Wife puts cuckold through public shame and meets new friend

I'm pretty sure my wife saw her first even though she immediately spun it around on me. It was nothing new, she would do things like that on occasion, tell me the sky was green and one plus one equals three, and I would believe it. I would merely pretend to agree at first of course, but before long whatever she said actually became true. My wife had this power, and I had this weakness and the two complimented each other perfectly.

"It's okay to look, darling," she allowed so I did. The girl was definitely her type, long legs petite, with red hair and sparkling emerald eyes. Her pink skin was sparsely sprinkled with cinnamon freckles. The only thing my wife liked better than a pretty girl was a large good looking guy, and I don't mean large in body stature alone.

We had just cut through the department store to get to our car after having just seen a movie, a chick flick of course. No way were we going to that piece of crap macho man action movie that took up all the parking spaces and made us have to park on the other side of the store parking lot far across the way. We were just supposed to be passing through when she caught my wife's eye in women's apparel. I mean, caught my eye I guess, now that I've been told, though I can't recall ever checking out anyone in my life besides my wife without her having instigated it. I'm that pussy whipped.

The pretty redhead was flipping through the lingerie rack when my wife said, "This is just too perfect." I knew I would be in for a tumultuous ride. That's how it works when you have the weakness and a girl with the power takes control of you. One minute your life can be going along like any average couple, and just like that things can turn on a dime. I'm not complaining mind you, quite the contrary, just explaining how I can tell before it happens.

Pulling me by the hand as if she were excited about some new outfit, a skimpy lingerie piece hanging on the sales rack, she led us over as close to the girl as we could get. She took it from the rack and held it up for us both to examine, and she made certain she asked me about it as loudly as possible so anyone within ear shot would hear.

"Look at this, darling. Wouldn't Tommy just love this on me? I think it would make his cock so big and hard. Come on, darling. Just because you're my husband doesn't mean you don't have an opinion on what I should wear to turn my lovers on. You know how much I respect your opinion on these matters."

The pretty redhead definitely heard. Her eyes got wide and when my eyes met hers she looked away blushing as I felt my face turning as red as her hair. My little erection only confused my shame. My wife pretended to only notice her because she had seen me looking at something. She turned around and covered her mouth as if embarrassed by what she had said.

"I'm so sorry," she told the redhead, and then she turned back at me blaming me for her outburst. "Why didn't you tell me someone was there? Do you want everyone to know you are a virgin cuckold who can't satisfy his own wife? Really, I don't know what to do with you sometimes. I try and try, but one can only do so much."

"That's quit alright," the redhead spoke up as if trying to defend me while being careful not to make eye contact with either my wife or myself, "I didn't hear a thing." You just don't encourage weirdoes or they might never go away.

"That's too bad. It might do him some good to be shamed by some pretty girl," My wife told her.

"Well you're pretty enough." The redhead told my wife, finally smiling back at the both of us. She was just trying to be friendly, it seemed but the more my wife scolded and berated me, the more her curiosity seemed to peak. She wanted to know more, just had to. "Did you say he was a virgin?"

With that the ice had been broken and my humiliation could begin. "Absolutely. He's never had his little tiny penis in anyone."

"But I thought you said the two of you were married." Puzzled, the redhead's pretty green eyes kept darting from one of us to the other awaiting some kind of explanation. This was the part my wife enjoyed most I do believe. She smiled proudly as I cringed.

"Why yes we are, but I wanted to marry a virgin so I found one and he stayed that way for me, and it made him so caring and attentive to my needs that I saw no reason to change him after we were married. I let him out of his cage so he can give himself a little relief from time to time when I feel it's appropriate and he's earned it, but otherwise his little penis is just as unknowing as a newborn's."

"Did you say you keep him in a cage?"

"Well, not exactly him. Show her, darling?"

"Right here and now..?" I whined, my voice pleading with her not to make me humiliate myself in this way. She just turned and unfastened my belt and the front of my pants and yanked them down below my hips forcefully putting my naked secret on complete display not only for the redhead but anyone who might walk by.

The pretty redhead covered her mouth and looked around in shock unable to contain her laughter. It wasn't just that my wife had exposed me in the middle of a department store. It was my dirty little secret that the pretty redhead got to see. My cock and balls were locked tightly inside a little cage secured with a padlock that made it impossible for me to get an erection or even touch myself, and thus definitely not touch anyone else with it.

"Not only does it keep them completely faithful, but it also keeps the toilet seat clean of sprinkles since it makes them have to sit down to pee."

"And you're okay with this," the redhead asked me now. She couldn't believe it. And she was unable to stop her laughing no matter how hard she tried.

"I love my wife very much," I told her. My eyes started to water from the mixture of shame and the pain of humiliation, not to mention the agony of the cage keeping my cock from getting erect which it always wanted to do during these events despite that illogic. It was something to do with the confusing mixture of conflicting emotions my wife was a pro at creating in me. The redhead became very sympathetic to me causing my wife to slap my bare ass hard.

"Stop being a drama queen and pull up your pants before you embarrass everyone," my wife ordered me.

"You're so bad." The redhead told my wife, but with a tone of admiration and respect that always helped feed my wife's thirst for power.

"Don't think he doesn't love it," she told the redhead. "Cuckold's love being degraded and humiliated, and the more you do it, the more loyal and faithful they become. They know you deserve so much more than they have to offer and they'll do anything to make up for their inadequacies, and I do mean anything.'

"I met dildo here..." she paused a beat so they could both laugh at one of her many pet names for me, "in high school and he was a silly little freshman virgin who was so hot for me he would drool like a waterfall. I was an experienced senior with a well earned reputation, but that didn't stop him from completely giving into my will.'

"It's not hard to spot the guys with the weakness if you know what you are looking for. Usually they are already looking for you."

"I wish I knew how to do that."

"I can teach you." My wife told her. She handed me the lingerie she liked and took the stuff from the redhead. Then she pulled a pair of larger panties off the rack and added them to the pile. "Here, dildo, the panties are for you. Make sure the sales girl knows who you are buying each and every item for."

And that's what I did with a beet red face while my wife and her new friend both laughed at me. After which we went to our place for some more entertaining fun with me serving and the two ladies getting to really know each other. My wife even let me out of my cock cage so I watch and jerk off.
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