An almost true story of a sissy caught pantied by a sister

I had a pretty good system going. My 18 year old sister would stay up to watch Sex And The City reruns with me (well she watched, and I smoked weed), and during the first ad breaks, would run downstairs and get changed for bed. During the next ads, I would go to the bathroom, and on my way, raid her hamper for her fresh dirty panties, usually buried under the rest of her clothes. Then, I'd wear them and masturbate into them all night and the next day, then I'd do it again, mixing her old ones back in for her new ones. By the time a wash was done, my interference was gone, and she never missed a pair. I was pretty much her size, so I wasn't worried about stretching.

Sometimes, if I was particularly horny, I'd steal one of my mom's tampons (my sister wore pads) and wear it up my ass for hours, even days. Then one day everything changed.

When I went for her hamper, her panties were sitting on the very top, something that never happened. I always had to rummage for them. And not any panties, but her light pastel blue thong, the only one I loved enough to break my one day rule for. Why, two weeks ago, I wore them for four days, and had to wash them with my stuff, and subtly mix them into her dryer load. If she loved them as much as I did, she would've noticed their absence from the wash, and sudden appearance after drying.

I took them from the top, hoping she would've forgotten she put them there, and immediately felt their wetness. I smelled them... not piss, but girlcum. Okay, it was a particularly hot episode, and she was a year younger than me. Of COURSE she masturbated too. That night, I came in them four times.

The next day I expected her to say something, or tell mom, but nothing. After work, I replaced her thong, and that night there was another pair on the very top of her hamper: this time a white/pink full crotch cotton bikini thing, and was not only wet with cum, but still a bit creamy, and a few light haired pubes. That night I went to bed early.

For the next few weeks, her hamper was a girlcum, wet, tasty, warm, fresh buffet, with not only her sexiest panties, but specifically the ones I loved and stole the most. I started keeping them an extra day, but she still said nothing. After about a month, I started entertaining the idea she knew, which assuaged my guilt, and it turned into three days, which meant at any given time I had one of her pairs of panties on, and two more under my pillow.

Then, Mom went away on business. Two months. I was in charge. Whatever, we were like the same age. I thought nothing of it, nor felt then need to alter my schedule. That night, as usual I found her fresh delicate, wet and warm, and bounced into it. The green, kitty cat bikini, another long favorite. I hadn't let go of the waistband a second, when my sister threw the door open on my, naked except for HER panties, which she'd been wearing for 12 hours not five minutes ago. I froze.

She examined me. "Nice." She said. "Now put the rest of it on." She motioned to the hamper. I was still frozen. I couldn't figure out her tone. Was she furious?

"The skirt, bra, nylons and blouse," she explained patiently, as she gestured to her day outfit the thong had been sitting upon. I still, nude, had no idea what she wanted. I had been stealing her panties, and jerking off into her girlcum. Surely she despised me.

"I know you've been wearing those, that's why I left you gifts. But you're on camera, so if you don't want mom to see this... and what you do with her tampons... then please put them on?" she sounded genuine, loving, sympathetic. So I took her blue plaid skirt, her white thigh high stockings (with an elastic top to keep them up), her lace floral pink bra, and the (nearly) transparent white blouse, v cut and frilled to show off her ample rack.

Now I'd dressed up before, but only a few times, and only if EVERYONE was out for the day. Then, I usually chose my mom's sleepwear, or my sister's one piece bathing suit. I'd never worn a full outfit, or something that fit.

Once dressed she grinned, checking my out. "My boyfriend is coming over tonight." She stated. Wait, mom left ME in charge. I opened my mouth to speak out, but anticipating this, she cut me off.

"For the next two months, I'M charge. You'll do what I want, and let ME do what I want, or mom will see this video. Facebook will see this. Everyone will know. Now, Jimmy's on his way. You can stay here, or you can join us in the TV room, but either way, you're wearing that all night." But the way she said it, wasn't so much an order as a beautiful choir of angels asking me please. What could I do? She giggled, and kissed me on the cheek, and I spent the next four hours in her room, on her pink bedspread, in her clothes, reading her Cosmo's and lightly touching myself as I heard from outside a lot of moaning and thumping. In my younger sister's room, on her bed, in her clothes, reading her fashion magazines, I never felt more like Lizzie, my inner girl.

Eventually, the place quieted down, and she re-entered her room. "You should've come out and said hi. No one likes a mopey girl." She strutted over to me, and climbed on her bed, standing tall. She walked right up to me, sitting cowgirl style and dropped to her knees inches from chest to chest, face to face. She had on her leather punk miniskirt, and a dark pink babytee, with clearly no bra. She pushed my shoulder, and I fell backwards. She started shifting up, so she was kneeling above my face, as I lay on her bed. As her skirt approached my field of view, I could see she had no panties on at all. Her light blond bush rimmed her small lips and erect clit as she lined it up above my face, inches from my nose. I identified one smell instantly, her personal girl cum. But there was something different about it. She, lined up, lowered herself onto my mouth and, grabbing my panty clad balls, commanded "Lick!"

I did, and discovered why she smelt different from the dirty panties she'd been leaving me all this time. As I started to eat her out, a much thicker liquid oozed out, with a brand new, but delicious taste. Unlike her girlcum, though, it soon ran out. She giggled, and dismounted my wet face, reaching for her remote. Turning on her TV, she played a recorded movie. It was me, dolled up, tongue out, as her pussy dripped man cum into my eager mouth. I had just eaten her boyfriend's fresh cum. Before this could process fully, she interrupted.

"Jimmy wants to meet my cousin, visiting from BC. Please, come?" She spoke it like a question, but we both knew it wasn't. I didn't realize then, but at that moment, she knew she owned me. She quickly braided my jaw length dirty blonde hair into pigtails, then she grabbed a pair of her purple white striped cotton panties, applied a pad from her dresser, and dance slid into them, sliding her hands under her skirt.

"Wait, what should we call you?" she asked me, smiling in a supportive, evil way, perhaps to herself, but she was a little taken back (pleasantly) that I instantly had an answer.

"Elizabeth Jessica...Lizzie." I said, demurely, twisting my leg, clasping my hands behind my sashaying skirt hem. My sister laughed, and smiled. "It's beautiful, Lizzie. Oh!" she bolted off to her en suite, returning with a box of tissue. "We need to fill you out." She said, sticking out her 36c chest at me to emphasize.

As she began stuffing and forming my new tits, I asked if Jimmy'd notice the lack of makeup, or Adam's apple. She shook her head. "He's drunk, and not the brightest on his best day. Think of this as your first test, to see if you can pass in public as Lizzie." I don't know if she meant to, but I distinctly heard the word 'first'. There would be more? She finished forming me, and from a clothed view, I had fantastic tits.

"Just one more thing. It's probably nothing, just think of it as extra protection."

"Protection from what?" I asked, as she reached her hands up under her skirt again. They came into view holding her maxi pad, now stained with blood. It was her period.

"This is so, no matter what, Jimmy won't try to fuck you." She said, gesturing me to lower my (my?) panties. I got them around my stocking clad knees, and she stuck her fresh, wet, dirty pad onto mine, and pulled them up snugly, making sure to tuck back my cock and balls, hidden away. She stepped back, looked me up and down, then rushed forwards, embracing me and kissing me on the lips. "Oh, Lizzie, I'm so glad you were able to finally visit, I've missed you so much. Come!" she held out her hand, and stepped towards the door. "There's someone I want you to meet!" she beamed. I held her hand, and we entered the living room, where she had left Jimmy watching TV.

"Jimmy," she cooed "This is my cousin Lizzie, from The Island. She and I used to be VERY close." She gently pushed me forwards, into the light. Jimmy stood up, waving slightly. He was drunk. And tall. He was like a university quarterback. He slowly up-and-downed me, as I stood, twisting one foot on my toes. He finally returned to my eyes (well tits, but that's the furthest up he ever looked), and smiled, seductively.

"I can see the resemblance." He said, deeply. My sister, who I hadn't noticed left, returned with two red wines and a beer. Wine for the girls. I didn't know what to do, or what would happen now, so I drank most of the glass. My sister suggested we all sit down, leading me to the couch next to Jimmy, then she sat in the recliner next to the couch. We all silently watched the TV.

Jimmy had been watching porn. Nothing remarkable, just two young hotties polishing one stud's large member. Maybe the wine had affected me, but I caught myself watching Jimmy more than the lesbian love scene. I felt my eyes scan down to his lap, where I had hoped to see his erection tenting his jeans, but I saw nothing. Except... there was a long bulge. I stared at it, trying to make out a shape, when he looked at me.

In fact, he had been watching me ogle him for fifteen seconds now, I had only just noticed. I blushed, and turned to my sister, who looked positively glowing. My sister stood up, and walked behind the couch, placing a hand on each of our shoulders.

"In fact, when we were little, Lizzie and I used to practice kissing and dildos. She was even learning to use her backside." My sister breathed lustily, to each of us, licking her lips at him, then winking and smiling ecstatically at me. She then pulled my head close, and kissed me. For real this time. With electricity, and saliva, our tongues wresting, as she placed my hand on her clothed breast, her nipple standing firmly against my palm. She then broke, giggled, and walked back to her chair.

I had suspected for a while now, but now confirmed that I was unable to speak. Actually, physically unable. Nor could I leave the couch, but I was not paralyzed, because I could still twist my hair between my fingers, while smiling as seductively and sexily at Jimmy as I thought I knew. The wine.

My sister had me drink a compound which made me desire to follow her suggestions, and unable to outright refuse them. True, this was a wild dream of mine, but I never expected it to happen. I was turned on, and scared, and I wanted to shout pause and have my sister hold me, but when I tried this is what came out: "I am on my period.", but I said it so seductively I surprised myself. Instantly, as if expecting this, my sister instantly added "So it can only be anal and you can't come in her. I might leak into her fertile womb."

I was shocked. Jimmy had grabbed the bulge in its jeans, and it began to rise. I wanted to run away and lock myself in the bathroom, but instead I watched my hand reach out to slide down his waistband. I clasped his warm cock, pulsing growing, as he undid and lowered his pants. He was wearing nothing underneath, and his thick snake lay, always rising, enlarging, and stiffening. He let go of himself, and my other hand joined the first, as I instinctually lowered my opened mouth onto his head. Gently licking it, working with both hand, growing in my mouth, I finally achieved full erection at 7.5 inches long and just thick enough my fingers didn't meet my thumbs. Hell, my erect cock was smaller than his deflated once, and my deflated cock was smaller than his middle finger. Which, as I began my first real blowjob, began to probe my panties. First he tried where I should've had a pussy, but finding a pad, it soon worked its way to my virgin rosebud, pressing my sister's panties into my boypussy. I started pressing into him, and I generously lubed his massive shaft.

Okay, I was a virgin, and had never sucked a cock before, but just as I used to raid my sister's panties, I also used to raid my mom's toy chest. Jimmy was bigger than the largest thing I've ridden hard, but smaller than the largest one I could still balls deep deep throat. I could easily swallow Jimmy whole (which I'm sure only verified me as a real girl), and make it as wet as the toys I suck before fucking myself.

As soon as I began pushing into his finger, he pulled out of my wanting mouth, and stood up, turning me around on all fours on the couch, facing my sister. She sat watching us both, smiling, her skirt around her waist, drilling herself with a clear purple vibrator, much larger than my mom's biggest. I had never considered my sister had toys, and certainly not larger than my mom's. Jimmy didn't even pull off the green panties, her just moved the fabric covering my bum. Then he pushed his lubed up giant into my virgin sissycunt. I inhaled in ecstasy and began pushing back onto him, letting him into Lizzie's special place. My sister air kissed me and watched, as not only I got fucked, but gave myself willingly to cock. After arduous constant pounding, Jimmy suddenly stopped, pushed my ass off of his shaft, and grabbed my shoulders, spinning me around to greet his ass slick cock in my face. Opening my mouth, he stuck himself in me, letting me clean him. Satisfied, he pulled out, and began cumming on my face. All over my face. He was full, nearly a cup of jizz glazed my cheeks, dripped from my chin, glued my eyes closed, and pasted my hair. I licked up all I could wipe into my greedy mouth. While I was enjoying eating all my face treasure, he dressed, and left. My sister had seen him out, and was also dressed again. I was still licking my fingers.

"You did so well today Lizzie, I want to reward you. You can sleep with me tonight." She said, as she walked into our mom's room, climbing into the king size bed. She disrobed, coiled up on the bedspread, and pulled open one of the bed drawers... mom's toy chest. Her brightly coloured silicon filled secret wet me again, and I followed her, dressed and full and aching for more. As I climbed into bed, she undressed me, as there was a white lace sexy nightie for me on the pillow. Once the blouse was off, I, in just lingerie, grabbed both her tits, and kissed her deeply. She pulled of her own shirt, and pushed her braless bunnies into my hands. "Oh Lizzie, we're going to be the best of girl friends! Tomorrow we're going clubbing." That night, we toyed and explored all night long, falling asleep in each other's embrace, sticky and drained.
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