The neighbors begin their revenge

Fred was enjoying his regular peeping activities when he was caught by his neighbor, Liz. What follows is the beginning of their revenge. Chapter one explains how Fred became a peeping tom.

Before he could fully comprehend what was happening Fred was being pulled through their patio door. "Hi, Fred. I see Liz finally caught you!"

"Ah.h.. Hi Rick." Fred was confused by Rick's casual greeting. He was standing there with a boner as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"Now that I have two little sex slaves to serve me we need some rules, boys! One rule really, 'Mistress Elizabeth must be obeyed' is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am!" They answered in unison surprising themselves.

"Very good, boys! Now we need a greeting, a slave greeting. Something like that chest bump/hug macho guys do...I know...this will be fun...for me! As you do the chest bump and hug with your left arm you grab each others balls with your right hand. Perfect...let's see you try it!" Liz sounded cheerful and up beat and she was; she was having the time of her life!"

Fred's eyes widened. Rick looked at him and stepped forward. As they greeted each other Rick whispered. "Just do as she says Fred, you'll get used to it; believe me you'll get used to it." Rick was resigned to his slave status and actually enjoyed it.....most of the time!

"I heard that, Rickie. It's good advice, Freddie, take it and you will begin to like being Mistress Elizabeth's slave! Something's wrong with this picture. Hmmm....I wonder what it could be? Oh...yes! Slaves are supposed to be naked. Strip!"

Fred glanced at Rick who just stood there and watched. "This is the last warning for you Freddie...obey or you suffer the switch. I promise you won't like it!

"Mistress Elizabeth is very good at applying the switch, Fred, I'd advise you to learn to obey quickly. You won't like it...that's a fact!"

Rick's words brought Fred back into the moment and he stripped as quickly as possible. He was soon standing in his neighbor's house completely naked. His penis was drooping. There wasn't anything exciting about this...what made him think there would be?

"Now, let's see, what's next? I know slave names! When you are naked and serving me you are Slave Freddie and Slave that clear? No need to answer slaves; I know you understand. So... let's review; you two miserable excuses for husbands are slaves, sex slaves, my sex slaves. The one rule you must remember is 'Mistress Elizabeth must be obeyed' I think that is easy enough for even you two to remember. So let's get started, Slave Rickie, inspect Slave Freddie's body for any marks or sores that might indicate he isn't healthy."

Rick started to walk around Fred looking for sores or marks on Fred's skin.

"Bend over Slave Freddie and spread those cheeks; give Slave Rickie a really good look!" Liz chuckled as she watched her husband inspect her new slave. "Why hadn't I thought of this sooner?" She thought. "Why did it take catching her husband reading about CFNM! Why didn't I know about this when I was still single? I bet I could have had a very nice harem of male slaves."

"Lie down on the ottoman Slave Freddie and spread your legs. Give Slave Rickie a good look." Liz was having fun at their expense. "Check all that curly hair for fleas Slave Rickie, he's been outside playing with himself, you can't be too safe. Check his dick and balls for lumps. Does that feel good Slave Freddie? Do you like it when Slave Rickie feels your balls and that excuse for a cock? Maybe he should jack you off; wouldn't that be fun?"

Fred didn't know how to answer so he bit his tongue and remained silent. Rick was very thorough though, seemingly enjoying inspecting Fred's genitals and only stopped playing with Fred's crotch when Liz told him it was enough.

"Stand up Slave Freddie; it's time to educate you. Slave Rickie, you can massage my feet. Do you like to watch TV Slave Freddie? I hope you do because I have a very special show for you tonight but first get that little dick of yours hard. I like my slaves to be hard at all times; think of it as a salute to your mistress."

Fred started to stroke his penis.

As Fred stood there trying to get hard Liz started the "show." It began with an interior shot of their family room... the room Fred was now standing in! Liz walked in and sat down. Rick followed and served her a glass of wine. The screen went to split screen and there was a shot of Fred's back yard. Fred was standing by the fence. There was a time stamp on each shot that indicated they were recorded at exactly the same time. Liz was playing with her husband's cock and balls; laughing and sipping her wine and talking. "He's out by the fence again, Rick...look he's got his cock out." They were watching Fred on their TV while she played with her husband's cock. Watch him Rick.. See him lick his lips... he likes what he playing with your cock!" Liz let her husband go. Come on me baby... shoot your load all over mommies tummy!" Rick obeyed and began stroking his own cock and soon rope after rope covered Liz's stomach. "Oh.. Rickie, you've made a big mess; now be a good boy and lick up all that nice cum.... Give Fred something to make him shoot too!

Fred felt as if he were in a dream; a very bad dream from which he could not awake! But he was also mesmerized by the scene on the screen! He watched himself stroke his cock in the backyard as he simultaneously stroked his cock in his neighbor's family room.

Without warning Liz brought him back to reality. "Isn't this sexy enough for you, Fred? Maybe you'd like to watch something a little different? Are you an equal opportunity peeper, Freddie?"

"Yeah, Freddie, does watching older ladies do it for you?" Mrs. Patterson was standing behind him! Fred reflexively tried to cover his cock as it quickly wilted. "Oh, Freddie, don't be so shy. You've been watching me for weeks dressing and undressing, trimming my nails, shaving. You got a nice boner every time, Freddie. What's wrong now?" Mrs. Patterson was wearing a long sleeve white cotton blouse with a high collar trimmed in lace and an A-line skirt that made her look like a kindergarten teacher.

"You disappoint me, Freddie," Liz scolded. "I thought getting together with the objects of your peeping escapades would be more exciting for you but you seem embarrassed. Aren't you having fun, Freddie?"

"Please, Liz, let me go home. This has gone far enough. I've learned my lesson. Really! I'll never do it again, I promise." Fred was sincere, he was pleading for forgiveness but Liz had other plans.

"Olivia, let's see if Freddie remembers watching you!" Liz addressed Olivia Patterson but her words were intended to humiliate Fred. "Let's watch the one where you are trimming your bush."

Liz clicked the remote and another scene unfolded. Mrs. Patterson was wearing just her bra and panties. Fred remembered she was going to take her panties off and trim her pubic mound; his prick began to respond as he watched her again. At the same time on the other half of the screen he could see himself moving closer to the window to get a better look. Mrs. Patterson brought him back to reality with a syrupy sweet question. "Why did you quit watching Freddie? It looked like you had a nice boner watching me shave!"

"Ah... my wife called. I had to go watch TV with her." Fred explained.

"That's too bad, Freddie," Olivia teased. "I was hoping I could make you cum like Liz and Rick. It would be fun to watch you shoot all over. Would it help if I lost this stuffy old blouse and skirt?"

Fred watched in disbelief as Mts. Patterson slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Her eyes were locked on his cock which was responding. She deliberately unbuttoned each tiny white button and slowly pulled the blouse tails out of her skirt. She turned her back to Fred and the Martins as she stepped out of her skirt and slowly took off her blouse.

"She's quite a tease for an old lady," Liz observed. "Isn't she, Freddie?"

Fred nodded in agreement; still holding his cock which was again responding. Mrs. Patterson was wearing a lime green push up demi-cup bra that belied her age and gave her the look of a much younger woman. Matching panties and a garter belt that held up thigh-high stockings completed her "costume." She looked like a woman who enjoyed her sexuality. "What do you think, Freddie? ........Never mind! Your pecker tells me everything I need to know!"

Fred wasn't supper hard but his cock was engorged and he was absent-mindedly stroking slowly as he watched. Mrs. Patterson crossed the room and grabbed Fred's balls giving them a tight squeeze. "What do you think, Liz? Should I help Freddie out? Should I jack him off?"

Fred's knees buckled. "Please stop! You're hurting my balls!" Fred pleaded.

"You're lucky I'm not mad at you, Freddie," Olivia hissed. "I could do real damage if I was."

"Stop! Please stop!" Fred tried to back away but she only tightened her grip.

"I've got you by the balls, Freddie! Isn't that what guys say when someone has them in a no win situation? How does it feel, Freddie? How does it feel?"

Fred whimpered, "It hurts! Please let go, please."

Mrs. Patterson released her grip and turned to Liz. "Let's show him the video we made while he watched me shave."

Fred's face turned white as he realized that these two women had trapped him. Liz clicked another file and the screen came alive with Fred on one side watching from his bedroom window and Mrs. Patterson on the other shaving. "Look how nice and hard he gets, Liz! It's a shame his wife came home. In a couple of minutes he would have gotten his spunk all over the room!"

"That would have been a real waste!"

Fred turned and saw Mrs. Alverez enter the room. Fred was near a panic attack. "What have I done he thought. Does the whole neighborhood know?

"Let's show Fred how he performed when he was watching me, Liz."

The scene changed to Mrs. Alverez brushing her hair. Fred watched the scene unfold in her bedroom and saw himself stroking feverishly. The two women embraced and as Fred shot his load they fell to the bed. "I bet you'd like to meet my lady friend, wouldn't you Freddie?"

Fred was too afraid to answer. Another "woman" walked into the room wearing panties and a bra. The same ones from the video. "She" took off "her" wig and it was Tony Alverez!"

"Did we fool you, Fred?" Tony asked. "Did you think Sofia was having an affair with another woman? Is that what made you so excited that you came all over the fence?"

"Poor Freddie, he just has poor timing." Another voice taunted him as Victoria entered the room with her boyfriend. "You didn't get to empty your balls while you watched Robbie and me either, did you, Freddie?"

"No!" Mrs. Patterson interrupted, "But I got to watch him wacking his pecker while he watched you. He's a busy little pervert, that's for sure!"

"Very busy, I'd say!" Fred fell to his knees and covered his eyes. He leaned forward; his forehead touched the floor. He knew that voice all too well; it was his wife, Charlene! "Look at me you bastard! Look at me now you slimy slug."

Fred slowly straightened his back and resting on his heels with tears streaming down his cheeks looked at his wife.

"You're pitiful, you bastard. I should lock you out of the house this instant!"

"No one would blame you if you did, Charlene." Liz spoke calmly. "But I have a better idea."

"What would that be, Liz, what would be better than kicking his naked ass out of my life forever."

"Well, for one Fred has to make amends. After all, when a person does something wrong they should pay, don't you think?"

"That seems logical." Charlene agreed.

"And fair." Mrs. Patterson added.

The other women nodded in agreement.

"Besides, except for being a pervert hasn't Fred been a decent husband?"


"And didn't you cut him off a while back?"


"I thought so! Part of this is your own fault. It's no excuse in a court of law, of course, but this isn't a court of law. We should just keep this among friends; don't you think?" Liz was leading the way with her questions.

"I suppose...." Charlene was furious when Liz originally told her about Fred's perversion but had come to understand that she could take advantage of the situation and making Fred squirm was just the beginning!"

"To begin with I think Fred should be kept naked at home. That way you can keep an eye on him and if he gets a little excited you can do something about it."

"Ok; what else?" Charlene knew all about Liz's plans but she played along for effect.

"I think he should spend one night a week at each of our houses as our servant, our naked servant. And if he gets one of those nasty boners we can figure out how to handle it."

"How for instance?" Charlene asked.

"We could make him jack-off for us!" Victoria added enthusiastically.

Mrs. Patterson chimed in, "I for one would like a naked servant who would give me a pedicure and keep my bush trimmed and it's been a long time since someone gave me a tongue bath, would that be allowed?"

Fred's ears were burning red and his face was flush with embarrassment. His wife looked at him with feigned distain.

Sofia raised the ante, "Does Freddie like cream pies? Tony never wants to eat my pussy after he cums. It might be nice to have a little cum slut once in a while!"

"Calm down ladies." Liz intoned, "I'm sure each of us can come up with a variety of ways to use Freddie that will teach him a lesson and to start with tonight I want him to suck Rick's cock!"

Fred pleaded with his wife, "Please don't make me do this, Charlene. Can't you just take me home? I'll do whatever you want....just take me home....please."

"No, Fred. You need to learn your lesson. Besides, I've seen the other videos of you playing with yourself while you watch Rick and Liz. You seem to enjoy watching Rick even lick your lips. I think you want to suck his cock!" Charlene was enjoying taunting Fred in front of so many neighbors.

Liz pulled her husband to his feet and pushed him towards Charlene and Fred. "Feed that pervert of a husband some real man meat, Charlene! Make him suck it while we all watch!"

Charlene took Rick's cock in her hand and stroked it right in front of Fred's face. "Is this what you've been drooling over in the back yard?"

Fred's eyes pleaded with his wife.

"Look at it you fucking bastard. Is this what you want? A nice big cock to suck?" Answer me, you pig!"

"Please, Charlene, this has gone far enough, take me home, please!"

"Not until you suck Rick's cock, Fred." She brushed Fred's lips with the tip of Rick's cock. "Open up, Fred. You're gonna like this, I just know it! You always were a good pussy licker now you can be a good cock sucker too! I'll bet Sofia will let you suck Tony if you ask real nice."

Fred tried to speak but Charlene held his head and pushed Rick's cock into Fred's mouth. "Now suck, damn it. Suck his cock like the pervert you are! Grab his ass with both hands and suck before I beat your ass in front of everybody!"

Fred turned away...excited but revolted by the idea of not just sucking a cock but sucking his neighbor's cock and doing it while a room full of witnesses watched.

Liz handed Charlene a switch...the one she occasionally used on her own husband. "Maybe he needs a little encouragement, Charlene!"

The switch whistled as Charlene laid one quick stroke on Fred's ass. Fred gasped as real pain shot through his body. Charlene dropped the switch and grabbed the hair on Fred's head. She pulled Rick's cock closer to Fred's lips. "Open up you nasty pervert. Suck it. Show everyone what a dirty little cocksucker you really are!"

Tears streamed down Fred's face as he sucked a real cock for the first time. If Charlene only knew he thought. They were tears of joy!
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