The conclusion of the tale of the lucky captive

As they drove back across the causeway, he felt like he was home. It was great to get the fresh salty air back again after the heat of the ranch and enjoyable and intimidating as the other women had been- especially the formidable Carole- he still felt as though Dolores was his true mistress and owner.

"I'm going to take you right back to my house, we are going to have a nice refreshing shower together, and then you are going to tell me all about your trip. I have some news for you as well" she smiled in her confident way at him, her auburn hair glinting with different shades of red and ginger as the sun flashed through it. She had a very short skirt on and no stockings; her milky white thighs flexing as she operated brake and accelerator. He longed to lean over and kiss them; he had missed her so and he could not wait to kneel before her somewhere comfortable and confess everything he had experienced at the ranch and accept any punishment from her. She saw him staring at her legs;

"Yes, you will soon be down there! I am as hungry as you are and you are going to tell me all about your training at the ranch. You are going to worship me all evening and I may allow you a reward if I am pleased with your progress. I shall want as much as possible from you as I am away on business tomorrow; remember?"

"Yes Mistress Dolores... Am I to await your return at the house?" he said hesitantly- he had had so much fulfilment over the past two days he could not remember what had been decided. He was in for a further thrill.

"Why of course you will await my return at the house" she said in a very headmistress like fashion-

"You have an appointment with my Housekeeper, remember? – Margot? You have not forgotten her have you?" She giggled contemptuously at his lack of memory over such a short period, but knew in reality he had been to another world, but she would tease him over Margot!

"After we have told her all about the wicked things you have done whilst away, I shall tell her you forgot all about her; I would love to see her administer the cane after that! I shall ask that she videos it as I will not be there to witness it first hand, of course" He almost smiled at the thought; almost. Margot was a formidable woman and he knew he would not forget a caning from her in a hurry – there was the irony of the situation.

His cock also throbbed at the prospect of the contrasting women; he was to confess all to this milky skinned mature beauty, then be turned over to accept the whims of the gorgeous ebony dominatrix. He was almost coming in his underwear at the thought.

The gates closed beside them as they drew up to the magnificent house. Dolores smiled warmly at him as she beckoned him up to the door and through it.

"I am SO hot and sticky; I want to be pampered by you in the shower and all through the night! Take your clothes off right now!" She was busily removing hers also right there in the hallway- he was lifting his shirt over his head when he heard a familiar, deep and sexy voice behind him;

"It is so hot Madam Dolores, I am mighty glad I will have the white boy to help me tomorrow" She was completely naked and her warm dark brown body glistened with sweat; her nipples hardened visibly when she noted she had caught his attention. She sneered at him;

"I can see the change in him since he has been away; we will see how obedient he has become tomorrow. I'm going to have a poolside shower and a nice cool swim in the pool now – I will see you tomorrow white boy" she licked her lips and flicked the end of his cock playfully before showing him her glorious rear as she headed for the pool.

"Upstairs now" commanded the antithesis of the departing vision. The milky white form with sharply contrasting auburn hair began to ascend the stairs, her equally glorious rear beckoning him to follow as it wobbled and tensed seductively.

She walked him through to the en-suite and they had a nice relaxing shower; he ensuring she was thoroughly gelled, washed and rubbed down before he attended himself. As she watched him turn in the shower she viewed the marks on his back and rear, touching them softly with admiration.

"I want you to tell me all about it". She had him kneel before the bed on a cushion whilst she sat on it, bolstered by a multitude of cushions; her legs up and apart, allowing him a close up of her freshly powdered sex and anus. She had fitted his collar and leash and tugged on it with one hand whilst she toyed with herself with the other as he relayed the events to her. Occasionally she would pick up a short cane she had next to her and would tease the end of his erect cock with it when a particularly sordid encounter was being described.

"You have done very well, and the girls had been keeping me updated whilst you were away, but it is always a pleasure to hear a confession first hand. They were all very pleased with your progress and your mind will be full of fresh ideas; especially as you truly know your place now. I cannot wait to see the footage of you surrendering to the whip! You have earned a reward. I will watch you masturbate now- then you will pleasure me to orgasm"

He needed no further prompting; kneeling submissively before the dominatrix he felt no shame in working his member as he eyed the now glistening areas he would shortly be allowed to pleasure. He was her property and he knew this more than ever now. She smiled wickedly at him, increasing the enjoyment of his humiliation tenfold.

"Do not keep me waiting; I will have your cream now!" He duly obliged and savoured the waves of ecstasy as he pumped spurt after spurt of his hot sticky mess, whilst eyeing the middle-aged beauty that owned him and he thought of pleasures past, and those to come. She giggled contemptuously as one of his deliveries splattered invitingly across her sex and dribbled down to her sweet brown button, they both knew this would add extra enjoyment to the proceedings. Spent, he knelt there for a moment whilst she eyed him victoriously.

"Now get to licking me clean!" she commanded. He went down and lapped the sweet smelling orifices; he was hers. This was heaven.

Throughout the evening she was pleasured in many ways between naps, and he was rewarded once more as the night grew on and they reached a crescendo. He was allowed to sleep in the arms of his mistress; this was his biggest reward which he was very grateful for. He nuzzled up to his owner and toyed with hair as she slept, then drifted off himself.

He awoke after the best sleep he had had since arriving in Florida. There was Dolores at her dressing table, her beautifully rounded bottom now clad in a tight skirt. Black stockings, black stilettos, black silk blouse. She winked at him in the mirror as she applied ruby red lipstick which complemented her fiery hair. Task completed she stood up and faced him; she was a picture of feminine dominance and he would have loved to have been allowed to repeat the act of humiliation he had performed yesterday for her now, such was her presence fully attired, a dream to any submissive male.

"Up you get now; eat your breakfast and make sure you finish that drink- every last drop!" she motioned at a plate of toasted sandwiches and a pint glass of liquid, which looked like a fruit mixture. He ate the food with relish, and downed the drink which had a strange bitter-sweet taste, whilst Dolores applied the finishing touches to her face.

"Kneel at the end of the bed" she ordered. As he knelt there, she strutted over to him and stood dominantly before him feet closely together in spikey black patent stilettos. She looked down at him;

"You may kiss my feet now" he did so, taking care to observe the curve of her hips and long stocking clad legs as he went down to those delectable feet. He kissed the shiny leather willingly; both feet several times. Oh how he loved being owned by this formidable woman. She laughed at his eagerness to worship her and walked back to the dressing table, then back to him with a large pot of cream.

"Lie on the edge of the bed for a moment"- he did so and she rubbed a generous amount of cream onto his back and buttocks, taking care not to get any on her clothes. The cream stung at first then had a numbing effect.

"You will need this, as Margot will not be as kind with you as I have been, I fear" she said giggling. Margot! The ebony beauty was likely to keep her promise and they both knew this.

"I am sure you will enjoy her company whilst I am away; be sure to do just as she tells you" she said in an ironic tone. He knew he would have no choice in the matter. She had him kneel down by the end of the bed again, took some cord from a draw and tied his hands behind his back, collared him and tied the leash to the bedstead and gagged him with a pair of panties.

"There; trussed nicely and ready for her arrival – she will be here any moment" he could see himself in a full length dressing mirror and his erection pulsed at his humiliation. He now had an idea of what the bitter taste in the drink was.

Margot appeared in the room; she too was dressed to kill, not to work. There was no white overall today; someone else was to do her chores. She wore a leather basque; her uncovered breasts with pert nipples shiny and globular, no panties, her glory evident between suspenders which held sheer stockings, and she stood on the tallest pair of stilettos he had seen, finished in scarlet patent leather. The vision was set of by the cane she carried; she flexed it wickedly between her strong arms. She gave him a look of utter contempt. Dolores was ready to leave, she looked at him and winked before announcing;

"Oh, you know he had forgotten all about his appointment with you Margot. You will need to refresh his memory for him; make sure he is well looked after, please" and she smiled and left.

Margot cut the air with her cane. She would make sure he was well looked after.

His sphincter clenched as Margot walked over to him and removed the panties from his mouth. She turned and bent over keeping her legs straight.

"Lick my ass!" she barked- he took a sniff of her beautiful anus as he went up with his tongue; the smell was rich and musty, the taste also strong and tangy- there was a definite flavour of pussy juices there too; he could tell she had been looking forward to this – she was obviously nicely aroused. He could see this all in the mirror and so could she; when she felt he had refreshed her rectum sufficiently, she turned suddenly and slapped his face smartly, and gave him a swift stroke with the cane. He winced and she untied his leash.

"Are you ready to be caned by a superior woman? I hope you are because I am going to make you pay dearly for forgetting me. I hope you are ready to lick more ass as well; I have a friend down at my room. She was keen to witness your caning and will want her ass licked afterwards. Now I have reminded you of your caning, you do want to be caned and humiliated by me, do you not?"

"Yes mistress Margot I do, I want to be punished by you" Once again he amazed himself with his response. He stumbled to his feet as the supreme feminine embodyment of mother African led him to his fate. They went down the stairs and round to her enclosed apartment by the utilities. Her rooms were as well appointed as anywhere else in the house. Dolores made sure she was well looked after as she was a very special housekeeper and a personal friend. She led him to the bedroom. The décor was very dark and the bed was adorned with black silk sheets, with black pillows and cushions.

"Kneel by the bed" he did so and she placed a large back pillow halfway down the bed. As she was doing this her friend came into the room. His cock throbbed rigidly at the sight; she was a huge black woman with massively fat thighs and droopy breasts; her arse was huge, a mass of wrinkly cellulite, but in his humiliated and aroused state he yearned to be enveloped in the folds of that gigantic rear.

"This is Jessica, she is going to enjoy watching you being caned, then she will facesit you. Legend has it that many a male has expired whilst trying to satisfy her; this may be your luck day" the two laughed. Jessica wobbled over to him and pulled his face into the crevice below her belly. He wasn't sure if he'd actually found her pussy, but her feminine odour was very strong and he could not help but probe the folds with his tongue in an effort to find her womanhood.

"Oh, he is so feisty!" She pulled him out and looked him in the eye; "I want to see him cry real tears when he is put to the cane, then he will please my ass and I shall allow him relief when I am satisfied he has surrendered completely to the dominance of naturally superior black women" Margot intervened;

"That is if he has not come already whilst under the cane; I intend to give him the caning of his life. If he thought a light whipping from that ranch mistress was painful, he has not experienced real pain yet! Messing on my sheets is strictly forbidden; if he disgraces himself, he will guarantee himself another caning"

He cowered before the two formidable black females. Margot grabbed his leash and pulled his face in her direction, then smiled wickedly;

"Oh he will cry real tears alright, he will know pain and will know true ownership by real women" she untied his hands.

"Get on the bed, now! Put the cushion under your balls; I want your ass nicely elevated. Spread your arms and legs!" He did as he was told; he was on the bed and in the required position before he knew it. He wanted to suffer for these women. Though a little scared by the ruthlessness of the pair he knew he would ultimately survive to savour the experience.

Margot took each wrist and ankle in turn and bound them with a silky cord to the corners of the bedstead, tightly enough to stop him moving away from the stroke of the cane which he would imminently feel across his bare arse.

"Make sure he faces me" said Jessica smiling. Margot placed pillows under his head and turned his face toward where Jessica had chosen to sit; she pulled the leash tight and fastened it to the bedstead. His face now turned toward her; he squirmed in fear- he could not move- his erect cock dug into the soft silk pillow, his arse was elevated invitingly, he felt the tension of the cords which bit into his wrists and ankles when he tried to move. He was completely at the mercy of Margot, and he knew she would show him none.

Jessica was as appealing as any hour-glass shaped woman to him at that time. She sat with her huge thighs cross legged, which let him view the immense crease of her arse which he would soon be invited to share. She looked at him contentedly and said;

"I am going to watch every moment of pain on your face; I will see every tear you shed. I shall enjoy your suffering and then you will be allowed to attempt to satisfy me. If I note that you are coming whilst watching me watching you suffer, I will let Margot know and will then enjoy watching her cane you all the harder. Tonight I will watch you suffer for women in general, but particularly for black women. Whatever happens, you will give up your white cream for me later. I will accept it with the utter contempt that it deserves" Margot barked;

"Are you ready for your caning"

"Yes Mistress Margot" he whimpered; he was owned already and now he would endure the pain. Jessica smiled.

"Whoosh!, whoosh!, whoosh!" – Margot cut the air with the cane behind him; he squirmed and tensed for the bite, but nothing happened- the two laughed at him. Then Jessica dropped her smile.

"Now you will suffer" she said.

"Whupppp!" He yowled in agony as the first stroke bit into his buttocks; his wrists and ankles stung also as he inevitably tried in futile fashion to move away from the next stroke, his cock quivered in the pillow and against the silk sheets below it. Jessica nodded her head in satisfaction at the spectacle.

"Whuppp!" his arse quivered with the pain and he felt the surge of blood to the mark it left; the pain was intense and Margot grunted like a tennis player as she delivered each 'ace'.

"Whuppp!" The pain was too much and the tears began to flow already- oh how it hurt! Jessica licked her lips and smiled wickedly.

"Whuppp!" he yelled with pain and began to cry uncontrollably, Margot was using every ounce of her strength in applying the punishment. She was well and truly aroused now, and her juices flowed as she took deep erotic satisfaction from inflicting pain on this feeble white submissive. The more he cried the more she enjoyed administering the cane.

"Whuppp! Whupp! Whuppp! – he cried like a baby and rocked on the pillow racked with pain, yet the helplessness, humiliation , the smell of the women and the promise of Jessica gave him a deeply erotic feeling and all of a sudden he knew he would mess the sheets whilst being caned.

"Whuppp! Whupp! Whupp! Jessica noted the change in his face; he almost had a rudimentary smile through the tears as he rocked under the cane. Jessica smiled at him and obligingly opened her legs and toyed wither womanhood;

"He is going to disgrace himself; make sure he knows you are there Margot!"

"Whuppp! Whuppp! Whupppp! Margot grunted in earnest now as she knew she had him; he would disgrace himself on her sheets and earn another caning. Jessica toyed all the more, offering him further erotica as the cane bit and his cock began to throb with pleasure. He felt the tension of his bondage, the pain and smell of the women; he would surrender completely now. He moaned through the tears as the spiteful cane came down and he convulsed in pure ecstasy at the humiliation and degradation he was being subjected to.

He bawled and pumped at the same time, his hot cream spoiling the black silk- another caning ensured. He now thoroughly enjoyed Jessica witnessing his pain; all he wanted to do now was to be suffocated under that huge arse.

"Whupp! Whupp! Whupp! Margot delivered the final strokes as he moaned and squirmed in that exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure. Jessica was virtually leaning into him now, leering with satisfaction at his double submission.

The two undid his bonds as he snivelled with the discomfort; his arse glowed like an electric fire.

"Move to one side" commanded Margot. As he did there on the pillow and sheet was the tell-tale evidence. His white cream, smudged upon the black silk.

"Lick that mess up immediately" barked Margot. He did so; the two finding bits he had missed and presented their fingers for licking. The women had enjoyed the spectacle immensely.

Margot then sat at the head of the bed and spread her legs.

"Me first" she said. "Get in there and lick my pussy" His arse was as sore as hell but he went straight in and was almost overpowered by the scent and heat of her sex. The juice dripped from his chin as he lapped at her crease and at the nub of her clitoris- she soon wrapped her legs about his head and moaned with satisfaction. He was then turned; the cool silk helped soothe his arse. Now it was the turn of Jessica to have her way with him.

He lay there and the bed creaked and subsided as the magnificent huge black woman who had tormented him mentally during the caning now moved to torture him physically. The folds of her thighs flapped against his face and he knew already he would have great difficulty breathing, even before she had descended upon him. She adjusted his arms so that he was trapped comfortably. His cock which had only remained semi-flaccid after he had spent on the silken sheets, and was now rigid in anticipation of this new humiliation felt the sharp nails of his tormentor gliding up the glans;

"Oh look at his sweet little pecker! It is of no use to a real woman, but I will see how much sissy juice I can make it squirt when I am good and ready" the two women laughed and he felt Margot sit across his feet and ankles; she squirmed so that he could feel her sex hot and slippery on his leg. His cock pulsated and Margot gave his balls a gentle tap with the cane, making him tense and ensuring he had full realisation that he was trapped and would not be released until the black behemoth above him was sated.
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