Men must shed their clothes to enter

I never know what to expect when my wife Karen wants to throw a party. Sometimes they're just normal get-togethers, but they can often lead to a lot more than that.

When she showed me a sign she made for our upcoming party, I knew it was going to be one of those parties. The sign read "the party room. No clothed males allowed beyond this point (yes this means you)."

She intended to post this on the door leading to our basement rec room where our pool table and bar were located.

When I asked what people would think, she just smiled and said some people would probably be shocked but some of the wives would be expecting it.

For the other side of the door, she had another sign "no unescorted males beyond this point." She also placed a box of leashes and collars. It the guys wanted to get to the bar they would have to strip and if they wanted to leave the room they would be both naked and on a leash.

Karen's friend Audrey had a lot to do with planning this party and she came in from out of town for it. When I heard Audrey would be there, I knew things would be getting out of hand.

As people arrived I greeted them at the door and took their coats before instructing them that there was wine in the kitchen, but beer and mixed drinks were in the basement. It didn't take long before my friend Steve came up from the basement with a question on his face.

"Dude, what's with the basement? Some woman said I have to strip if I want a beer?" Steve asked. Audrey was guarding the entrance to the rec room. I shrugged and told Steve that those were the rules for the party.

"What, are you trying to have an orgy or something?" Steve asked. "You really expect me to go naked just for a beer?"

I pointed out that he could ask his wife to fetch him a beer instead. Steve asked if there were already any guys in there. I shrugged and said I didn't know, but if there were any guys in there they were certainly naked.

Steve's wife Mary went to get him a beer and when she came back Steve and I asked what was happening down there. She just laughed and said "what happens in the basement, stays in the basement."

I made a quick scan of the house and realized that some of the single guys were not present. No doubt they were already in the basement.

News of this soon spread throughout the party and every wife or girlfriend found a reason to enter the rec room and see things for themselves.

When they returned to the rest of the party, they just giggled when asked for information on what was happening on the other side of the door.

I overhead Mary tell another wife to check out the basement. When the woman asked what was down there Mary laughed and said "naked men."

After a while I had a good buzz going and figured the time was come to take the plunge. I went into the basement, stripped out of my clothes and handed them to Audrey before entering the rec room.

There was music playing and a group of wives dancing with a handful of naked men. One of the wives was encouraging the guys to "shake it" for her, and they obliged.

Most of the guys were sporting wood and getting teased by a few of the women, who couldn't keep their hands off all the dicks in front of them. My friend John approached me.

"Mark, I need to get my clothes back. My wife is going to be pissed at me for this," John said. "I came in here for a beer and now I'm stuck, that chick at the door won't give me back my clothes."

I shrugged and told them those were the rules but I had nothing to do with it as a Karen and a few of the others had planned at this. As we talked, two of the wives came in to get beer for their husbands.

They shared a few whispers and giggles to each other as they checked out the guys on the dancefloor. They also took their time in heading to the bar.

Mary entered and approached me. She didn't even hide the fact that she was checking me out.

"I'm supposed to be getting a beer for Steve but maybe I'll stay a while," Mary said with a smile as she looked around the room. "Look at all the hard cocks."

Karen appeared and said it was time for me to return to the rest of the party. I protested but it was mostly for show as I knew this was what she had in mind all along. The other guys complained about the rules as well.

"Look, no one made you guys come in here but those are the rules. If you behave yourselves you'll get your clothes back after the party, but if you want to leave this room all you'll be wearing is what's in that box," Karen said as she pointed to the leashes and collars. "You knew the rules too Mark, and this is your house. You can't spend the whole party hiding in here."

Karen attached a collar and leash around my neck before leading me out of the basement. I was nervous as we went upstairs. A few of the ladies cheered when they saw me, although some of them gasped.

"He knew the rules," Karen responded to a few of them. "If a guy enters the basement, he can only leave if he's wearing this." She tugged on the leash for emphasis.

Karen led me all around the house so everyone had a look at me. It also had the effect of enticing the last few holdouts among the women to head to the basement.

Steve was in a predicament. If he went into the basement for a beer he'd have to shed his clothes, but each time he sent his wife was another chance for her to see more naked guys--and he had no idea what was happening down there.

Mary was taking a long time in coming back from the basement and he was getting nervous. The other husbands had the same problem. Their wives were in a room full of naked men and the only way for the husbands to enter was by being naked themselves.

After mulling it over for a few minutes, a few more guys went downstairs. Karen had set a trap and it was working.

Karen and I went back downstairs and found that Audrey had given up her post at the door and was in the rec room. There were about 12 guys in the room now.

Audrey was at the poker table with several of them playing spin the bottle. She spun the bottle and whichever guy it landed on, she gave his dick a few strokes.

A few of the women watched Audrey from the couch, laughing and giggling at the guys' predicament. One of the women was especially amused to see her own husband being teased and tormented this way.

Two couples were shooting pool and each time one of them sunk a ball, the opposing couple had to perform a brief task--which usually meant the husband had to stroke his dick a few times while everyone watched.

Audrey soon changed the rules of her game and indicated that now the guys would have to stroke themselves when the bottle pointed to them. The women on the couch howled and cheered at this new development.

"I can't get him to do that for me at home," one woman declared with a laugh as she watched her husband give his own dick a few strokes.

All of this noise and laughter did not go unnoticed and the room became even more crowded as more women not only came down to the basement but stayed there to enjoy the show.

Some of them were downright shocked but nevertheless decided to stay, even if their husbands were left alone upstairs.

There were sounds coming from the back room. Karen and I entered to find our friend Jack standing there, his hands bound and tied to a pipe. His wife Marcy and their neighbor Brenda were taking turns paddling his backside then tickling his dick and balls with a feather.

Brenda's husband was still upstairs, afraid to come down below. A sign on the wall read "the playroom.' There were plenty of ropes, paddles and feathers on a table.

Karen tied my hands to a pipe and invited Marcy and Brenda to trade off. Karen went to work on Jack while Marcy and Brenda did the same with me, alternatively paddling and tickling me. The contrast between the two sensations was intense and my dick was rock hard.

Other women entered the room. Some of them gasped while others were more amused. A few of them wanted to join in the fun, noting that their husbands were too afraid to enter the basement.

We could hear a guy coming in the other room and the women all left to take a look. There was a round of applause as the guy finished. When Karen came back Mary was with her and Mary delighted in tormenting me with the feather.

"It's too bad Steve won't join us down her," Mary said. "I guess I'll just have play with your cock instead. Would you like that?"

I just gasped and let out a moan as she ran the feather over my dick and balls. She then picked up the paddle. Mary swung the paddle hard against my ass. She laughed at my predicament then got an idea. She untied my hands, grabbed my leash and led me into the other room.

One of single guys was standing in front of the couch, stroking his dick for the ladies. He shot his load into a glass and they all cheered.

"You're next," a married woman called to her husband. He didn't even hesitate and stood in front of them to stroke his dick.

The pool playing couples had given up their game. Both women were now on the floor straddling the faces of each other's husbands, their skirts draped around each guy's face.

Mary led me upstairs by the leash, my raging hardon bouncing all the way. We found Steve in the living room, fully dressed with a few of the other guys.

"You see this nice, hard cock Steve?" Mary said as she grabbed my manhood. "You see this? I've been playing with Mark's cock in the basement. Wouldn't you rather I was playing with yours?"

I let out a gasp as Mary stroked me. Steve couldn't take any more of this. He stood up and headed down to the basement.

One of the other guys got up and left. It was too bad for him, as I had just seen his girlfriend in the kitchen where she and one of her coworkers were tormenting another guy with an ice cube. They ran it lightly over his dick, then warmed him back up with their mouths.

When Mary and I returned to the basement, Steve was standing there naked and in a state of shock. Most of the people were now there and the room was rather crowded. A few of the guys were on the floor or in chairs, their limp dicks an obvious sign that they had gotten off and were in recovery mode.

Karen was playing a game of pool with three guys. If she sunk a ball the guys had to stroke their own dicks. If a guy sunk a ball, Karen would stroke one of their dicks.

There were only two guys left in Audrey's spin the bottle game and she had a hand on each cock and was stroking them. One of the other wives, who was sitting on the couch, called Steve and Mary over to her.

"Your husband doesn't seem very happy to be here," the woman said, pointing to Steve's flaccid dick. "Mind if I do something about that?"

Mary gave her the go ahead and this woman leaned out to take Steve's dick into her mouth. Her own husband watched from the sidelines as she sucked on Steve's dick until he was good and hard.

Mary then led him into the back room for a bit of torment. Jennifer entered the room, pulling her husband John by the leash, and led him to the back room as well.

By now the guys that Audrey was stroking had both shot their loads. She approached me and told me to fetch her a few paddles and feathers from the back room. When I entered the back room, I saw John and Steve both tied up and being paddled by their wives while other women stood around them giggling.

When I returned, Audrey grabbed my leash and led me over to the couch where she had me assume the position and invited the ladies to have some fun with me.

I soon had two women paddling my ass and two more tickling my dick with feathers at the same time while the others watched and laughed. I wasn't sure if it was more torture than pleasure but it didn't take long before my balls were ready to explode. Sensing this, one of the wives handed me a cup and I stroked myself for them until I shot with seemed like a gallon of cum into the glass as they cheered.

As I collapsed onto the floor I recognized a familiar sound. I turned around to see Karen on all fours on top of the pool table, completely naked and getting fucked from behind. Everyone gathered around to watch. Audrey fetched the people from the back room so they could watch.

Karen's breasts dangled down below her and shook with each thrust of the guy nailing her from behind. Some of the guys started stroking their dicks as they watched.

Mary whispered something to Steve and he climbed onto the pool table to offer his dick to Karen. She took his full length into her mouth and it wasn't long before all three of them came. Karen swallowed Steve's entire load and milked him and dry with her mouth.

Everyone applauded as Karen and her two friends climbed down off the pool table. She looked around the room and saw Mary standing there.

"You know Mary, since I just sucked off your husband I think it's only fair you do the same with mine," Karen said. "Or at least let him fuck you here in front of all of us."

Mary blushed and went into the back room, but soon returned with a paddle and feather, indicating she had something else in mind. Mary stripped out of her clothes and had me lie on my back on the pool table so she could straddle my face in a 69.

She licked and teased my dick, trying to revive me as I slid my tongue between her legs. She then teased my dick and balls with the feather. I figured Mary was getting close to the edge when she suddenly stopped and had me get on all fours so she could paddle me.

A few of the women giggled as my dick and balls shook with each swing. Mary then helped me off the pool table and bent herself over the edge so I could enter her from behind while standing. It felt amazing to finally sink my dick into some pussy and it didn't take long before I came. Everyone applauded and Mary and I slumped over to the couch to rest.

At this point all of the women finally shed their clothes and everyone began pulling each other to the floor. There were more men than women so a few of the ladies wound up getting double teamed, which they didn't seem to mind.

Karen and Mary watched from the sidelines for a bit before they started making out and got into a 69. Audrey sucked on Steve's dick to revive him, then rode him for all he was worth. My friend John was fucking Brenda from behind so I knelt in front of her so she could revive me. She took me into her mouth and didn't stop until she swallowed my load.

After resting for a bit Karen and I went upstairs to find Brenda's husband alone, fully clothed in the living room. He asked about his wife and we both just laughed as she had just sucked me off in the basement.

Brenda soon staggered her way upstairs, her clothes looking a bit disheveled. Naturally her husband asked what she'd been up to. No doubt he'd heard the noises emanating from below.

"Honey, you wouldn't believe some of the things I saw down there, but if you hadn't been such a chickenshit you'd of seen it for yourself," Brenda said. "What happens in the basement, stays in the basement."
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