Richards humiliation continues

Richard looked down at himself as the minutes ticked by. The silence of the room merely adding to his trepidation and dread at what was to come. Even though his penis was now flaccid and lay between his widely spread legs. The small sheet that covered him gave him little comfort in alleviating his feeling of nakedness and vulnerability.

Suddenly his whole body tensed as he heard the sound of stiletto heels upon the tiled floor of the clinic. He looked anxiously to his right as Jocelyn appeared in the doorway. She walked towards him, looking aloof and clinical in her beautifully tailored white tunic. He was so mesmerized by her appearance that he hardly noticed Mrs. Woodridge enter the room behind her.

He could not help looking at Jocelyn's beautiful face. Perhaps he was hoping for some sign of recognition or acknowledgment as she approached him. Instead, he saw her merely glance at his body and then turn her head towards the nurses. He felt a shiver run through his body and his face flush to a bright red at her indifference as she perfunctorily glanced at his naked body.

Jocelyn was well aware of the boy's nervousness and apprehension. However, she had clearly decided upon her course of action and was determined to play her part to the full. Instead of acknowledging the young boy she looked across at Samantha as the nurses stood to the side of the examination table.

Jocelyn hid the thrill of excitement that suddenly coursed through her body. Here she was at last. Lying before her was the most perfect physical specimen of boyhood, naked, save for the small sheet covering his genitals. His body now spread wide and vulnerable for her to examine and touch as she saw fit. She savored the moment, casually examining his naked form. She could see that he was shivering with embarrassment and that his face was flushed to a bright red. She gave him no hint of what she was about to do to him.

Instead she moved to stand between his widely spread and raised legs. Her voice was clear and business-like as she addressed Samantha, ignoring Richard's blushing countenance.

"I can see, Nurse Beauvoir that you have been most thorough in removing the hair from under his arms. I understand that I am to inspect him before the extractions. Is that correct?"

Samantha smiled at Jocelyn, knowing that Richard could not see her face. Her voice was cool and nonchalant as she replied.

"Yes, the PDPS requires that you become familiar with the physical evidence of increased and acute sexual desire within young boys. This procedure is necessary for your own protection, so it is mandatory that your inspection be carried out thoroughly. We have already discussed the procedure, so if you would like to continue my nurses will assist you as you require."

Richard looked at Jocelyn. His face was a testament to his deep embarrassment. He could not believe the absolute and unremitting feeling of shame that pervaded every fibre of his being. He watched in absolute horror as Gillian, the youngest nurse, moved towards his hip and casually laid her hand upon his chest. Nonchalantly, she reached between his legs, and taking hold of the edge of the sheet, lifted it from his body.

Richard shivered with humiliation as Jocelyn moved closer between his legs and looked down at his bared penis and testicles.

She placed her hands upon the inside of each thigh, just above his raised knees. She could see from his face, that her gentle touch had clearly demonstrated his total vulnerability. Arching an enquiring eyebrow at the young boy, she stroked her fingers over the inside of his thighs and gently down towards his pubis. She rested her thumbs against the crease between thigh and torso as she bent her head to look closely at his freshly bared flesh.

Her voice was crisp and clear as she addressed Samantha. "I can see that waxing is far more effective than shaving. His skin is so smooth now. Yes, that is so much better. He is far less threatening, in fact he now looks just like a little boy."

To Richard's horror she stroked both hands over his pubis, her delicate fingers lifting his testicles and brushing his penis aside as she felt the smoothness of his flesh. He could not help looking at her beautiful face, as nonchalantly, she let her hand dip between the cheeks of his bottom, her soft and intimate touch was so embarrassing to him, that he heard himself elicit a low moan of absolute and utter shame. He felt his cheeks begin to burn with humiliation - and yet to his horror, he felt his penis throb in response to her delicate ministrations. He could not help looking down at himself as his penis began to erect.

Jocelyn looked across at her mother, who had moved to stand beside Samantha. She addressed them both as she delicately placed her finger and thumb around the head of Richard's penis and drew the foreskin down until the pale corona was fully revealed.

"I can see that little boys really have no control over their penises. It does demonstrate the absolute necessity for a physically forced extraction of his semen."

Richard blushed immediately on hearing her words. He felt so utterly humiliated that he could not contain the deep shudder that seemed to ripple from his head right through to his toes.

Jocelyn was in her element. She felt another thrill run through her body as she bent to her task. She squeezed her thighs together in a delicious frisson of pleasure as she smoothed her hands over his flesh, deliberately provoking him so that he would try and alleviate his embarrassment, either by protesting verbally, or physically trying to evade her touch. Suddenly, she felt him try to move his hips in an effort to lessen the sensation of her gentle fingers upon his flesh.

This was the cue she had been waiting for. Quickly she drew her hand back and smacked his naked bottom. Although she had longed for this very moment, she was totally unprepared for quite such an intensity of feeling as her hand met with his timid flesh. It was for Jocelyn another epiphany... and to her surprise the reality of spanking his bared bottom had produced within her slender frame, a far greater feeling of sexual pleasure than she had ever thought possible.

Although her hands continued to gently examine the smoothly waxed flesh of his genitalia, she could not stop her body quivering in a sudden spasm of acute excitement. It was several moments before she was able to take complete control of her emotions.

She addressed him directly for the first time since she had entered the clinic. "Now Richard, I want no nonsense. You are to be a good and well-behaved boy. If you are reluctant or recalcitrant, you will be in breach of the pre-dating procedure and liable to be punished." She watched his mouth open in protest as she continued to stroke her hands intimately over his naked pubis.

Seemingly ignoring the boy's anguished look, she addressed Gillian and Patricia. "I shall check his prostate first. He seems to be clenching his sphincter and I will need full access to his bottom if I am to examine him thoroughly. So would you both stand at either side of his hips and stretch his buttocks for me... oh and Samantha would you kindly hand me some lubricant please. I presume he has been thoroughly cleansed so I shall not need a glove thank you."

Richard looked at Jocelyn in astonishment as she casually talked to the young nurses. He could not believe the casual and assertive way that she had taken charge of the proceedings. He looked at her in acute embarrassment as she took the opened jar of lubricant and dipped her forefinger and middle finger into the jar. He shivered as she held her glistening fingers upright under the strong lights and examined them before leaning forward.

She looked straight into his eyes as she spoke to him. "Now Richard, relax your bottom for me. I am going to slip my fingers inside you and examine your prostate. Now hold still!"

Richard shook and shivered in embarrassment and trepidation as he felt the nurses slip their hands between his buttocks and firmly stretch the flesh of his bottom outwards. He felt a hand press firmly upon his shoulder. He looked up to see that it was Mrs. Woodridge. She looked down into his face and spoke to him. "Now keep still while the nurses stretch your little bottom for you." Her words had the desired effect of bringing an even greater blush to his cheeks.

He shivered and gasped as both nurses suddenly increased the pressure of their hands upon his quivering buttocks until his sphincter was well stretched apart. He shuddered and gasped out loud as Jocelyn deliberately probed her rigid fingers against the opening to his bottom.

"Hooo... ooooOOH." His young body shivered with trepidation.

"Relax Richard," Jocelyn's command was accompanied by a fierce pressure against his sphincter. Before he had time to respond, he felt both of her fingers slide up into his bottom. He grunted and groaned as he felt the humiliating impalement of his anus. "Arrrrgggghh" He gasped out loud, as her fingers suddenly turned inside him.

"Hoooo... ooooOOH." He gasped again, his hips quivering with the acute sensation of his physical and mental anguish. He expelled his breath in a soft hiss as the soft pads of Jocelyn's fingertips pressed against his prostate gland.

"Do try and keep still Richard." Her tone was almost mocking as she casually wrapped her left hand around the base of his penis and drew her fingers upwards. A clear bead of viscous liquid appeared at the opening of the urethra.

Jocelyn turned to Nurse Beauvoir, her beautiful features looking cool and clinical as she spoke. "Oh dear, he seems to have no control at all. I can see that I will have to be very careful with my examination."

Again she raised an enquiring eyebrow at the young boy as she gently pressed her slender fingers upwards against the plump rounded flesh of his prostate gland. She could see that his acute embarrassment had made him blush to an almost purple hue. She held the tip of his rigid penis delicately between her forefinger and thumb, her touch was a mere whisper against his straining flesh as she spoke to him.

"I can see Richard, that I am going to have to take you firmly in hand." Her words seemed to prompt the young boy into an even deeper cocoon of shame as she continued.

"Now Richard, I am going to come and stand by your side while the nurses extract semen from your penis. I want you to be cooperative and not make a fuss. I am going to ask Nurse Practitioner Beauvoir to explain what will happen to you, should you disobey me. Now keep still while I withdraw my fingers from your bottom."

Richard was so embarrassed that he was incapable of a reply. He just blushed profusely as he felt Jocelyn begin to withdraw her slender fingers from within his bottom. He gasped again, his breath hissing from his throat, as her knuckles slipped through his widely stretched sphincter. Suddenly he felt her encase his testicles and weigh them in her hand. He could not believe how humiliated he felt, so open and vulnerable to her every ministration. Try as he might, he could not help looking at Jocelyn as she nonchalantly held his scrotum in her delicate fingers. He was blushing furiously as Nurse Beauvoir leaned over him. She placed her fingers upon his chin and turned his head towards her.

Her voice was firm as she spoke to him as if her were a child. "Now Richard, I must warn you that I can award you a quite severe punishment if you disobey me... or any of my staff. You will be spanked with our regulation paddle and the punishment will be mandatory. There will be no escaping it... and I assure you that it will hurt. I must also warn you... that Miss Jocelyn will be required to administer your punishment, as you are entirely under her charge. I am quite sure that Miss Jocelyn does not want to have to spank you... but I am afraid that that is the law."

Samantha could see the astonishment and embarrassment in his eyes as she continued. "The law requires it Richard. Miss Jocelyn is under an obligation to the state pre-date procedural service to discipline you if she thinks that you warrant it. She is not allowed to deviate from this requirement, so you have been warned. Do you understand what has been said to you?"

Richard could hardly breathe such was his embarrassment. "Please tell me Richard that you understand what has been said to you."

Richard was in such a haze of embarrassment and confusion that he wildly tried to clear his mind. He was blushing profusely as Samantha spoke again.

"Now repeat after me Richard. I understand that Miss Jocelyn Woodridge will be required to administer the paddle to my bared bottom, if I fail to obey any instruction."

Richard could hardly contain his delicate emotions as he tried to repeat her words.

"Erm... Miss erm Jocelyn erm... Woodridge will be ...erm required to spank me if I fail to obey you."

Samantha spoke again. "Well that is the essence of it Richard... so be well warned. You will be taken over Miss Woodridge's knees and your bare bottom will be well paddled."

Jocelyn turned her attention back to the young boy. He looked so young and vulnerable as he lay in abject embarrassment and helplessness. Gently she took her hands away from his smooth flesh. Her voice was now soft and gentle as she spoke kindly to him.

"Right sweetheart. I am just going to come around to your side. You may find the next part of the procedure a little alarming." She moved around the stirrups wiping her fingers upon a tissue as she watched the young nurses as they continued to stretch his buttocks widely apart. Their pretty faces were bent low, their cheeks pressing softly against his widely spread thighs as they awaited further instruction.

She moved to his side and delicately laid the cool palm of her hand over his left nipple. Gently, she stoked the fingers of her other hand against his burning cheek. She noticed that his eyes had never left hers as she gracefully leaned over him. Her voice was even softer as she looked deep into his troubled eyes.

"Now sweetheart, just relax while the nurses do their job." Jocelyn could not only see the anxiety in his eyes, but also a look of pure love and affection as she bent her head closer to his. She could feel the soft rapture of his breath upon her cheek as her lips touched his. Her voice was almost a whisper, as she looked deep into his eyes. "There, there, sweetheart, just keep looking at me."

Jocelyn was aware of movement around her as Mrs. Woodridge moved towards the foot of the examination table. She watched the boy's young face flinch as the nurses began their task. Suddenly his eyes squeezed shut as if he were in pain. Jocelyn quickly risked looking down towards the juncture of his thighs as she felt a nervous shiver run through his body. She smiled to herself as she saw her mother standing between the boy's widely spread thighs. To Jocelyn's surprise, her mother had donned a small apron and was carefully lubricating her fingers. Jocelyn looked back to Richard's face to see that his eyes were still tightly shut.

She decided to concentrate upon Richard's face as she heard him gasp and saw his eyes fly wide open in shock. She knew immediately that his bottom had been penetrated. "There, there, try and keep still now." Jocelyn heard the slip-slap of lubricated fingers penetrating his young bottom as she looked deep into his eyes. She could see his expression of deep distress as they began to arouse him. His naive emotions showed so clearly on his face that Jocelyn felt her body tingle with pure pleasure.

It was a moment of revelation for her, the purity of her pleasure, completely spurred by her absolute dominance over Richard. Each ministration to his body, causing him anguish, each tortured reaction of his young body being immediately translated into her very own exquisite and private pleasure.

His beautiful features betrayed every nuance of his humiliation as his body was inexorably stimulated. Jocelyn moved her hands sensuously across the young boy's chest, her delicate fingertips, toying with the dark aureoles around his nipples. She deliberately accentuated his vulnerability by sliding her hand down over his tummy and caressing the smooth flesh around his pubis. She could see the immediate effect that her actions had upon the young boy, his face flushing to an even deeper hue of redness as he looked at her anxiously.

Samantha looked on in admiration as Mrs. Woodridge skillfully used her slender fingers to stimulate the young boy; her delicate hand buried deep within the cleft of his quivering bottom cheeks was moving unhurriedly, each movement eliciting a low groan as she diligently aroused the timid flesh.

Patricia had gently lifted the plump scrotal sac from between the boy's legs. Her fingers gently stroked and hefted his testes as she watched Gillian carefully take the rigid flesh of his penis between both hands and delicately draw down the foreskin until the flesh was stretched tight.

Samantha moved quietly to stand behind Jocelyn. She stooped down and placed her hands flat against the outer flanks of the young girl's thighs. Sliding her palms upwards, she raised the hem of Jocelyn's tunic until it was bunched around her waist. Her firm naked bottom looked exquisite, with not a wisp of covering to mar the youthful and intimate contours. She felt the young girl shiver as she slipped one hand between her legs and tapped against the inner flesh until she felt Jocelyn obediently stand with her legs astride as she leaned over Richard's body.

Samantha placed her flattened palm firmly against the upper cheeks of Jocelyn's bottom and slid it downwards, allowing her fingers to plough their way smoothly between the soft firm hillocks of her buttocks. She continued the movement until her hand was able to cup the plump mound of her pubis. Samantha relished the feel of the tender young flesh pressing against wrist, now buried between the pliant cheeks of Jocelyn's firm bottom. Samantha rested her hand for a moment before wriggling her fingers gently until she felt the lush peach slices of the labia part to reveal the moist orifice of the vagina.

She could feel the nubile young body quiver with excitement as her fingers insistently and imaginatively stimulated the plump and luxurious swelling. Jocelyn wriggled in delight, allowing Samantha's fingers to slip inside her. She arched her back, thrusting her bottom towards Samantha as she looked down at Richard's anguished features.

Richard was in turmoil, his young body hardly able to cope with the myriad of sensations. He looked into Jocelyn's beautiful face as she looked down at him. Her expression was one of compassion and love, a gentle and concerned illustrious Madonna tending to her child.

Whatever fortitude Richard had had, suddenly dissipated at the first tender and caring words from Jocelyn. Her gentle hand upon his chest had sealed his fate as her devotee. His delicate emotions had succumbed to her caring and sweet gestures so strongly that he looked up to her for help and guidance... and yet his young body was being probed and stimulated to a heightened and intrusive plundering inside the very core of his being.

He could only gasp with shame and indignity as his bottom was stretched wide while gentle and practiced fingers impaled his sphincter. Their insidious intrusion pressing onwards and upwards until he reared his hips in anguish while the very centre of his being was stimulated so skillfully and comprehensively that his body was strung as tightly as a piano wire.

There was shame too as his penis began to throb violently. His cheeks seemed to burst into flame as Jocelyn looked enquiringly at him. "Now try and be a good boy while the nurses extract your semen for you. They are just going to increase the pressure, so try and hold still sweetie."
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