Mistress of the Castle takes on some new servants

This was first written for a girl I was in a relationship with, based on a meeting of our fantasies, way back at the tender age of 21.


Leoné, noblewoman and Mistress of the Castle Warwick, looked back over Her shoulder at the rising sun as She rode up the cobbled avenue leading to Her home. She looked majestic upon Her pure white steed; wavy red-brown hair cut to shoulder length around Her beautiful face, set with Her soft red lips and deep green eyes. Her striking figure was dressed in a white silk blouse, a match for the soft flank of Her mount, and a long brown skirt, pulled up above Her knees as She rode revealing Her long legs.

Her white skin was tanned, heightened by the white of Her blouse, beneath which She wore no bra, enjoying the feel of the soft silk against Her skin. Ahead of Leoné the servants manning the gates spotted Her as She rode up the steep street approaching the castle, word being sent of Her arrival.

Urging Her mount the last few yards and through the gates She trotted into the stableyard, stopping beside a young stableboy of about eighteen who took the reins as She dismounted. Leoné noticed that the boy's eyes were drawn to Her legs as She swung Her leg over the horse, exposing only to someone of his height the soft white silk of Her knickers between Her legs, through the thin material of which the dark shadow of Her soft curls was clear.

Leoné's pleasure at the boy's obvious adoration quickly turned to anger as his gaze lingered and he stood transfixed, reigns hanging limply in his hand.

'How dare he stare at One such as Myself, to the dereliction of his duty?' She growled inwardly as She landed on the cobbles of the yard in front of the child. Snapping Her fingers he recovered himself and looked away blushing.

"What do you think you were looking at boy?"

She said sternly, looking down at him, grabbing his arm.

"How dare you stare at me, your job is to attend to my horse. If the day ever comes when you see me undressed it shall be with my permission you dirty little boy,"

She continued as She marched him into nearby a storeroom, containing small bales of hay and various bits of tack. Pushing him in front of Her She stood hands on hips looking down at him,

"Prepare Yourself for a hiding boy!"

Looking tearful the boy turned and bent over a bale of hay, lifting his robe and offering his naked bottom up, but Leoné shook Her head.

"On your back" She commanded. The boy whimpered, and began to beg,

"please Mistress, not on my..."

"On your back" She interrupted him firmly, anger rising in Her voice, "do not make me tell you again!"

The boy reluctantly turned and lay on his back on the bale, pulling his robe up above his waist, bending his knees and spreading his legs wide so that they lay flat against the hay at a 90° from his body. Standing over him Leoné tapped the end of Her riding crop against his scrotum. She had ordered that all her slaves be hairless from the neck down, and this young stableboy was no different. The sac itself was round and tight against his body, the boy's fear evident in that.

Lifting Her arm a little Leoné brought the crop down smartly against his scrotum, causing him to yelp. However, She saw that despite his young age he already knew enough not to close his legs during punishment. The boy had grown up at Her castle, and all the children who attended the school in the grounds soon learned as part of their education that any action to prevent a spanking or caning continuing only resulted in it being started over.

The boy began to sob and was forced to hold his legs down so as not to give in and close them as Leoné delivered nine more sharp slaps with the crop against his tender scrotum. When She had reached ten She stepped back and ordered the boy to stop his snivelling and see to Her horse.

Nodding vigorously the boy leapt to his feet, pulling his robe back down as he ran off to comply. Handing Her crop to a passing stablegirl She strode out of the stables and through a large archway into an ornate courtyard, the uniform grey flagstones broken up by fountains and flowerbeds.

Moving across the courtyard Leoné took in Her surroundings, glad to be home, Her bad mood from the long ride fading. Servants hurried to and thro across the courtyard, all clad in the uniform of simple plain white robe, cut to mid-thigh length, beneath which both male and female were naked, their bodies smooth from the neck down.

Birds sang gaily from the fruit trees dotted around between flowerbeds and pathways, and Leoné smiled as She passed two of the castle's cats play fighting beside a fountain in the centre of which stood a marble statue of Venus and the child Cupid. Walking on She passed two teenaged girls on all fours scrubbing the flagstones of the courtyard, the short robe of the one facing away from Leoné having ridden up around her pale creamy bottom. Leoné smiled with pleasure as She walked on by, admiring the girl's smooth neat labia, the pink inner lips slightly protruding.

Entering the doorway She ascended the grey stone stairway up towards the infirmary. This part of the building was used for treatment of those of Her servants who fell ill, or were close to childbirth, as well as for the regular physical inspections all Her charges underwent. It was also the place that any recently acquired boys or girls were examined to ensure their bodies were of an acceptable standard to serve in Her house.

Today two such young slaves, a girl and a boy, had arrived, a gift from a Lord in England. The boy was in reality a young man, twenty years of age, and the girl was just eighteen, but neither had served before. Assuming they passed their examination they would need to undergo training in how to serve a noblewoman such as Herself, and how to submit and use their bodies for Her pleasure.

Sighing, Leoné reflected on the fact that young males often required far more submission training to break them. As well as this, so often untrained boys of his age who came into Her possession thought that the sole part of their body She could make use of hung between their legs. How wrong they were She reflected to Herself as She pictured in Her mind the look on such boys' faces as She penetrated their soft tight anuses, claiming their virginity. She usually took virgins lying on their back, relishing the reaction in their features as She slid deeply into them, filling them for the first time.

Arriving at the thick oak door that led to the examination room, Leoné instead turned right and entered the next room. Many years ago She had had a large one-way mirror installed separating this room from the examination room, allowing Her to watch unnoticed by Her servants as the doctor examined them. At that moment the girl was part way through her examination, lying on her back on the examination table naked except for a pair of white cotton knickers; which she must have been wearing when she arrived, Leoné's servants did not wear underwear, besides which their uniforms weren't issued until after their medical.

The girl was beautiful; long straight blonde hair which would hang to her belly when she stood, pale flawless skin, round pert looking breasts above a flat stomach and long slim legs. Only one part of the girl was hidden from Leoné's view, the cotton knickers outlining the shape of her.

The girl had the shy look about her that most new charges did, a mixture of embarrassment and nervousness on her pretty face now as the intimate examination continued, at that moment the nurse taking the girl's pulse from her slender wrist. Noting the results down on the girl's chart, the nurse placed her stethoscope against the girl's chest below her left breast, the girl gasping slightly at the touch of the cool metal on her warm flesh.

Leoné noticed that despite her embarrassment the girl's body was showing the natural signs of arousal a woman felt in such situations; the cool air teasing her nipples to erection, a small damp spot on the white cotton of her knickers. The nurse noted down the girl's heart rate and spoke something quietly that Leoné didn't catch. Blushing a shade of crimson that Leoné found quite becoming, the girl raised her hips and the nurse slid her knickers down and off her legs, repositioning them spread apart leaving the girl's smooth vulva on display.

Taking a moment to lubricate two fingers the nurse placed one against each of the girl's exposed holes, pushing them smoothly into her. Placing her thumb against the girl's clit she pressed against it, her thumb moving in circles over the delicate sensitive bud. As the nurse masturbated the girl, she slid her fingers in and out of her body in unison, both her vagina and anus warm and soft, tight around her fingers.

Leoné admired the scene as the glistening fingers of the nurse slid in and out of the girl, pushing between the girl's slender smooth labia and tight small round buttocks. The girl's body soon began to approach orgasm, obviously a sensitive one Leoné smiled to Herself. Through the glass the girl had closed her eyes, her breathing heavy, her hands gripping the sides of the table tightly. Leoné knew there would be other changes in her young body; an increase in the wetness between her soft pussy lips, a tightening of the muscles between her legs and buttocks. At that moment the girl reached orgasm, her hips thrusting upwards, a series of moans and mumbled cries coming from her.

Throughout this, the nurse continued to stimulate the girl, gently bringing her down from orgasm. As the girl lay breathing hard post climax, eyes still closed, the nurse withdrew her fingers from the girl, quickly taking the girl's post-orgasm temperature by sliding a ready-lubricated thermometer into the girl's still open anus, reading the result then pushing another between the pink parted outer lips of her vulva into her vagina. Leoné knew these results would be compared later to the girl's normal body and vaginal temperature.

Turning away from the scene She looked through an identical one-way mirror making up the opposite wall, this time looking out onto the castle's maternity ward. The ward consisted of six beds arranged around the walls; whilst the two on the opposite wall contained sleeping women, in the nearest lay a heavily pregnant woman on her side, legs pulled up to her waist and knees bent, her shift drawn up to her breasts.

Leoné smiled as She recognised laura, who She knew was coming close to full term. Leoné had been present when laura had been impregnated, watching as a younger male had taken her from behind, a nurse standing behind him in turn sliding a well lubed vibrator in and out of his tight rectum to aid ejaculation.

As She watched through the glass one of Her nurses, a slim pretty brunette, entered the ward and crossed to the beautiful young blonde on the bed. Smiling reassuringly at her, the nurse took the pregnant woman's uppermost leg and lifted it gently. Taking a small thermometer from her pocket she pressed it against laura's anus and softly slid it in. Pausing to read the temperature of the woman's body the nurse then withdrew the thermometer, placing it to one side before finding a second thermometer and sliding it carefully between the mother-to-be's smooth swollen labia into her vagina. Obviously satisfied with the temperature of her patient's womb and genitals the nurse smiled in a friendly way at laura as she lowered her leg and gently rolled her onto her back, pulling her shift back down over her round belly and rearranging it so it covered her thighs.

Leoné reluctantly turned away from the mirror to return Her attention to the opposite room, now empty. As She did so the door of the examination room opened and in walked the new boy followed by the Castle's doctor. The boy stood at just over six foot She guessed, though it did not matter, She would find out his measurements after the examination.

He had a smooth athletic body, a kind, pretty face framed by straight strawberry blonde hair. The lights of the room picked up his blue eyes, and Leoné allowed Herself a grin, this one looked promising. She watched as the doctor, an attractive middle-aged brunette with vast experience who had been in her employ for sixteen years, had the boy strip to his underwear as she carried out the basic section of the boy's examination; height, weight, heart rate and pulse.

After what seemed an age the doctor instructed the boy to remove his underwear and stand before her, legs shoulder width apart. Taking the boy's hairless sac hand, the doctor massaged his testicles between thumb and finger, checking for any lumps, then squeezing them gently to ensure they were not tender or in any way sore, a sure sign of infection.

As She watched, Leoné could feel herself becoming aroused, knew the blood flow to Her labia was increasing, could feel Her nipples become erect beneath Her silk blouse. Without taking Her eyes from the scene before Her, She hooked Her thumbs into the waistband of Her skirt and knickers, pushing them both down over Her hips so they slid down Her long legs to the floor.

Meanwhile the doctor had taken the boy's penis in her hand, pulling it away from his body with one hand; slowly tugging on it as her other hand remained between his thighs cupping his scrotum, one finger gently tickling behind it over his sensitive perineum. Running Her tongue slowly over Her lips, Leoné lifted one foot and placed it on a small stool placed before the mirror, Her right hand dropping to play briefly with the soft curls above Her womanhood, before slipping between Her legs, parting Her soft moist labia.

On the other side of the glass the doctor was pulling the foreskin of the boy's now erect penis back, checking for any lesions of signs of infection, then lightly tracing a finger over the exposed head. Leoné saw the doctor give a slight smile as the boy shuddered a little but made no sound. The doctor's voice drifted through the glass to Leoné, and She heard her instruct the boy,

"Hop up onto the examination table please on all fours, facing away from me."

The boy blushed as Leoné knew he would, knowing what he was thinking; being on all fours left his young genitals bottom exposed and vulnerable. He went a deeper shade of red as he complied, and the doctor next instructed him to lean forwards onto his shoulders,

"Reach behind yourself and take your buttocks in your hands and spread them for me, there's a good boy, nice and wide."

Leoné uttered a low moan as the boy reluctantly obeyed, in doing so giving Her a clear view between his pale white buttocks to the dark pink treasure that lay between them. She slipped two curved fingers into Her hot needy vagina, pressing them against Her g-spot, listening intently as the doctor continued her examination.

"Now I'm going to take your temperature, this may feel a little cold at first but it will soon warm up,"

the doctor said softly to the boy as she approached with a thermometer identical to the ones Leoné had seen used on laura earlier. As she pressed the lubed tip against his crinkled opening, Leoné could see it contract as the boy tensed up. However, the small instrument slid easily into him, and Leoné chuckled softly as he gave a gasp, though whether it was from the cold thermometer or the feel of something entering his rectum She could not tell. After a moment or so the doctor nodded with satisfaction and withdrew the instrument, noting the boy's temperature on his chart, before speaking again,

"Next I will be testing your ejaculatory reflexes, by simultaneously massaging your prostate and stimulating your penis. I will also be collecting the semen for testing."

The doctor continued to speak as she first placed a small Petri-dish on the table below his hanging genitals and then dipped two fingers into a small pot of lube beside the table.

"I will need you to completely relax for me, there's a good boy, and keep your bottom well spread apart. That will make it far easier for the both of us."

From Her hidden position Leoné continued to finger Herself slowly, wanting to last the duration of the examination before She came. Her free hand dropped to Her buttocks, and as She watched the doctor place two lubed fingers against the boy's virgin hole, She let Her hand slip between them and tease Her own sensitive anus. Through the glass the doctor pushed gently but firmly against the boy with her fingers, him groaning as his tight sphincter reluctantly gave way and both fingers pushed deep into him.

Curving her fingers slightly, the doctor located the boy's prostate and began to massage it, slowly sliding her fingers in and out of him. As she placed her other hand between his legs to grip his already hardening member she looked down, jealousy surging through her as she imagined how Her Mistress Leoné would also soon be looking down at the boy in this way, as She pushed her strap-on deep into him, filling him completely. Feeling the boy getting stiffer and beginning to throb gently in her hand the doctor began to masturbate him in time to the rhythm of her other hand fingering his bottom.

Behind the mirror Leoné pushed Her own finger gently into Her anus, taking the fingers of Her other hand from Her vagina and pressing them hard to her clitoris, moving them in a circular motion over the sensitive bud, Her juices warm and moist between the hood and the dancing fingers. She felt Her body approach orgasm; nipples hardened almost to the point of becoming painful, pressed to the silk of Her blouse, an electric intensity shooting through them down through Her belly to Her needful loins.

No more than a few paces, but a world away, the boy's body also began to reach the point of climax, his breathing coming faster and heavier, his manhood now throbbing powerfully in the doctor's hand, his body clenching tight around her fingers as he moaned and tensed, his cock spasming as he came. Smiling the doctor finished carefully milking him, emptying him.

Almost simultaneously Leoné's body reached the edge of control and fell head-long into orgasm, Her hips arching forwards, Her buttocks clenching, covered breasts jutting outwards as She uttered a low groan, panting heavily. Looking up She saw the doctor stepping away from the boy, telling him to get dressed into the robe that lay carefully folded to one side. Reaching down to pick up Her discarded knickers and skirt, She allowed Herself a last glance at the boy, eyes taking in his pleasing body as She dressed. Composing Herself She stepped from the room and headed for the stairs back to the courtyard, descending them slowly, Her mind replaying the events She had just witnessed, thinking again how good it was to be home.

As Leoné passed back through the courtyard she glanced over to where two young girls played in a fountain. She smiled softly to Herself, these young sisters were Her latest acquisitions, and she was sure they would grow into beautiful young women. The girls laughed happily as they splashed in the fountain's cool waters, the water glistening on their smooth chocolate coloured bodies, the younger of the two bending at that moment to splash her sister, allowing her watching Mistress a view of the pink of her small anus in the cleft of her rounded brown buttocks, and her smooth plump labia.

The girls disappeared from view behind a line of cherry blossom trees as Leoné turned down a pathway towards the ornate archway framing the doors to Her private apartments. When She finally entered Her bedchamber, She saw that there were already two other women, both servants, in the room. Crossing to a large comfortable chair She collapsed into it, motioning the younger of the two women over. As the girl knelt before Her to remove Her riding boots, Leoné lifted Her leg a little, allowing Her legs to fall apart slightly, this time inviting the shift of Her servant's eyes.
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