She shrinks her husband and uses him for pleasure

This is a size related story about a man who is shrunken by his wife and forced to serve her needs. If you do not like this type of story please move on.


Sunday was a beautiful sunny day in November. There was enough of a chill in the air to make my wife wear slacks but that didn't matter as I knew and saw clearly what was underneath. I loved looking at her in hose and she knew it, this day she chose a pair of black silky Cecelia De Rafael.

We arrived early and sat in a pew that soon filled with strangers who we had never seen before, this was fine with me as I moved closer to her. She crossed her legs so I could see the arch of her left foot and let he heel pop. When I looked at her she was smiling at me knowing full well what she was doing to me. I happened to glance the other way and saw two more guys in our pew doing the same, "if they only knew just how sexy her feet were" When I looked back she had both her feet on the floor and was digging in her purse when I saw a slip of paper fall to the floor.

I picked it up and before I could straighten back up I read the paper, "Surprise!' was all it said and that was the last thing I saw before I was hit with a heavy case of Vertigo, felt like I was falling and when I hit the ground I was on my back looking up to a flash of spinning colors. When everything stopped spinning I was in total disbelief. There above me was the sole of my wife's shoe, she had re crossed her leg and was listening to the priest not even looking at me. Then I noticed that they older lady who was sitting next to me was now in my seat. It was like I was never there. Without warning she switched legs and her left foot was now pinning me to the carpeted floor. The toe of her pump came up to my chest and I pounded on her foot trying to get her attention. I screamed and yelled but no one heard a thing. I could feel her adding pressure and I thought for sure I was going to die like this and in the midst of this insanity I had a moment of clarity.

I was not in pain. I could feel the pressure but not the pain that should have accompanied this. I could smell the leather form her shoe and it almost felt like she was using me as a gas pedal. Without warning she stood up and with the toe of her shoe nudged me under the kneeler and was gone. I was frozen in fear as she stepped away from me, and then I realized she was gone and replaced by another set of feet, then another. I watched as both men and women walked by never noticing the 3 inch tall man under the kneeler by their feet. I didn't know what to do so I sat there and before long she was back.

I approached her feet and was standing between them looking up at her and she leaned foreword to retrieve her purse from under her seat and looked right at me smiling. Before I knew what was going on she grabbed me and held me firmly in her hand. She was talking to the people around her as mass was over, she stuffed me into her pants pocket as she shook hands with people and said goodbye to friends. I was feeling different emotions every second, fear then arousal then anger. My mind was in overload; the odd thing was I could hear every word she was saying. I could hear her talking to one of her girlfriends and as they said goodbye they hugged. Somehow her friend hugging her pressed me into her leg, it was a brief hug and before I knew it she had me back in her hand. Everyone was gone and she was sitting in the pew as I tried to stand in her palm.

"Surprise, Guess where you are going to spend your day!" With that she turned her hand and I fell landing in her shoe. She shook her pump and I slid down to the toe section. The last thing I saw was her hose covered toes descending on me. She maneuvered me into the section under her toes and walked to the car. With every step she pressed me into the spaced under her toes, the movement of her walking felt like a roller coaster. When she stopped for a bit she scrunched her toes playing with my like I was there for her amusement. The heat was building, as was the scent of her foot. I love the smell of my wife's feet after a day in heels, I grab them every chance I could get after she would remove them and now I was surrounded by it.

The claustrophobia I felt in the MRI tube was nowhere to be found, right now I cold care less I was still trying to figure this all out but oddly I was also starting to get aroused. I wanted so much to be naked under her foot so I could feel the silky nylon against my body. I used my face for this and love every second of the feeling. She was still standing in one place I was sure of it, I could feel her move her weight from one foot to the other occasionally it felt like she was twisting on her toes as the pressure would intensify. I could feel the cold coming through the sole of her shoe a bit on my back but the heat of her foot made up for it. Without warning I was back on the coaster as she walked to the car. Once in I heard her start it and turn the heater on. I felt stomach fly into my throat and was blinded as she brought her shoe up and dumped me out into her hand. I shivered from the cold as I could see the windows of the car frosted over.

She put her shoe back on her foot,"We are going to go over some rules for the rest of the day, and I hope you pay attention and behave or this could go very bad for you. You have wanted this for some time and now its here and just could be a case of be careful what you wish for!"

"Rule number 1, I am in complete control. 2. Do what I say without hesitation or questions. 3. When in doubt remember rule number 1. Do these things and you should be all right, but there are no guarantees here remember that. I can and will do what ever I want with you."

With that she opened her purse and dropped me in. I landed on her pocket book and slid down between it and he make up kit. The purse was freezing; thank god I still had my clothes on. I wasn't sure how this was done and wondered how I was going to get out of this. I felt the purse rushing upward as my stomach tingles like on a roller coaster. I was pinned pretty good and didn't move around too much which was a good thing since I knew she had slung her purse over her shoulder as she always does and was walking into the house. She left me in her purse for some time and when she reached in and pulled me out the light was blinding. When my eyes adjusted I saw her smiling at me and it was not her normal smile, this unnerved me a bit.

"I had to get you accommodations ready for you, I have had them for some time I just needed to put it together."

I was lowered into a small glass aquarium, lined with soft material. As I looked around quickly I could see small doll furniture that was a little too big, at the far end was a plastic bathtub about twice my size. Suddenly I felt her watching me and I looked up.

"Yeah things are a little big, I couldn't find things in your size and wasn't about to waste time looking for any. You will have to make do with this."

Having said that she slid the screen shut and picked the aquarium up and carried it into the bedroom setting it on the computer desk. She bent down and was looking right into my glass cage.

"Remove your clothes, you are to be naked at all time." I didn't move. "NOW do as I say."

With that she placed her hands on the glass and shook my world slightly. Needless to say when you are that scared you move fast. She opened the top and reached in, her hand was palm up waiting. I slowly moved towards her and placed my clothes in her hand and in a flash it was gone and the screen slid shut. She turned and threw my clothes in the wastebasket in our room. She pulled a DVD out and put it into the computer, turning the monitor towards the aquarium.

"Watch and learn, I am going to run some errands and have to go the Ups station and send a package. Don't go anywhere." I watched as she took a Disc that said training video and slipped it into a small package the size of a DVD and about 4 inches deep.

With that she laughed and left the room turning out the light, I was standing there watching the monitor as the DVD was loading. The only light I had was from the monitor; I looked down and realized that the floor of my glass cage was covered in nylons. Normally the thought of everything going on would cause some serious excitement. I guess I was just overwhelmed by everything. I moved to the couch that was facing the monitor, it was plastic but had small pieces of foam for cushion. I sat there and looked at the monitor, not really understanding any of this when I was shocked out of my thoughts by what I was seeing.

There was our kitchen, the camera was set on the floor and I was looking at another naked man. He was standing there looking up and then I saw a foot appear earring white open toe mules that I recognized immediately. He ran over and began kissing each toe of my wife foot and when he was done he knelt before her foot bowing his head to the floor.

"That was a much better greeting little one, I am glad to see that you are learning well."

She raised her shoe as if to crush him and stopped just above his little body. A grape was dropped and landed next to him, "have a snack little one" with that she stepped on the grape squashing it and she ground it into the floor. I could see him looking up watching shaking a little. When she raised her foot he scurried under her shoe and began pealing the grape from her shoe and eating it. When he was done he moved back and prostrated himself to the floor again. He foot disappeared and I could hear her say," Very good you are getting better, you may finish cleaning the floor now"

I watched as he did just that as she walked around him doing her every day things. Whenever she would stop close to him he would stop and run to her foot kissing each bare toe then go back and finish eating. I could hear her on the phone as her foot reappeared and she started to nudge him around a bit with the toe of her shoe. Once she had him on his back she would slowly lower her foot as if to crush him. I could see that he wanted to raise his arms but never did. I am sure it wouldn't make a difference. I then noticed a mirror on the floor and as I heard her say,"yeah I am watching him now, he has totally submitted to the idea, I am sure you will be quite happy with him. I just have a few more things to do and he will be ready. Sure no problem, any time, bye"

The scene changed to our bathroom, I again could see him bowing prostrate on the floor and from above came two bottles of nail polish.

"I have removed the polish from my toes, you will soon learn to do this but for now you will apply new polish, usually I use this nail pen to get the look I want but since it is too heavy you will use two different colors. Do a good job and be rewarded, do a poor job and be punished."

I watched as he labored with the brushes that were almost as long as he was, after some time had passed he was finished. She raised her foot to the camera and angled her toes so that I could see a perfect set of toes with French nail polish on them. I always like the white tips. She then reached down and without an ounce of concern or care she grabbed him by his arm between her thumb and forefinger and he rose quickly out of sight. The next scene was on our dinning room table; I could hear music in the background as he was now doing her fingertips the same as her toes. I could tell he was tired and was slowing down a bit but he didn't stop until the job was done. I watched two more scenes like the one was where the poor bastard was scraping dead skin off of her feet and then applying lotion and then I saw End of part one on the screen.

Almost on cue my wife came back into the room looked to see what was going on and left without saying a word. I watched and again saw the little man on our kitchen floor and those same white shoes. I saw an eyedropper appear from about and two drops were squeezed out onto his head. She raised her foot and again he was under without a word and without warning he was gone with a pop. She stepped on him holy shit I can't believe what I just saw. She raised her foot and I saw what was left of him on the bottom of her shoe. A new scene and a different pair of shoes, same results and the same sickening sound of him popping under her foot. This went on for five minutes; he was dropped inside her shoes and squashed, under flip-flops and then bare foot. The last one I watched as she scraped him off her foot onto the floor and then before I knew it he was hole again. The I read words across the screen," With every crush he reforms quicker, the first initial times it will take about 20 minutes. This is because it takes his body time to realign itself and as it does this more it gets better therefore it gets faster. Yes this is all very painful for the slave!"

Slave wow that word struck a nerve; she came back into the room and was on the phone. She sat in the chair at the desk and put her feet up next to the glass of my cage. She smiled at me and pressed her hose covered toes against the glass tapping it as I listened to her conversation.

"Hi Kate, yes I just overnighted it to you along with the video I am sure you will love him and the serum works just fine. He is quite indestructible but feels the pain of every crush. He has enough air and supplies to last a week in his box just incase something happens to the package. From what my hubby here has told me, he has always wanted this so have fun with him. Call me when you get him and let me know how it's going. Oh yeah let your friend Kylie and the others know we are heading for England next week and will gather the other one for her and I will get the rest once we get back. Sure thing you too bye"

"Can you guess what that was about? I am sure you figured that out, the box contained you friend from the message board. He came here to see you and I got to him first and decided to have some fun and make some money at the same time. I wont bore you with the details since you have work to do."

It was then I realized that she had been slowly rubbing herself while on the phone watching me. She still had her clothes on from church. She stood and slowly slid her pants down her legs, this always got me hot watching her hose covered leg appear and this was no exception. She reached in for me and grabbed be between her fingers, she held me tightly and then with her other hand pulled her hose open and dropped me in. I slid down the silky fabric and stopped on her cotton gusset, it was soaked and I was surrounded by the scent of her sweet pussy. Looking up I could barely see her but I heard her, "I think you had better get comfortable; you are going to spend a lot of time there and remember the rules. Do a good job sweetie."

With that her hose snapped shut against her body and I felt her walking, with every step I was maneuvered further down and against her slick pussy. I felt her raise her leg up and then the other and before I knew it I was in total darkness now. She had put on her favorite pair of lounging pants. Soft thin fleece, and I knew what she was going to do. She was heading for her chair to watch TV. With each step again I was worked in against her slit, the juices were slowly covering me.

Without warning I was flooded with light as her hand slid down and she used her middle finger to shove me inside her. AS I moved inside her I could feel her muscles squeeze me and getting wetter and hotter by the second. I had always wanted this and now didn't know what to do. Every move I made I could feel her moan soft sounds of satisfaction from within her body like I was now part of her.

I could only feel the soft wet velvety walls of her pussy; I was in total darkness and soaked in her juices. I had lost count of her orgasms, every time she had one I was squeezed like I was in a giant vice and then she would shake And quiver a bit as she came down. I could hear her rhythmic breathing as I worked my way towards what I thought would be the opening of her sweet honey hole. She moved slightly as I finally worked my way out, I was half way out and could move no more. Her hose held me tightly and kept me from bringing my legs out. I was exhausted and finally passed out.

When I woke I was back in my glass cage the aquarium lying on a plastic toy bed covered with a pair of her old panties. I had no idea what day it was or what time but I could see daylight coming through the blinds. I looked over and saw that the computer was on and I could see myself on the monitor, there was a web cam pointed at my cage. There was a blank TV screen on the monitor that I had seen before on video chat so I knew somewhere the was someone who could open their chat and see me. This brought a new wave of humiliation over me as I couldn't control anything, anyone at any time could see me if they wanted to. I looked over and saw some food on the little table and realized that I was indeed hungry.

As I made my way over to the table I remembered that the floor was covered with pantyhose and it felt oddly nice. There was a little piece of cheese and some bread and what looked like a grape that had been smashed, in fact everything looked like it was smashed. I really didn't care I was starving. As I ate I also realized that I smelled like flowers and was clean. She must have bathed me after she was done with me. My mind started to work over time as I sat there trying to comprehend my new environment, like the first day at a new job or school your are nervous and waiting to see what the unknowns are. After I ate I looked for and found what I needed, she had indeed thought of everything. A small plastic shot glass like the ones for Jell-O shots sat by the plastic tub and it had a little seat on it and there next to it was some toilet paper enough to cover my bed. I have to admit I chuckled at the thought,"Wow I'll never be on the can again and run out of paper" I also noticed at that point I was not alone in the room. I could see her one the screen, she was at work and watching me while I was on the can. I could see her chuckling to herself about the invasion of my privacy. As I quickly finished I heard her say,

"I will check back in a little while don't go anywhere"

With that she was gone again and I was left to ponder my situation. I thought about work and how long before they realize I am gone, how can I get help a multitude of thoughts pass through you mind at time like this. A short time later I heard her call me and I turned back to the monitor and now saw three windows opened and three different women looking at me. I then remembered that I was naked and the laughed as I tried to cover myself. I recognized only one of them as a co-worker of my wife's and the other two looked familiar but I did not know them.

"Did you really do what you said to him?"

"How many orgasms?"

"You are sure he wont break, he looks so tiny and frail?"

All their questions rang out loud through the speakers and my wife answered them all, the last thing I heard her say was she would give a demonstration later tonight and send out copies of the training DVD she made. When one was left she spoke with an accent I didn't really recognize and I heard her ask, "When can I expect to meet you, I will make plans to be in London when ever you want but I have a concert there early next month in about 3 weeks."

"That sounds like a fun time, lets make it then, I will get there before and acquire you gift and start the training."

"Sounds good, I'll see you later online I want to watch your web cast, text me when your about to start."

With that she was gone and it was just my wife sitting there looking at me, she smiled and held another little man up to the camera dangling him by the arm as he kicked and screamed she shut off the camera. I could see the time on the monitor and knew I had about two hours until she got home. I lay down on my little bed and pulled her panties over me for warmth and fell asleep.
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