She takes her pleasure

The evening continues...

My suddenly dominant Asian Mistress whispered again into my ear: "In this next round, it's important that you see exactly what is happening to you, so you can learn to appreciate how to serve me best."

She tilted my head up and put some kind of a pillow beneath my neck, and then pulled off the blindfold. I blinked at the light, letting my eyes recalibrate. I couldn't see her, bound to the table as I was. I could, however, smell her hair and the hint of perfume just behind my head.

What I could see was my painfully erect, purple-headed cock. The head was truly a deep shade of purple, like a ripe plum, with several rounds of rope tied just above the stem and below the head. I couldn't quite see my balls, but could only imagine they were the same color, or worse, bound to the bursting point.

My Mistress moved into my sight line, lifting one elegant leg over the table, and sat down on my thighs. I had a brief glimpse of her shaven pussy, wet with her juice, before my erect cock blocked that delightful view. She was still wearing her wispy bra, but her hard dark nipples were poking through.

"Like what you see, bitch boy?" I nodded. She smirked.

"I know, you men are always so easy. A little skin, a hint of sex, and you will put up with anything. Well, let's see how trainable you are. This is going to hurt a bit, but try to be a man..."

She ripped the tape from my mouth. It did, indeed hurt, but I limited myself to a hard breath.

"Good boy. How have you done cleaning my messy panties?" She clamped my nose closed with one hand, and when my mouth opened in reflex she dug in and pulled out the tiny scrap of cloth. She examined it closely, then put it in front of my face.

"Very nice. All of my lover's cum is gone. It looks like we have found something you are good at, which is excellent, since you will have plenty of opportunity to display your talent." Despite the ominous implication, I felt a sudden, unexpected wash of pride at the praise.

"Now, it's important that you always associate sex, pleasure and pain with me, so I'll have to refresh the scent for you." She took the panty, and slowly dragged it down her body, teasing each nipple, caressing her amazingly tight abs, and then, with a wry smile, placed the triangle delicately over the head of my cock. She scratched the head through the silk with one nail, and laughed when my hips involuntarily pressed up.

"No, not yet, my pet. But good to see you haven't lost the plot." She rose up into a half squat, so I could once again see her gorgeous slit. She poked her panties inside with her slender fingers, making a tease of it, until just a small edge of the g-string was visible, hanging down.

She stood, legs splayed wide around the table, and walked slowly closer to my head, until she was directly over my head. Looking up, I could see her panty string dangling from her pussy, her breasts above, and her wash of dark hair, hanging over her face.

Gradually she squatted down, until the string was almost in reach. I strained to reach. A quick ping to my balls got my attention. Ouch!

"Beg." What?

"Beg for it."

"Please Mistress, may I...have your panties back?"

"You may." She sat down on my face. I managed to get the string between my teeth.

"Don't move," she said. As she gradually lifted herself up, the panty was pulled from between her shaven lips, wet with her juice. Finally, the gusset emerged and fell onto my face, enveloping my nose with her smell.

"There, now you have the smell of me as your universe. We can continue." She moved back, and settled again onto my thighs. She bent away and picked up a black bag, rummaged inside.

"Familiar with these?" I shook my head...she was holding what looked like double-ended tweezers, with two small rings hanging towards the middle, and a long chain connected to the middle bar.

"MMM, they are my favorite nipple clamps. Much better than those bulky clip-on ones, and so much more effective....Watch."

She licked one finger, and brought it to my left nipple, which was already tight. She poked at the end, and then pinched again between two nails. I nearly barked in pain.

She laughed. "Just wait, my pet, that is nothing." She took one of the tweezer ends, and caught the nipple, gently at first. Then, using her other hand, she slowly slid the ring up towards the end, increasing the pressure.

"Hurt?" I shook my head. "Now?" Still no. "NOW!?" I nodded, as I could feel a deep burn beginning.

"Great, and now the second one..." She repeated the procedure, with the same gradual increase, until both nipples were throbbing equally. With a wicked grin she said: "You may find the pain wearing off, but, trust me, you are in for a major surprise a little later."

I couldn't imagine what could be worse than how it felt at the moment, but I certainly was not going to encourage her by asking.

She pulled on the chain in the middle. "OOhmpH'" I gasped out loud as my nipples distended, adding to the sharp pain already penetrating my body.

She smiled again. "My bridle seems to be working. Now it's time to mount my stud."

She looked down at my throbbing, bound cock, still standing up, bulging purple. She ran one thumb over the tip, playing with the opening. It was so sensitive that I couldn't help but try to move my hips to avoid the tease.

"What's the matter baby, don't you like it when mistress plays with your little cock?" She knew I was stuck, as there was no good answer. "I love it mistress, but it's so sensitive."

She pouted. "Well then, I guess it's time to make it less sensitive. Better for me anyway."

She went back into her evil bag, and pulled out a square foil. "Magnum, baby. Not your usual size I know, but with the rope and all, perfect to make you into my personal, live, dildo!"

She ripped open the package, and rolled a black condom down over my engorged, bound member. She pulled out her plastic cock and stood it next to mine, on my leg. "Well, it's bigger...still not up to what I really need, but a lot closer than usual. Let's see how it performs."

With that she gracefully lifted her butt up, and positioned her shaven pussy over the top of my black-covered cock. "Look at me."

I did. Her eyes bored into me, as she gradually lowered herself down, one half-inch at a time, burying me in her tight, wet pussy. Her cheeks started to flush, and her eyes started to close as she got towards the bottom, and the ropes started to fill out her channel. She pulled off her bra and her tits started to bounce along with her movement.

"Oooh, that's SO much better than you usually feel when we fuck, baby. I feel almost full, and the ropes are rubbing me so nicely inside."

She started riding me with longer, strokes, faster, then slower, all the while her body was visibly heating up. She looked deep into my eyes again. "Not too sensitive now, right? Sorry you complained? It's frustrating, right? Knowing you are fucking me, but that not only are you unable to come, because your balls are bound, but you can't even benefit from the stimulation of my warm pussy."

I could only nod helplessly. "That's so hot, baby, knowing that I control your cock and your orgasm, and that you are my toy. That's what I, uhh, that's what I ..."

She rocked and twisted even harder, pushing my cock up inside as far as it could go. I could see she was close to cumming. "That's what makes me cummmmmm AHHH." And she did. A searing pain hit my chest as she pulled on the nipple chain as well. I felt tears come down my cheeks.

My mistress collapsed forward, her hair surrounding my face, her sweet breath drying my tears, her tight nipples burning their own spots on my chest.

After a long moment, she exhaled a long deep breath, then lifted herself back up and stood, leaving my black-clad cock still thrusting up, now covered with her sex juice. With a half-smile she said: "That was NICE. And, you could go even longer, see! The perfect fuck toy!"

She slapped my cock, and smiled as it bounced right back up. Then, with the wicked glint returning to her eyes, she curled her two fingers into her thumbs, into tight circles, started to lower them towards my groin. "Know what's coming next, baby?"

I found a weak voice despite a severely dry mouth. "Please no, mistress, my balls hurt so much already!"

"No? You dare tell your mistress NO?"

"I'm sorry mistress, is there nothing else that would please you instead?"

"Hmmm." Instead of flicking my aching balls she cradled each in one hand, and started to squeeze. "I could just keep squeezing until they pop....would you like that better?"

With such a choice I had nowhere to go, so all I could do was plead with my eyes. Mercifully, she stopped the pressure and smiled. "That helpless, begging look makes me so fucking wet! When I get that look I know I'm on my way to owning my pet. Isn't that right,'re pretty close to the breaking point? It's ok to cry baby, that also makes me so hot...."

Tears were running freely down my cheeks. She leaned forward and tasted them with her tongue. "MMM. Lovely. I love the taste of a man-pet's tears."

She started unwrapping me, pulling off the condom slowly, then untying the rope and gradually loosening the hold on my cock.

"Now, since you did such a good job of helping me get off, now it's going to be your turn to get my own, special way, of course. This will break you to me forever. I promise."

My now naked cock still throbbed. She poked it with a nail and laughed as it popped up, dying for more attention. "No, not yet baby, we have some more preparation to do..."

She moved briefly out of sight. I heard the refrigerator open, the clink of ice in a glass, and then her return. Standing behind me, she seemed to take a long drink. Then I could hear her humming to herself as she snapped something together. Then, from behind my head: "You ready?"

Afraid to look, I nevertheless turned to try and see her. She stepped towards me, with that huge black dildo buckled into some kind of leather harness, wrapped around her slim hips.

"Better open that mouth and make this wet, bitch boy, because you are losing your cherry tonight!"

To be continued...
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