The Love shared between Amber and her Mistress

Amber woke with the dawn, the rays of day break stretching across the bed illuminating her golden locks. She instinctively reached for the smooth lips of her moist pussy to give a little pull on the thick gold ring of her pierced clit. A gift from her Owner, her Lover, her Mistress, lying beside her fast asleep.

Amber slipped away quietly to prepare herself, feeling the delicious swing and tug of her clit ring. "Mmm, just Love my ring!" she thought as she entered their large ensuite unbuckling the pink leather thong that held her plugs in place. She eased the waist belt over her wide hips and down her thighs drawing out the huge phallic shafts that impaled her so. "MmmOhhh" she softly moaned as they slipped from her holes. Her Mistress had her on this regimen a little over a year now, yielding impressive results. "Mmm so open" she thought to herself as she squatted to pee. As she reached to turn on the shower Amber caught her reflection in the mirror and smiled at the faded pink welts on her ample behind and thighs. Turning around she cupped her huge breasts to admire her Mistress's work there as well. Today was Saturday, a whipping day, her pussy and anus tingling at the thought. The enema felt warm and good as she cleansed, "Mmm I can hardly wait!" Mistress' fist would be there soon.

Silently approaching the bed and pulling back the duvet revealing the charms of her stunning Mistress. Dark locks, full breasts, a tummy smooth and flat to the puffy labia of her cleft topped with a jet black Mohawk. Amber crawled in between to nuzzle her Mistress' pink smoothness. A few tentative kisses, Her heavenly aroma, a lick down low to release the sweet nectar she so craved, her pussy and anus tingled as she ate. A stir, a stretch and moan, legs opening a little wider giving Her nubile slave better access to Her now sopping wet pussy.

"Mmmmm hey Baby.... my little pussy licker....mmmmm sooo good....mmmm...suck me...mmmyaaa..ooohh... Mmmm..lick me..lick me.. Mmmgonna cumm sweety! YAAAAAEEEEIIIAAA!!" Squirting warm juice into Amber's open mouth.

"OH FUCK!! You Little Bitch! I Love You! C'mere Baby",

"morning Mistress, did you have a good sleep?" Amber chimed as she crawled up beside her Mistress.

"Yes I DID!" as She jumped up flipping Amber on her back, Her little slave squealing with delight, smothered with a deep passionate kiss. Breaking away, Her eyes locked with Her little bitch, She took a puffy pink nipple between Her teeth, a gasp...a moan her pussy beginning to flow, release, then the other, a bite so sweet, pulse throbbing in her ringed clit. She moves down, looking down at Her slaves' soft smooth gaping wet cunt, the ring of her clit shining in the morning light, a long lick, savouring the juice, sucking the flared pink labia, tongue through the ring drawing it into Her mouth. Licking and sucking She eased Her hand into Her wet slave. Amber's breath quickened as She curled Her hand into a fist and pumped away. She pumped 'n pumped, Amber gasping as she arched her back taking Her fist deep in her cunt.

"Good girl! Ride it now sweety!" Pump, pump, pump.

"Oooh Mistressss... Fuck Meeeee!" She fisted Amber with a steady rhythm, her puffy pink lips wet and stretching. Mistress, smiling, oh how she Loved to make this little bitch writhe and mewl, She sucked in her clit ring taking it between Her teeth and pulled.

"MMistress... ccCan I cum?"

"Shhhh.. no not yet sweety," pump, pump, pump, "shouldn't you wait 'till your whipping?"

"Ohhh..mmm..I'll cum to fast then when yer whipping me...ppPlease couldn't I cum....please Mistress?"

They both knew the game well, She loved to make Amber beg for her cums. Her pace quickened on the young slave's cunt, "what a sweet pussy, so wet" She thought licking and savouring her juice. Pump, pump, pump.

"MMistress ppPlease..Please let me cum.. Please!!"

"Cum Baby...CUM!"


"AAAaaaEEEIIII!!" she squealed cumming HARD squirting warm pussy juice out and around her Mistress's fist. Mistress slowly pulled free of Her slaves' throbbing pussy

"You sweet juicy girl!" Mistress exclaimed as She gazed at Amber's wet gape.

"Roll over hun, bum up, let's see how you're doing".

Obediently, Amber rolled over drawing her knees up, arching her back as she reached behind to spread the cheeks of her bum.

"Ooo YA! VERY NICE!" praised her Mistress as She beheld Her slaves' pink anus, gaping nearly 3" sitting atop her plump juicy pussy, her labia flaring out like a flower revealing her pink wet cave, her clit obscenely stretched by its heavy gold ring.

"Ooh, lemme see! Chimed Amber as she grabbed the hand mirror kept on the night stand for just such an occasion.

"Wow... I can see right inside me" she giggled looking into her gaping holes.

"That's right sweety, 'member when you had a hard time with just three fingers?"

"Ya... I just Love it now when you fist me Mistress, could we fist my bum now?"

"You little slut! It's Saturday, you haven't even had your whipping yet!" scolded her Mistress as She slapped Amber's round ass as She rolled off the bed.

Looking out the French doors to the deck her Mistress was inspired by the glorious day,

"It's such a sunny day let's do your whipping out on the deck" She said as She flashed Amber a big smile.

"As you wish Mistress" Amber smiled back, she Loved being whipped, she never felt so...alive.

While her Mistress draped a nearly shear sarong around Her lush body, Amber, naked as she had been nearly three years now, strode out on the deck overlooking the lake. Since being taken by her Mistress Amber was forbade clothing of any kind, and as such had become quite accustomed to living nude. Mistress had an extensive wardrobe and Her housekeeper was always fully clothed as well but Amber was to be naked at all times even when Mistress entertained guests.

Mistress selected a leather cord flogger, a riding crop with a little orange rubber hand on the end and a thin cane whip for Her ministrations and proceeded to the deck. Amber, as trained was waiting in position, arms extended over her head grasping a horizontal wooden bar. She was leaning forward slightly allowing her breasts to swing freely, her legs were about three feet apart.

"There's my good girl" said Mistress as she came out on the deck.

She walked over to the rain barrel to soak the leather cords of the flogger leaving the handle to hang over the edge. Amber bit her lower lip at the site, she knew that particular flogger well, sending a tingle through her gaping pussy and anus. Returning, Mistress drew her nails lightly over Amber's round bum as she strode past to set the crop and thin cane on the round table a few feet in front of Amber. Just then Nora, the housekeeper came out from the kitchen at the other end of the deck with a tray of coffee, fresh orange juice and scoans.

"Good morning Madam, good morning miss Amber"

"Good morning Nora!" Mistress & slave responding in unison.

"Coffee Madam?"

"Yes Nora, Thank You!"

"And for you Miss, orange juice?"

"Oh, Yes Please! I'm getting hot out here already" sighed Amber as she let go of the wooden bar skipping over to the table.

"Yes she IS, can't you tell Nora"

"Yes Mam" smiled Nora as she took in Amber's open wet cunt.

"I was just about to give Amber her morning whipping, would you like to watch?"

"Thank you Mam but I do have a busy morning ahead of me"

"Oh Please stay and watch Nora, I cum so much better when you watch, Please..?" begged Amber.

"All right then, I'll stay and watch"

"Thanks Nora!" Amber beamed giving Nora a big hug.

Retrieving Her flogger, wringing the cords, "OK Little Slut, Let's Go!"

"Yay!" Amber hopped back getting into position swinging her bum as she stepped back spreading her legs.

Mistress stepped up swaying the dripping wet flogger back 'n forth "So little one, what's it going to be, how about a bikini?"

"Ya, bikini!" grinned Amber, swinging her boobs.

"Alright then, here we go!"

An expert with a whip, Mistress took a measured stance and swung, striking Amber directly across her nipples left to right then back again. Setting a steady rhythm, She bathed Amber's swinging breasts with heavy blows. Amber, her eyes closed, leaned in, relishing with a low moan the flogger's caresses to her heavy tits.

"Good Girl!" cooed her Mistress, "boobs are getting nice 'n red!, aren't they Nora?"

"Yes Mam!"

Amber looked up & flashed Nora a smile only to see the ebony maid had hiked her short skirt revealing her smooth black pussy, as she stroked the thick wet inner labia Amber so loved to suck. Satisfactorily red, Mistress slowed to a stop, stepped forward and gave her panting slave a deep passionate kiss while fingering her sopping pussy drawing Her hand away with a tug on her clit ring.

"The undersides now."

Amber let go the wooden bar overhead, straightened her stance and as trained, grasped her swollen red nipples and pulled straight up to reveal the tender undersides of her breasts. Mistress resumed her work with a strong upswing to Amber's left breast, then to the right, back to the left and so on. Amber, head thrown back, let loose a wail

"AAAAAAIIIEEEEEAAAAA!!" as a powerful orgasm pulsed through her pussy, squirting juice on the deck.

"All Riight! There's My girl!" praised Mistress as She set down Her flogger.

"AaahaAaaah" sobbed Amber glistening in a sheen of sweat still holding up her crimson tits by her nipples.

"Let 'em go Baby" Amber dropped to her knees releasing her heavy breasts.

Sobbing, Amber wiped the tears from her eyes as she glanced over to Nora and stifled a giggle. Looking over, Mistress too laughed and shook her head, there was Nora, her hand wrist deep in her big black pussy obviously coming down from an explosive orgasm.

"Having fun over there Nora?" chimed Mistress

"DAMN! That was Goood!" signed Nora as she pulled her hand out revealing her beautiful pink gape.

Mistress turned her attention back to Her nubile slave sitting back on her heels cupping and stroking her warm crimson boobies, gently rubbing her long swollen nipples.

"Thank you Mistress, they're beautiful"

"C'mere baby" Mistress sunk into the plush lounger spreading her legs summoning Amber to Her wet engorged pussy.

"My turn".

Nora left the Lovers to themselves, she did after all have much to prepare.

Amber crawled forward and nuzzled her Lovers slick wetness. God how she Loved her Mistress' taste 'n scent, so sweet and wet. She Lovingly licked & sucked on Her labia, then gently on Her clitoris. Amber knew when her Mistress was ready and slowly pushed her fist smoothly into her Mistress's hungry cunt.

"Ooooh that's it, fuck me Baby"

Amber's eyes locked with Mistress's as she pushed 'n pulled in & out of Her squishy pussy, pump, pump, pump, leaning in licking and nibbling on Her clit. Pump, pump, pump, Amber felt her Mistress's pussy start to squeeze her fist and forearm, Mistress was close!

"aaAAAIIIEEEMMCUMMING!!!" wailed her Mistress as Amber continued, pump, pump, pump, licking as much of the flow as she could get as she pulled her fist out of her Lover's cunt.

"Oh how I Love you, My little slut" panted Mistress as She came down from her mind fucking orgasm.

Amber grinned as she gently licked the cum from Her thighs and lips carefully avoiding Her sensitive clit.

"I Love you too Mistress.... my bikini bottom's now?"

"Sure sweety, over on the grass".

Amber beamed and immediately hopped up and stepped down and out onto the lush green lawn taking position, legs three feet apart, hands behind her head, bum to the warm morning sun. Mistress fetched the whips and joined her slave on the grass.

"Ok sweetheart, we'll start with that nice big ass of yours" said Mistress matter of factly idly swishing Her flogger.

Amber flashed her Mistress a look,

"Could you push it out for me please?" Mistress smiled back.

Amber complied, leaning forward, her labia open and vulnerable.

"Good Girl! Here we go!"

Mistress began swinging the flogger back 'n forth WHAP! on the left cheek, WHAP! on the right, WHAP! on the left, WHAP! on the right. Amber got into the rhythm swaying her hips to meet the blows that were sending delicious tremors through her clit ring. Back 'n forth her Mistress flogged 'till Amber's bum glowed crimson red.

"Amber honey, spread those cheeks for me would you?"

Amber reached back with both hands leaning forward slightly as she clasped her hot cheeks & pulled to expose her gaping anus & pussy. Mistress began swinging the flogger upwards 'round & 'round like a propeller faster & faster as She stepped toward Her trembling slave. Amber failed to stifle a whimper as she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she leaned her pussy & asshole into the thrashing cords. zlick zlick Zlick ZLICK ZLICK ZLICK!!


Mistress continued whipping, the cords catching & tugging Ambers ringed clit as she cried & screamed. Once Amber's pink pussy & anus were rendered crimson red, Mistress stopped and directed the girl down & onto her back cooling her bum on the lush green grass.

Amber's crying 'n screaming sent Nora's head spinning and cunt dripping. She had been dispatched to administer the girl's whippings on many occasions. Drawing out the girl's cries 'n screams had always been followed by a session of soothing Lovemaking. Nora's now sopping cunt would not wait...she had a remedy! Returning from the pantry Nora had retrieved a 4" thick dark green zucchini

"this'll be Goood!"

Spreading a dish towel out on the tiled floor, Nora dropped to her knees, squatted a little to position the huge vegetable in the pink gaping mouth of her chocolate cunt. Steadying it behind her she slowly sank down on the green monster taking it deep, deep into her hungry cunt. Pump, pump, pump,

"OOoooAaaa!" she moaned throwing back her head.

Pump, pump, pump, that smooth ebony pussy just suckin' on it! Pump, pump, pump, sinking it in all the way, Nora paused to unbutton her blouse. Slipping it off her shoulders, she swung her round brown breasts free. Cupping her warm boobs she slipped her thumbs into the thick gold rings piercing her black nipples pulling 'n riding her way to ecstasy! Pump, pump, pump, WHAAMMM!!

Kneeling down, her Mistress kissed her tenderly on the lips, wiped away her tears, looked into her eyes and said,

"I'm gonna to start on your pussy now, 'kay?"

Amber nodded her head, lifted her knees and held her legs wide giving Mistress complete access. While her labia were swollen wet and gaping, it was her plump mons that needed the final touch. Selecting the crop, Mistress knelt to lick 'n suck Amber's sore pussy.

"Here we go sweety",

Mistress aligned the little orange hand on Amber's mons, sending a chill through the girl. Drawing back, She brought the crop down HARD spanking Amber's pussy over'n over again. The poor girl just laid there and cried as her Mistress carefully covered her pussy with little hand shaped welts. They kind've looked like crimson flowers as She formed the bikini line along the top of Her slaves quivering mound.

"Shhh...shhh sweety, just about done....Oooh, you're getting sooo nice 'n red!"

Despite the beating Mistress could tell Her little slave was close by the amount of juice that dribbled from her flared labia into the gaping hole of her bum. As Amber continued sobbing, Mistress set down the crop and picked up the thin cane.

"You're doin' SO GOOD! Babe...I'm just gonna add some NICE LINES on yer pussy & we'll be ALLL Done!"

What her Mistress intended to create was a series of welts radiating from Amber's clitoris fanning across her mons extending just past her bikini line. Achieving the desired effect required careful aim. Mistress lined up Her cane and SNAPPED it down as hard as She could!


Mistress striped Amber three more times catching her clit with every stroke. Amber wailed and wailed as Mistress gently stroked the inside of her thighs trying to calm her balling slave.

"There there sweeety, just two more."

Amber clenched her eyes shut and prepared as best she could.




Spraying pussy juice all over her Mistress as she came harder than ever before! Mistress knelt to catch 'n drink as much as She could sending Amber right over the edge again!

As Amber lay panting, Mistress rolled her over onto her tits guiding Amber to raise her round red bum. She smoothed Her hands over her crimson cheeks as She licked 'n sucked Amber's sweet gaping asshole, rimming the warm wetness trying to get as much of Her face in as She could. This Loving act, coupled with her swinging clit, sent **Sparks** flying in Amber's brain. She pushed Her hand into Ambers sore gaping cunt pumping up coating Her fist and forearm with Amber's slick juice. Pump, pump, pump, She then pulled out and into Amber's gaping asshole and pushed 'till She was nearly up to Her elbow. Pump, pump, pump, Amber let loose a low throaty moan as she wiggled her hips, then a higher moan as Mistress pushed Her other fist as deep into her hot gaping cunt. She worked Amber's squelching holes as she mewled in delight. Pump, pump, pump,

"Hey Baby girl... feeling better?"

Pump, pump, pump, Amber just mewled softly letting another orgasm build. Pump, pump, pump, Mistress just Loved the feeling inside Her Amber's warm squishy holes.

"Mmm Baby....such a sweet girl"

Pump, pump, pump, She could feel her getting wetter and squeezing

"Cum Baby...cum, cum"

The juice just gushed as Amber came HARD soaking her Mistress yet again. She slowly withdrew guiding Amber onto her side who dreamily said,

"I Love You Mistress"

"I Love you to Baby"

Mistress removed Her sarong and lay next to Her Sweet Amber on the grass in the sun. Looking at her angelic face as she slept, She carefully whisped away a stray golden lock from her forehead. A little while later she woke to see her beautiful Mistress's smiling face staring back at her.

"Hi Baby"

"hi" Amber barely spoke.

"Wanna try out your new bikini?"

"How long was I sleeping?"

"Just a little while...come" Her Mistress rose offering Her hand to help her up.

"Well, what do you think?"

Amber gazed at her crimson breasts, cupping her hands underneath running her fingers over her thick red nipples then looked over her warm crimson bum and finally to her crimson pussy, fingering the thick welts radiating from her hanging clit, her puffy labia flaring out like the petals of a rose.

"Oh MISTRESS! It's BEAUTIFUL!!" she cried as she thru her arms around her Mistress giving Her a long passionate kiss.

The two Lovers walked down to the beach hand in hand and dove into the cool water.
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