forced the doctor to keep licking her until she began to cry out, the release so close, flowing through her body in pulsing triumph.

The sound of the front door closing brought Josh back to reality. He pushed back his floppy black fringe out of his eyes. His other hand still gripped his engorged cock. His mum, the focus of his masturbatory session had been the one to snap him out of it. He felt a little ashamed that reality had come crashing in on his fantasy. Ashamed and annoyed.

Stuffing his cock back into his jeans he zipped up the fly and wondered what news it would be this time. More exercise? A hobby perhaps? Bloody yoga? As unlikely a cure for depression as you were ever going to find that one. The teenager slowly loped towards his door and ventured downstairs to meet his mother.

He was pleased to see her. He always enjoyed looking at her in her business attire. There was something, well, commanding about that look that lead Josh to admire her. As he walked into the kitchen he noticed that she had immediately gone over to the stool at the breakfast bar. His eyes drifted to her legs. Black tights today, he realised, her two inch work shoes with the square heel.

She dropped her handbag on the counter and turned to face him. She looked a little nervous, Josh thought.

"Well, Mum, do we talk now or do I have to go back to see Dr Monroe?"

Diane motioned to Josh to sit on one of the stools and smiled. She popped herself on to the stool opposite and wiggled into position.

"No, you don't have to go back, Son. Not for a short while anyway... She's just suggested that it's not just you who needs to change their behaviour, but I do too."

Josh frowned but then nodded. "Okay..."

"Yes, things are going to be a little different around here..." And with that, Diane slid her left leg over her right and crossed them. Josh couldn't fail to notice the swish of the nylon of his mum's legs. His eyes shot down and he stared at his Mum's extended leg in front of him. His eyes then returned to his Mum who he noticed was watching him.

"D-different how?"

"Well, Dr Monroe thinks you need what she calls 'positive reinforcement'. If you do something good, get a chore completed, perform well in school, you'll get a reward."

"Like what?"

"That, um, well, you'll know what it is when you see it."

That sounded odd, he thought, but at least this was something different and besides he liked the idea of visiting Doctor Monroe again. The vision of Doctor Monroe's legs flashed into his mind.

"Anyway you can go now," said Diane. Josh nodded and hopped off the stool. "Um, are you going to thank your Mother?"

Josh nodded and stepped over to his Mother and hugged her. Ever so gently, Diane moved her leg against her son's crotch. He didn't notice, enjoying the sweet smell of his Mother's perfume. He then let her go.

"So, um, what's my first chore then?"

"The obvious one, dear - Your room!"

Josh rolled his eyes back and then looked at his Mum. His eyes flashed down to her legs once more before nodding and turning back for his bedroom.

Diane watched him go and then let out a deep sigh. It was true! He had definitely looked at her legs, that damned therapist was right! Part of Diane had wanted her to be wrong, to not have placed this responsibility on her shoulders, another part wanted her to help her Son in any way that she could. And then... then there was a tiny, little third part, the part that had been ignited when she had pressed her leg against her Son while they hugged and felt his erection through his jeans.

The mother put her head into her hands. Was this really happening? She had been through so many different methods of trying to help her Son it barely seemed real. Diane stared down at her legs. She was 47! How could he possibly interested in her, with these old pins... And yet... yet he was clearly attracted to them, it... it could be possible.

Over the next hour or so Diane kept herself busy downstairs as the sound of scraping and shuffling emanated from the floor above. While she tried to catch-up with some work email her eyes kept drifting upstairs. Could he be naked up there? She was losing focus once more. Draining the last from her coffee mug she decided to risk a peek.

Creeping upstairs, Diane arrived at the closed door of Josh's bedroom. Carefully pressing her palms against the door and the wall she bent down and looked through the keyhole.

What she saw surprised her in two ways. One was that Josh's room was actually beginning to look tidy. Clothes had been removed from the floor, empty mugs piled with the intention of being collected and - was he actually dusting?! But more than that, he was dusting naked. Diane could barely breathe as she watched him walk back and forth, his smooth body and cock standing out in front of him. He was erect! Her son was hard as he tidied up. The spying mother could hardly believe it, Dr Monroe had been right. Being naked genuinely made her boy happy. She watched his tight bum cheeks stretch as he wiped down his desk. She stared at him and the stirring within her she had felt before returned. Her heart began to pound and reluctantly she pulled away.

Composing herself, Diane walked back towards her bedroom. Dr Monroe had been right, but what was the correct way to use the information? And more importantly what was she going to to 'reward' him?

Another hour passed. Diane had spent most of the time sitting on the edge of her bed trying to figure out how or if this crazy therapists plan would work. Her son was clearly interested in her legs and loved being naked. And to see him happy... it was worth anything wasn't it?

Yes. Yes it had to be worth it. That is why when an hour had passed and Diane heard her son dragging laundry and washing-up down from his room, she resolved herself to his reward.

As it was a fairly warm evening and so Diane chose a cream sundress that fitted snugly against her body. It ended just above her knees and modestly showed the curves of her body. She decided against tights or stockings and instead decided to go bare-legged. Oh her feet she decided to wear a pair of tan sandals with a three-inch heel and cute little ankle strap. Checking herself in the mirror Diane was pleased with how she looked. Casual, but still showing enough leg to give Josh his reward. She hoped this would work.

Diane decided to think bright and breezily, it wouldn't be right to let Josh see that she was worried about this. She decided to visit his room while he was downstairs. As she walked in she shielded her eyes from the glare from the window. The curtains were open! This was most unusual. The room was immaculate. Dust had been removed from his desk. All his dirty clothing had been moved to the bin. The bed was made. It was a miracle. Diane stood in the centre of the room with her hands on her hips, fascinated.


Diane spun around on her heel and smiled sweetly at her son. Josh stood in the doorway in his t-shirt and shorts. He was looking Diane up and down, he returned the smile.

"You did a nice job on the room, Josh. I like it, I like it a lot."

Josh was continuing to look at his Mum's dress and legs.

"Oh that's OK... I just, um, thought, I should..." Josh's voice trailed off.

"Is everything, OK, Josh?"

"Yes, I- Is that a new dress, Mum?"

"Yes, what do you think?" Diane moved her shoulders from side-to-side.

"It looks fantastic, really, I mean... Are- are those new shoes too?"

Diane raised an eyebrow. Well that didn't take long. "Yes, do you like them too?"

Josh nodded.

"Good. I think I'll keep them on the rest of the evening." Diane walked over to her son, leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks for cleaning your room."

As Diane brushed past her son and went to walk downstairs she grinned. Her Son was smiling and that was worth everything!

The rest of the evening Josh followed her around like a puppy. Every room she went into, he had an excuse to be there. Diane knew he was staring at her legs, but she didn't mind, the smile never left Josh's face. They ended up in the living room, with Josh pretending to read a book at her feet. She noticed him staring at her legs four, maybe five times.

It was midnight when Diane awoke in her bed and heard the heavy, fast breathing of her son, slapping his cock hard in his bedroom. Diane felt her fingers drift down her body to her pussy. Guiltily the mother began to masturbate to the sound of her son doing the same.

* * *

Carmen Monroe set the phone to speaker and stood up. It was late on Tuesday evening, two days since her conversation with Diane. The therapist was dressed in a close fitting red sweater and jeans. She walked over to the window in her low heeled black sandals and turned the handle on the venetian blinds. The slid shut blocking out the evening sunlight. Carmen had sent her assistant home half an hour ago, but she wasn't yet done for the day. She still had Josh to see. Dr Monroe smiled at the thought of his lithe eighteen year old body.

Hitting the preset dial button on the phone she peeled off the sweater letting her breasts bounce pleasingly in front of her. Her Agent Provocateur bra held her breasts together firmly. The french chantilly lace that edged the bra was feminine and arousing. Her husband didn't know she owned it.

The phone began to ring as Carmen began to unbutton the jeans. She heard her husband pick up.


"Oh hello darling, it's me."

"Hey, how're you doing?"

"Good thanks, really busy..." Carmen shrugged off the jeans revealing her her still pert bottom, framed by the Agent Provocateur panties that matched her bra. She kicked her sandals over to the corner of the room.

"... this report I'm writing really is taking ages, the end is not yet in sight!"

As Carmen walked over to the filing cabinet behind her she rolled her eyes at her husband's dull platitudes and dry words of encouragement. Unlocking the cabinet she took out the Harrods bag inside and walked back to the desk.

"Yes, well there's still time for me to get my submission into the BPS, but you know what the submissions board is like..." Carmen reached into the bag and pulled out the matching Fifi suspender belt. She wrapped it around her waist and fastened it around her. "Yes, but you know what they're like, it needs to be peer-reviewed to within an inch of its life." She listened to her husband's agreement, it was always the same, he was probably thinking about the golf course instead. She opened up the packet of Cassandra stockings from Secrets in Lace. She felt a little thrill as she touched the nylon.

"Anyway I'm going to be home late, I was thinking we could have left-over pasta..." Carmen leaned against the desk and pulled the rolled-up stocking over her foot. As she slid the stocking up her leg she listened to her husband moan about the cold pasta suggestions. Poor baby, she thought. She clipped the first stocking in place smoothing it around her thigh. Honestly, he was such a bore sometimes, she wondered what she'd seen in him all those years ago. The second stocking went on to her other foot as she did her best impression of giving a damn. As her husband droned on she stepped into the black mini skirt and wriggled her bottom and waist inside it. It ended just below the stockingtops, that should get his attention, she thought.

She began to wind-down the conversation with her husband as she stepped into the pair of Christian Louboutin new Piaf pumps, deep black and shiny and admired them on the ends of her long legs.

"Alright darling, well you know I'll be late so don't worry, I'll be back by eight." Carmen pulled the tight-fitting halter top head and smoothed it down her body. The deep neck showed off her cleavage beautifully.

Her husband told her he loved her and she told him so as well as she removed the lipstick from her handbag. She quickly shut-off the phone and went to the mirror to touch-up her lips. Mmm, she thought, dressed to kill.

The buzzer went on her desk.

"Hi, Doctor, it's Josh."

"Come on up," Carmen replied. She tidied the bags from her desk and then moved her chair around to the black couch. She wanted him to have a direct view of her legs.

Sitting down she stared at the office door. 'Swishhhhh' went her legs as she crossed one over the other and the silky nylon rubbed against itself.

A few seconds passed and Carmen picked up her notepad and pen. Then the door opened and Josh walked in.

He stopped and stared. Success! thought Carmen. The awkward teen shuffled into the room.

"Hi D-Doctor..."

"Hello, Josh, please, be seated." Carmen indicated the couch. "You can take your coat off."
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