Know your place in Kieras pecking order

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The next day, Sunday, we all slept late. I was awakened to Kiera's voice, when she popped her head into her mother's room to say, "Davey, it's 11:00. You need to call Patty and tell her we'll pick her up at 12. We all need to get up. Get up, Mom. Davey, make coffee."

As I stood in the kitchen yawning and scooping coffee into a filter, I became aware of how incredibly sore my blistered ass was from the belt beating Kiera had given me the night before. The wine I drank at the reunion, and at Patty's, must have numbed me a little and made the beating less painful at the time. That was hard to believe, but man, was I sore that morning. I just hoped I'd actually be able to sit down.

I called Patty on my cell phone and told her we would pick her up at 12. "Oh. OK. I just need to be at work at the video store at 4." I said I didn't think that would be a problem, but I'd ask Kiera to be sure. "Do you remember how to get to my house?" she asked. I did. Patty didn't have a cell phone, only a land-line residential phone, and this was before GPS systems in cars. So it was important to have directions then, or know how to get places.

The four of us rode in "Kiera's" car, the one that no longer belonged to me until Kiera got a new one. Now that she knew what kind of payment I -- or rather, she -- could afford, she would be shopping for a car as soon as we got back to Trentstown. Anyway, Kiera drove, and Darcy sat up front with her. Aunt Jane and I sat in the back, and apparently Patty was going to have to squeeze back there with us. We got to Patty's house, and I got out and went to the door. When she came out, we gave each other a little kiss and walked to the car. I opened the back door for her and let her in, then I started to get in beside her, but Aunt Jane said, "Get in over here, Davey." So I went to the other side, and we rode to my parents' house with Aunt Jane sitting between us.

They all introduced themselves to Patty, who was very sweet and pleasant. Aunt Jane quizzed her, asking all kinds of questions about her life, her job, whether she'd been married, whether she had kids, had she lived in Bellewood all her life, etc. etc. I didn't even get to talk to her on the way over. Also, Kiera and Darcy decided to each have a cigarette in the car before they got to my parents' house, where smoking wasn't allowed inside. I really wished that they would wait, at least for Patty's sake. But it didn't seem to bother Patty.

At my parents' house, Patty met my mother and father, my sister Karen and my little niece Maya, my Aunt Polly (my mother's other sister), my uncle Rick, and their daughter, my cousin Stacy, Stacy's husband, and their two kids. They all loved Patty. Who couldn't love her? Always smiling, so sweet and kind to everyone. Most of the women of my family had an edge to them. Obviously Kiera and Aunt Jane did, but Karen, for her part, could be kind of stern. And my mother was no one to trifle with, either. Patty was so refreshing, affectionate and warm.

At one point, Patty and I were sitting on the couch, talking, and holding hands, and Kiera sat down in a nearby chair. She teased us a little over how we must have really hit it off at the reunion the night before, and how surprised she was when her cousin called her and told her he had a date. I felt really silly, having my imperious 24-year-old cousin talking to us 38-year-olds like we were a couple of puppy-love teenagers. But Patty blushed and giggled, and didn't seem to mind at all. Then Kiera made the color drain from my face when she said, "He didn't take his tie off at your place, did he?"

Patty said, "No. He didn't, actually. He loosened it." She thought Kiera meant the necktie I wore to the reunion ... the one actually around my NECK.

"Loosened it?" Kiera's eyebrows went up.

I said to Patty, "She doesn't mean my ... um ... it's ... it's ... uh, an inside joke."

"Inside joke," laughed Kiera. "Yeah. More like an underneath joke."

I stiffened up a little (and I don't mean in the crotch). Kiera was laughing, and Patty was smiling but looking at both of us quizzically. Then I saw Kiera lick her lips, and then kind of purse them as she stared at us for a moment. "Come here, Patty," she said, and suddenly got out of her chair and left the room. Patty immediately got up and followed her, so I reflexively lifted myself off the sofa slightly, starting to get up. But then I wondered if I should follow. Kiera always had a way of catching me off guard. I never knew what she'd do. But realizing she had only told Patty to follow, I decided I should stay put.

In a minute or two, Patty returned and sat back down beside me. She took my hand again, and smiled. She didn't say anything, so I asked, "What was that about?"

"She told me what she meant."

Once again, the color drained from my face. Surely Kiera did NOT just tell my new girlfriend that I had a necktie restraining my dick. She couldn't have told her that. Could she? No. She couldn't have, because if she had, Patty would have run out of the house screaming. Right? Kiera must have made something up.

"What did she tell you?"

Patty glanced around, and softly said, "She told me what she was talking about. The tie." Then she nodded at me as if to say, That's all I can say out loud.

"But what exactly did she say?"

Patty brought her mouth right up to my ear so she could whisper and be sure no one could hear. "She told me she makes you wear a necktie around your dick."

My mouth dropped open. OH MY GOD! Kiera really did tell her! And yet, Patty came back to the couch to sit beside me? And she was holding my hand? How could that be?

I took Patty by the hand and led her to the back door so we could step outside and talk privately about this. But when we got to the door, I saw Aunt Jane standing out there smoking. So we went to the front of the house and out the door. I asked Patty, "So ... she told you ... um ... uhhh ... what else did she say?"

"She said you're living there with her and Darcy, and she saw you get a boner one day, so since then she makes you wear a tie around your dick to keep it from popping up, and ... you know ... so you don't get a boner in front of them."

"Uhhh. And what did you say?"

"I said that made perfect sense. Seemed like a good idea."

"Uhhhh. Um. Really?"

"Yeah. It makes sense. Two very pretty young girls, living in the same house with you. I mean, I know Kiera's your cousin, but you're a man, and you get aroused. She also said you're supposed to keep it on all the time, so she just wondered if you took it off last night when you were with me."

"Uhhhhh ..."

"Then she told me she just ordered a locking chastity device for you, so once that's on, she'll know for sure you can't get a boner, or masturbate in the house. She said she doesn't want you masturbating, ever, because it grosses her out."

I was speechless. I just looked at Patty for a long time, with my mouth hanging open, and shaking my head slightly. Finally I asked her, "And you ... you don't ... think this is really weird?"

She shrugged. "It's unusual. But it makes sense to me." She sidled up closer to me, and put her arms around my waist. She turned her face upward, smiling and dreamy-looking. We kissed. She said, "I think it's really sweet. It's very considerate of you to do this for her, so she feels comfortable. This way she and Darcy both feel safe. They don't feel like they're living with a pervert."

They DON'T feel they're living with a pervert? To Patty, all this was NOT perverted? I guess it's true what Aunt Jane and Kiera say about me: I just do not understand women.

At around 3:30, Kiera asked Patty, "You need to be at work at 4, right? Do you need to go home first?"

"No, I have my purse with me. I can go straight there, and I can get a ride home."

"OK. Well, you have 15 minutes, lovebirds. Then I'll take you to work, Patty."


In 15 minutes, Kiera was back. "Give your girlfriend a kiss, Davey. I gotta take her to work."

Patty and I kissed, and then Kiera said, "Tell her you love her, Davey." I thought it was a little soon for that, but Kiera had really put me on the spot. So I said, "I love you."

"Awww," Patty said. "I love you, too." And we kissed again. "Call me tonight? I get home about 11:15."

"OK," I said. I was usually in bed by 11, and I had to work in the morning, but I knew I would be anxious to talk to her again. I watched her follow Kiera out the door.

It was after 4:30 when Kiera returned. The video store wasn't far; it shouldn't have taken her that long. But I found out why she lingered there: As soon as she hit the door of my parents' house, she called out, "Daaarcyyyy!! Where are you, girl?" Darcy appeared from another room.


"Come on, we're takin' a ride. You gotta meet this hot guy that works at the video store."

Later that evening, we had a light supper at Aunt Jane's before heading back to Trentstown. While I did the dishes, Kiera and Darcy and Aunt Jane sat at the kitchen table raving about Patty. They loved her! She'd met with their approval. They were giving their blessing to the relationship. "She passed the test with flying colors," Kiera said. "The real test was when I told her I made you tie up your dick, and not only that, I'd just ordered you a locking chastity device. And she was like, 'Oh, OK, that makes sense.' Hahahahaha!! I thought, Ohhh-kayy! This one's a keeper. Hahaha. I could see Davey was scared shitless, but I thought, We've gotta see what this girl's made of. You should thank me, Davey."

I wasn't sure if that was an order, but I was learning it was best not to take chances. "Thank you, Kiera," I said.

"YOUUU ... are welcome!! Put your dishrag down, Davey, and dry your hands. Then come over here and kiss my feet and thank me."

Once I had the car loaded, Kiera and Darcy and I headed home. I was able to snooze a little in the back seat, even with the loud music playing, and the cigarette smoke. Oh, and I also had to listen to them fawning over this guy Tyler, at the video store. How hot he was, how they all had each other's numbers and they were certainly gonna have to hook up with him whenever they came back to Bellewood, or how they were gonna get him to come visit in Trentstown.

When we got home, they went in and of course made me unload the car. Kiera said when I got home from work Monday, I needed to start moving out of my room, and move my stuff upstairs, to the third floor. Darcy would be taking my room. (This made twice in as many months I was forced out my room to make way for a girl, as now I was apparently fully immersed in a Girl Power world.) I was to leave the bed in the room, since Darcy didn't have a bed to move. Also they were going to need me to help them move stuff from where Darcy was living now. I suspected that meant they would sit at the other place and goof off while they made me do everything.

The third floor was a finished attic but hadn't been used in a while. It was mostly my storage area, but there were two bedrooms at the top of steep stairs. One was open, to one side of the landing. On the other side was a smaller room with a door. There were no closets. I didn't have a bed up there, so I'd either need to find myself a bed which could be carried up the narrow steps, or just throw a sleeping bag on the floor.

Sunday night at about 11:20, I called Patty. Since Kiera and Darcy were in the living room watching TV, our phone conversation was constantly interrupted by Kiera telling me to bring them something to drink, or a snack, or whatever else popped into her head. I tried going upstairs to talk to Patty privately, but Kiera would keep calling me back downstairs. Of course Patty could hear what was going on, and it embarrassed me for her to know I was treated like the servant of the house.

I asked her, "So what did you think of my family?"

"I love your family."

"How about ... ahem ... you know who [I lowered my voice] ... her majesty, my cousin?"

"Hahaha. She IS bossy. But there's nothing wrong with that. I like her. She's spunky. No one will ever mess with her. That's a good thing. I coulda used more spunk when I was living with the assholes I've lived with. You know?"

"Yeah. That's a point, I guess."

"And she's not mean-spirited. She REALLY cares about ... like ... about HER people. You know what I mean? I bet she's very loyal. She would defend the people she loves. She would fight for them, you know?"

"Well ... yeah ... I guess I see that."

"Oh, I need to tell you: When she took me to work, we drove up to the front of the store, and she was gonna just drop me off. But she looked through the front window and saw Tyler, this kid I work with. She's like, 'Hmmmm, who's THAT? Hold on, girl, I'm gonna park. I'm comin' in with you, you gotta introduce me to him.' Hahaha. So I did, and she stood there flirting with him for like a half hour. He stopped doing any work, so I had to wait on everyone, haha."

"Yeah, I heard all about TYYYLERRR on the way home, pff. How old is he?"

"I'm pretty sure he's only like 19. Kiera's 24, right?"


"Hahaha. Cradle-robber. Then she left and came back like 5 minutes later with Darcy, and they both flirted with him. Hahaha. I had no help for like an hour, I was doing everything. One customer even said something like, 'Looks like your partner is in la-la land at the moment. Wonder why.' I'm like, 'Gee, I don't know', haha."

Then we talked about Aunt Jane. Patty said, "Your aunt looks older than I expected. How old is she?"

"She is ... mmm ... 59, I think."

"And Kiera's only 24? So does she have older siblings?"

"No, she's an only child. Aunt Jane was wild when she was young. I don't think she had any interest in family until she got old enough that she probably thought, 'Well ... the clock is ticking here, if I don't have children now, I'll never have any.' So she had Kiera, which settled her down, I guess."

"What about Kiera's dad?"

"He's dead. That was my Uncle Herb. He died just a few years ago. Heart attack."

"Oh, so he must not have been very old."

"Well, he was quite a bit older than Aunt Jane. He was around 70. He was in his 50s when Kiera was born. Anyway, yeah, it's weird because Aunt Jane is like the generation ahead of you and me, and Kiera's like a generation behind. So ... how'd you get home from work?"

"Tyler gave me a ride. Oh, another thing: On the way to work, in the car, Kiera said, 'So when are you comin' to Trentstown to visit us?'"

"Oh, she did? And what did you say?"

"I said, 'Well, I don't know. Soon, I hope.'"

"Oh, of course. You can come any time you want."

"Well ... I usually have Tuesday and Wednesday off."

"Great! Do you wanna come?"

"Of course. I could even leave tomorrow night after work, but I wouldn't get there until like 2 AM. Or I could just come Tuesday morning."

"Well, but then I wouldn't get to see you until I got home from work Tuesday. So if you want to come tomorrow night, I'd love that."

"OK." She said it with a lift in her voice. Her "OK" was always cheerful-sounding, unlike my usually reluctant, or resigned, "OK", uttered often to Kiera and Aunt Jane.

As happens when you're in love, I couldn't sleep very well Sunday night. I went into work tired on Monday, not only from too little sleep but because I'd had a very eventful weekend. Fortunately, I was able to snooze on the bus ride home a bit. But I still dragged my ass into the house after walking from the bus stop. Often Kiera and Darcy aren't home when I get home from work. I was hoping this would be such a day, so I could go inside and take a nap. No such luck. Without so much as a hello, Kiera laid out the itinerary for the evening: She picked out a car that day, so get changed out of my work clothes, because we were going to the dealership. (The car needed to be in my name, because without a job, Kiera wouldn't be able to get financing.) After the paperwork was done on that, the girls would drive the new car over to Darcy's apartment, and I was to follow. There was moving to do.

On the way to the dealership, I told Kiera that Patty would be arriving late that night. "Ohhhh, great!" she said. "Ooh, we should call her and tell her to bring Tyler!"

Darcy said, "Heyyyy, yeah!"

"Give me her number, Davey, I'm gonna call her and ... oh wait ... she doesn't have a cell phone, right? Well, wait, I can just call Tyler ... well, no ... I'll wait 'til we get to the dealership."

"I'll call him," offered Darcy.

"No, I'll call him."

"I can call him, what's the difference?"

"No ... no! Gimme that phone, slut, you're not callin' him. Gimme it! Gimme the phone!"

"Ugh, fine, I'll let you call him." Darcy started to put the phone away.

"No, don't put it away, give it to me. Gimme the phone, bitch."

"OK, OKaaay. Jeeezus. Bossy bitch." And she handed Kiera her phone. They continuing "arguing", but their tones were playful.

"You'll get it back after I talk to him. He already thinks you're cuter, I think. I want him to know he has to go through me to get to you. Remember, we agreed? We share this boy."

"I know. Gahhhd. Haha. Cunt."


"Skanky ho."

"Hahaha. You hear this shit, Davey? I'm gonna take your belt to HER if she don't shut up and behave."

"Nuh UH! I'll take the belt to YOUR ass. Someone needs to."

"Oh, bullll SHIT! You better remember whose roof you're living under. You're under MY roof now, bitch, it's MY rules. You better know your place. I'll demote you in the pecking order like that." She snapped her fingers. "You'll be lower than Davey. I'll give him back your room and make YOU move upstairs. Or I'll make you sleep in the garage, ya fat cunt."

"Uh huh. Whatever."

They continued teasing each other, with Darcy sticking out her tongue at Kiera, and Kiera acting like she was going to backhand Darcy.

Then Kiera said, "It's very important to know your place. Isn't that right, Davey?"


"God, Davey, why are you always so slow? The correct answer is 'Yes, Kiera, it's very important. And that's why I know my place, which is BELOW ... ALL ... WOMEN.' Say it." She kept her right hand pointing back at me while she looked forward, driving.

"Um, yes, Kiera, it's important to know your place. Umm ... and I know mine, which is ... uh, below ... all women."

"Awwww," said Darcy. "Davey, you are such a sweetheart. Mwah." She turned her head enough to blow me a kiss.

"There you go flirting again," said Kiera. "Ya little slut. I'm watchin' you. I'm tellin' you right now, if you so much as lay a fingernail on Tyler before I do, I'll pull all your hair out."

"YES MAAA'AM!" retorted Darcy. Now Kiera kept her finger pointed at Darcy instead of me.

When we arrived at the dealership, Kiera parked and then called Tyler. He answered, even though he was at work, with Patty, at the video store. Kiera told him Patty was coming to Trentstown after work, and he should ride along. He said he couldn't, because he had to work on Tuesday.

"Hmm," said Kiera. "Well, what nights are you usually off?" He said Fridays and Saturdays. "Get the fuck outta here," she said. "Really? Dude, you work at a video store and they let you off on the busiest nights? Wow. That's awesome." Then she found out he had worked the last Saturday night to cover Patty so she could attend the reunion. "You gonna come see us Friday, then? Or Thursday night? I oughtta make Patty bring you tonight and then take you back tomorrow, 'cause she owes you haha. We wanna see you."

My heart sank as I listened from the back seat. Was Kiera really going to cut my time short with Patty just so she and Darcy could see this kid again as soon as possible? Hell, she would have to go back to Bellewood before I even got off work. Patty and I would only get a little time tonight when she arrived, and then maybe a little time in the morning before I had to go to work.
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