Dressing up like this for Jess was one thing

I lay on Jess' bed waiting for her and wondering what would happen for ages. She was in another room getting ready for her new lover, I was already dressed up. Pale blue, see through panties and matching bra, a short black skirt and a blue vest top. With my make up done to show off my pretty green eyes and my long brown hair styled wonderfully, I looked like a hot but sadly flat-chested girl. For those of you who don't know, I'm a guy.

I was really nervous. Dressing up like this for Jess was one thing but Jack would be over soon and I wasn't so sure about him seeing me as I was. Jack was Jess' new lover and who was I? Her boyfriend, but I was just her sissy slave by that point so that made no difference.

"He'll be here in 5 minutes, sissy." Jess' voice came calling out of bathroom "Get ready to greet him at the door and lead him into living room, make him feel comfortable."

I got up and wandered downstairs without complaint, here I was getting ready to wait on this guy hand and foot so he could happily fuck my girlfriend.

I sat in the living room and caught a look of myself in the mirror, my make up was ruined but other than that I looked pretty good, maybe Jack wouldn't realise who I was. No sooner had this thought crossed my mind than I realised how ridiculous it was, Jess had already told him I was here and there was no chance she wouldn't bring it up. I was startled out of my thoughts as I heard a knock on the door, he was here.

I ran over and opened the door, trying to smile.

"Heeeyy Jack." I tried my best girlish voice

"Move it Sissy." he just barged past me and went to sit in the living room

"Jess will be down soon, do you want anything?"

"Yeah alright, got anything to drink?"

I went to the kitchen and got Jack a beer, I was actually trembling, he was so manly and I felt like such a little girl.

"Here you go." I passed him his beer

"Thanks." he didn't seem all that interested in me.

I sat down next to him and just waited for Jess, I started to fidget as I got more and more nervous

"Stop moving or I'll find a way to keep those hands busy." Jack must have noticed.

"Keep Jack entertained, slut! I'll be 10 minutes." Jess called out from upstairs. I knew she only meant one thing.

"Hear that, slut? Why don't you just kneel here." Jack pointed at the floor in front of him.

So there I was kneeling in front of the guy who fucked my girlfriend the night before and I knew for sure I'd have his cock in my mouth before long. Just as I guessed, he pulled out his half-hard cock and started to stroke it. He was huge, I just couldn't take my eyes off it, I was actually dreaming of him fucking me right there.

"What you staring at bitch? Suck it."

I leaned forward and licked up from the base of his cock, right from his balls until my lips were pressed against the head, he tasted so good. I opened my mouth a little and started to slowly take him in, pressing my lips against the shaft and lowering my head. Suddenly, he grabbed the back of my head and pushed down, I almost choked. When he relaxed, I started to bob up and down on him sucking him off whilst he occasionally slammed my head down. He was being so rough, I just felt used but as ever I was getting hotter by the minute. Pretty soon I got hard and just as my cock escaped my little blue panties and raised the front of my skirt, Jess walked in.

"Looks like the little whore is enjoying herself." Jess came and knelt next to me. She had on a black thong and corset, her hair was tied up and her makeup was so slutty: she was hot.

"Well don't stop on my account, sissy." and with that she started to lick Jack's balls. I caught what she meant a few moments later and resumed sucking his cock. We knelt there for a while, taking it in turns to suck his huge cock or lick his balls; he loved it. He had two sluts kneeling in front of him going to town on his cock, who'd want more?

Jess, however, obviously thought the situation could be improved.

"Hold his cock for me slut!" she stood up and she said this and leaned forward to whisper in Jack's ear. He laughed and she moved so she was stood with one leg on either side of Jack's, she leant forward pushing her pussy into my face and moving her thong to the side.

"Lick it, sissy, get it ready for jack and you can stroke him while you do." she reached around and grabbed my head pulling it towards her.

I started eating her cunt and stroking Jack's cock, I couldn't believe I was getting them ready to fuck. Jess was moaning and I think she was kissing Jack, I couldn't see anything but her ass in my face. "Mmmmm that's good, now eat my ass bitch!"

I felt so humiliated to be licking her ass, dressed as a girl in front of her lover but there was nothing I could do anymore I was completely submissive to her. My little cock had no issues with the situation, it was pointing straight out and I seriously needed to cum. My hands were full though and there was no way I could stop stroking Jack to please myself.

"Hold his cock steady, I'm so hot right now, I need to be fucked!" Jess straddled Jack and pulled off her thong before she started to lower herself. I guided Jacks cock into her like a good sissy should and then sat back on the floor.

"Mmmm, God his cock feels so good, sissy." she moaned as he filled her tight hole "Oh you'd love it, wouldn't you sissy. Getting fucked by a real man?"

"Yes mistress." I was kneeling on the floor stroking myself as I watched Jack start to fuck her

"Who told you to stop licking my ass? And get your hands of that pathetic excuse for a cock!"

Almost instantly I took my hands off my cock and gently spread her ass cheeks, leaning forward to lick her asshole. It was incredibly difficult, she was lifting her ass up and down on jacks cock so I couldn't keep my tongue on her at all, I think she was just trying to humiliate me further.

"Come on sissy! Lick my ass! Don't you want to help? It's not like you could make me cum any other way!"

"I can't believe he's such a faggot, what kind of pathetic sissy would do that whilst you fuck another guy?" I wanted to sink into the floor as Jack joined in humiliating me as well, but had to keep trying to lick Jess' ass.

"Oooh fucccckk, Aaaaaah mmmmm." Jess really started bouncing on Jack's cock as she came.

"Look sissy! He made me cum when he fucked me, did you ever do that?" Jess resumed her taunting as she calmed

"I doubt he has, look at that tiny cock." I blushed as Jack pointed at my cock.

I don't know how long I sat there, licking Jess' ass as she fucked Jack and came again and again. My tongue hurt and my knees were sore when Jack started to grunt.

"I'm gonna cum baby."

"Oh fuck yes, cum in my Jack, fill me up." Jess moaned and bounced harder on his cock

"Uhhh ahhh." Jack started to cum inside my girlfriend and I sat back to wait for them to finish.

Jess collapsed on top of Jack and a little while later she climbed off him and sprawled on the sofa.

"Clean him off, sissy."

I went back to sucking Jacks cock, it tasted of Jess' pussy and something new; his cum. I licked it and sucked off all the juices until Jack pulled my head off him.

"Now come here."

"Yes mistress." I crawled over to Jess

"Lie on your back." I lay there at her feet, staring at the ceiling.

"Here, we have a nice reward for you slut."

She straddled my face and lowered her pussy until it was just above my mouth

"Open up." I didn't really wanted to lick Jack's cum out of her but I opened my mouth anyway, it was ridiculous to resist at this point.

"Haha what a faggot, I can't believe he's doing it!" Jack laughed from behind me "And he's still hard!"

"Oh that's right! You haven't cum yet have you sissy? Well whilst you clean my pussy you can stroke yourself, and you can cum when I'm all clean."

I started to pump my cock and push my tongue into Jess to get my first glob of Jack's cum. Jess helped by rubbing herself on my face and squeezing her pussy to force cum out. Soon enough I was covered in cum, both his and hers as I ate her freshly fucked cunt.

"Mmm, good sissy eat all that cum up." Jess started to moan and grind herself on my face.

She turned around and watched my wank my sissy cock whilst I was eating her.

"Oooh fuck I'm gonna cum again, you cum for me too sissy, cum as you eat Jack's."

I pumped harder until I moaned aloud and shot cum all over myself, it was amazing I didn't care how degrading it was, I felt so wonderful right then.

"Mmm that's right you little sissy, cum, you're just my little slave aren't you?"

"Yes mistress." I gasped as I tried to regain my breath.

"Fuck me that was hot, fuck me again Jess?"

"Why... *mmm* don't you.... *oooh* fuck the.... *gasp* sissy..." she said between moans.

"What the fuck? I'm not a fag."

"The bitch.... isn't exactly...*aaaah* aaaa man" Jess started to cum and ground down on my face.

"Please fuck her for me Jack, She'll look just like a girl from behind and then you can have me whenever you want." She said as she calmed down.

After a few minutes of persuading, whilst I just lay on the floor waiting for my instruction Jack agreed to fuck me. Despite myself my cock shot straight up at the thought of this hot manly stud fucking me. Jess lead us upstairs to the bed room and told me to get on the bed, I jumped on and waited there on my hands and knees with my ass pointing straight up. Jess came up behind me and started lubing me up and fingering my ass.

"Does that feel good sissy?"

"Mmm yes mistress."

"You'd prefer Jack's cock though wouldn't you?"

"Oh god yes, mistress!"

"Well ask him nicely, you know how."

"Pleeease please fuck my ass Jack, I really need to feel your big manly cock inside me."

"God she's a slut, Jess." Jack came and knelt behind me and watched Jess finger me

"Yeah and she's already for you." Jess took her fingers out of me and grabbed Jacks cock.

I was so excited, dressed up like a slut about to take my first real cock up my ass. Jess made me reach behind me and pull my ass cheeks apart and push my ass out ready for Jack.

"Get ready sissy, here it comes." and with that Jess pressed the head of Jack's cock against my ass and told him to push himself into me.

"Ooooh myy Goood, he's soooo big!"

"Yes slut, he's much more of a man than you. That's why he gets to fuck both of us and you just have to let him use your sissy ass."

"Fuck she's tight." Jack spoke up as he started to push his cock in and out of me.

He was huge, I was glad Jess had fucked me with the strapon earlier or I never could have taken him so well. As it was, I was already stretched out so I could just enjoy the feeling of his big hard cock moving in and out of me.

*SLAP* Jack's hand smacked against my ass, he was spanking me and sped up his fucking. Soon he was hammering his cock into me

"Oohhh!" I was moaning into the covers, pushing my ass up to meet his thrust, it just felt so good. Suddenly Jack stopped.

"Turn over bitch."

I lay on my back and he lifted my legs up over his shoulders before pushing his cock back into my ass.

"Mmmmm." it felt even better than before and now I really did feel like a woman, getting fucked as I lay on my back.

"Rub that clit of yours sissy." I can't believe Jack wanted to see me touch my cock. I grabbed it but he stopped me.

"I said rub it, use your fingers and rub it through the panties."

I reached down and rubbed through my panties like I was a girl rubbing my pussy, now I could see why he wanted this. My hand stopped him seeing my cock, I looked like a girl fingering herself whilst her man fucked her ass.

"Your ass is nice and tight, slut, I'm gonna cum soon!" I was so happy to be making him feel good like this, I started to rub myself like crazy as he fucked me harder and harder.

"Oh yeah rub that pussy bitch, cum in your little panties for me!"

Jack really speeded up and I kept rubbing, I could feel myself building up to cum again. He started grunting and slamming his cock into me and I almost fainted with the pleasure, I was having a great effect on him. He started to cum, spurting in my ass and that just set me off. I filled my little blue panties full of cum and Jack collapsed on top of me.

"Take those panties off sissy, and lick them clean; they're brand new!" Jess shouted, panting she'd obviously just cum watching us and she had the dildo from the strapon in her hand.
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