A white mans blind date with a takecharge black woman

"Table for two," I told the hostess, giving her my name. "My date should be arriving any minute."

Not that I would know the difference if she did walk in - this was about as blind a date as I had ever been on. I knew nothing about her, she knew nothing about me, and that was probably for the best. Every girl I dated in college was just after me because I was successful - I started a business my freshman year in college, and by the time I graduated, I was worth more than a million dollars. Ever since then, it's just been one gold-digging bimbo after another.

Finishing college only made things worse. Any bleach-blonde wannabe rich-guy groupie was all over me, and all they had to give was a pair of poorly-made fake breasts and a desire to jump into bed with me to "seal the deal." At first, I was flattered, but those girls didn't have a clue what they were doing, and it was only by their persistence that I let it get that far at all. Just by looking at them and talking to them, they didn't do a damn thing for me.

I needed someone different, and here I am at a fancy restaurant waiting for that "someone different." I'm not expecting much; all I know is my date's name - Celeste.

So while I'm waiting - ten minutes, which feels like an eternity; let's just get this over with so I can get back to my life - I see a woman in a shimmering blue dress walk in. I would say she's about six feet tall, curvy, has long, curly hair down to hr mid-back, and she walks with a confidence I've never seen. She's a bit darker than Beyonce, but has the same smile.

She heads straight to the hostess table, obviously waiting on her date. I wonder who the lucky bastard is who's having dinner with her tonight, but at least checking her out is a nice distraction from wondering if some highlighted airhead with a bad boob job is standing me up. At least, if she's anything like my last date, I won't have to wear sunglasses to hide how pasty-white she is this time.

But enough about the woman who probably won't even finish dinner with me tonight. I'm back to focusing on the gorgeous woman at the front of the room. Checking out her beautiful body in that dress...I've never seen an ass that perfect. How come none of my dates have curves like that? I could only imagine if she bent over again...I'd lose it. Her breasts were just as nice - that's the great thing about being on the other end of the room. I'm checking her out and she doesn't know the difference. Hell, after about five minutes of checking out her ass and her legs, I'm practically fucking her in my mind. I wonder what she's like in bed. Too bad women like her don't go for men like me.

She seems to be looking around for her date as well. I wonder if she's being stood up, too. Who the hell would stand her up? I'd like to find him and punch him. If I had the guts, I'd go up and take her for myself.

Finally, the hostess walks up to me. "I'm still waiting on her," I assure her. "I hope to hell she didn't stand me up."

"I doubt that," she replied - if only she were my type. Too blonde, too skinny. "Just had a lady come in here a few minutes ago wondering where her date was." She points to the woman in the blue dress - at this point, I should be bold enough to go over and talk to her...

As I stand up, I seem to catch her eye, and she approaches me. Her walk...she makes runway models look like the insecure babies I'm sure they are. Those curves...that flawless black skin...the hair...the way she fills out that blue dress...my mind can't seem to form a real thought when I look at her.

"Rob?" she asks. How does she know my name? I affirm that I am who she seems to be asking for, thinking that, if she has the wrong Rob, then I'm a lucky SOB.

"Celeste," she answers, extending her perfect, polished, sexy hand for me to shake, which I do, even though I feel like my hand isn't worthy to touch hers. "So you're the son-of-a-bitch who kept me waiting."

At this point, I don't know what the hell I'm going to do as the hostess leads us back to our table. This beautiful, shapely, curvaceous, classy goddess is my date? How lucky can I be?

I wasn't expecting anything tonight and only came because one of my friends happens to be dating one of her old classmates, and they thought it would be fun to set us up. I guess he took pretty good notes when I told him that my fantasy, one that I never expected to fulfill, was sex with a black woman. I wasn't even sure I was being serious about that fantasy, but when I started finding myself with a pasty-white date who was desperate to fuck me, and all I could muster was a flat "No thanks," I knew I was dating the wrong women.

This was turning into the best evening I'd had in a while - Celeste wasn't just gorgeous, she was charming. She was 29, five years older than me, and had a Ph.D. and taught nursing at my alma mater, one of the best schools in the country. She didn't seem a bit interested in my money. She jokingly called her last boyfriend "a dumbass" and mentioned that she caught him in bed with her roommate, making me wonder who was dumb enough to cheat on her.

A couple of hours and about a bottle-and-a-half of Riesling into our date, she asked me, "So what are you into in the bedroom?" My jaw almost hit the floor. She's sexy, fun, and smart as hell - and she's opening the door for me to fuck her? Tonight? "Let me ask you this. Have you ever had a lap dance?" I have, and even one by a stripper who knew what she was doing. "I just took a pole-dancing class for the hell of it, and they showed us how to give lap dances. Not to brag, but..." Brag away, gorgeous. "Also, you should know, I have my own place, I'm on the pill, and all I have on under this dress is a matching thong."

Holy. Fuck. Someone call the Guinness people and tell them there's a new luckiest man in the world. I couldn't finish dinner fast enough. I didn't care if her place was clear across town; we were going there, she was showing me all her favorite moves, and I was fucking her. I didn't vocalize this to her, but I think she understood.

On the way out of the restaurant, she asked the hostess, "Is it OK with you guys if we pick his car up in the morning?" Of course it was OK with them. She drove a black Corvette with an all-black leather interior - and from the way she drove it, I was sure the cops were on our ass. Anyone else who drove like that would have been told to let me off so I could just take a bus. Celeste could have hit a hundred miles an hour - and I think she did - and I just wanted more. I was totally in love at this point.

On the way in, she asked me, "So...have you ever been with a black woman before?" I sheepishly admitted I hadn't. "You understand that, after tonight, you won't want anything else." I was sure that was already true.

As the door to her apartment shut, she kissed me passionately, shoving her tongue in my mouth. She began to undress me, taking of my tie and unbuttoning my shirt before I could even make a move. Clearly she was a lot more experienced at blowing a man's mind than I was at blowing a woman's mind.

She had me down to my boxers before I could even react; just to show she was in charge tonight, when I went to pull down her dress, she stopped me, whispering, "Not yet, lover." She guided me into her bedroom, one of the nicest I had been in and definitely nicer than mine. She had satin sheets, beautiful furniture, and, though I couldn't be surprised by it, a stripper pole.

She hit the music - loud, powerful, surround-sound - and immediately she arched her back against the pole. With every beat of the song, she thrust her hips, shook her breasts, and showed me her beautiful legs in those heels. But she was still dressed, and I wanted more. I needed more. She had me almost undressed, and I needed to see her. I couldn't believe what a tease she was being. I also couldn't believe she was making Britney Spears music sexy - the same pop my last airheaded date worshipped, and I learned to loathe, was the music Celeste was using to turn me on.

Finally, as the song ended, the dress dropped. She slid off the dress from top to bottom, showing me her magnificent breasts, about a handful for me, and luckily I have big hands, until she bent over and slid it off all the way. I finally got to see her delicious, sexy, full and divine ass split by that shimmering blue barely-there thong. She got closer to me and shook her ass in my face, and I reached out and grabbed it, sliding my hand under her thong. I was feeling a bit more daring, knowing that, even if I crossed one of Celeste's lines, she would just tell me to save it for later.

I slid my fingers down to her pussy, underneath her thong, as she shook her big ass for me. At this point, my cock was rock-hard, and she could see it. She slid down my boxers, and she revealed my waiting cock, ready to fuck her at any second. "I never got to ask earlier, how big are you?" I wasn't sure, but big enough for her. "You look like about nine or ten. I like it," she smiled, stroking my cock and turning my attention to her voluptuous bare breasts.

She got a devilish look on her face at this point. "About now, you're probably expecting me to suck you until it's time to fuck me, right?" Well, most women I sleep with do that. "I don't think so. I need a little more stimulation. And you wouldn't want your sexy new lover not to get off, now, would you?" She shoved me to the bed, face-up, and climbed on top of me, approaching my face.

"I want my pussy licked. And I want it licked good." She slid off her thong and twirled it in her hands. "And I don't want you getting any ideas about using anything other than your mouth, so..." She wrapped the thong around my hands and tied them together. She was down to her heels, on top of my face, and my hands were tied with her thong behind my back. I was hers to do with as she pleased.

I worked my tongue into her pussy, shaved except for a well-maintained landing strip, and at first, she just told me to lick her deeper. "I need your tongue fucking my pussy. Hard. Make me scream." She was very demanding, and I loved it.

She pinned down my face with her big ass, and I licked her as fast as I could. I started to get some moans out of her, but most of the noise coming from her mouth was continued commands. I loved how forceful she was being. "Maybe you need some more motivation," she shouted as I tongue-fucked her. "Maybe this will get you going." She lifted up my legs and reached for my ass, slapping it lightly at first but going harder and harder.

Her moans got louder as my tongue went deeper, looking for her g-spot while she spanked me. She started grinding her pussy in my face, which I loved; she was getting wetter and wetter, and I was ready to fuck her if she would have me. But judging by her screams, I was sure she would be content to be tongue-fucked while she spanked my ass.

She stroked my cock, keeping it as hard and ready as it has been all evening, and I just enjoyed the control she had over me. I was hers to play with, and I loved the taste of her pussy.

She started screaming more as she rode my face, slapping my ass hard with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. I was totally at her mercy and I loved the feeling. She called out all kinds of commands to me, but I was on her g-spot and I knew I had to slow down if I wanted to fuck her.

She let my legs down and dismounted my face, looking me in the eyes and grinning with an evil look. "You have no idea what you just got yourself into, sexy," she smiled. "Tonight I'll start you off with a good fuck. After that, you'll be doing crazy things you would never have dreamed of."

She straddled my cock and slid it in her pussy, not even bothering to untie me. She rode my slowly at first but picked up speed, her ass bouncing with every thrust. I didn't even have to do anything; she did all the work riding my cock, and I just screamed.

She pinned me down as she rode me, calling me a bitch and working my cock faster with her surprisingly tight pussy. Her ass slapped against my thighs with every bounce, and I couldn't get enough. I was totally hers to use.

I knew she was going to make me cum any second, but I wanted her to climax too, and she thrust onto my cock right near where her g-spot was. I worked onto her g-spot as much as I could, but Celeste was doing most of the work. Her breasts bounced and smacked into my chest, and I loved feeling her bare breasts touch me.

Her moans turned more intense, and I felt myself ready to cum. "Fill my pussy up, you fucking stud!" she demanded, and I was ready to please her. She rode me faster, reached for my ass and squeezed it, letting me know I was just a piece of meat to her in bed. I felt like her bitch and I needed more.

I started to cum inside her as she screamed uncontrollably. She rubbed her tits, thrust my cock deep inside her, and moaned like a crazy bitch while I shot my load into her. "Say my name, bitch!" she cried out.

"Celeste!" I repeat a few times as she works my cock even faster, our simultaneous orgasm still just as intense as before.

As it slows down, my cock still in her pussy, she kisses my waiting mouth deep, shoving her tongue in as if to remind me I'm hers. I kiss back, moaning and letting her feel my body up. She works her way to my ass, squeezing it, giving me a devilish grin as she breaks the kiss.

"That was fucking intense. Your cock is huge." She grinned as she seemed to gloat over me, knowing my hands are tied up by her thong and she's on top of me. "I have a lot planned for you. Get a good look at this ass, baby. You'll be seeing a lot more of it."

She stuck her big ass in my face, and for the first time, I noticed her tattoos. "Like what you see?" she asked as I focused on the tattoo on her lower right ass cheek.

"What's this for?" I asked, curious.

I looked more closely, and it was two interlocking "female" symbols. "Oh, did I forget to tell you, sugar?" she asked. "I'm bisexual." Then my eyes caught a picture of her with another beautiful black woman - they were on this same bed, and they were naked and kissing. In the background, I saw a man on his knees who seemed to have his hands tied behind his back.

"Tomorrow we'll go get your car and I'll do even crazier things with you. If you're good, I'll invite the other girl in the picture over." She kissed me again and pushed me up onto the bed more.

I tried to free my hands, but she teased me with her fingers and didn't help me. They were stuck behind my back. "I think I'll let you sleep like this...I love having a guy in my bed naked and tied up. It's a power thing for me." She felt up my ass, sliding her fingers in my ass-crack, as she spooned me. "This is also a power thing for me," she continued. "Let you know your ass is mine. Tonight was nothing compared to tomorrow. Get used to sleeping tied up, too; I like that."

I faded off to sleep in her arms, knowing my life was about to get crazy...
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