Donna discovers its better to be the rapist than the raped

Donna had never seen a man so sexually dominated. It excited her more than she would have thought possible. Now she wished there had been a woman there when they arrived. Somebody to beg for Mike's sake. "Stop it, please, you're hurting him." Then, realizing the danger too late, begging on her own behalf. "What are you doing? I hardly know him. I don't love him. Oh no, Donna, please, not me too!"

Maybe she'd try to run before Kevin held her down. Perhaps at first she'd cry. Then as she struggled, Donna would take her time crawling over her body. She'd move from her mouth, to her breasts, along her stomach, then finally between her legs. Her resistance would end as she was betrayed by her own lust. Kevin would no longer have to hold her. The woman's tongue would search between Donna's legs. She would become their special slave. Soon she would do anything they demanded.

Her boyfriend groaned and she was startled out of her daydream. He was cumming in Mike's mouth, fucking it the way he would a woman's. Mike couldn't swallow fast enough. It overflowed his lips and dripped down his chin. Suddenly he was twisting and turning in place. Donna looked down and was amazed to see Mike had a hard on. It was flopping around crazily. Then he began to ejaculate-- long white ropes high in the air.

"Oh, God," thought Donna wildly. "He's excited too!" She had both hands between her legs, rubbing at her jeans feverishly. As Mike continued spurting, Donna fell to her knees on the edge of a climax. It was shamefully wicked. She felt like a teenager doing something wrong. She thought she might pee her pants. She wished she were naked. She wished Mike could see what they were doing to him. She wished there was a girlfriend to toy with. She wished it would never end.

When Kevin was finished he held his hand out to her. "It's not over yet," he said. "Now he's going to eat you. Get undressed and come over here."

"Oh, Kevin, I can't. I don't think I can." As she got to her feet, though, she thought deep down she might. As she removed all her clothes, she began to think she would. And as she straddled Mike's face, she realized, at last, she must. She couldn't just watch anymore.

As she pressed eagerly against his hot, wet, mouth, his tongue seemed to come alive. She was taking part in a rape. The drugged bartender was doing everything Kevin had promised. His tongue was making her feel things in a place no one had ever reached before. The excitement continued deep down inside her, spreading everywhere in her body. She felt as if she might burst through her skin. Electric sensations ran up and down her spine, to each of her limbs, out to her fingers and toes.

She was losing all sense of time and place. Nothing mattered but the now. She was rocketing towards some great explosion, one that would shred her with raw feeling. Nothing would be able to stop it. Vaguely she realized she was rocking up and down. She was dangerously close to the flames. Somewhere far away she heard a woman shrieking. It wouldn't be until later she was convinced it was her own voice.

Kevin was on her immediately. His hand clamped down over her mouth. He was trying to drag her away from that wonderful tongue. She dug her feet in, tried to fight, but he was too strong. He was talking in her ear, trying to tell her something, but she couldn't listen. She fell backwards against him and down they went. They were wrestling around the floor.

His one hand was between her legs. He got two fingers up inside her. She was being fucked. When the explosion came, it was like the death of a star. Decadent and delicious, it spread across her like hot molasses. It blinded her with it's intensity. She had no idea how long it lasted before it finally began to swirl away from her. She became aware of her own gasps for air. Her great shudders became quakes, and then a fluid trembling. Kevin was still holding her. They lay together on the floor, as naturally as if they'd just finished some insane lovemaking at home.

When she felt she could speak again, she had no idea what to say. She paid no attention to their victim. She lay huddled with Kevin for the longest time. Finally, stupidly, with nothing else coming to mind, she summed it up in one word. "Wow!"

"Wow," repeated Kevin, chuckling. "I guess that fucking covers it. For a second I thought another apartment was going to hear you." He got up and stretched. "I've got to take a leak," he said casually. "Then we'll finish him off." He walked away towards the bathroom.

Donna was terrified. Did he mean to kill the man? Mike had always been good to her. She loved to flirt with him, although it was totally harmless. He never leered at the college girls, not even at last call. He was old enough to be her father, and remembered she was the same age as his daughter. (The chick that sometimes worked the bar for special events.) She wondered how she'd feel if someone raped her father. Then she remembered what a bitch the daughter was and put it out of her thoughts.

One night weeks before, Kevin got crazy drunk and Mike was forced to bounce him. Kevin

was embarrassed a man nearly forty had physically thrown him out. They heard Mike even bragged about it. That's partly why he'd been chosen. The bartender had welcomed them back, but she knew Kevin could hold a grudge. Was he willing to kill someone over something that trivial? She looked over at their victim. They had violated him in so many ways. She should have felt sympathy. Instead she felt contempt.

When they offered to drive him home earlier, Mike thought he was sick. As soon as they walked him inside, he seemed to know he'd been drugged. First he offered them his tip money. Then, just before passing out, he actually tried to pull a pistol. As Donna stripped him, Kevin set up a camera. She was worried about that from the beginning, but her boyfriend seemed to know what he was doing.

Her first thrill came when Mike was tied over a coffee table. She knew he had girlfriends, and would have never suspected he was gay. When Kevin poked him up the ass, though, Mike began to swivel his hips. He didn't seem to be in pain at all. It looked as if he were fucking Kevin. He made the sounds most men did while making love.

She stared at him laying on the floor. He looked so helpless with his hands tied behind his back. Incredibly he was still hard. This turned her on all over again. Was there no limit to her depravity? She crawled over on top of him, pushing his organ up inside her. His eyes remained closed, but he looked as if he were dreaming. She could barely hear him whispering a woman's name. Terri, Sherri, or Kerri. The names meant nothing to her. His bitch daughter was an Allison. Perhaps it was one of the women he dated.

She was so wet she had to work to keep him from sliding out. She began to screw with him, and she was sure he was trying to thrust up inside her. Kevin's camera was still on, so she turned to face it. She tilted her head and brushed the hair from her face. She wanted to capture her facial expressions. She closed her eyes and pretended she and Mike were lovers. This was where it had led. This was who she'd become.

A hand pulled painfully at her hair and she was thrown aside. Kevin was standing over her partially dressed. "What in the hell are you doing?"

"I was just trying to have fun," she said meekly. Mike was sitting up, though his eyes remained closed.

"Lie back, Mike." Kevin gave him a nudge and the man did as he was told. "First of all," he said, "You might have woken him up. He's got no wad left to blow. Second, as long as we're together, I never want another man inside you. Is that clear?" She nodded her head. "All right, then, let's finish it."

Donna threw her arms around her boyfriend's waist. "Please, Kevin, don't kill him. I don't want to go to hell. You deserved to get kicked out of the bar that night. You were mean drunk. That's the only reason he got over on you. He couldn't take you in a fair fight. Please don't kill him, Kevin."

Her boyfriend looked as if she'd lost her mind. "Who said anything about a killing?"

"You said you were going to finish him." There was fear in her eyes.

"I meant finish up with him. How we leave him, with or without his clothes, that sort of thing. Tied or untied. Jesus, Donna, I don't have murder in my heart. I might be able to kill somebody in self defense, but not cold blooded like." He looked at her thoughtfully a moment. "I really felt he'd have a girl up here. Guys like him usually do."

"A girl would have been nice," she murmured, relieved there wouldn't be a killing.

"Come here. I want to show you something." He led her to a closed bedroom door and opened it. "It looks like a girls room, not a woman his own age, but what do I know? I thought his daughter lived out of town."

"She does. Maybe he rents to a student." The room was messy and smelled lived in. It was obviously a young woman's. They walked back out to the living room. "What are we going to do, Kevin?"

"I have an idea. I'll put the gag back in his mouth, and tie him back down on the table. Whoever finds him will have a nasty surprise." He couldn't help but smirk. "Not to mention his surprise."

So that's how it all ended. They took his money, left his pistol, but kept his bar uniform. Donna wanted to keep that for awhile. She wanted to be able to smell his clothes, maybe wear his shirt to bed. She could throw them away at her leisure. "Will he remember any of this?"

"Probably not much, at least not at first. Maybe he'll have flashbacks, especially when he sees us at the bar. It doesn't matter. We can edit the tape any way we want. We can threaten to post it on the web. He won't talk."

"But I'll always know," said Donna. "Especially when I flirt with him."

"That's right."

"Next time I want a girl to be there." Donna could hardly wait to get back and look at the tapes they'd made. She could hardly wait to screw Kevin in the safety of their own home. She took a last look at Mike, tied naked face down to the table. His awful humiliation when his roommate returned excited her terribly. Would he get hard at the sight of her? Would he cum at her touch, as she went to untie him? She wished they could be there to see it. What really made her hot was the thought of their next victims. The look in the eyes of the girl when she realized another woman was about to take her sexually. They would have to drug her after the fact. Donna would insist. She was young, rich, and bored. This was going to be her special hobby. She would help Kevin turn it into an art. Maybe they could pick out people for special treatment. People who really deserved to be used. Her step mother certainly had it coming.

All her fears had dissolved. Better to be the rapist than the raped. She couldn't wait another hour to have sex. She unzipped her boyfriend's pants, and blew him as they drove home in the snow.
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