A rogue meets his end our man rewarded

He was more than grateful to reach Holt House on this occasion. As he stepped gingerly from the cab; his arse and legs stiff from his activities, he looked up at the house which was roseate in the setting sun. He thanked his good fortune as the cab clip-clopped away behind him, and as he viewed the welcoming windows of the residence he suddenly though of the poor girl he'd seen again before leaving.

With his hand on the wrought-iron gate he quickly scanned up and down the street which was mostly deserted now. In the distance a lamp-lighter whistled as he descended back down his ladder from a lamp post having ignited the gas with his burner; soon it would be dark, and cold. He thought about making a quick reconnaissance of the nearby streets, but was just too weary. Besides, what would he do if he found her? Give her more money? Bring her to Holt House? He kidded himself that the colourful shiner he'd seen on her face earlier was down to a tumble, having had a shilling's worth of Dutch courage. He failed to convince himself but swung the gate open; it gave a shrill metallic squeak as hid did so, another small job he'd gratefully do tomorrow out of sheer respect for his new and comfortable home.

A smiling face with red hair opened the door to him; alerted by the maintenance necessary to the gate.

"Greasy fingers tomorrow." He said as Georgina welcomed him in. Marcia was waiting for him, dressed in a silk night-gown. She looked at him warmly as he carefully alighted on the soft sofa cushions by her side and George knelt before them, still grasping his hand. Marcia pulled him close and kissed him softly.

"I know you'll have earned your keep for a month where you were today. We're going to treat ourselves to some alcoholic aperitifs this evening, and treat young Georgina to some too; I'm sure we're both very grateful for her help. Then we'll all cuddle up in my bed together; I want to ensure my property is warm and comfortable and has a good night's rest." He was nearly asleep as it was; his head rested on her silk covered breasts as he inhaled her soft sweet scent. The ginger girl he now faced from the clutch of his benevolent mistress was the antithesis of the virago he had endured and serviced earlier.

Marcia Rendlesham was the epitome of female dominance. She was quite happy to indulge and even pamper her male prodigy, as she knew that he was naturally submissive and would not hesitate to obey her most basic command or whim. It was this natural state of things which allowed her to enjoy him, without any need for her to demonstrate the slightest reference to her superiority over him. She also knew that his sexual desire and libido will have been stretched to the limits by her acutely dominant business associate; he would now be allowed to recover so that whoever received his services next, would have his full attention.

Georgina's softness had been a tonic for him prior to his ordeal, she would now be key in assisting Marcia in ensuring his recovery. A quiet night was guaranteed as Lottie, Belinda, and the formidable Amanda were being entertained at a music hall in town.

He rapidly recovered from his stiffness as the alcohol worked its anaesthetic- like qualities on him, Marcia indulged his affections, and Georgina became very daring in her approach; squeezing him close on the sofa, the other side of Marcia, making the most of every minute of the evening. At about ten thirty, the three indulged in the soft luxury of the bed. He lay there in the soft folds, sandwiched between mature and youthful beauty, as willing a captive as he could ever be, and slept without the slightest intervention from the inebriated equipment between his legs.

The following morning was announced by crisp sunshine. He was as stiff as a board at first and his head a little woolly, but was soon revived by the attentions of the willing Georgina; dynamic in her enthusiasm in feeding him and Marcia breakfast. After washing this down with several cups of tea, he spent the majority of the day attending the gables of the house. The squeak of the gate as a visitor arrived, rminded him of that other job. In the late afternoon he donned a working apron and retrieved a pot of grease from the basement.

He had just finished applying a liberal smearing of grease to the last hinge at the top of the gate when a commotion across the street caught his attention. Though not clearly audible, he could hear the snarls of an oaf of a man; the waif of the previous days being almost dragged by him. The wealthier pedestrians gave the two a wide berth, pretending to be oblivious to the ruffian, and his management of a girl half his size. Though at some considerable distance, she looked over to him at the gate, with eyes that betrayed her fear even from afar.He quickly wiped his hands on the apron and furtively crossed the road, following the two stealthily.

As darkness descended he struggled to keep an unnoticed distance from the couple, whilst maintaining visual contact. As he walked on, the tone of the neighbourhood descended in keeping with the light; they traversed narrow alleys, passed shabby courtyards and filthy semi-derelict buildings. The air grew thick with wafts of mist; he realised they must be close to the river now.

They paused outside a decrepit ale house; the oaf wiped a dirty window with his ragged sleeve and peered in, then gesticulated at someone inside. The girl moved to one side in a feeble attempt to escape as his attention was diverted; the oaf grabbed her and slammed the frail body against the wall. As he did this, a wiry male appeared in the light of the open door, leering at the girl; he dug deep into his pocket and passed something to the oaf, probably a fee. He had a spirit bottle in the other hand, which he passed to the oaf who downed almost half of the contents immediately. The girl squirmed as the thin man fondled her, and she was taken further on by the two, to even gloomier surroundings. They were right by a large tributary of the river now; this part had silted up and saw no trade anymore. The old wooden warehouses went four stories up, and leaned out over the filthy sewage laden creek. The gantries above which once allowed access to the holds of ships below, now looked down on mud several fathoms deep. The sight was all the more depressing as the tide was out; the rivulets through the thick mire giving the scene a positively evil look. The two men looked about them to ensure they were not seen, and dragged the unfortunate girl through a door into one of these rickety wooden buildings. He waited a minute or two then went to the door they had disappeared through.

It was almost pitch black inside, and he closed his eyes for a few moments to allow them to become accustomed, and utilise what little light was available. He could hear murmurings from beyond, and detected a dim shimmering of light through the floorboards above him. Though he was filled with trepidation, his fears for the girl outweighed his own concerns; he carefully ascended the creaky stairs in pursuit of the party. As he reached the next level he found a rudimentary lamp showing the way to the next flight of stairs across a floor which had gaping holes in it, just to add to the difficulties he may face if he needed to make a swift escape. The next level was equally as treacherous; it looked as though several attempts to burn the structure to the ground had been attempted, its damp and rotten timbers becoming the unkempt building's ironic saviours.

He carefully ascended the last flight of stairs and peeped round into the grotto-like floor space before him. It angered him as he heard the sad whimpering of the girl and the course voices of the oaf and his thin client; the building moved visibly as the two slapped the girl around and wrestled her to the floor where a makeshift mattress had been assembled. The oaf slapped her.

"Shut yer row! There's aint nobody gonner help you here. Get yer underwear off and show the bloke what you've got; he aint paid to watch you blubber!" The oaf then retreated and sat on a broken chair with his bottle, swigging it and smiling as the terrified girl dropped her loose underwear. It struck him that the thin man was happy to have paid to see the girl blubber; he seemed to be getting a great deal of pleasure from her distress. He unbuttoned his flies and pulled his erect cock out; grabbing the girl by the hair when he'd done so.

"You suck on me for a while first, you little bitch. Don't you dare even think about biting me! If you do, I shall cut your face!" She tried to pull away and begged him not to make her do this. He slapped her face viciously, smiling with pleasure as he did so. The oaf laughed and teetered on his chair as he discarded the now empty bottle. The thin man produced a knife from his pocket.

"I think I'll cut you anyway; you'll look good with a stripe across your face!" He lifted the weapon, cruelly teasing her with it as he chose where to cut her.

It was now or never.

He flew from the doorway and kicked the thin man's arm skyward; the knife spiralled into the air, dropped and bounced down a hole in the boards. His look of absolute rage made the thin man take immediate flight; whoever he was, he did not want there to be any chance of his being caught in this situation. With his now flaccid cock waving from side to side he was down the stairs and gone into the night.

The oaf looked on in a semi-drunken stupor; his dimly lit brain seemingly paralysed for a moment as he tried to reconcile what was happening. He lifted from the chair and launched himself at the unwelcome apparition, who pitched himself sideways as the oaf stumbled through a convenient hole in the floor. The girl spread herself against the wall and watched as her saviour moved round to the chair which sat right at the front of the building, facing the creek. The oaf pulled his leg free from the hole and stormed toward him, the whole floor shaking and creaking as he came.

As he stomped blindly forward, the oaf lifted his arms as our man ducked and shimmied sideways. The menacing lout's foot found the empty bottle and he tripped headlong into the frail and rotten weatherboarding which disintegrated before him. His body left a gaping hole as he fell 50 feet headlong into the mire below. His body disappeared completely, enveloped by the mud; the hole where he entered bubbled a little, and a swirl of filthy water slowly rose in the depression it left. He would not bother anyone else again.

The girl rushed over and clung to him, still terrified that her tormentor might return. He eased her back from the hole through which he'd viewed where the brutish male had descended. His stomach turned as the whole floor wavered slightly; he helped the girl balance as she replaced her clothing then hurried her out of the building.

As they left the door, he could not help but peer over the edge of the narrow dock face at the point where the oaf had entered. There was no point in dwelling over the situation; he would have drowned in the sludge rapidly after going in, if he had not broken his neck anyhow. He did not feel a great deal of remorse for the man, and it was somehow fitting that his corpse was half-way to hell already. His point of impact looked no more sinister than someone having thrown a sack of rubbish into the mire; after the next tide had been and gone, nobody would be any the wiser.

His thoughts returned to the girl who was very unsteady on her feet; she was that weak it was a miracle she had put up with so much obvious abuse. He hurried her back to Holt House, half carrying her most of the way. She related how the thin man had abused her many times before; her arms had several small scars where he'd cut her before, though he'd never threatened her face with it previously. This had terrified the girl.

It was not until he got her into the illuminated house that they realised just how grubby and threadbare the poor girl was. Belinda, Lottie and George delighted in helping her bathe and wash her hair, she was fed with some nutritious food and a bed was made up for her in Belinda's room; the three other girls all squeezed into her double bed so that they might watch over the girl. She was very nervous but grateful to be surrounded by young women; she sensed security for the first time in an age, and was soon fast asleep in a state of luxury she could never have imagined just an hour or so before.

His arrival with the girl had been witnessed by Lady Barbara Hapsley who had paid a flying visit on Marcia; she had wondered how he was, having seen him briefly at Fortescue's modification. She had asked about his availability, having heard about his 'artistic talents' from other members of the circle of women. His gallantry with the girl had enhanced her view of him, and she had viewed the poor waif with some affection. His timing had been perfect for the girl; Lady Barbara would take her in and assess her suitability's. Regardless of how these worked out, the girl would never be a slave to men again; Lady Barbara would do her best to ensure the opposite applied.

Marcia was reluctant to agree to let him go with Lady Barbara the next day; she had been keen to have him all to herself for a while, but she could not refuse this prominent woman who did not pay flying visits unless she desperately required someone's services. After he had washed himself clean of the evening's exploits he was summoned to the drawing room and made to kneel before Lady Barbara. She found it difficult to contain her excitement at his presence; she had heard from her intimates just how adept he was at indulging the dominance of women. Though she was a Lady who had been surrounded by male servants all her life, she still got a tremendous thrill from being serviced by, and humiliating those males who were naturally submissive sexually. He sensed this and was happy to kiss her feet without the need for her to ask. She almost blushed with pleasure at his recognition of her dominance, simply because she was female. Her sex twitched and tingled beneath her heavy skirts; she could not wait to have him remove them.

"You needn't worry Marcia; I assure you I'll return him from the hall with his anatomy intact. Oh! By the way, that reminds me; I have your invitations to the next modification."

The next morning the young waif was helped into a very fancy carriage by the girls. The Lady she had seen with the mistress of the house was waiting in there for her, with another woman she had not seen, whose face was obscured by lace veils. This woman said nothing, but patted the girl's hand. Lady Barbara smiled at the waif.

"She has a dreadful cold, and cannot speak for a sore throat, but she does look splendid in her feminine outfit doesn't she." Said the eminent Lady, looking very pleased with herself. The young girl wasn't sure what feminine meant, but agreed just the same.

"I do wish I could 'ave seen the man who saved me last night before I left the 'ouse, I so want to fank 'im." Lady Barbara twiddled a tiny key in her fingers as she responded.

"Oh, don't worry, I shall thank him for you and we'll both have the pleasure of his company before we know it." She stared wickedly at the corseted figure opposite. His cock bulged in the cage at the sight of the key, and his sphincter clenched at his plug excitedly, at the thought of being paraded humiliatingly past all those female servants whilst dressed as a woman. She faced the girl again.

"There will be another guest at Hapsley Hall when we arrive; her name is Ruth Chesterfield, she is going to assist with your development. She is very good at detective work also; we'll see if we can find your thin man and show him the error of his ways." His nether regions tingled again; Ruth had shown what a supremely dominant woman she was at the modification; he would relish being allowed to service her.

When they arrived at Hapsley Hall, two members of the all-female staff assisted the two 'women' from the carriage; they smiled knowingly at the tightly corseted guest and remarked at how elegant and lady-like she was. Lady Hapsley helped the girl down and held hands with both guests as they were paraded past the servants. The walk to the front entrance seemed endless, as did the line of smiling females, who seemed to be paying him all the attention. They had been told that Lady Hapsley was to return with a young girl and a male guest.

As they eventually made the front entrance and he stepped gingerly in, thinking the servants were none the wiser, Lady Haplsey gave a smile and nod to the last in the line. She stepped forward and curtsied.

"Welcome sir; we have all been awaiting you". The entire line of women giggled softly; his cock pulsed in its confinement, his humiliation at the hands of Lady Barbara had begun.

They were taken into a huge and sumptuous lounge where Ruth awaited them. She was dressed in red which complemented her auburn hair and had arrived on horseback, her crop in hand. Though this added to his excitement at seeing her, this glorious female needed no instrument to emphasise or assert her dominance.

She and Lady Barbara chuckled at his hidden embarrassment as he stood next to the girl, in full feminine regalia. The waif was still puzzled, and the two were eager to enlighten her and have him enjoy more humiliation. Ruth moved toward them.

"What pretty women! Let's have you remove your hat and veils now; we can't have you wearing them indoors." The waif gasped as he was revealed to her. For a moment he was as red as Ruth's outfit. The girl did not care though; she flung herself at him and kissed him. The two older women were touched by this, and were glad as this impetuous move showed that the girl's ordeal had not left her in total fear of males. Her spirit would help her achieve recognition of her dominance over them.

She was further amazed as Ruth requested that he kiss her feet, which he did with no hesitation. Her knowledge of the true position of males, beneath women, was beginning. They sat her down as he was made to undress before them, and kneel naked on the floor at their feet. The girl marvelled at the cage he wore, and smiled as she could see he was not too uncomfortable with it.

"You will see many men caged whilst you are here, my girl. It helps them know their place. This one is particularly obedient, and as you've witnessed, he does have his uses. We are very pleased with him delivering you the way he did, and he will be rewarded by Ruth and me for his actions. His biggest reward though, will be to see you again in six months or so; he will really appreciate what he has done for you then, and you'll appreciate just what he will do for you!" Ruth then asked her for as much information about the thin man, where he had met with her and where she had been taken. They held her close and asked her carefully about the abuse she had suffered. They then moved on to other womanly things in general to help her forget.

Two maids were summoned and she was then taken away to be shown where she would be staying; she had been reluctant to leave him, but was promised she'd see him again before he left, and assured that he would be a frequent visitor to the hall. Ruth then pondered the thin man.

"Like most males he appears to be a creature of habit. I shall take great pleasure in capturing him. How fitting it will be to see his manhood removed with his own knife." The two delighted in the idea which aroused them. They would combine his reward with their enjoyment; how ironic that he, of all males, would now suffer in honour of the thin man. This notion excited the two dominant women all the more.

He was leashed and led away to one of the many bedrooms by the two women.

To be continued...
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