Chris makes Bob her sub

Ch. 5: Bob's Story

This is part of a series of events that my wife/mistress has told me to relate in the hopes of improving other couples lives. I would suggest reading them all (in order preferably) to get a clear picture of our female led marriage. A FLM does not have to include the delivery of pain or other kinks that some people object to (I do not like pain and my wife hates to administer it but I still clearly know who is in charge). It only needs to include what the wife wants. Look for other stories under my author name: Nancysboybill.

As Chris and Bob read what has been written so far they commented that our present lives are very similar but the road to get here was very different. Nancy suggested that they should write a chapter since they are such a large part of our life. Chris decided that it should be from Bob's point of view with her notes to follow. What follows are Bobs words.

As Bill already said, Chris and my journey to a FLM was much different from theirs. I want to start by saying that like Nancy and Bill this works very well for us and I wouldn't want to change our marriage at all. Some of this may seem repetitive after reading what Bill has already written but our evolutions are very much intertwined.

I was in Europe for an extended period for my company. When I returned Chris seemed preoccupied; not that she wasn't happy to see me, we made love every night which we hadn't done in years and Chris was more intense than ever. But we also were spending a lot of time with Nancy and Bill and when we weren't with them Chris and Nancy were chattering away on the phone. They had always been close and I just figured that in my absence they had gotten even closer.

After I had been back about 10 or 12 days and we returned home from another evening with Nancy and Bill, Chris asked "Have you noticed how much happier Nancy and Bill are these days?"

"I have although it seems to be more Nancy than Bill. I was in the kitchen with him while he was making dinner and it seemed like he couldn't go two minutes without running out to make sure she did not need a refill on her drink or anything else. I also don't know if you caught the time during dinner when she just about snarled "Bill, wine!" He jumped up so fast I thought he was going to knock over the table. He must have really put himself in the doghouse this time."

"Not at all; Nancy told me that Bill one day said that he'd been thinking how much he loves her and wanted to do a better job of making her happy. Frankly I'm jealous; I wish you acted a little more like Bill."

"Well Bill did tell me that three men in his office have had their wives leave them in the last two months alone. He's probably scared it will happen to him."

"Maybe; I'm tired and sore now would you get me a drink and come upstairs and give me a massage please?"

I mixed Chris's drink and went upstairs to find her lying face down on the bed naked, suddenly I was thinking with my little head. I gave her the deep muscle massage that she prefers and at the end rubbed her to an orgasm. She had me lay down and rewarded me with a fantastic blow job and even swallowed. She almost never did this, usually only after bargaining for oral sex from me which she knows I hate to do. She usually doesn't let me cum in her mouth either but finishes me off with her hands when I get close. She said that it was for giving her such a nice massage and a happy ending. Her blow jobs were rare enough that they excited me to the point where I would get hard again within minutes and that night was no exception. I said I wanted to fuck, what a mistake that was.

"You were just so good to me and I in turn did what you like best. Now you've ruined it with a me, me, me attitude. I bet if I had asked you to go down on me first you would have refused. I know you hate to do that but I love it and I expect you to change your attitude if you want any kind of sex life with me!"

I tried to apologize but Chris wouldn't listen, she just said to find a way to make it up to her. The next morning I snuck out of bed before the alarm, made coffee and woke Chris with a cup and much gentler massage. Chris kept telling me how good it felt and an ending like last night's would have me all but forgiven. She said she'd like to reciprocate but didn't want to make me late for work but if I were to continue to treat her this way we would both end up much happier. I didn't want to push the issue after last night and figured I'd masturbate in the shower. Chris must have known what I intended and followed me into the bathroom "just to talk." She even ended up climbing into the shower with me and washed my back. She started to give my cock some soapy strokes and it responded quickly but when I was close to an orgasm she stopped and said that now she knew I was good and clean and that I had better hurry up and get to work. I started to protest but only mildly. Chris just asked me what I thought Bill would say to Nancy right now. I said the he'd probably tell her how much he loves her and how lucky he was to have her. She chuckled a little and said that actually she had him. I said that he probably didn't get sent out the door with blue balls very often and Chris replied that with the way he treats her he probably doesn't and maybe I should learn from that. I did get to work on time but sure didn't get much done that day.

Chris's note: About this time I was thinking that Nancy was right: get a guy's cock hard and his balls full and you can get him to do anything. This was going to be so much easier than I thought.

Chris called me at work that day and said that it would be just the two of us, at home, for dinner and she expected to be wined and dined like I had something at stake. I did have something at stake, two very tender balls.

When I got home Chris wasn't there but she had left a note instructing me to do my prep work in the kitchen, make her a drink and greet her naked with a nice hard cock. She would be home in 20 minutes, which was not much time for all this but her note had a rather commanding tone to it. I don't know why but I felt like I had better get this right. I rushed through the kitchen chores and looking at the clock tore my clothes off right there in the kitchen. As I was stashing my clothes in a utility closet I heard Chris's car in the driveway and my cock did its' part on its' own.

Chris came through the door and stopped to look at me standing there with nothing but a grin and a hard on. She took her drink from me and motioned for me to follow her. I started to speak but Chris put her finger to my lips and said that I was to listen and not to talk unless she asked me a question. She led me to the hot tub and had me undress her slowly taking the time to neatly fold each item of clothing as it came off and to massage and kiss each area of skin as it was exposed. This took almost an hour and had me horny as hell. She sat in the only chair in the room and told me to come and sit by her and listen to what she had to say. There being no other seats in the room I sat by her feet on the floor.

"Bob, I know that you were very young and still a virgin when we married and that you came from a family that showed little if any physical affection. I think all of this combines to make you insecure about your performance as a lover. In fact when you do consent to go down on me you always ask if you are doing it right. I, as you know, had several lovers before you and I really miss some of the things they used to do to me. I also believe that if you will let me guide you, your confidence will improve and you will come to enjoy it and want to do it. In fact I know that there will come a time that you will beg me to let you eat my pussy. Now you go and think about all this while you make dinner. Bring it back here when it is ready and after we've eaten we will discuss what I've just said."

"May I just ask one thing first?"

"Yes but I may not answer until later."

"Why did you want me naked for this?"

Chris laughed and said "Two reasons; one, I wanted your full attention and I knew this would ensure I had it and two, I enjoy seeing you naked. In fact don't put any clothes back on....oh my god, your blushing, your still shy about your body after all the years we've been together! We certainly will have to get you over that!"

A little while later I came back with dinner and found Chris in the hot tub.

"I just got in. I was so turned on watching your reaction that I decided to masturbate first. Come over here and feed me my dinner so I don't have to get out"

I was again blushing furiously from hearing her say that she masturbated but I was also very excited. Even feeding Chris her dinner as she soaked was strangely intimate and erotic.

After dinner Chris got out of the tub, looked me in the eye and asked "Do you love me Bob?"

"Very much."

"And do you want me to be happy?"

"Of course I do."

"Then will you try my plan?"

I was already leaning towards yes but now I was backed into a corner, if I said no I would be saying that I didn't really love her or want her to be happy. There wasn't even room left to ask questions or discuss how I felt. "When would you like to start Chris?"

"As soon as we can get to the bedroom, I want to be comfortable. You can clean up these dishes before you bring me my coffee in the morning."

Wow, one time and it was already expected.

When we got to the bedroom Chris sat on the very end of the bed. I said that she should make room for me but she explained that with me lying on the bed my head would be bent back and that I would be more comfortable kneeling in front of her. And also that if I got excited and started to leak there wouldn't be a wet spot for one of us to sleep in.

Chris was very reassuring as she guided me through all the places she liked to be licked. She taught me different ways to use my tongue, soft and flat or hard and pointy, slow and easy or fast and furious, but most importantly she taught me to read her reactions and adjust. She taught me that sometimes it's a sprint to the finish line and sometimes getting there is half the fun. She continually praised me and told me how happy I was making her. Finally my legs couldn't take any more and Chris said that she didn't have any energy left anyway. She had me lay on my back on the bed and said words I never would have expected to hear, "I want to watch you stroke yourself."

"Can't you help me?"

"I will help you by encouraging you but I really want to watch."

Chris got me started by taking my hand in hers and guiding it up and down my cock. I didn't even feel her take her hand away she had me so engulfed in what I was doing. She would tell me when to speed up or slow down or rest while I calmed down. At some point she retrieved a pair of silky, bright red panties and had me slowly stroke myself with them while she ask about how good they felt. At long last she said I should shoot into the panties. I had no idea that masturbating could produce that good an orgasm.

After my breathing got back to normal Chris told me to go wash the panties in the sink before they were stained and to pat them as dry as I could with a towel and hang them up. She said she wanted them dry for the morning.

In the morning I once again woke Chris with a cup of coffee, a gentle massage and an orgasm; this time I used my tongue and was starting to feel okay about it. Chris praised my improved attitude and technique and gave me an incredible blow job for my efforts. A guy could get used to this!

When I got out of the shower Chris told me that she had laid out my work clothes since I was running a little later than usual. I thanked her and went to get dressed. I laughed out loud when I saw her red panties from the night before laid out with my other clothes but when I went to get my own underwear from the drawer it was empty. Even the dirty clothes hamper was empty. This was beyond funny. At least I thought so, Chris couldn't stop laughing. She said it's those or bareback cowboy so saddle up. Hmmm, panties or ruin an eight hundred dollar suit...had to wear the panties...not happy. Chris just said that if they felt so good last night I should have the joy of wearing them all day and that every time I moved I would feel them and remember last night. Besides, she pointed out; when I got home I could take them off with the rest of my clothes before I met her at the door with a drink.

That evening when she arrived she again sat by the hot tub and had me sit on the floor and rub her feet. This time I was the one talking as she was curious about my day.

"Well you were right; every time I moved I felt your panties and thought about last night. By the way, not only is sitting down to pee a nuisance but it's almost impossible with an erection. I tried to hide behind my desk all day but around eleven my boss (a woman) called me into her office to discuss a client. When I walked in she did a double take at my crotch and told me not to sit as this would only take a minute. Telling me to stand was the only time she looked me in the eye during what turned into a twenty minute conversation, and damn it, the more she stared, the harder I got. She called me back to her office three more times in the afternoon and each time there was at least one other female manager there. The last time there were even six of their assistants in the outer office supposedly just for coffee."

After Chris caught her breath from laughing so hard she got out (through several renewed laughing attacks) "They say you can't get promoted if you don't get noticed; by now I'll bet that every female manager from entry level to executive AND their assistants know who you are...but you may need to wear the same suit, they might not recognize your face!" This set off another bout of hysterics after which she said more seriously "The thought of all those women wanting what only I can have sure makes me hot. Upstairs now! Let's continue your lessons."

Each night and each morning that week I knelt and licked Chris but I was only getting strokes and promises. Chris was happier than I'd seen her in years so I was willing to put up with it....for now at least. I was also being given a different pair of panties to wear each day (in my size now) and still had no idea what became of my underwear.

On Friday evening after Chris had her drink and a couple of orgasms she asked if I was ready for one of my own.

"Yes please"

"That's yes please Chris or yes pleases Ma'am!"

"Yes please Chris. I am sorry Ma'am"

"That's better. Now come here and put your balls in my hand."

She opened her hand, palm up, and just high enough that I had to stand on my toes to give her what she demanded. She firmly took hold and guided what she now referred to as HER cock to her lips. She brought me to the edge of orgasm and stopped time after time until I was pleading for her to make me cum. Then she asked me "have you been enjoying the last couple of weeks?"

Yes Ma'am, very much"

"You have become talented at licking my pussy, are you starting to enjoy it?"

Surprising myself I said that I was and that I thought about it constantly.

Through all this she was still licking and stroking me and keeping me on tiptoe with firm squeezes to my balls if I started to relax. "I've got a proposal to make. I want to be totally in charge of our lives in and out of the bedroom for the next month. After a month we can decide if it is working or if you want to go back to our old life, sex two or three times a month with blowjobs only once or twice a year. Will you agree to this?"

With that question she stopped working on her cock and let go of my balls until I practically screamed that I would agree.

Now working on her cock again she said "You know that I might demand things of you that will hate to do?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"I might expose you wearing your panties to other people."

"Yes Ma'am"

"I will punish you if disobey me, sometimes painfully"

"Yes Ma'am"

"You will not be allowed an orgasm unless I permit you."

"Yes Ma'am"

"In that case you may cum now!" With that her mouth engulfed her cock and I shot the biggest load of my life. Chris was still holding my balls and used them to pull me down to my knees where she gave me a kiss depositing my load into my own mouth. "Get used to that taste, from now on you will be cleaning up after your orgasms". She then laughed and said "That was only three days without an orgasm. Just imagine if I decide to make you wait the whole month you just agreed to."

I was much more horrified at the thought of going a month without coming than with eating my cum, and couldn't even speak. She reassured me that she wouldn't do that to me unless I disrespected her.

The next morning Chris had a list of chores for me including hanging a paddle in the kitchen. It looked vaguely familiar and then it hit me; there was one just like it in Nancy and Bills kitchen. "Is this why Bill has been treating Nancy so well?"

"Yes it is and Nancy will be over later to give you a small taste of it just to make sure you know what disrespect can bring."

"Nancy will be here? Why?"

"You will understand later and you just earned ten extra strokes for questioning me. You agreed that I am to be in charge. I also suggest that you try to present yourself to Nancy with a soft cock or you will pay an even heavier price."

I was given thirty seven strokes that day; the original ten plus ten for questioning Chris, ten more for disrespecting Nancy by waiving a hard cock at and seven because I didn't count off after the seventh so we had to over again. Mistress Chris and Miss Nancy explained all the rules that went with spanking including the proper apology.

The next night after a proper apology to Miss Nancy she commented to Chris that for someone who wouldn't lick pussy a month before I was very well trained. I don't know if I was more proud or embarrassed. I also got my first taste of ass that night. I think it was Nancy's way of paying back Chris for giving Bill his first taste.

Later that week Chris announced that we were going to start a program to get me to control my orgasms. I have never been good at this lasting only three or four strokes in Chris's tight pussy before I would cum. Chris had me lay on my back on the bed and lowered herself onto her cock. She said that she was going to count down from ten; one number for each stroke. The number I came on was the number of days before I could cum again. I was allowed to ask her to stop only once but 2 strokes would be added for each second until I asked her to start again. Also if I reached zero she would reverse the count and the higher I got the better my reward. That night I concentrated on everything but what she was doing but I was so distracted I started to go soft. A sharp squeeze of my balls brought my attention back to her. "You're no use to me soft; if I am boring you we can forget your orgasms altogether and just worry about mine. You've got five seconds to get hard and we'll start again or else I will take my anger out on your ass." I got hard immediately and she started back at ten; she also squeezed her pussy as tight as she could to make me cum faster. I still managed to make it to three after which she sat on my face so I could clean her out and said that it was too bad I couldn't last just three more strokes and be able to try again tomorrow, instead I had to go three days licking her to orgasm without any relief.

Two weeks into this program I finally managed to make it past the ten strokes plus two before shooting. As a reward Chris gave me my choice between ten strokes off my next spanking or an extra orgasm. I chose the extra orgasm which she said I could have Saturday morning even if I failed to make ten in the next two nights.
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