Mother and Son spend a little family Christmas time together

Dr Carmen Monroe purred with delight as she shifted her hips over her Son's face and let his tongue dig deeper into the folds of her pussy. Beneath her, Steven, Carmen's not-so little boy, lapped with all his strength. His mother was sat on his face, her pussy and tight ass, smothering him, while he lay naked on the plush hotel bed, his wrists tied to the bed stead, his cock erect and throbbing. Carmen squeezed her thighs gently, encased in the coffee coloured Secrets in Lace stockings she had picked for this little festive getaway. Her black Kenneth Cole heels, pressed against his head. She sat facing her son's throbbing cock and leaned forward rubbing it with the her soft fingertips, sheathed in the dark, black opera gloves that reached to her elbows. She felt her son moan beneath her pussy and pressed harder. As she pinched the base of his cock she looked down at her breasts, still tender from the nursing session she had made Steven undertake. Her nipples were red and pointed. Smiling, Carmen reflected on the past twenty-four hours.

It hadn't taken much to convince both her husband and her daughter-in-law that visiting her own sickly great aunt in York would be a well-intentioned thing to do and told them both that Steven should accompany her. Her husband had mumbled something about a pre-New Year's golf tournament and Sarah, Steven's wife, was happy to do some sales shopping with her friends, which meant Carmen could get just what she wanted this Christmas, some close family time with her son.

They had booked into the hotel outside York the day after Boxing Day and she had immediately made Steven strip and she had bound him with nylons. For that first afternoon Carmen had chosen a leather catsuit to wear with five-inch stiletto sandals. She had zipped it up the front leaving ample exposure for her cleavage. The mother had wanted a punishment and denial session with her son first thing. The infringements Steven had committed were minor, but still punishable. He had failed to kiss her heels the minute they were alone (how could he, they were both in the car), and he had still been wearing his wedding ring when she had ordered him to strip. Kneeling, his wrists were bound and he had been bent over the bed. Mummy had then decided on nothing less than her own black leather belt from that morning's dress to whip him with (oh the thrill when she had slid it around her waist that morning in front of her husband!). Steven had taken it like the well-trained boy he was and not a dirty word had left his mouth during the whole whipping.

He was rewarded with an hour's worth of shoe cleaning, which he did dutifully with his tongue, while Carmen had brought herself off with her silver vibrator. It had been so erotic for Steven to see his Mother rub the silver toy across her leather covered crotch and cum as his tongue wrapped around the stiletto heel. After that Steven got another reward as Carmen rubbed his cock up and down with her heels. As her son looked at her adoringly and moaned, Carmen's thoughts turned to all the other mothers out there, enjoying Christmas. Teasing their sons, showing too much leg or too much cleavage, using tipsiness as an excuse to grope their son's leg or bum, or waiting until father was snoozing in the arm chair to let their boys have a Christmas kiss under the mistletoe or stroke their smooth stockinged legs... Yes, Christmas was family time!

Eventually her son couldn't hold on any longer. With a loud moan, his cock had spluttered all over her curvaceous black leather covered legs and she caressed him, stroking his hair.

After a short rest it was time to change for dinner. Steven attended to his Mother as he had been taught. He helped her bathe, and laid out her dress, underwear, shoes and stockings. He fastened her bra for her, adjusted the garter belt clips and fixed her pearls around her neck. She sipped champagne as she adjusted her make-up, all the time Steven was knelt beside her, naked and was fed drops of champagne when Carmen chose too. Finally Steven was allowed change into his suit. Once dressed he would stand waiting for his mother to inspect him. He had made sure his shirt and suit had been pressed and looked brand new. Carmen had chosen a classic red sleeveless dress, that ended at halfway up her thighs. Steven was always taken aback by how glamorous his mother could look and he grinned as she ran her hand over his already hard crotch.

"Open wide," she had told him.

Carmen reached into her matching red purse. She quickly popped the small blue viagra pill into his mouth and offered him a glass of champagne to wash it down. She knew she could keep her son hard for the course of the meal, but she wanted him to be fully erect throughout, she wanted the bulge in his suit trousers to be visible for all to see.

Throughout the meal at the hotel restaurant, Carmen openly flirted with her son. She teased him, crossed her legs to show him her thighs and made him blush, telling him comic stories of the sexual misfortunes of her patients. Steven simply called her 'Mother' throughout the meal and she enjoyed the raised eyebrows from the waiting staff. Steven kept smiling, though his desperately hard cock begged for relief, a single bead of sweat trickled down his neck, revealing how tightly wound-up he was.

Once dinner was over, they returned to the hotel room and the bulge in Steven's trousers was obvious to all. Carmen had made him strip and he even winced when he lowered his boxer shorts, as his thick, hard cock, bounced out in front of him.

The mother had then stripped down to her stockings, garter belt and heels and donned the opera gloves that she now caressed her son's cock with. Once more she wiggled her backside as her son began to tongue her clit heavily. He ran his tongue back and forth over his mother's sex, delighted at the pleasure he was giving her even though his own cock and balls were heavy and ached.

Carmen could feel her own orgasm building as she rocked back and forth on Steven's face, however she wasn't about to cum there. She wanted his cock. Steven braced himself as his Mother pushed herself off of his face and looked down at her bound boy. Grinning, she straddled the lower part of his body and slowly lowered herself over his prick. His arms twisted in his restraints as Carmen let his cock enter her body. This was the ultimate prize, the bond between Mother and Son that couldn't be replicated by any other partner. Carmen let out a deep long moan. She pinched her nipples, enjoying the soft fabric of the gloves on her sensitive teats, before pushing against her son's chest and lowering herself up and down on his cock. Steven cried out in delicious agony. Carmen took her time. She caressed her son's face as she gently fucked him. She wanted them to cum together and that meant working on her own cum.

Carmen began to arch her back as she felt the orgasm rise in her. It uncoiled slowly at first, but soon the pounding in her loins was too much to bear. The domme mother increased her pace and began to ride her son with an increased but steady rhythm. Steven let out tiny moans and gasps, as his mum flexed and bounced on his quivering cock. She squeezed her thighs as her own moans escaped her lips.

"Yes, baby, yes, baby, make Mummy cum, baby, make Mummy cummmmm!"

The young man thrust his cock up to meet his Mum's body as Carmen cried out, screamed. Her orgasm tore through her, her nails scratched down her son's chest.Through her ecstatic screams she could just make out Steven's voice.

"Please, Mummy, please let me cum, please let me cum..." There were tears in his eyes, the emotional intensity of this need was overwhelming.

"Cum, baby, cum for Mummy..." Carmen panted.

Permission was all Steven needed. He shot long and hard into his Mother's pussy. He gritted his teeth as the cum spurted inside his Mum. She squeezed her thighs, her pussy, she wanted to milk him dry, take all of his cum, none for his wife, all for mother. She bounced on his raw prick determined to drain him. She looked down at her Son as his pulsing cock began to slow down. His fists were clenched, his face pale and lips quivering.

She smiled at him and he broke into a wide grin.

"I love you, Mother," he told her.

"Mummy loves you too, baby."

A couple of hours later and Steven was sleeping blissfully beside his mother and Carmen was devising tomorrow's day of domination games with her boy. The sharp ping from her phone told her she had an email. Looking down, she realised it was from Diane Maven. Instantly Carmen's loins tingled at the thought of Diane dominating her cute son, Josh. Carmen made a mental note to arrange another 'therapy' session with Josh and then clicked open the email. Moving one hand down to her pussy, Carmen began to read and stroke.

Dear Carmen

I hope you had a great Christmas and were able to spend some decent family time with your son! I wanted to write to you to tell you about today's little 'Assessment Session' that I had with Josh today. It went well, but I'm still a little in shock!

First of all we'd spent a couple of days with the rest of the family over Christmas and everyone remarked on how improved Josh was, how full of life he is! I know I doubted you, but things are definitely looking up.

Anyway today was our first day back at home and I reminded Josh that we must go back to the way we had been working on before our family visit. I was delighted when he said "Of course, Mummy!". He then asks if he can go 'bare-chested' like you had suggested. Before Christmas this had been a reward for good behaviour. Well, he had been so polite and upbeat during our little trip that I told him he could be shirtless for the rest of the day at home. I then reminded him with a squeeze of his knee, that Mummy would also be wearing her 'special clothes'. Well, he had a little tent in his trousers all the way home!

This morning I left him a list of chores to do as I was going to out to get my hair and nails done. Oh, it was a delight to be pampered in the spa, but every time one of the attendants touched me, I simply imagined it was Josh doing it. Back home Josh was supposed to be getting on with his chores, but we both know he wasn't, eh, Carmen? It was such a thrill to see that he'd cum all over my red slingback heels. As you know I've been keeping a keen eye on my son's cumming for a few weeks now and I am delighted that he is such a heavy cummer (though I suppose all boys are at 18!). The hairdresser couldn't understand why I kept grinning!

On the way home, I did as you suggested and dropped in to my office to print off the internet history from Josh's pc. Getting him to send it to you was a masterstroke. So many different, wild sites my son has been visiting. I suppose I should be upset that he spends so much time stroking himself to stocking and femdom pictures, but as you've pointed out, his computer password is 'Mummy' - tee hee! Resisting the urge to masturbate myself, I left the office with the print out.

On returning home I was pleased to see the house had been tidied and vacuumed and the kitchen was clean. Josh was in his room and by the sounds of things he was playing with his thing to make lots of cum for his 'Assessment' tonight. Mmmm, my boy wanted full, little balls when he saw Mummy!

I changed into my 'special clothes' I chose a figure-hugging black dress. I wanted it to be as sheer to my thighs and bum as possible, so I picked some hold-up stockings to go with it, also black and seamed. Oh, my baby boy was in for a show! From under the bed I retrieved a shoe box I had hidden from Josh. This was my little Christmas present for both of us, a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo round toe patent black pumps, with a four inch heel.

With my hair and nails done, I looked a million dollars and felt it too, my son was going to see his Mum in a whole new way.

The Assesment was due to begin at seven o'clock sharp and a few minutes before hand I heard Josh scurry downstairs. I waited until a few minutes after seven and left my bedroom, picking up the print out as I went. As you suggested, I let him hear every CLICK-CLACK of my new heels on the wooden floor.

He was stood in the centre of the living room, he'd dimmed the lights apart form the Christmas Tree that sat blinking in the corner. He was naked to the waist, where he wore his tightest pair of jeans. He was barefoot. He clasped his hands firmly behind his back. I could see his eyes light up as I entered the room, but knew better than to speak, until I had spoken.

I stood in front of him and tapped his chest with the rolled-up print out. "First of all, I think the house looks lovely."

He smiled at me. "Thank you, Mummy."

"You have certainly earned another award. You can take off those jeans."

I could see his face redden as he registered what I had told him, but then, sure enough, the jeans were slid down his legs and he stepped out of them, folding them neatly on the chair. His bulge, in his tight, white underpants, throbbed. I resisted a large grin.

I told him I wanted a glass of wine. As I sat down, I let my legs cross in that oh-so-seductive manner that you taught me and I saw him blush again. He brought me the wine and instead of having him kneel, I decided to have him standing. I wanted that pulsating cock right in view, right in front of me.

Taking a sip of wine, I tried to calm my nerves. Yes, I was playing the cool bitch boss to the best of my abilities, but inside my heart raced and stomach sank. I put the wine down and turned my attention to the printed paper.

"Josh. I think we need to discuss your internet usage. As you know in my house we have rules about using the internet. It is OK for homework and chatting with friends, but you appear to have been using it for neither of these things."

He went white as a sheet, he shivered. It was extraordinary this power I now had over him.

"Shall we read the list of sites, you've visited?" I cleared my throat. Josh stammered the beginning of a protest. "Did I say you could speak?"

He shook his head.

"Good. Femdom Vixens, Femdom TGP, Stocking Divas, Stocking Tease, Shoe Session, MILFs in Stockings, MILFs in high heels, Fetish Listings, the London Domina Guide..."

It took me two whole minutes to read the complete list. Dramatically I threw the paper on the floor in mock disgust and immediately stood up. It was now or never. I stood a few inches taller than my son, now red again with humiliation.

I grabbed his cock and balls through the white fabric of his underwear.

"Listen to me, little boy. In my house, we do not, DO NOT, look at filthy sites like the ones I just read out-" I squeezed with every word, my eyes wide with anger. "We do not stroke our little cocks to such RUBBISH! We pay attention to the rules and we do what Mummy says! What do we do?"

"W-what, Mummy says," he stammered.

I continued to squeeze, tighter now. "I am the only person you need to worry about, you need to concentrate on your homework, on revision, not some internet wank fantasies. Do I make myself clear?"

"Y-yes, Mummy."

My nails now dug in to his balls as I clenched the base of his cock and pulled at it with each word. "Mummy's house, Mummy's rules! Do I make myself CLEAR, LITTLE BOY?!"

"Y-YES, MUMMY!" With that outburst I suddenly felt a warm wetness pulsing across my fingers. My little Josh was cumming in his pants. I'd made him cum! I'd squeezed his little cock and he'd made a mess. I kept squeezing as the semen began to stain and bleed through on to my fingers. He was shivering, aghast that he hadn't been able to control himself.

My heart was speeding by now as I looked down at the white semen coating my fingers.

I ordered him to remain standing in the lounge, thinking about what he'd done.

I raced upstairs and slammed my bedroom door behind me. I wriggled my dress up and sat in front of my bedroom mirror with my stockinged legs wide apart. I quickly pulled my thin lacey panties to one side and thrust my cum covered fingers into my pussy. My fingers slid all over my clitoris with ease and soon I was bent over, gasping as my orgasm shook my whole body. I'd cum, cum with my son's semen all over my fingers.

It's taken me an hour to actually bring myself to write this to you. I'm in shock, I feel fantastic, but I don't know whether that's good or bad!

As for Josh, well... I think this is a test. I ordered him to wait down in the lounge, I wonder if he'll still be there by morning?

What do you think, Carmen? Have I gone too far?

Yours, Diane x

Carmen grinned. It had gone well, so much better than she had expected. She leaned over to Steven and whispered into his ear.

Wearily Steven blinked but then nodded. Carmen lay back on to the soft cushioning of the hotel bed and let herself fall back into the pillows. She spread her legs wide and Steven dutifully beban to lap at his Mother's already wet pussy.

Yes, it was going well for Diane and Josh. Carmen just needed to encourage Diane to make the final step.
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