A submissive man meets with his Mistress

Monique saunters into the suite almost an hour late. When she takes off her wet raincoat, Ed sees that she is clad in a black leather cat-suit, which clings tightly to her brown skin. It is low-cut, revealing the cleavage between her round breasts.

He notices right away that the crotch is cut out, and he can see the lips of her beautiful pussy, which is completely waxed, slightly red, and swollen with excitement.

Her movements are brisk and abrupt. She throws her bag and keys on the table as if she is angry. This makes Ed very uneasy.

She's been moody lately and he is not certain if it is something he has done or neglected to do. It may be work, or something that has nothing to do with him. He has been having a hard time lately, figuring out what her needs are as they seem to be mercurial and unpredictable.

He keeps his eyes lowered and he waits. There is a prolonged silence.

The air feels moist and heavy suddenly and he begins to wonder what is in store for him this evening. He is on edge but excited.

She exhales and finally speaks, slowly. "Pour me a fucking drink."

Her voice is tight and impatient. Should he have offered her a cocktail as soon as she came in? Had he done that, would he have been scolded about not speaking unless spoken to? He can feel his blood flowing downward towards his cock and his pulse quickens.

He pours her a neat Scotch as she likes it. She stands there with her hands on her hips, tapping her high-heeled foot on the tile. He approaches to hand her the glass. She grabs it from him without a thank you. She takes a small sip, and returns the glass to the table.

She looks him in the eye for a moment, and then points to the floor.

"On your knees, you little bitch," she hisses. Without a word, he kneels before her.

His cock is fully erect now and throbbing. His face is inches away from her lovely pussy lips. He knows that she is wet without having to touch her, because he can smell her.

She runs her fingers through his hair, gently at first. Then, he feels slight pain as her sharp nails scratch at his scalp.

"May I lick you, Mistress?"

She brings his head toward her with her hands.

"Do it slowly, for now...separate my lips, and find my clit first. Then put your tongue on it."

He obeys.

Her clit is engorged and hard. He uses his fingers to pull the skin all the way back, until her clitoris looks like a pearl. He runs his tongue slowly over it back and forth. He hears her low groan of pleasure. Her pussy is sweet and creamy. He wants to move his tongue further down, but he knows he must wait until she orders him.

As he licks, he feels pressure on the back of his head.

"Faster," she orders.

Her breathing is louder. He knows how to pleasure her, but soon it will not be enough. She will ask him to get the crop and remove his pants. He already has her favorite toys laid out for her. Ed knows this is a part of his job and they are clean and ready. Both strap-on dildo attachments are on the table at the corner of the room.

There is the medium size, which Ed enjoys, but he fears the extra-large one. She often uses that one to punish him. He thinks about how the big one stretches him out to the point of pain and how he tries to hide the pain by not crying out, That is because when she hears him cry out, it only makes her go harder and faster.

She pulls his head back by his hair, suddenly.

He has grown distracted by the thoughts of the strap on, and now the movements of his tongue have become irregular. Monique's dark eyes are flashing. Without warning, she slaps his face, leaving finger marks behind.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? What are you so busy thinking about?" she hisses.

Before he can answer she speaks again.

"Go into the bathroom and take off your clothes. Then, come back with my whip."

He jumps up and removes his clothing as quickly as he can. He does take care to fold them and put them on the window-sill, as she prefers to keep things neat.

He was once punished for not doing so.

He retrieves the black leather whip and offers it to her. His head is hung low and his eyes are cast downward, staring at her high-heeled boots that go up, past her knee.

She has a perfect body, lean and very strong. He is always aroused because she's so attractive, but it's what he fears about her, that makes it even hotter. That is what makes her irresistible.

"Kneel, turn around, face on the floor and I want your ass in the air," she orders.

He does exactly as she asks, and he feels his engorged cock pulsing now. He presses his forehead to the ground and feels the coolness on his skin.

He waits. He hears her boots click around the room. Why is she walking around? He hears her blowing the candles that he had laid out all around and lit before she arrived tonight. His eyes are closed, but he can tell the room is getting darker and darker as she clicks about.

It is completely dark now.

She has stopped and there is silence for at least a full minute. He begins to nervously wonder where in the room she is standing. He cannot get a sense of whether she is directly behind him or she has moved elsewhere. The pause seems very long. Everything is perfectly still. Most of the time, she starts out slowly. She tickles him slightly at first and then becomes more and more heavy handed.

Not tonight.

Before he can anticipate the beginning of his punishment, the whip comes down strongly and swiftly at least six times over his left buttock. He feels the sharp stinging across the surface of the skin.

It feels instantly warm and then progressively red hot as blood rushes to the injured area. She is not letting up tonight. His mind is rushing to process this, he is nervous wondering how much longer and what is next. She repeats the beating over the right side and then goes back to the left until the pain is unbearable and he finally cries out.

When she hears his sound she stops abruptly, but only for a fleeting moment, and then hits him even harder, and then harder again.

He moans, louder this time. He cannot hold it in the pain is unbearable. She stops.

"Don't move," she says, "and not another fucking sound out of you, you weak little bitch."

Ed is breathing heavily, gasping to recover. She is exasperated.

"You need to shut the fuck up and take what I give you silently," she says.

She comes down on him again, even harder then the last. He tries his best to hold it in. He feels like he can't breathe. They have played this game before, but she was never so unrelenting. He feels the ferocity with every stroke and he can't make sense of what is happening. The whip stops again. Sweat is pooling under his forehead.

Despite the pain, his cock has never been so hard. The skin at the head is tight and the desire to stroke it and to feel pleasure there has never been so intense.

He is usually great about waiting patiently for her to allow him an orgasm. He can usually stop himself from cumming. But tonight, he feels like he is going to cum. Before he even touches it. His thought race wildly to what it would feel like to have her mouth on it, but it is irrational. For the entire time they have been together he has never felt her lips on him.

Her heels click toward him. She raises her foot and digs the point heel of her boots right into a welt on his backside She puts some weight on it so it digs further into the area that is already injured. Despite his face being toward the ground he can smell her hot pussy.

"You need to clean my pussy up, I'm dripping" she says suddenly, "but while you lick me I want to see you touch your cock."

With a flooding sense of relief he opens his eyes, gets on his knees and looks. Her thick juices have accumulated all over her lips and are running down the inside of her thigh where the material is cut out, and down toward her leg. Against the black leather, the liquid is white and creamy. He knows what it will taste like long before he begins to lap it up.

"Touch yourself," she reminds him.

He is so grateful that she is allowing him to rub his cock, a sob rises in his throat. He strokes his dick as he licks all the wetness off of her leg, and then he works on the lips of her pussy. His butt is still stinging and bruised. He feels this indescribable bliss, though.

Monique shoves his head back, all of a sudden.

"You aren't going to cum are you?"

He isn't sure how she knows he was close to orgasm. Maybe it was the look on his face. He didn't mean to get so close, but the beating on his ass and the taste of wetness dripping down her leg just drove him crazy, and very close to the edge.

As Ed kneels in front of her, Monique abruptly and harshly takes her foot and shoves his left shoulder hard, the pointy heel leaving its imprint. He loses his balance and falls onto his back.

She holds him down for a moment with her foot. He stares up at her lean and strong body, observing the definition of the muscles in her thighs.

"I can't believe you were about to cum without my permission," she says furiously.

That is when she bends down and grabs his balls hard, and squeezes them in her right fist. She is squeezing unrelentlessly. Ed has no choice but to whimper loudly. He is close to tears. The pain is so intense. He wonders if this can really cause damage. It has never gotten to the point where he cannot think straight and cannot see straight, but he is suddenly at that point tonight. She shows no mercy, and continues to squeeze his testicles in her fist as he feels tears escaping from his eyes.

Despite the dizziness from the excruciating pain but his cock is rock hard and sticking straight up. He can't think. He does not know what to do.

"I'm sorry," he says. "I'm sorry I was about to cum."

"You are so pathetic," she responds.

She releases him and stands up. She walks toward the window and opens the curtains. The lights of the many New York City buildings that surround them illuminate the room. There is another hotel directly across the street. Before Monique arrived, he had stared out into the rooms of strangers and observed people getting ready for their evenings out on the town.

"Stand up, you stupid little pussy," she orders.

He stands, but he is unsteady on his feet. His balls are still aching, he still feels dizzy.

"Go over by the window," she says. He obeys. He stands there looking outward. Several people are moving around their rooms. Pedestrians walk around below.

"Now, bend over," she says.

He rests his hands a chair nearby, and does as she orders. He is tingling with pain and excitement, as he knows what is going to come next.

As he waits, she turns on all the lights in the room. He squints as his eyes adjust.

Very slowly, she moves toward him. Behind him now she caresses the back of his neck with light, feather-like touches. It is a brief moment of gentleness. She then slips a silk blindfold over his eyes and ties it tightly behind his head.

"I want everyone to see how I fuck my little bitch," she whispers.

She shuffles around a bit. Usually, he helps her with the strap-on, but since she has not asked, he is afraid to offer. It takes her several minutes to get everything ready. His anxiety grows. He is certain it is going to be the big black dildo used tonight, as a punishment for getting close to an orgasm earlier.

All of a sudden he feels her fingers moving his ass cheeks apart. His pulse quickens as she spreads him.

"You're my little bitch and I'm going to fuck your pussy with my big fucking cock," Monique hisses in his ear.

Ed is breathing heavy as he experiences that split-second moment before penetration, when the cock lightly touches the skin of the hole. She prolongs it tonight, rubbing the cock around the opening. He is being driven out of his mind with anticipation.

"Please," he says, "Please"

She laughs a bit, sarcastically.

"As you wish," she says. And then, in one motion, she thrusts it in, deep.

No matter how many times he feels this dildo in his body, he always somehow forgets just how large it is, and how hard.

He immediately feels his delicate skin tearing. She has very little lube on it today. If he's a good girl he gets more lube. Coming close to orgasm earlier has caused her to use the minimum amount. She has put on only enough to get it in, not enough to make it anything other than painful.

His hands become tight fists, his teeth are clenched, beads of sweat accumulate on Ed's forehead and become absorbed by the cloth of the chair.

Monique fucks him and fucks him. She thrusts her big black cock in and out of him, moving her hips in a circular motion as well. Her long fingernails dig into each side of his hips. Her thrusts alternate between hard and fast and then slowly as he whimpers and cries, facedown in the chair.

"Do you like the way I fuck you, you bitch?" she asks him.

"Yes," he says breathlessly.

"I can't fucking hear you," she says, spreads his ass cheeks wider apart, and plunges harder into him, groaning herself, as if her cock is real and she can really feel it.

"Yes, yes I do. I like the way you fuck me," he says louder this time.

His skin is on fire. He is certain he is bleeding. His dick is rock hard and on the verge of explosion. He knows he should tell her, but he is afraid of letting her know how close he is again. He wonders how many people are looking at them in the window, watching the mistress fuck the shit out of her slave.

She is moaning loudly now. Then, she pulls her cock out of him, pushes him down and mounts his face. She is soaking wet and close to orgasm. It only takes a few strokes of his tongue and she climaxes, screaming as she cums. He does not stop licking until her sounds subside.

She is breathing heavily now.

"May I cum too?" he asks hopefully.

"No," she replies.

Her tone is much softer now. She runs her fingers through his hair.

"Not tonight."
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