She starts to take control

The evening that everything changed forever, I arrived home from work and found my gorgeous 20-something year-old girlfriend, Evita, lounging around on the living room sofa in a lingerie set that I hadn't seen before.

She looked amazing, as this case wearing tiny white g-string and a small matching bra that let her dark nipples peek through. Evita is an absolutely stunning Filipina girl, with a perfect spinner body, long silky hair and dark, dark bedroom eyes.

I was super lucky to have such a hot girl on my arm. I'm nearly twice her age, a successful attorney at a well-known downtown firm. Not a movie star, but not too ugly or out of shape. I had picked her up in a bar, much to my surprise, just days after my fiancée had dumped me.

Evita came home with me that first night, and rocked my world completely. The girl just flat out loved sex. She sat on my face until she juiced in my mouth over and over, after which she made me lick her tight rosebud. In return, she let me fuck her asshole, and she gave amazing blowjobs while fingering my ass. She let me cum in her mouth as well, although she always made me share the load with her afterwards, calling me her 'dirty old cum-eating slut.'

She was simply unbelievable. I got hard every day just thinking about coming home to her wet pussy, tight ass, and super nasty mouth. I was completely, hopelessly addicted to her after only a few weeks together.

She looked a little flushed, as if she had been exercising. She also wore an expression I hadn't seen before. She looked somehow regal and at the same time...icy. She tapped her bright red nail against her equally lush red mouth. Finally, after a long silence, she spoke.

"Sit down," she said, much more sharply than usual.



I sat on the chair across the coffee table from where she sat on the sofa.

"No, on the floor in front of me."

Puzzled, I did as she asked, coming around the table to her side. Sitting was uncomfortable, as I'm not that limber, so I ended up kneeling. "Nice," she said. "I like you kneeling like that."

Her legs were spread open. It looked like her panties were a little wet in front. As I got closer to her I could smell her sweet pussy in the air.

"Do you love this body?"

"Of course, baby. You know I do..."

"Really, really love it?"


"Will you do anything to have me?"

Anything? What did that mean? "Uh, yes, I guess."

"Guessing is not good enough. Will you do anything to have me?"


"Yes, what?"

I wasn't sure where this was going, but hesitantly offered, "Yes...Mistress?"

"Good. From now on, things are going to change."

"What? What do you mean, Baby, I thought things were great between us?"

She actually snorted in scorn. "Well, that's exactly the problem. I like spending your money, and you treat me pretty well, but you are less than inspiring in bed, and I need to be fully satisfied. You are less than six inches fully hard, and that, BABY, simply isn't good enough. I need much bigger cocks to satisfy my super sexy pussy and tight little ass. Cocks as big as THIS."

She pulled a huge strap-on dildo from beneath a cushion. It was big, and black, and very realistic, including two huge balls at the end.

"The cock I had a few minutes before you got home was exactly this big, and I came from penetration for the first time since I met you."

I was still a little slow. "You used the dildo to make yourself come?"

Her eyes glittered hard and nasty. "No, I used a big black cock attached to a football player from the local college to make me come. He drilled me for nearly an hour, stretching my pussy open wide, and then blasted a huge load of his nasty black sperm inside me."

"What!!!? How could you?" She had just cheated on me, and was bragging about it! My heart cracked open, and I suddenly lost the ability to breathe.

"How could I not? I held out for three whole weeks, trying to make do with your tiny little package, and quick squirting. No wonder your fiancée dumped you."

Tiny little package? Quick squirting? My head was spinning.

She pushed her hand inside her panties, dug around, and brought out two slime-coated fingers. Wearing an evil smirk, she continued to push me down into a chasm. She was relentless.

"See!" She smelled them. "Ummm, that's the smell of a real man."

She pushed the fingers towards my mouth. "Open."

I shook my head. Her eyes got colder. "Listen, you cum-eating bitch, if you want to ever touch me again, you will open your mouth and lick these fingers clean!"

I wanted to resist, but I couldn't. Something clicked inside my head. She was so fucking hot and, somehow, her dominance was actually making me hard, in ways I didn't really understand. I opened my mouth.

"Suck these fingers dry, like a cock." She pushed the fingers deep inside, making me gag. "Suck!"

I did. The taste was salty, nasty, much stronger than my own cum, but at least I could also taste her sweet pussy juice. Somehow, my cock got even harder.

After I had licked them clean to her satisfaction, she said: "Take off all of your clothes."

Thinking I was going to get a reward I jumped up and started to unbutton my shirt.

"Did I say you could stand? Kneel the fuck down!" I did. It was very awkward and little humiliating to get out of my clothes while kneeling. While pulling my pants off I got tangled up and fell over.

Evita laughed out loud. "That's perfect...and look, your cock is standing up all hard for me! Now, lie down on your back on the coffee table."

I did. She pulled out a blindfold and put it over my eyes. "Don't move."

I lay there as instructed. Unable to see, I heard unfamiliar noises, clinking, rustling. She hummed to herself as she clicked a metal band around one wrist, and pulled it down, attaching it to one leg of the table. Same routine for the other. Then she attached some kind of a bar to my legs, which forced them open and kept me from closing them. Now I was spread-eagled over the table, helpless, with my ass down at one edge. And I could feel my cock reaching for the sky, harder than ever.

Suddenly a whisper in my ear. "Just because you can't satisfy me the normal way doesn't mean you can't help me with my nasty sexual needs. I have a kinky side that can't wait to take full advantage of you. "

I felt her nail tease the head of my cock, which jumped at the sudden caress. She laughed low and nasty.

"You will probably come to love it, and be just as addicted to me as you are now, only in a very different way. This is going to be so much fun!"

I felt conflicted and scared, but horny as hell. Suddenly she pinched my nose shut. Reflexively my mouth opened. She jammed her satin panties into my mouth. The gusset had collected a lot more of her lover's cum. "Suck those clean for me baby, I don't want them stained."

Gagging, I tried to push them out, but she slapped some kind of tape over my mouth. "You work on that while I work on this."

She grabbed my cock and stroked it lightly. "It's nice that you are excited to be my new sex toy! Now, what game should we play here? I know, I think we need to try and stretch this little cock and ball package out, see if we can make them bigger! I have just the thing...but first, I should get a little more comfortable."

Suddenly she seated herself on my face. Her gooey pussy leaked more cum all over my face. She rubbed herself on me for a bit, and then settled with my nose in her rosebud, just allowing me enough space to breathe. "Like that baby? Like the smell of cum and ass from your sexy Asian mistress?"

I couldn't speak with her panties taped into my mouth. She squeezed my balls hard. I groaned. "When I ask you a question, you answer. Nod your head if you like this! "

I nodded. My nose pushed into her asshole. "Good boy. Now, let's see if we can't do something to enhance this little dicklet."

I felt rope being wrapped around my balls, and she pulled hard. I groaned again. She wrapped them very tightly, separating them into two tight balloons, and then tied the rope off at the base of my throbbing cock.

"That's a lovely shade of purple. My favorite color. The tight wrapping seems to be making your dicklet a little bit longer than usual. And, for sure, it will keep you from squirting your little cum so quickly. " Then she flicked the right ball with her nail. I screamed into the tape.

Evita laughed out loud. "Now, do I have your attention?" I nodded as hard as I could. She pulled off of my face. I could feel her hair brush my cheek as she brought her mouth close to my ear once again.

"Great. It's time to begin your journey. I am going to turn you into my helpless, addicted sex slave. I am going to use you in ways you cannot imagine. I am going to break you completely, and you are going to thank me for it. You will probably come to enjoy it...eventually, even when I turn you out."

She pinched on both nipples, hard, with her nails. I flinched. "Ready?"

All I could do was nod again to my cruel Asian mistress, not having any idea what was coming.
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