A Mistress alone with her boy

They had just bathed together, and she had been teasing him mercilessly. The boy had been allowed to wash his Mistress, and touching her naked body had his young cock rigid. She had then washed him, teasing him as her nails dragged over his cock, balls, and dipped in between his buttocks. By the time they had finished the bath, he had sported a painful erection for over an hour without relief.

Returning to their bedroom, she let her towel fall to the floor, allowing him a further gaze at the body she knew he worshipped. She turned to admire him, his slender body unblemished by age, all his parts smooth and hers to use as she wished.

"Something new today my pet" she said with a kind smile.

Giggling at his curious look, she bent to a bad beside the dresser and pulled out a long rubber double-dildo. She laughed again at his face, noticing his cock, still hard, twitch.

With a wink, she sat down on the floor, her heels up against her bottom, baring her cunt. Smiling at him, she slid one of the dildo's heads up and down between her puffy lips, coating it in her juices, before sliding it easily in to her hungry pussy.

"Mmm... that feels nice," she purred, patting the floor in front of her. "Come and sit facing me".

He sat just in front of her, legs over hers, close, leaning in to kiss her tenderly.

"Such a sweet boy aren't you?" she said softly, "open your wonderful little hole for me darling".

Taking his firm young buttocks in his hands, he spread them apart, exposing and stretching his small pink anus. She aimed the head of the double-dildo at his hole, and gestured for him to shuffle his bottom forwards. He stopped as the head rested against his entrance.

"Good boy, keep going, half of this is for you" she chuckled.

Keeping the shaft pointed at his anus, she lifted his chin with her other hand and kissed him deeply, her tongue thrusting in to his mouth, as he obediently moved his body forwards, groaning against her kiss as the head began to open up his sphincter. He felt the heat of her perfect cunt grow stronger as he took more of the shaft in to his rectum, until his groin rested against her soft flesh. As they continued to kiss, arms around each other, he murmured,

"I love you Mistress, I love you".

She smiled, knowing he meant it, that his firm young body belonged entirely to her, feeling the evidence of his arousal pressing against her belly.

Together they began rocking, the only sounds their moans of pleasure, the noise of their hungry kissing, and the soft sucking sound as the shaft moved in and out of their holes; her soft wet cunt, his tight smooth anus.

Reaching down between them, she grasped his throbbing cock, and began to masturbate him skilfully.

"Stroke my clit pet," she murmured as she wanked his cock.

Obediently he reached down, finding the sensitive organ beneath the wet folds of her labia, and teased it erect, running his fingers over it in tight circles.

"I've got a treat for you if you can make me cum before you do pet" she breathed in to his ear, as she picked up the pace of her hand around his cock, rocking her hips faster to increase the pressure of the shared shaft driving in to his bottom.

Both the Mistress and her boy were panting, lost in utter lust as they fucked each other. She knew he was close, but so was she. Without breaking their kiss, she reached down with her second hand and took his balls in her hand, teasing and stroking them with her nails as she wanked him. She could feel her own orgasm beginning to build between her legs, as her boy massaged her sensitive clit. With a cry she came, her vagina clamping down hard on the thick shaft buried within it, her moans of pleasure muffled by his hungry kiss. He continued to caress her clit as she came, his touch becoming gentler as she came down from her climax.

"Good boy, you beat me, such a clever talented boy," she told him with a smile, recovering her breath, and giving his cock a firm squeeze.

She shuffled back until the end of the dildo deep inside her slid out on to the floor.

"On your back" she commanded.

He did as he was told, and she took his feet and lifted his legs, until his feet were above his head. Almost like a baby being changed she noted with a chuckle. Looking down at her own beautiful baby boy, she admired the shaft of the dildo protruding from his delightful young bottom, his crinkled anus stretched smooth around the glistening rubber. Keeping his ankles held high and together with one hand, she wrapped the other around the end of the dildo that had been inside her, and without pause began to slide it in and out of him. She had no problem sliding the lubricated cock in and out of his ass, and he was instantly crying out each time the dildo was pressed deep in to him, massaging his prostate. His cock pointed straight up from between his thighs, and she leant down and took his young penis in to her hot mouth, sucking on him as she fucked his asshole. As she ran her tongue up and down his shaft, taking more of him in to her mouth, she used more and more of the dildo, pressing it deeper in to him with every thrust, until well over half was disappearing in to his greedy hole. It was all too much for the boy, and with a cry he bucked his hips, his cock spasming in her waiting mouth. She continued to suck on him and pound his backside furiously as he came, until every last drop had been milked from him.

With a purr she released his legs, and let them fall open and apart. His still hard cock laid on his belly, the rubber cock protruding between his spread thighs, his head to one side, eyes closed, panting heavily. She smiled down at him, then with a wicked chuckle walked to the dresser and took out a brand new strap-on she had bought for his birthday the following week, but now seemed the perfect time. Much longer and thicker than anything her wonderful little pet had taken in his boy-pussy before, and she had spent weeks imagining the scene when she first fucked him with it.

Stepping in to the harness she walked seductively back over to him, nudging the exhausted boy over on to his belly. He rolled over with a groan, and she knelt between his thighs, pushing them uncomfortably wide apart. He moaned deeply as she pulled the double-ended dildo out of him, and she took a moment to admire his wide-open anus.

"Oh baby, looks like your hole is asking to be filled back up" she said with a wicked tone, "let's see about making it even wider for Mistress".

Placing the head of the strap-on against his anus, she leant forwards, putting her weight on top of him, driving deep inside him with one thrust. He almost screamed; his tender young bottom invaded by the large cock of his Mistress, his sphincter stretched to its full extent.

Pausing a moment to allow his body to adjust, she leant down, her lips brushing his ear, and whispered to him, "I'm going to give your gorgeous little fuck hole the pounding of your life my sweet little boy. Your anus isn't going to close up for a week. Every time you move, or sit down, you'll remember me filling your pretty little hole. And do you know what my darling pet? By tomorrow you'll be begging me to fuck that whorish little bottom of yours again and again, as hard and deep as I can".

With that she lifted her hips and as the cock was almost entirely out of him, thrust back in. He cried out, his tight young bottom on fire, but he knew inside, with all his soul, that she was right.
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kinky porn
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